Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Please Can You Not Mention These Disgusting Things While Im Eating?
Chapter 491: Please, can you not mention these disgusting things while Im eating?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
The Whale Swallowing Technique sounded quite cool from the name.

However, the technique did nothing else except for strengthening one's teeth, stomach, and digestive system.

Moreover, the Whale Swallowing Technique didn't even allow one to eat everything. It only allowed the user to eat one thing spirit beast crystals.

Song Shuhang understood it as soon as he learned the technique. The Whale Swallowing Technique was the supplementary technique of the Huge Whale Chapter to merge the pseudo-innate true qi inside his body.

After eating the spirit beast crystals, the embryonic form of pseudo-innate true qi inside his body would merge with the origin true qi of the thirty-three spirit beasts, giving birth to a type of 'origin true qi' that was infinitely close to real 'innate true qi'.

Aside from the Whale Swallowing Technique, the heritage still contained the first four cultivation techniques of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. These four cultivation techniques were enough to let one reach the Fourth Stage 'Innate' Realm.

And the Fourth Stage Innate Realm just happened to be the realm where one could bring into full display the power of that 'pseudo innate true qi'.

Song Shuhang came out of the illusory space generated by the golden chain once more.

After he regained his senses, he discovered that Yu Jiaojiao and Guoguo were looking at him with worried expressions.

Guoguo even passed him a hot towel.

"?" Song Shuhang was confused.

Guoguo said, "Senior Brother Shuhang, wipe yourself with this towel. Just now, you suddenly started crying and screaming, you looked very grieved. Elder Sister Jiaojiao and I felt sad just by looking at you."

Song Shuhang wiped his face and discovered that it was full of tears was it possible that he was so heartbroken after seeing the scene of the destroyed celestial palace that he started crying?

Song Shuhang quickly took the towel from the small monk and wiped the tears off his face.

Now then, why did I start crying after seeing the picture of that celestial palace?

Were those ruins the base of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Sect? Or perhaps it was the palace of another influence?

At this time, Yu Jiaojiao asked, "Shuhang, did you obtain something this time?"

Song Shuhang nodded, very satisfied, and said, "Yes. Just now, I managed to obtain the complete version of the cultivation technique I practice, as well as a quite good supplementary cultivation technique."

After saying this much, he put the hot towel down and took the shark-type spirit beast crystal out of his size-reducing purse.

Yu Jiaojiao's small eyes swiveled as she asked, "Is this supplementary cultivation technique related to spirit beast crystals?"

Spirit beast crystals were quite famous in the world of cultivators. After all, the spiritual energy inside wasn't inferior to that of spirit stones. But due to their special structure, there was no way to extract the spiritual energy within.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Yes! That supplementary cultivation technique has the ability to let one absorb spirit beast crystals."

Guoguo and Yu Jiaojiao curiously looked at Song Shuhang. They wanted to know how Song Shuhang was going to make use of these spirit beast crystal with the new cultivation technique he learned.

Song Shuhang held the shark-type spirit beast crystal between his fingers. But soon after, a perplexed expression appeared on his face.

According to the description of the Whale Swallowing Technique, his teeth would change after using the technique, becoming capable of biting to pieces the spirit beast crystal, and his stomach and digestive system would be able to completely digest the bits of the spirit beast crystal. Moreover, the technique allowed to perfectly guide all the energy within the spirit beast crystal to the dantian.

After the spiritual energy within the spirit beast crystal converged in the dantian, the total quantity of his true qi would increase. Additionally, the stream of spirit beast origin energy would merge with the embryonic form of his 'pseudo-innate true qi'.

After eating the thirty-three different types of spirit beast crystals, the embryonic form of his pseudo-innate true qi would change, becoming whole.

In that case here was the question. How was he supposed to eat the spirit beast crystal?

Was he supposed to eat it raw?

Or should he add some salt or soy sauce? Or sugar instead?

"What is Senior Brother Shuhang doing?" Guoguo asked in puzzlement.

Yu Jiaojiao said in a grave tone, "Don't be impatient. Perhaps he's using that mysterious cultivation technique and trying to absorb the energy within the spirit beast crystal."

Guoguo nodded his head, his expression one of excitement.

Then, under Guoguo and Yu Jiaojiao's gaze, Song Shuhang wiped the spirit beast crystal and put it in his mouth, taking a bite of it.

"..." Guoguo.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Painful, painful, painful! My teeth almost broke!

"This Whale Swallowing Technique can only harden the teeth a bit. It won't allow one to directly bite through spirit beast crystals!" Song Shuhang said as he covered his mouth.

But very soon, he realized what was going on. In the end, he had just obtained the Whale Swallowing Technique, and he was at most at the beginner level in regards to this technique.

It was too soon to directly eat spirit beast crystals.

From the looks of it, he had to practice the Whale Swallowing Technique a lot and reach at least the intermediate level before being able to eat spirit beast crystals.

However, this cultivation technique wasn't easy to practice!

To practice it, he had to continuously bite spirit beast crystals.

If seniors unaware of the situation were to see him grinding spirit beast crystals with his teeth every day, they would probably think that he had gone mad or something.

"From the looks of it, I'll have to use an unconventional method." Song Shuhang's eyes changed as he said, "Let's go, let's look for Senior Phoenix Slayer!"

Yu Jiaojiao and Guoguo blinked their eyes at the same time, their expressions those of confusion.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer concluded his meditation and opened his eyes.

"A new day has begun!" Young Master Phoenix Slayer said as he stretched himself.

