Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 485

Chapter 485: I Might As Well Try To Give My Cheat A Go
Chapter 485: I might as well try to give my cheat a go

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
After he pressed the number 2, a beam of light shot out of Song Shuhang's phone. After stopping in the air for a short moment, the beam quickly changed into Venerable White's 3D projection.

"Eh? It's you, Shuhang. Oh, right. It's Monday today. Fellow Daoist Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman, hello! Is there something you need of me?" Venerable White's projection asked.

Song Shuhang exclaimed, " Black Technology 1 !"

"It's not Black Technology. This is a mere fusion of the clone creating and projection creation techniques. It's something similar to a video call. It's not as complicated as you imagine it to be." Venerable White beckoned with his hand and added, "However, this illusory clone can be summoned for a limited amount of time. Therefore, if you have something to say, say it quickly."

"Senior White, I caught the man behind that organization of assassins, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect," Song Shuhang said as he pointed toward that man wearing black clothes hanging down from the ceiling.

Well actually, he wasn't wearing black clothes anymore since they had been taken off.

"Eh? That guy unexpectedly came to look for you?" Venerable White laughed and said, "And here I thought he would look for Medicine Master."

Song Shuhang asked, "He was planning to kidnap me and go to Senior Medicine Master's place to get the antidote. Was he poisoned?"

"No. I'm too lazy to use something as troublesome as poison. I just tampered with the 'origin true qi' of his subordinates and concealed several magical techniques within it. After that guy absorbed the origin true qi of his subordinates, the magical techniques hidden within it shifted to his body as well," Venerable White replied.

After hearing these words, the guy who was once wearing black clothes slowly turned around like an electric fan. He was currently dumbfounded. There is no antidote there is no antidote...

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, how should I deal with this guy?"

"Let me see." Venerable White's projection arrived in front of the man who was once wearing black clothes. He glared at him with a serious expression on his face and pressed for an answer. "Hand over the complete version of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique, and the supplementary cultivation techniques as well. If you do that, I'll remove the magical techniques I hid inside the 'origin true qi'."

The eyes of the man flickered.

"Of course, don't even think about deceiving me with a fake technique I can easily tell if it's real or fake," Venerable White also added.

The man who was once wearing clothes stayed silent for around ten seconds.

In the end, he sighed and said, "Remove the magical techniques concealed in the origin true qi inside my body first. Afterward, I'll give you everything you want."

"Hmm that's not possible," Venerable White said.

"Why?" the man who was once wearing black clothes roared. "Are you making fun of me?!"

Venerable White said earnestly, "What you're seeing is just the projection of a clone. In other words, this is nothing but a video call. What do you expect me to do?"

The man who was once wearing black clothes was speechless.

"Hand over the complete version of the technique first. Then, I'll restore your origin true qi once I'm back. Don't worry, I always keep my word," Venerable White said.

The man in black closed his eyes and pondered Only an idiot would believe this nonsense!

If he were to hand over all the cultivation techniques, he would lose the qualifications to bargain with the opposite party, allowing himself to be trampled upon. Therefore, he absolutely couldn't hand over the techniques!

At this time, Venerable White also added, "Of course, if you're unwilling to carry out the transaction, you don't really have to!"

The man wearing black clothes:

What's the meaning of this? Is it possible that this expert doesn't want the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique anymore and wants to kill me directly?

"Shuhang, keep an eye on this guy for the time being. After I return from the ancient ruins, I'll get the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique out of him," Venerable White said.

It wasn't difficult for a Seventh Stage Venerable to pry out the secrets of a cultivator of the Third Stage.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Senior, no problem."

"Then, let's see each other after I'm done exploring the ancient ruins." Venerable White's projection waved his hand and disappeared.

The man in black hanging from the ceiling heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that the other party didn't want to kill him.

The two sailors finished dressing the wounds of the man and left the room.

Song Shuhang held his chin and stared at the man. His eyes didn't move in the slightest and continuously stared at the man who was once wearing black clothes.

After Song Shuhang started at him like that, the man in black felt somewhat uneasy. He felt that this man with black and shiny eyes had ill intentions and was about to do something strange to him.

Song Shuhang thought for a while and finally nodded. It seemed that he had made up his mind.

Then, he grasped a cup and took out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant. Afterward, he stretched out his hand and gently made a cut on his wrist.

Fresh blood gushed out and poured into the cup.

"Shuhang, what are you doing?" Yu Jiaojiao asked in puzzlement.

"I want to try something." Song Shuhang put away the treasured saber; the wound on his wrist quickly healed. At this time, the small cup was already half-filled with blood.

Song Shuhang grasped the cup and arrived in front of the man in black.

"Jiaojiao, can you give me a hand? I need to make this guy drink my blood," Song Shuhang said.

"Sure, but why are you making him drink your blood?" Yu Jiaojiao said as she lightly jumped, landing on the ground. Then, she magically changed her body and changed into the size of an adult.

She used one of her claws to hold the head of the man, and the other one to pinch his nose. "Come, make him drink!"

The man who was once wearing black clothes struggled with all his might, but there was nothing he could do against Yu Jiaojiao who was a monster of the Fourth Stage.

Song Shuhang completely poured the small cup of blood into the mouth of the man in black.

