Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 484

Chapter 484: If You Dont Need Any Of The Above Mentioned Things Please Hang Up
Chapter 484: If you dont need any of the above-mentioned things, please hang up

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Venerable White still had a use for this man wearing black clothes. He wanted to obtain the complete version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique from him, as well as some supplementary cultivation techniques related to it.

Therefore, Song Shuhang decided that he would give Venerable White a call after he had captured this man. He wanted to ask him how he should deal with him so as to avoid disrupting Senior White's plan. After all, Song Shuhang himself was the one that would benefit the most from this plan.

"Watch out, a surprise attack! It's coming from the left side, around your same height! Hehe, that guy is pretty fast!" Yu Jiaojiao's laughter was transmitted inside Song Shuhang's ear.

Song Shuhang quickly moved forward of two squares 1 and used the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hands to chop toward the left side of the place he was standing in earlier.


The saber and the hammer clashed against each other, and the silhouette of the man in black clothes became visible once more.

His concealing technique would be deactivated whenever he attacked.

Although he could become invisible after using the technique, traces of his passage would be left in the surrounding mass of water since they were currently underwater. Therefore, the effectiveness of the technique was greatly reduced.

"This damned guy is like a flea." The man wearing black clothes was continuously attacking Song Shuhang, but the latter was continuously dodging. At this time, he was thoroughly enraged.

Even if he was poisoned, he was still a cultivator of the Third Stage. Unexpectedly, he was having trouble dealing with this cultivator of the Second Stage and wasn't able to take him down even after a while. If this story were to get out, he would become a laughing stock.

Such being the case, don't blame me for using vicious tactics!

"At first, I was just thinking of capturing you but now, I'll crush both your arms and legs. Then, I want to see how you can run away!" Since they were inside the water, the mouth of the man in black clothes didn't move. His voice was directly transmitted into Song Shuhang's ears through the true qi.

In the next moment, the man wearing black clothes hurled the small hammer toward Song Shuhang. "Tempest Hammer!"

After the hammer was thrown, lightning completely covered its surface. One would surely not feel good if hit by this gadget.

At the same time, he held the short blade with both hands and shouted, "Wild Boar's Tooth!"

The huge illusion of a wild boar surrounded his body, and he shot toward Song Shuhang at full speed.

The Tempest Hammer was in the front, and the Wild Boar's Tooth was closely following behind.

This time, he truly wanted to cripple this flea-like guy.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm~" Song Shuhang had yet to learn the 'secret sound transmission technique' and was thus unable to speak under water.

However, Yu Jiaojiao, who was hiding in his hair, had already noticed his cry.

She drilled out of Song Shuhang's long hair and stretched out her lovely and small claw. The claw mimicked a handgun as Yu Jiaojiao shouted, "Bang~"

In the next moment, the seawater started to surge, changing into a huge dragon head that dashed toward the Tempest Hammer and Wild Boar's Tooth!

The dragon head wasn't the result of a magical or monster technique. It was just the fruit of Yu Jiaojiao's innate ability to control water.

However, the volume of this dragon head was slightly big.

The twenty meters tall dragon head ruthlessly crashed into the Tempest Hammer then, just like a train rolling over a bedbug, it smashed the small hammer covered by lightning to pieces.

The remaining strength of the dragon head didn't decrease in the least as it bumped into the man wearing black clothes.

The man wearing black clothes was shocked. How is this possible?! A cultivator of the Second Stage shouldn't be able to use such a powerful technique!

In the meantime, he decided to stop the Wild Boar's Tooth in its tracks and dodge the incoming water dragon first.

But just as he was preparing to dodge the attack, a burst of sleepiness caught him off-guard...

The depths of the sea were Yu Jiaojiao's territory. In there, all her attacks were strengthened, and even the simple attacks she used through her ability to control water had the strength of high-level magical techniques of the Fourth Stage.


After the man wearing black clothes got hit by the dragon head, he was dragged to a distant place.

The short blade in his hands immediately broke.

Next, the skin on his arms and hands started cracking and his fingers weirdly twisted while fresh blood shot out.

"Aaaaaah!" the man wearing black clothes pitifully called out and started to foam at the mouth.

The magical clothes he was wearing continuously glittered. The clothes were automatically trying to protect their master, hoping to offset the killing power of the water dragon head.

But the strength of the dragon head was too high. The magical clothes of the man in black wouldn't resist for too long. After their defensive power was exhausted, the man himself would also be shredded to pieces.

Song Shuhang quickly took out his phone and opened the text messaging app, writing the following words: "Jiaojiao, don't kill him. I need him alive."

"I understand," Yu Jiaojiao replied at the same time, a confused expression flashed through her small eyes.

The opposite party was a cultivator of the Third Stage, and although the strength of the move she used just now was pretty high, its speed wasn't that fast.

The other party could have easily stopped the Wild Boar's Tooth midway and dodge the attack by relying on their speed as a cultivator of the Third Stage! Why did that guy stupidly stand there and meet the water dragon head-on?

Although she was confused, Yu Jiaojiao still waved her claw and made the water dragon disappear.

At this time, the man wearing black clothes was covered with blood and bruises. Moreover, the seawater coming in contact with his wounds increased the pain by 1 point.

"Dammit! F*ck! F*ck!" The man wearing black clothes was extremely frustrated at this time.

When that water dragon shot toward him earlier, he could have indeed dodged it given his speed.

However at the key moment, that sleepy feeling rushed up to his head.

