Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Im Not The One In The Wrong The World Is
Chapter 492: Im not the one in the wrong, the world is!

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"Senior Brother Shuhang, what's the matter?"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer replied, "It seems he ate too much."

"There are some things that you can't eat carelessly," Yu Jiaojiao added.

Guoguo somewhat understood and nodded his head.

After half an hour, Song Shuhang was completely exhausted as he opened his eyes. At this time, a green radiance would often flash through his eyes.

Although it was difficult, in the end he managed to convert all the spiritual energy inside the spirit beast crystal into true qi.

At this time, both his Sea of Qi Dantian and Dragon Tail Dantian were completely full. If another stream of true qi were to pour inside them, Song Shuhang felt that they would explode.

Currently, there was the projection of a shark-type spirit beast next to the embryonic form of his pseudo-innate true qi, as well as a spirit pattern above it.

At the same time, Song Shuhang felt the area between his eyebrows swell as well. His mental energy had also increased due to the spirit beast crystal.

Song Shuhang's mental energy was already higher than an ordinary cultivator's of the Second Stage. Now that his mental energy had also sharply increased, he felt as though his head was going to explode too.

"My mental energy is approaching the maximum limit the body can withstand," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

As he was speaking, that green radiance kept flashing through his eyes from time to time. It was a sign that his mental energy had increased suddenly, making him unable to control it properly.

The body, true qi, and mental energy of a cultivator were all connected.

Only if one had a strong body would they be able to accommodate a lot of true qi and mental energy.

A high level of mental energy meant a high control over one's true qi. The stronger the mental energy, the better could a cultivator control their true qi or spiritual energy, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy.

Since Song Shuhang advanced too quickly recently, both his true qi and mental energy had already reached the limit.

On the other hand, his body wasn't able to keep up with the rest and ended up hindering his cultivation.

If an ordinary cultivator were to become aware of this situation, they would be truly envious! After all, ordinary cultivators advanced step by step, and it usually took them years to break through a small realm.

As a consequence, their body was much more powerful than their true qi, spiritual energy, and mental energy. Therefore, there was almost no cultivator that worried about their true qi and mental energy being stronger than their body.

Therefore Song Shuhang was currently worrying about a rather good thing!

Song Shuhang took out some body tempering liquid and drank it.

The body tempering liquid didn't have that much of an effect on his body anymore. However, he still had quite a bit of it with him. Therefore, he thought of drinking it as a tonic.

"I have to practice the fist and saber technique some more in order to further strengthen my body."

Although it was a good thing, it was still quite worrisome.

If his body couldn't keep up and his true qi and mental energy were to increase again he would explode and die! Quite scary, wasn't it?

He was going to explode for real!

"Eh? Where are Guoguo and Senior Phoenix Slayer?" After relieving the technique, Song Shuhang discovered that only Yu Jiaojiao was left in the room. She was sitting in meditation on his shoulder, performing breathing exercises.

"They went to interrogate the black horse spirit and the man in black clothes. I stayed behind to keep an eye on you," Yu Jiaojiao said softly.

Before they gained the ability to assume human form, the cultivation speed of monster cultivators was several times slower compared to human cultivators.

Therefore, Yu Jiaojiao didn't waste time and freeloaded the enlightenment stone whenever she was close to Song Shuhang. Only by practicing under the effects of the enlightenment stone could she quickly catch up to human cultivators.

"In that case, let's go there as well." Song Shuhang got up from the ground and headed toward the interrogation room.

Inside the interrogation room.

The man wearing black clothes was hanging from the ceiling as before. Young Master Phoenix Slayer didn't torture him but told the small monk to sit in front of him and recite his religious texts.

Additionally, Young Master Phoenix Slayer told Guoguo that he had to preach to this man both in the morning and in the evening from today until the day they reached China.

This was the so-called 'leading a wicked man toward the correct path'.

Guoguo happily accepted the duty. Leading wicked men toward the correct path seemed something a senior monk would do. Therefore, the small monk really liked the idea.

Guoguo had been enthusiastically chanting religious texts in front of the man in black for already half an hour. Given how excited he was, it wasn't a problem to go on for the whole morning.

On a side, Young Master Phoenix Slayer arranged a soundproof barrier and started to madly whip the stallion spirit.

After it was whipped, the stallion spirit screamed in pain again and again.

After he got tired of whipping the stallion spirit, Young Master Phoenix Slayer took a short break.

"Fellow Daoist, what crime have I committed? You have to give me an explanation!" the stallion spirit said with teary eyes.

After he entered the room, Young Master Phoenix Slayer took the Monster Binding Chain and started to ruthlessly whip the stallion spirit. He didn't even press him for an answer or told him what kind of mistake he had committed. He just started to whip him.

The stallion spirit said bitterly, "I know I was wrong, and I won't go after Lady Onion anymore, and I won't disturb that little fellow daoist either. Is that fine?"

"Hmm." Young Master Phoenix Slayer drank some water to moisten his throat and grabbed the Monster Binding Chain, violently whipping the stallion spirit once more.

The stallion spirit called out in pain again; his body was covered with bruises at this time.

"Fellow Daoist don't ah stop ah stop~ I beg you to give me an explanation! Aaaah! ...Just tell me how I can make up to you!" the stallion spirit cried out.

