Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 489

Chapter 489: The Secret Of The Golden Chain
Chapter 489: The secret of the golden chain

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"Don't mention Thrice Song again and we can still be friends," Song Shuhang replied.

He didn't want to have any relationship with Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's rule of not committing the same mistake more than three times and this dao name called 'Thrice Song'.

Mad Mental Hospital's Director: "Then, how about Song Four or Song Five?"

"I'd be grateful if you could just put an end to this topic," Song Shuhang replied. Afterward, he resolutely changed the subject. "How come I didn't see you online playing games recently?"

"I graduated from school and started working. I don't have much time to play games nowadays." Mad Mental Hospital's Director sighed with emotion and said, "Moreover, I've been trying to find a way to change this old illness of mine."

"What illness?" Song Shuhang asked.

"It's a rather bad illness," Mad Mental Hospital's Director said. "How can I explain it let's make an example. When a man sees a very attractive woman, he would want to do her, right?"

Song Shuhang said, "...Are you a stallion whose spermatozoa rushed to its head?"

"It's just an example!" Mad Mental Hospital's Director quickly replied.

Song Shuhang said, "Alright. Although sperm might have rushed to your head, it's not too strange for a man to lust after a beautiful woman after seeing her."

Mad Mental Hospital's Director sighed with emotion and said, "The problem is that my illness doesn't stop at this..."

Song Shuhang sent a question mark: "?"

"Due to this illness of mine, whenever the thought of 'doing' the beautiful woman pops up in my mind, my body automatically moves toward her in order to bang her," Mad Mental Hospital's Director said.

"..." Song Shuhang said, " 110 1 operator? Can I report a crime? There is this scary pervert upstairs! Please, arrest him!"

"Like I said earlier, it was just an example! An example!" Mad Mental Hospital's Director said.

Song Shuhang said, "You're using such abnormal and scary examples. I think that it's still better to report you to the authorities."

"Stop! If you stop with this stuff about reporting me to the 110, we can be still friends," Mad Mental Hospital's Director said helplessly.

Song Shuhang: "Ahahaha."

"Moreover, I would like very much to get rid of this illness that makes my body move on its own!" Mad Mental Hospital's Director sighed with emotion.

"There are two solutions," Song Shuhang suggested. "The first one is to have a strong will."

Mad Mental Hospital's Director: "If will alone could solve this problem, I wouldn't be so sad!"

"The second method is to have you castrated! If the source of your lust is cut off, you cannot commit the crime even if you want to! Ahahaha!" Song Shuhang said evilly.

Mad Mental Hospital's Director: "..."

After a short period of time, he replied in a serious tone, "Perhaps this is the way."

This time, it was Song Shuhang's turn to be speechless.

"Hey, hey, hey. Direction, you don't have to take it to heart!" Song Shuhang quickly said. "I don't want you to turn into China's last court eunuch due to my joke!"

"F*ck off. Who said that I wanted to be a court eunuch? I only said that eliminating the problem at the root might be the solution," Mad Mental Hospital's Director said. "Anyway, I have to go now since a senior called me. It's quite troublesome after you start working. You can't really control your life anymore."

"Go, go!" Song Shuhang said with a smile.

On the surface of the boundless sea, twenty men were squeezed into a small boat.

It was precisely that group of twenty monster hunters.

Amongst them, a young monster hunter put his phone away and muttered to himself, "Eliminate the problem at the root but how can monster hunters get rid of this impulse that rushes up to their heads as soon as they see a monster?"

"What are you talking about?" the big and tall leader of the monster hunters said with a smile as he patted the shoulder of the young monster hunter.

"Leader, it's nothing. Anyway, the opposite party even stole our Monster Binding Chain. Is there really no problem?" the young monster hunter asked.

"Don't worry. It was just a Monster Binding Chain, nothing too important. Moreover, the chain can help us lock the position of that monster." The team leader clenched his fist and said, "There is bound to be a day when we'll catch him and seal him!"

The corner of the young monster hunter's mouth twitched.

Song Shuhang put his phone away and went to wash his face and rinse his mouth. Afterward, he went to wake up Guoguo.

"Senior Brother Shuhang, good morning," Guoguo said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Wash your face and rinse your mouth. In a while, we'll go to eat breakfast. Then, don't forget about your practice and morning buddhist scriptures," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"Yes." Guoguo stood up and ran to wash his face. He was always together with Song Shuhang lately, and his cultivation speed had increased by leaps and bounds due to the effects of the enlightenment stone.

Yu Jiaojiao jumped from the windowsill and directly landed on Song Shuhang's shoulder. She was likewise benefitting from the effects of the enlightenment stone. Therefore, she quite liked staying close to Song Shuhang.

"When will we reach China?" Yu Jiaojiao asked.

Song Shuhang said, "I don't know, either. However, this cruise ship is something that Senior Seven Lives Talisman prepared. Therefore, its speed should be faster than other cruise ships."

"Let's quickly get back to China and kidnap that author so that we can have him write the plot of the movie," Yu Jiaojiao said excitedly.

Song Shuhang said with a smile, "Ahaha, sure."