That sleepy feeling was too sudden and strong. In the blink of an eye, his eyelids got very heavy, and he simply couldn't open his eyes.

Afterward well, there was no afterward.

The water dragon mercilessly battered his body, almost shredding him to pieces.

I refuse to accept it! I refuse to accept it! the man wearing black clothes shouted inwardly. Soon after, the world before his eyes went black, and he lost consciousness.

After seeing that he was sinking downward like a corpse, Song Shuhang wrote on the mobile phone: "Is he dead?"

"He is not dead. He only fainted. This guy seemed somewhat weak?" Yu Jiaojiao said. "Shuhang, let's catch him and return to the ship."

Song Shuhang nodded and put his phone away. Afterward, he swam over and grabbed the man wearing black clothes, beginning to swim toward the surface of the sea while carrying him on his shoulder.

On the surface of the sea.

The luxurious cruise ship was slowly proceeding toward its destination, and the people onboard were completely ignorant about the superhuman battle that was taking place right next to them.

Song Shuhang carried the man wearing black clothes on his shoulder and quietly climbed until reaching the top of the cruise ship. Luckily, Yu Jiaojiao was there with him. With the waves pulling him along, he was able to catch up to the cruise ship by swimming.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer had yet to return. In the end, that black horse spirit was still a monster of the Fifth Stage and not so easy to defeat.

The golden space the monster hunters created was still there. The difference in strength between monster hunters and sea urchin warriors wasn't too high. Therefore, the two factions were probably still engaged in battle.

"I didn't expect that I would be the first one to take care of my opponent," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

At this time, a towel was delivered over to his position.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and saw the captain of the ship standing next to him. The captain smiled at him, and Song Shuhang could feel the strength of a Second Stage True Master from him after he sensed the fluctuations of true qi.

Song Shuhang gently smiled and took the towel.

As soon as he got on the ship, he discovered the presence of the captain of the ship. Of course, it was so easy because the other party wasn't trying to hide his presence in the first place.

This was Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's private ship. Therefore, it wasn't strange that the captain was a cultivator.

"Mister Shuhang's strength is incredible, and it vastly surpassed my expectations anyway, I'm the captain of the ship, Jiang Zhang." The captain of the ship faintly smiled and said, "When I realized that Mister Shuhang and that man wearing black clothes were fighting, I came out of the cabin to give you a helping hand. But I didn't think you would have already taken care of him by the time I came here."

By the time he came out, the battle was already over. Song Shuhang was worthy of being Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's friend. Although he was a cultivator of the Second Stage, he was incredibly powerful.

"Haha, I was just lucky. Moreover, there is something wrong with the state of this man wearing black clothes." Song Shuhang used the towel to dry his hair and said, "Captain Jiang, is there a durable room on the ship? I would like to lock up this guy there."

"Of course. Mister Shuhang, follow me." Captain Jiang showed the way.

Song Shuhang shot another look at the golden 'monster hunter space' and followed after Captain Jiang while dragging along that man wearing black clothes.

The man wearing black clothes woke up soon after. It wasn't that he had slept enough the reason he woke up was the unbearable pain he felt all over his body.

As a matter of fact, he woke up soon after Song Shuhang brought him into the isolated room.

When he woke up, the man discovered that he was tied up like a rice dumpling and hanging from the ceiling, continuously spinning.

Two sailors had dressed up his wounds.

At this time, he was wearing only shorts his ninja clothes and his other belongings were all orderly put on a side.

Those ninja clothes were a set of magical clothes with good defensive abilities. It was unfortunate that they were basically ruined after taking Yu Jiaojiao's attack head-on.

Additionally, there was a bottle of detoxifying pills, ten spirit stones of the Third Stage, and a dozen yellow talisman papers. These talisman papers were supplementary mediums used to execute magical techniques. While executing the magical technique, they would allow the user to save a lot of true qi, spiritual energy, and mental energy.

Then, there was another item that was rather incompatible with the other cultivation-related goods. It was a golden chain. It looked like one of those fake golden chains worth 10 RMB you could find online, rough and thick.

But after a careful look, he discovered that there was an animal engraved on each section of the gold chain. There was a bull, a sheep, a horse, a donkey, a deer, a camel, a pig, a dog, a cat, and so on.

The gold chain had a total of thirty-three sections.

"These are the pictures of thirty-three beasts on it." Song Shuhang immediately understood. This golden chain was surely related to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique.

"Dammit!" The man wearing black clothes glared at Song Shuhang.

If not for the poison flaring up at the worst time possible, there was no way he would have been captured!

"Hehe." Song Shuhang smiled at the man wearing black clothes. Then, he stretched out his hand and took out his phone, dialing Venerable White's number.

He wanted to ask Venerable White how he should deal with this guy.

After he made the call, Venerable White's gentle voice echoed from the other end. "Hello, Fellow Daoist. Thank you for making a call to White's phone, but I'm currently busy exploring the ancient ruins. If it's something not too important and you want to leave a message, press 1. If it's something relatively important and you need to summon the long-distance projection of a clone, press 2. If it's something extremely important and you need to speak to the phone owner, press 3. If you don't need any of the above-mentioned things, please hang up."

"..." Song Shuhang.

'Did I dial the 10086 2 ?'

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang thought of pressing the number 3. However, he didn't feel like disturbing Venerable White while he was exploring the ruins either...

In the end, Song Shuhang moved his finger on the number 2 and gently pressed it.