Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Actually Im A Stallion Spirit
Chapter 487: Actually, Im a stallion spirit
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You guessed it right. This 'Fiercely Kneeling on the Ground and Surrendering Technique' was one of the lost techniques that the mysterious monster organization never spread to the outside world.

After joining the monster organization and passing the test, an elder holding a thick 'secret book' would come over in order to pass down the secret techniques to the newcomers. The name of this set of techniques was '200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive'.

Casting prejudice aside, Song Shuhang really appreciated that technique called 'Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster'. After all, it was very pleasing to the eye.

Additionally, that Divine Stealing Technique very interesting as well. If a cultivator of the Second Stage like Song Shuhang were to use it, there was a certain probability that he could steal some small items from a cultivator of the Third Stage. However, Shuhang didn't like this ability too much.

Wait, we got sidetracked...

Anyway, as soon as the black horse spirit used the 'Fiercely Kneeling on the Ground and Surrendering Technique', Song Shuhang understood where this monster came from this horse spirit came from the same monster organization that once swindled and recruited Lady Onion. The name of that organization was 'All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family'.

The objective of this black horse spirit should be Lady Onion...

However, I've been carefully hiding Lady Onion all along. How did this guy discover her?

After seeing the black horse spirit sincerely surrender, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was speechless.

At first, he'd thought that the black horse spirit would launch a fearsome counterattack, but little did he expect that the idiot would surrender in such a manner.

"Alright. Since you surrendered, it's time to spill the beans. Why were you following this little friend next to me and trying to harm him?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked.

The black horse spirit had been secretly following Song Shuhang before the start of the hand-guided tractor competition.

For this reason, Young Master Phoenix Slayer and Song Shuhang carried out a transaction. Young Master Phoenix Slayer would investigate the origins of the black horse spirit, while Song Shuhang would participate in the hand-guided tractor competition in his stead.

After hearing Young Master Phoenix Slayer's question, the black horse spirit raised its head and cautiously looked at Song Shuhang. Afterward, an embarrassed expression appeared on its black horse face.

Then, the black horse spirit started to explain, "Actually, I'm a stallion spirit, and I very much like to act like one. Recently, my mating season finally started. Therefore, I've been looking for a suitable partner."

After saying these words, the stallion spirit was especially embarrassed.

"Stallion spirit, did your spermatozoa rush to your head? Tsk, it seems that a leopard cannot change its spots. Hmm? Wait a moment!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer suddenly opened his eyes wide and, pointing at Song Shuhang, said, "Even if it was your mating season, why were you secretly following this little friend? Open your eyes wide and take a careful look! Although this little friend seems delicate and pretty, he is a man!"

Song Shuhang quickly said, "Senior, wait a moment! If you put it that way, it might cause misunderstandings!"

"I obviously know that he is a man!" the stallion spirit called out.

"Why were you following him if you knew that he was a man? Are you perhaps a gay horse?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer took a step backward while having a disgusted expression on his face. He wanted to put some distance between the stallion spirit and himself.

"It's not like this! You're misunderstanding me! In the capacity of a stallion spirit, my sexual orientation is absolutely normal!" the stallion spirit shouted and explained, "My objective isn't this fellow daoist wait. Actually, he is indeed my objective no, wait! Dammit, I mean, my objective is the female monster he is carrying with him!"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer turned around and looked at Song Shuhang. "A female monster?"

"Hehe. As expected, your objective was Lady Onion," Song Shuhang said as he touched his pocket. The enlightenment stone and Lady Onion were still there.

"Exactly. My objective is Lady Onion. Although I haven't seen her for several hundred years, I remember that she is a very attractive female monster," the stallion spirit said with a serious expression on his face. "Little Fellow Daoist, Lady Onion is a female monster with next to zero fighting strength and also a member of our organization. Therefore, I have to save her! This is the reason I was following you."

"..." Song Shuhang.

And after saving her, you plan to enjoy her for good, don't you?

"I'm very curious about something. How did you know that Lady Onion was with me?" Song Shuhang asked.

The stallion spirit paused and didn't speak.

After pondering for a long time, he mischievously winked at Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer, saying, "I can't tell you! This is a secret!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

At this time, he felt that he was on the verge of losing his cool...

"Speak clearly!" the nearby Young Master Phoenix Slayer said angrily. Then, he grabbed the Monster Binding Chain and ruthlessly whipped the stallion spirit.

"The Monster Binding Chain" Song Shuhang had read about this item in the documents shared inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group. It was a unique magical treasure belonging to monster hunters, very useful in suppressing the members of the monster race. Even if it lightly touched a monster, it would leave burn scars on their bodies.

The stallion spirit immediately cried out in pain after being whipped, and a charred black scar appeared on his body.

Song Shuhang noticed that the Monster Binding Chain didn't affect Young Master Phoenix Slayer in the least even though he was holding it in his hands.

What was Young Master Phoenix Slayer's true body? It was unexpectedly immune to the effects of the Monster Binding Chain?

After being whipped twice, the stallion spirit spilled out everything with tears streaming down his face. "I found her due to the soul mark a soul mark would appear on the bodies of the members of our organization after they learn the lost technique. While within a fixed range, the members of our organization can sense each other's presence. In the capacity of a monster of the Fifth Stage, I can sense Lady Onion's presence if she's within a range of 10 kilometers."

Song Shuhang held his chin and pondered. There was unexpectedly something like this on Lady Onion's body? In other words, if he were to bump into the members of the monster organization, they would immediately become aware of Lady Onion's presence...

From the looks of it, he had to find a way to isolate this soul mark so as to avoid others sensing it.

The stallion spirit clenched his teeth and said with an agonized face, "Little Fellow Daoist what do you want in exchange for Lady Onion's freedom? State your conditions. As long as it's something I can do, I'll try my best to accomplish it. I'm a monster of the Fifth Stage, and regardless of the conditions you put forth, I won't disappoint you."

Song Shuhang shook his head and said, "I can't let her go."

Lady Onion was now growing on the enlightenment stone. Unless she had a way to separate herself from the stone, Song Shuhang couldn't absolutely let her go.

"Why?" the stallion spirit asked in return.

Song Shuhang replied, "There is no why. I just can't let her go within a short amount of time."

"Is it possible that you fell in love with Lady Onion?" the stallion spirit said in shock. "Little Fellow Daoist, humans and monsters cannot be happy together! Even the child born from the relationship would be a freak 1 ! I advise you to quickly forget about your love for Lady Onion and look for a human female cultivator instead! As for Lady Onion, you can leave her in my care. Although I'm just a stallion spirit, I'm very good toward my women. Therefore, you don't have to worry."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer restrained the stallion spirit and temporarily locked him up.

In the meantime, the monster hunters slowly floated far away.

Song Shuhang returned to his room and closed his eyes, preparing to sleep.

"Shuhang, you have to have a good dream," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. It would depend on the quality of today's sleep whether or not he could enter the dreamland.