Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 488

Chapter 488: The Demodragon Medicine
Chapter 488: The demodragon medicine

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Young Master Phoenix Slayer restrained both the stallion spirit and the man wearing black clothes that was part of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect, locking up them in the rooms of the cruise ship.

On the other hand, the small boat on which the monster hunters were lying drifted afar. The monster hunters onboard were all safe and sound. Therefore, they would wake up in a while and there wasn't the danger that the boat would capsize.

Song Shuhang adjusted his mood and closed his eyes.

After a short moment, he fell asleep.

Would he be able to enter the dreamland?

Song Shuhang was looking forward to it. If he could successfully enter the dreamland, it meant that he had started to comprehend this powerful innate skill of his.

After a short period of time, Song Shuhang started dreaming.

In the dream he had changed into a horse!

But why did he turn into a horse and not into the man wearing black clothes? There was something very wrong with this dream!

On the left side, Su Clan's Sixteen was walking alongside him with a cool expression on her face.

On the right side, Soft Feather was brightly smiling while holding a steamed stuffed bun. She looked very charming while was taking small bites of the steamed stuffed bun.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and discovered that Yu Jiaojiao was following behind him. At this time, she was as big as the palm of a hand and was continuously leaping forward, looking very cute.

Song Shuhang discovered that there was someone sitting on his body as well. However, he couldn't tell who it was from his viewpoint.

Not too far in front of him, Venerable White, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Northern River's Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and the other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were gathered together and chatting about something.

One often dreamt during the night about what they experienced during the day.

Since Song Shuhang met that stallion spirit earlier, he turned into a horse while dreaming...

As expected, the dreamland skill wasn't so easy to trigger!

It was regrettable that he spilled all that blood for nothing.

Song Shuhang faintly sighed.

When he woke the next day, a new day had already started.

The cruise ship was still slowly proceeding forward, and it was unknown how long it would take to reach China.

Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and looked at the date.

July 23rd, Tuesday.

Today's dao name was Tyrannical Saber Song One.

While at it, Song Shuhang changed his username on the instant messaging app to 'Tyrannical Saber Song One'.

A new day, a new dao name at the time, I'll see which of the seven dao names receives the highest evaluation and choose that, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Afterward, he opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Several pages of chat logs had appeared in the group during the night.

Treasure Forging Heavenly Mansion's Yang Xian: "Did Venerable White already take those guys inside the ruins? I quite envy them. As long as they manage to survive the calamity, they'll obtain many benefits."

Everyone knew that although the people close to Venerable White would often find themselves in mortal danger, they would obtain great benefits as long as they managed to survive.

"From what I know, Venerable Spirit Butterfly entered the ruins together with Venerable White. With Senior Spirit Butterfly there, their life and safety should be guaranteed," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said with a laugh.

"I really envy them! If there is a hand-guided tractor competition the next time, remember to invite me!" Fairy Firefly said. "Right. Senior Northern River, you are about to advance in realm, right?"

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "I'm waiting for that Immortal Master Copper Trigram. I want to beat him senseless during the battle on the summit of the forbidden city and seize the opportunity to break through."

Fairy Firefly: "I wish Senior Northern River a speedy success."

At this time, a member that Song Shuhang had never seen since the day he was added to the group suddenly popped out.

Scholar Xian Gong: "Good morning, Fellow Daoists! Did you hear any news concerning demodragons lately? Please tell me if you have."

This ID was quite familiar!

Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da: "Demodragons? Senior Xian Gong, do you need some of the materials found on the bodies of demodragons?"

"Yes, I quickly need to prepare a medicine!" Scholar Xian Gong replied. " @Northern River's Loose Cultivator, Northern River, do you have any insider information?"

"Senior Xian Gong, I was just about to contact a friend that works at the cosmic demon surveillance center. I'll ask him to take a look and inform me if anything happens. Demodragons rarely appeared in the past few years, and even if they appeared, they were relatively low-level," Northern River's Loose Cultivator said. "Actually, we just killed a blood demon that had the strength of the Sixth Stage in the past few days, ahaha."

Demodragons were also a type of cosmic demons, and were even stronger than blood demons.

Moreover, they were different from other cosmic demons that would occasionally leave behind treasures or precious materials after their deaths. Demodragons were famous for being poor wretches. If one could get a few spirit stones after killing them, it was already a very good thing.

However although demodragons didn't leave treasures behind, their bodies were treasures themselves.

The blood of demodragons was the main material for several medicinal pills and medicine manufactured in the world of cultivators, and their dragon skin could be used to manufacture high-quality magical clothes.

Scholar Xian Gong: "I wanted to prepare some 'demodragon medicine' to increase my physical strength. For these past years, I've been recovering from the wounds that the nuclear explosion left on my body. After I managed to recover from the injuries with great difficulty, I discovered that my mental energy had increased too quickly and my body was unable to keep up. Therefore, I need some 'demodragon medicine' to increase the strength of my body. Otherwise, a weaker physique might negatively influence me while trying to break through to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm."

Song Shuhang immediately remembered who this Scholar Xian Gong was.

[Advice on how to choose your closing up locationdon't let Scholar Xian Gong's tragedy repeat once more!]

Scholar Xian Gong was that awesome senior that suffered the effects of the strongest weapon of mankind to date he was directly hit by a nuclear bomb and still managed to survive.

From the looks of it, this senior was planning to break through to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm. In other words, his current realm was that of a Sixth Stage True Monarch.

"The demodragon medicine, huh. It's a very good thing. Senior Xian Gong, do you have the formula of the medicine?" Northern River's Loose Cultivator asked with a smile. "If Medicine Master were to discover that you have the formula of the medicine in your possession, he would throw away his shame and immediately run up to your place."

Scholar Xian Gong: "Hehe, a disciple of mine got a hold of this formula while he was taking risks outside a long time ago. If you hadn't reminded me, I would have almost forgotten about it. @Medicine Master, send me a message when you're online."

He needed Medicine Master's help to analyze the formula of the 'demodragon medicine'.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Senior Xian Gong, my friend said that there is no news of demodragons descending. He said that he'd keep it in mind and notify us if there is anything about demodragons."

Scholar Xian Gong: "Got it. Thank your friend on my behalf. Northern River, after you advance in realm, I'll give you a big congratulatory gift."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Senior, you're too polite. However, I quite like the idea."

"Demodragon demodragon medicine" Song Shuhang casually opened the documents shared in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and scrolled through the material related to 'cosmic demons'.

Just as Song Shuhang was looking at the material related to cosmic demons, a friend sent him a message.

The ID of this friend was 'Mad Mental Hospital's Director'. It was someone that Song Shuhang had added while he was playing games back then.

"Eh? You're Stressed by a Mountain of Books! How come you changed your name? If not for your familiar avatar, I would have removed you from the friend list! " Mad Mental Hospital's Director said as he sent a smiling emoji.

"Ahaha, I'm planning to change name every day. When the time comes, I'll choose the one that sounds better," Song Shuhang replied.

"You're truly an amusing fellow," Mad Mental Hospital's Director said. "However, I feel that the name 'Tyrannical Saber Song One' is a bit awkward to pronounce. I feel that it would flow much better if you were to change it to 'Thrice Song Tyrannical Saber' instead."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Dammit, do you really think that I won't flip the table?! ()