"I haven't thought about how you can compensate yet." Young Master Phoenix Slayer stopped and drank some water.

The stallion spirit bellowed, "Then, why do you keep whipping me!"

"Because you're a stallion," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said coldly.

The stallion spirit was dumbfounded. "What?"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed up his glasses, and his lenses refracted rays of death. "Stallions are truly detestable creatures. The number of monsters in the world is already low. According to the latest statistics of the Monster Race Alliance, the number of male monsters in the world is already five times higher than female monsters! In other words, amongst five male monsters, four won't be able to marry a female monster! And you still dared to act like a stallion! Don't you know that if you stallions keep doing your stallion things, there will be five male monsters that won't be able to marry?!"

The stallion spirit bent his head and said, "So, is that supposed to be my fault?"

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

"Whip, whip, whip~" A session of brutal whipping followed.

The stallion spirit cried out in pain once again, looking particularly pitiful.

"I'm not the one in the wrong!" the stallion spirit roared. "Is being a stallion a mistake now? I was just a stallion that became a monster; it was something that happened in accordance with the rules of heaven and earth! Therefore, I'm not the one in the wrong, the one in the wrong is this cruel world! This very world that allowed men to outnumber women is the root of all evil!"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer was dumbfounded. He felt that what the stallion spirit said was quite reasonable therefore, he whipped him with even more strength!

When Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao entered the interrogation room, they saw Young Master Phoenix Slayer brutally whipping the stallion spirit.

Both of them shivered after seeing the scene.

Afterward, Song Shuhang's bright eyes and Yu Jiaojiao's small and adorable eyes met. The two nodded their heads in unison. Later, they should absolutely avoid making Young Master Phoenix Slayer angry.

He was simply too terrifying!

Song Shuhang and Yu Jiaojiao arrived in the front of that man wearing black clothes.

The man wearing black clothes seemed extremely tired as he raised his head, looking at Song Shuhang with his dim and spiritless eyes.

However, a complacent expression appeared on his face as soon as he saw Song Shuhang.

"Little kid, do you really think that these puny buddhist scriptures can break my will? Naive. My will is as strong as iron! Don't even think about obtaining anything from me before getting removing these magical techniques concealed within my origin true qi!" the man wearing black clothes said hoarsely.

Song Shuhang deeply gazed at the man wearing black clothes. Soon after, he told him the password. "Beloved Dog 43B."

After saying this much, he turned his body around and headed toward the black horse spirit.

The man wearing black clothes was dumbfounded, and a shocked expression appeared on his face.

"Impossible! This is impossible! How do you know the password?!" the man wearing black clothes bellowed as his body rotated while hanging from the ceiling.

How was it possible for that kid to know the password?

If he knew the password... did it mean that he had uncovered the secret of the golden chain as well? If that was the case, he had lost the possibility to bargain back and forth with the other party!

"Benefactor, do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools," the small monk said with a serious expression on his face.

"Fool your beep, beep, beep~ Moreover, that isn't even from a buddhist scripture. It's a sentence from the Bible!" the man wearing black clothes bellowed.

"Eh? Is that so? If that's the case, forgive me. I've been studying famous books belonging to all kinds of religions recently. Therefore, my memory might be a bit messy. However, even if it's not part of buddhism, the saying is still quite reasonable. One must always keep their calm, getting angry is harmful to the body," Guoguo said with a serious expression.

"Bastard, go to hell! You other bastard, from where did you obtain that password?! Dammit, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck~" the man wearing black clothes roared once more.

"Benefactor, cursing is also wrong. If you keep cursing, this lowly monk would have to bring you to a temple," Guoguo said as he frowned.

"Beep, beep, beep~ F*ck! F*ck!" That willpower that the man wearing black clothes was so proud of had disappeared without a trace.

Guoguo stood up and patted the body of the man wearing black clothes, making him spin.

He started to spin faster and faster, even surpassing the speed of an electric fan.

"Uwaaah~" The cursing of the man turned into a pitiful cry.

In the meanwhile, Song Shuhang arrived next to Young Master Phoenix Slayer and the stallion spirit.

The eyes of the stallion spirit immediately lit as he shouted, "Little Fellow Daoist, save me! I'll never dare to have an idea of Lady Onion ever again! From now on, I'll always keep a distance of five kilometers from you~ Aaaaah~ Additionally, I'll give you a horse dragon as a compensation! Please, save me!"

Young Master Phoenix Slayer sneered and struck as fast as lightning with the Monster Binding Chain.

"Horse dragon?" Song Shuhang blinked his eyes.

"Aaaaah~ How can I explain it... after all, I'm a sort of king amongst horses~ aaaaah~ and I have a group of monster horses under my command. Amongst them, there is a horse dragon with the bloodline of a flood dragon, and it can cross most of China within one day. It's truly dashing!" the stallion spirit called out.

Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's unfortunate, but I already have something better."

After carrying out the transaction with Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman, he obtained a beautiful silver dragon puppet. It was a puppet that could fly at supersonic speed. If he needed something to ride, the silver dragon puppet was more than enough.

"Then, what do you want? How can I compensate you! Tell me something! Stop whipping me!" the stallion spirit called out.

It really felt as though he was asking for a beating.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer stopped the Monster Binding Chain and drank another mouthful of water to moisten his throat.