Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 486

Chapter 486: The Fiercely Kneeling On The Ground And Surrendering Technique
Chapter 486: The Fiercely Kneeling on the Ground and Surrendering Technique

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Each monster hunter had a fundamental rule ingrained in their mind... if they were to see a monster, they didn't have to be afraid and had to enter into action immediately!

They were as stubborn as a rock, and as soon as they saw a monster, they would immediately pounce on it as though they were high on drugs.

They wouldn't even bother looking at the difference in strength between the monster and themselves. From this point of view, they were somewhat similar to the sea urchin warriors.

Sometimes, the monster hunters could be really troublesome...

Both Young Master Phoenix Slayer and the black horse spirit are monsters! Would the monster hunters try to recklessly go after Senior Phoenix Slayer's head now?

Will this be the end of these monster hunters...?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, the twenty monster hunters ferociously pounced forward. Then, they went ahead and launched an attack against the black horse spirit that had been beaten senseless and was now lying on the ground.

The blinding radiance of runes, monster-vanquishing talismans, and magical techniques flashed again and again.

The black horse spirit had been just beaten by Young Master Phoenix Slayer until becoming muddleheaded. When that wave of monster-vanquishing talismans exploded on its body, it wished it was dead rather than alive.

However, the twenty monster hunters didn't attack Young Master Phoenix Slayer who was likewise a monster of the Fifth Stage. It almost felt as though they didn't notice that Young Master Phoenix Slayer was a monster as well.

Is it possible that Senior Phoenix Slayer is very skilled in hiding his aura, and the monster hunters mistook him for a human? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

It that was the case, it was good as well. With that, there wouldn't be the need of a showdown between the monster hunters and Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

At this time, the black horse spirit was helplessly lying on the ground, unable to get up.

The tall and big monster hunter, who also happened to be the leader, cupped his hands and greeted Young Master Phoenix Slayer. "Senior, we were impolite earlier."

The other cultivator was taking care of the monster while they suddenly dashed headlong into action. It was basically the same as kill-stealing, a very rude behavior.

The corner of the Young Master Phoenix Slayer's mouth rose.

"Senior, since this evildoer has already been taken care of, we'll take our leave," the tall and big monster hunter added.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer nodded his head.

Under the lead of the tall and big monster hunter, the other monster hunters turned around as well, getting ready to leave.

Then, after taking two or three steps, they all turned their bodies around at the same time. Each person was holding a talisman in their hands and threw it toward Young Master Phoenix Slayer!

"Monster hunter space!" the tall and big monster hunter shouted.

The golden-colored 'monster hunter space' appeared once more and enveloped Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"Evildoer, die! Wahahaha!" the monster hunters shouted as they barged into the monster hunter space.

Even if the opposite party was a powerful monster of the Fifth Stage, they weren't afraid and decided to enter into action!

They'd just die at the worst!

Moreover, it wasn't like they didn't have any plan. Before making this trip, the leader of the monster hunters took with him a rare treasure of the monster hunter clan.

It was a powerful binding chain. Even if the opposite party was a monster of the Fifth Stage that could assume human form, there was a chance that this chain could block him.

As long as they managed to tie the monster up, they could do as they wished with him!

Song Shuhang, who was standing in an elevated place, face-palmed.

These monster hunters were really hopeless.

After a minute.

The golden monster hunter space was shattered to pieces.

"Hehe." Young Master Phoenix Slayer laughed complacently and pushed up his glasses. "Did you really think that a mere Monster Binding Chain is enough to stop me? Did you think that I'm like those ancient monsters living and cultivating deep in the mountains that don't keep up with the times?"

In the rear, the monster hunters were all lying on the ground unconscious. From time to time, electricity would flash on their bodies.

The fight had come to an end!

Song Shuhang leapt out of the room and used the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk. After several leaps, he finally arrived next to Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, how should we deal with these monster hunters?"

"Get a small boat and throw them on it. Let them run their course. These guys are quite troublesome," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said as he waved his hand.

"Alright. In that case, I'll look for the captain of the ship and have him bring over a small boat," Song Shuhang replied. Afterward, he took out his phone and contacted the captain of the ship.

After a short moment, five sailors came over.

All the sailors were brimming with qi and blood energy. They were all cultivators of the First Stage with around two of their apertures opened. With their help, Song Shuhang carried the twenty monster hunters to the small boat and threw them inside.

Of course, Song Shuhang conveniently searched the bodies of the monster hunters before letting them go.

He found in total 200 spirit stones of the Second Stage, 15 spirit stones of the First Stage, and 20 bottles of medicinal paste for external injuries.

These monster hunters didn't have what kind of incredible treasure with them while carrying out the mission.

The best treasure they had, the Monster Binding Chain, had already been gladly accepted by Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

Aside from spirit stones and medicinal paste, there was also the blood of the sea urchin warriors. However, Song Shuhang wasn't interested in this sort of things.

But the most important things were those two strange stones.

When he took them in his hands, Song Shuhang confirmed that the stones were indeed spirit beast crystals.

Of the two stones, one strongly resonated with him. It was the whale-type spirit beast crystal.

From the feeling he got, the other one should be a shark-type spirit beast crystal. Both of the stones belonged to spirit beasts that lived in the sea.

After sweeping the monster hunters clean, the sailors gave the small boat a push, making the twenty monster hunters drift to a faraway place.

Song Shuhang returned to Young Master Phoenix Slayer's side with the spoils of war and said, "Senior Phoenix Slayer, the monster hunters had these items with them. Anyway... I wanted to buy these two spirit beast crystals from you, Senior."

"Spirit beast crystals? I have no use of these gadgets," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said. "You can keep them, and you can keep the rest as well!"

From Young Master Phoenix Slayer's viewpoint, these spirit stones of the First and Second Stage were probably no different than a few cents.

He didn't even bother accepting such a small number of spirit stones.

"In that case, I'll gladly accept," Song Shuhang said with a smile and accepted the spirit beast crystals. He urgently needed these crystals; therefore, he wouldn't stand on ceremony with the senior.

With the addition of these two spirit beast crystals, he had already gathered one-third of the total number of crystals.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer laughed and arrived in front of the black horse spirit. "Stop lying on the ground and feigning death, get up! Those monster hunters only had the strength of the Second Stage Realm. The strength of the talismans they used to attack you can at most give you some bruises."

The black horse spirit forced a smile and opened its eyes. Afterward, it shot a look at Young Master Phoenix Slayer, faintly sighing.

Then, it stopped feigning death and got up. All the bones in its body made crackling sounds. Next, its body slightly bent, getting ready to perform some kind of action.

"Is it trying to fight back?" The corner of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's mouth rose.

The black horse spirit took a deep breath.

Then, it displayed a very special skill it jumped high in the sky and fiercely knelt on the ground, almost hugging the ground.

"F*ck!" the nearby Song Shuhang cried out subconsciously.

Song Shuhang found this unique skill quite familiar. Moreover, he knew how to use it as well...

This technique was part of the '500 Ways to Surrender to a Human Cultivator You're Unable to Defeat', the 'Fiercely Kneeling on the Ground and Surrendering Technique'.

It was a type of very 'explosive' skill.

"Immortal, please forgive this small monster. Just now, this small monster was only joking. The small monster surrenders!" The black horse spirit sincerely surrendered.