Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 49

Chapter 49 A Trick Too Wonderful For Words
Chapter 49: A trick too wonderful for words

Practice fervently from now on and youll be able to concentrate the power of qi and blood to open these four acupoints: eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Once these four acupoints have been opened, they will link with the heart acupoint, and then youll experience the feeling of being a fish stepping through the dragons door. Once you pass this dragons door, your body of qi and blood will be able to transform from incorporeal to corporeal, from virtual to reality; that would be the 2nd Stage True Master Realm, where the power of qi and blood transforms into real qi.

Ill just explain this much, when you reach that stage, the Nine Provinces (1) Group will have people explain to you whats next, I dont want to waste my saliva. Here, first take a look at the Vajra Foundation Fist Technique I got for you, theres a total of eighteen moves. Take a look at them one by one and commit them to memory. Said Medicine Master.

Hearing that, Shuhang once again opened the first image for the Vajra Foundation Fist Technique.

Look at it in full screen mode. Medicine Master advised.

Shuhang nodded. With a tap of his finger, the image covered the whole screen.

There were three forms to the first move, with words and pictures side by side. On the left were three drawings of a person sticking his fist out in three different stances, accompanied by vertical lines of traditional chinese words written to their right.

As he wasnt used to reading vertically, he felt a little tired reading this way.

Furthermore, the words were written in the classical chinese style. Each individual character was easy to understand, but when joined together, the content became very deep; the words were not commonly seen and were difficult to understand.

Yet his current task was to forcibly memorize these profound details, memorize each and every word by heart without leaving out a single world.

Leaving out even a single word could change the entire meaning of an ancient classical Chinese text. If he missed a word during memorization, it could cause him to be possessed by the devil when practicing, which would be tragic.

At this time, the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl on Song Shuhangs neck was once again put to use, and a cool feeling spread all over, making him feel mentally refreshed. By depending on this external help, he could forcibly memorize the words thoroughly.

Standing behind him, the corners of the Medicine Masters lips had slightly raised, seemingly nodding his head with satisfaction.

After Song Shuhang memorized the first page, he still didnt feel at ease. He carefully verified the details stored in his mind by comparing it to what was on the image again.

But for unknown reasons, he felt his eyes turning a little blurry while he attempted to verify it.

Gradually, it was like the world in front of him had been mosaiced, everything turned blurry.

Whats going on, are my eyes blurred? Shuhang violently shook his head, trying to clear his head.

During the shaking, he felt his vision turn clear.

Then he saw a large and spacious grassland.

Whats going on?

Song Shuhang was shocked. Is there something wrong with my eyes? Am I actually hallucinating?

While he pondered, a figure suddenly rose in the spacious grassland.

It was a topless man with indistinct looks. The muscles on his body were distinct and tidy, full of explosive power, its the physique that most nerds would yearn for.

Shuhang immediately became alert, so as to avoid the unexpected.

But the man didnt give a damn about Shuhang, he practiced a fist technique on the grasslands as if there was nobody around him.

That fist technique had a total of three stances.

The man constantly cycled through them, and matching his steps with it, shifting and turning about on the grassland.

It was merely one move with three stances, yet when released by this indistinct mans hand, it contained infinite forms. When he threw his fist out, it was like he was using his fist to deduce the meaning of the great daos of heaven and earth.

Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique One. Song Shuhang recognized this fist technique.

Wait, why am I on a grassland? And where on earth did this man with an indistinct face come from?

Whats going on?

Calm down, I must first calm down!

Is this Senior Medicine Masters magic? Is he secretly using magic to instruct me on this fist technique?

Maybe there was something strange in the image of the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?

Or perhaps I somehow unleashed something by chance?

But no matter the reason, what was going on in front of his eyes was an opportunity.

The indistinct faced man in front of him was without a doubt a master of fist techniques, as he could still feel the mans amazing fist techniques even though he was completely clueless when it came to fist techniques.

Now, he was personally in front of him, unceasingly practicing the Foundation Building Fist Technique One of theVajra Foundation Building Fist Techniquewithout rest.

There was no time to lose, once this ends who knows when it will come again!

Song Shuhang widened his eyes, committing the way the indistinct faced mans fist technique into memory.

The man sometimes shifted and turned, released fists in curves, with straights amongst the curves. There was defense in the attack, and attack in defense.

Sometimes blunt, with fists like cannons, great strength, profound power. The kind of power that could break cauldrons and sink boats.

Again and again, over and over; all kinds of angles, all kinds of variations!

Time sped past.

In the end, Song Shuhang could no longer remember how many times the indistinct faced man released the fist technique.

Under this demonstration that was on the verge of being called a bombardment of fatigue, Shuhang now had a deep impression of Foundation Building Fist Technique Ones one move and three stances. Now, all he needed was to get out of this strange place and practice for a few days, he should be able to grasp this one move and three stances then.

Upon thinking of this, Song Shuhang felt his vision turn blurry again.

Then, he regained clarity in his vision again.

What appeared before his eyes was the computer screen he was so familiar with, and by his side was Senior Medicine Master who wore a smug smile.

He took a look at the time on the bottom right of the computer screen not even a minute had passed!

Song Shuhang turned his head to look at Medicine Master who had that smug smile.

Seems like everything was under this Seniors control. Song Shuhang inquired: Senior Medicine Master, what was that just now?

It was a very simple hypnotism. Only a practitioner like you who hasnt truly stepped foot into this path would get hit by such a low level illusion. Medicine Master laughed out loud.

Was it executed by you, Senior? Song Shuhang asked.

Nope, my primary job is refining pills, I never studied hypnotism magic. Medicine Master waved his finger, then explained, Its the power possessed by the picture scroll of the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique you were looking at.

Possessed by the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? But isnt it just data in the thumb drive? When opened with my computer, it could still bring about hypnotism magic? Song Shuhang was terrified.

If the hypnotism magic of cultivators is so powerful, then conquering the world wouldnt just be a dream!

It isnt as powerful as you think, this is just a small trick by the cultivators during ancient times. The Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique image you were looking at with three figures on the top left and words on the right had been through meticulous planning. Every word, every stroke, every drawing is precisely calculated, when put together it forms a simple hypnotism. Then, it would also require an open mind, wholeheartedly trying to memorize the contents, and verifying the contents by comparing it with whats on your mind. After several tries, youd become hypnotized. Then youll see the hypnotism image deployed in advance by the creator of the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique. Medicine Master explained.

He called it a small trick, yet his mouth showed a very smug smile.

Amazing. Song Shuhang lamented.

He was completely immersed in watching a fist techniques master practice the fist technique earlier.

If this hypnotism technique was grasped by him, then he goes to write a novel using this technique, wouldnt he be able to allow all of the readers to experience the novels world? When it starts getting put on shelves, wouldnt it be heaven-defying?

Alright, this was actually his second idea; his first idea was if he had this power, he could just modify some R-rated books a little, then allow the reader to experience that world? Its awesome just thinking about it. When that happens movies like 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy and so on would all lose their business wont they?

This idea could only remain in his thoughts. If he said it out loud, he definitely would be blown away by the palm of Medicine Master who was right by his side.

For the remaining seventeen moves of Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique and True self Meditation Scripture, the way to go about it is about the same. Ill give you two hours to look through it all. Im in a good mood today, so after all of that, you will practice it once, and Ill point out any mistakes you make. Medicine Master laughed heartily.