After saying this much, Song Shuhang shot a glance at the several items lying on the bedside cupboard. Those were the items he found on the body of that man wearing black clothes.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed that thick golden chain. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that it was the chain of a dog coated with gold.

"Right. Shuhang, did you succeed yesterday?" Yu Jiaojiao asked. She remembered that Song Shuhang made that man wearing black clothes drink his blood and went to sleep in order to activate some kind of technique.

"I failed, and I wasted that cup of blood for nothing," Song Shuhang said gloomily. He was unable to enter the dreamland and ended up dreaming about himself turning into a horse instead.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "In that case, do you want to interrogate that man again today?"

"Yeah, I might as well but let's look for Senior Phoenix Slayer first and see if he has the means to make that man speak," Song Shuhang said.

After breakfast, Guoguo went to practice and started chanting the morning buddhist scriptures.

On the other hand, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was still sitting in meditation and practicing. Song Shuhang didn't want to disturb him and decided to wait for him to finish his practice before interrogating that man wearing black clothes again...

At this time, Song Shuhang was together with his several roommates, lying on the top of the cruise ship and bathing in the sun.

"Although we didn't manage to get to the resort island, our trip still turned out to be pretty exciting," Tubo said as he sighed with emotion. First the airplane accident, then the island of natives where the population was trying to learn Chinese, and now this super-luxurious cruise ship. They experienced a lot of things in the past few days.

Gao Moumou, who was lying down together with his girlfriend, said listlessly, "I would be even happier if so many third wheels weren't in the way."

"Ahaha anyway, I didn't even have the opportunity to put into practice the plan I prepared for that date with Miss Lu," Zhuge Zhongyang said. The reason he invited everyone to go on this trip was precisely the date with Miss Lu, but he didn't expect that so many unexpected things would happen in the middle.

Song Shuhang turned his head around with a smile and said, "There are still a few days left until the cruise ship reaches China. You should make the best use of your time and ask Miss Lu out."

"Good idea," Zhuge Zhongyang said as he held his chin. Afterward, he pulled Gao Moumou away in order to arrange the plan for the date.

Gao Moumou turned toward Song Shuhang and ferociously glared at him.

Song Shuhang stretched himself and fiddled with the golden chain in his hands. This golden chain was surely related to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect. But how could he uncover the secret of the chain?

Should he try to drip some blood on it to become its master?

Or perhaps he should throw it into fire, submerge it underwater, or bury it in the earth?

"Shuhang, when did you get that thick golden chain?" a nearby Tubo said with a smile after he saw the chain in Song Shuhang's hands. Since when had Song Shuhang's tastes become so strange? He unexpectedly went ahead and bought a golden dog chain...

"I got it yesterday. It's beautiful, isn't it?" Song Shuhang said jokingly.

"Hmm it really suits you!" Tubo said with a smile. "Why don't you try it out? I feel that it would be rather amusing if you were to wear it."

"Wear it?" Song Shuhang held the gold chain, lost in thoughts.

After he got his hand on the chain, he didn't try to wear it. Since the outward appearance of the chain was rather unsightly, he felt that it wouldn't look good on him.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang quietly used his little finger to alert Yu Jiaojiao who was hiding in his hair.

Then, he cautiously put the chain around his neck perhaps wearing the chain was the method to uncover its secrets?

However, it was very dangerous to casually wear a cultivation-related item around one's neck.

Therefore, he alerted Yu Jiaojiao and hinted her to give him a hand in case something unexpected happened. With that, if the golden chain acted strangely, Yu Jiaojiao would immediately help him.

Song Shuhang wore the golden chain.

But unfortunately, there was no reaction.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of relief, but he was still a little disappointed.

"Pfff~" The nearby Tubo burst out in laughter. "You really wore it!"

"It doesn't look good?" Song Shuhang raised his brows.

Tubo said, "It doesn't suit you in the least! I feel that it might suit you only if you were ten times fatter!"

"That's quite unfortunate. I wouldn't be able to become fatter even if I wanted to," Song Shuhang said as he stretched out his hand, getting ready to take off the golden chain.

Then, just as he grabbed the golden chain and raised it level with his eyes, his hand suddenly stiffened.

When he looked at the golden chain from this angle, he discovered that the links of the chain, where pictures of the animals were engraved, emitted a weak radiance after the sunlight shone on them.

The radiance these pictures emitted seemed to have the ability to hypnotize the onlooker. It made one unable to move their eyes away. But if they stared at the pictures, they felt as though their whole consciousness would be sucked inside.

Song Shuhang found this feeling rather familiar.

When he'd shot a glance at the secret book containing the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique back then, he got the same feeling!

It was possible to rely on the combination of pictures and writing to create a low-level illusion that would help in passing down the technique.

This golden chain likewise used pictures, the sunlight, and a specific angle to create a simple illusion. However, Song Shuhang's mental energy was currently too strong, and he wouldn't be easily influenced by such an illusion.


The corner of Song Shuuhang's mouth rose. He took off the golden chain and patted Tubo's shoulder. "Tubo, thank you! After we return to China, I'll treat you to a sumptuous meal. At the time, you would be able to eat whatever you want without the need to stand on ceremony!"

Afterward, he swaggered away toward his room while holding the golden chain, leaving behind a dumbfounded Tubo.