The early hours of the morning were the best to plan things. Therefore, he really liked this period of time.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," said Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

The door was pushed open and Song Shuhang, Guoguo, and Yu Jiaojiao entered the room hurriedly.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked at the three in confusion and said, "Did you need something from me?"

Song Shuhang immediately said, "Senior Phoenix Slayer, can you use again that technique that swapped our bodies?"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer blinked his eyes and said, "Why?"

"Senior, I need to borrow your CPU to run a program," Song Shuhang replied.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer replied, "Speak clearly!"

"Senior, I need to borrow your body to practice a cultivation technique. That technique is very useful to me," Song Shuhang replied honestly.

The corner of Young Master Phoenix Slayer's mouth twitched.

But in the end, Young Master Phoenix Slayer still used his innate skill to swap bodies with Song Shuhang. "This is the last time! Don't even think of taking advantage of me all the times!"

"Senior Phoenix Slayer, you're really the best monster ever!" Song Shuhang said gratefully. "However, can I pay you the next time to borrow your body?"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer bellowed, "You can forget about it!"

From the looks of it, there seemed to be no hope~ it was truly regrettable~

"I'll say it beforehand. This time, it can be considered a fair deal. The process of swapping bodies is a type of training for me as well," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

After saying this much, he took off his glasses and stared at Song Shuhang with his strange eyes. In the next moment, their bodies were swapped.

That familiar delay of three seconds was also back!

There wasn't much time. Therefore, Song Shuhang quickly used Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body to practice the Whale Swallowing Technique.

Just like that time with the Inverted Scale Saber Technique, hundreds of inspirations, as well as basic knowledge of more than seventy swallowing and teeth strengthening techniques, suddenly popped up in his mind as soon as he finished practicing the Whale Swallowing Technique the fourth time. From the looks of it, Young Master Phoenix Slayer was very knowledgeable when it came to training one's teeth. Did he learn these techniques when he was fighting against Doudou and couldn't assume human form yet?

The Whale Swallowing Technique was a supplementary cultivation technique of the Second Stage rank, and it was quite easy to practice it with Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body who was at the Fifth Stage Realm.

Meanwhile, Young Master Phoenix Slayer's consciousness entered Song Shuhang's body.

With this innate skill, Young Master Phoenix Slayer could forcefully enter other people's bodies with his consciousness. For example, he controlled Doudou's body and made him shout stuff like 'Mr. Yellow Mountain is my loyal little dog' back then.

He could even make the consciousness of other people enter his body, just like he did with Song Shuhang before, allowing him to control his body.

Or he could make the two parties directly swap bodies like he did at this time.

Song Shuhang borrowed Young Master Phoenix Slayer's body to practice the Whale Swallowing Technique and the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. On the other hand, Young Master Phoenix Slayer borrowed Song Shuhang's body to train this innate skill of his that could allow him to swap bodies.

If the two parties swapped their bodies willingly, Young Master Phoenix Slayer would obtain twice the results with half the effort while training his innate skill.

However, the so-called 'fair deal' was just Young Master Phoenix Slayer helping Song Shuhang one last time for Doudou's sake.

Or did you really think that his CPU was there for public use and everyone could borrow it?

When Young Master Phoenix Slayer relieved his 'body swapping' innate skill, Song Shuhang's Whale Swallowing Technique had already reached the master level.

Then, he once again took out the shark-type spirit beast crystal and started wiping it.

Afterward, he asked, "Anyone here has some ketchup?"

"I have it." Guoguo handed over some ketchup to Song Shuhang, as well as two pieces of white bread. "I just finished meditating, and I didn't have the time to eat breakfast yet."

Song Shuhang replied, "Thank you, Guoguo."

Afterward, Shuhang added some ketchup to the spirit beast crystal and used the Whale Swallowing Technique once more.

When he used the Whale Swallowing Technique this time, Song Shuhang felt his teeth becoming as hard as godly weapons. It shouldn't be a problem for the current him to bite a steel knife to pieces.

In the worst case, he could now go to the streets and perform in variety shows.

"Crack~" Song Shuhang took a bite of the spirit beast crystal.

The incredibly hard spirit beast crystal was bitten to pieces.

"Nom, nom, nom"


"It tastes a little strange, and it smells like fish," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Guoguo said, "He really ate it."

Yu Jiaojiao said, "That was quite awesome."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, "Can you really digest that thing after eating it? Won't you get diarrhea if you can't digest the pieces of the spirit beast crystal?"

"..." Song Shuhang said, "Senior Phoenix Slayer, can you not mention these disgusting things while I'm eating?"

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

As he was speaking, Song Shuhang completely gobbled up the spirit beast crystal. It took him only three bites.

This shark-type spirit beast crystal came from a shark-type spirit beast of the Third Stage. In other words, it was equivalent to a spirit stone of the Third Stage.

The spiritual energy within the spirit beast crystal was a bit too much for the current Song Shuhang. For a moment, he felt as though his dantian was going to explode.

Luckily, his dantian had been strengthened by Senior White's 'Qi Storage Expanding Technique', and its capacity was much higher than that of an ordinary cultivator of the Second Stage.

Song Shuhang didn't dare to be careless and sat down on the spot. He closed his eyes and started to operate the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique, guiding the huge amount of spiritual energy inside his dantian.

At the same time, he guided the shark-type origin true qi within the spirit beast crystal as well, merging it with the embryonic form of the pseudo-innate true qi in his dantian.

The illusory picture of a tiny shark appeared next to the needle-shaped embryonic form of the pseudo-innate true qi, moving all around it.