"Now, it's my turn." Yu Jiaojiao giggled and patted the body of the man wearing black clothes.

Monster energy surged and forced the man to swallow the blood. Afterward, Yu Jiaojiao's monster energy kept revolving and allowed Song Shuhang's blood to spread through the entire body of the man wearing black clothes, not giving him the chance to spit it out.

"Ugh you bastards, beep~ beep~" the man wearing black clothes cursed nonstop. He was sure that nothing good would happen after that youngster made him drink his blood. Maybe he was a poisonous man, and his blood was poisonous as well?

After making him drink the blood, Yu Jiaojiao squatted in front of the man wearing black clothes and carefully watched him.

But even after ten or so seconds, nothing happened to the man.

"Shuhang, what now?" Yu Jiaojiao asked.

Although they made him drink the blood, nothing happened?

"What now? Hmm Now, I should go to sleep!" Song Shuhang said earnestly.

"What?" Yu Jiaojiao felt that her train of thought just couldn't follow Song Shuhang's.

"I'm hoping to make a dream or something of the sort while sleeping," Song Shuhang continued.

He would have to take a look at what kind of dream he would make to know whether or not he had succeeded.

Song Shuhang's plan was very simple he wanted to see whether or not he could trigger his ability to dream of other people's lives.

The last time, when he cut his wrist and added some of his blood to Chu Chu's medicinal paste, his blood seeped into Chu Chu's body through the medicine.

During the night of that very day, his dreamland skill was triggered, allowing him to become the person that understood Chu Chu the most in this world overnight.

Now that he had made the man wearing black clothes drink his blood, he should have established a connection between him and the other party.

If he could activate his dreamland skill and dream of the life experiences of the man wearing black clothes, he might find clues about the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique.

However, he had no idea if this plan would work or not.

He wasn't too sure what he had to do to trigger his dreamland skill however, he needed a 'connection' with the opposite party in order to dream about their life.

Curses, souls, blood, karma strings, and even the sprout of a green onion were things that had triggered his dreamland skill in the past.

Yu Jiaojiao blinked her eyes and said, "I have no idea what you're trying to do, but I wish you good luck nonetheless."

Then, she reduced the size of her body and drilled inside Song Shuhang's hair again.

"Thank you." Song Shuhang laughed. Then, he moved toward the edge of the window of the room and shot a look outside.

That space the monster hunters had created was still there.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer also had yet to return.

"I should wait some more time. I'll go to sleep after the matters of the sea urchin warriors and black horse spirit are taken care of," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Around two minutes later.


The golden-colored monster hunter space burst open.

The twenty monster hunters were covered with blood, and each of them was more or less injured. However, no one of them had died.

As for the sixteen sea urchin warriors on the other side, they were all dead.

Monster hunters were very experienced when it came to dealing with monsters. If we added the fact that their teamwork was very good, their resulting strength was far greater than a simple addition.

Although the strength of the sea urchin warriors wasn't that lacking compared to the monster hunters, their lack of teamwork and a proper battle formation lead to their defeat.

The leader of the monster hunters was holding the body of the metallic sea urchin warrior with his hand and stabbing his stomach with his yin-yang blade.

At this time, the metallic sea urchin warrior had yet to die.

He opened his twitching mouth and said his last words, "Idiot all the people that have been soaked with the blood of a sea urchin warrior... are enemies of our sea urchin race... fleeing is useless... no matter where you go... we'll still find you... and kill you...!"

"Ahahaha!" The tall and big monster hunter laughed aloud and said, "It's exactly what I'm hoping for! We, monster hunters, welcome you to take revenge! I'm not afraid of how many of you would come, I'm afraid that none would come! Ahahaha!"

Next, he twisted his yin-yang blade, thoroughly killing the metallic sea urchin warrior.

For monster hunters, there was nothing more joyous than monsters visiting them to take revenge. With that, they wouldn't have to waste time looking for them all over the world.

The battle had finally come to an end.

Afterward, the monster hunters started to skillfully clean up the battlefield, gathering the blood of the sea urchin warriors and the treasures on their bodies.

Song Shuhang stood in front of the window.

Then, he saw the leader of the monster hunters search the body of the metallic sea urchin warrior for a while, taking out of his body two weird stone of the size of a palm.

As soon as he saw these strange stones, Song Shuhang's body reacted to them.

Did I just react to those stones?

Are those strange stones spirit beast crystals as well?

What a coincidence!

Song Shuhang touched his size-reducing purse. If those two strange stones were really part of the thirty-three types of spirit beast crystals he needed, he absolutely couldn't give them up.

The best option was to talk to the monster hunters and trade the stones for something.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, two figures fell from the sky.

The two figures were Young Master Phoenix Slayer and the black horse spirit.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer held down the black horse spirit and punched him continuously. The barrage of fists was like a torrential rain, and the black horse spirit had been hit until becoming muddleheaded.


Young Master Phoenix Slayer and the black horse spirit fell on the stretch of sea next to the cruise ship.

When the twenty monster hunters saw this scene, their eyes immediately lit up. Their leader was particularly lively and shouted, "Evildoers!"

Song Shuhang, who was standing in a high a place, sighed and rubbed his brows.