Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 494

Chapter 494: So Cold Get Me Out Of Here
Chapter 494: So cold, get me out of here!

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Song Shuhang moved closer and shot a glance at the boxes. The two boxes were full of seawater, and inside were two seahorses.

"..." Song Shuhang.

No wonder Young Master Phoenix Slayer became so angry. That stallion spirit really deserved a good beating! He unexpectedly tricked them by playing with words!

Of course, the seahorses in the boxes weren't ordinary ones.

They had a very large build, and even without counting their curled up tails, their body was at least one and a half meter long. Moreover, there were four small claws growing on their abdominal area, as well as a single horn growing on top of their heads. They were indeed 'horse' dragons with the bloodline of a flood dragon.

"Stop whipping me~ I'll die if you keep hitting me~ Aaaah~ I had no choice but to have those two seahorse dragons delivered here~ After all, you said that you didn't want horse dragons with my bloodline~ But all the horse dragons under my command, aside from the females, which have already become my wives, have my bloodline! I'm a great stallion, after all~" The stallion spirit was rolling all over the ground as he was being whipped.

"..." Song Shuhang.

This was a true stallion, someone capable of creating a clan by himself.

"Are you telling me that there isn't another male amongst this group of horse dragons aside from your wives that hasn't your bloodline?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer sneered.

The stallion spirit said shyly, "There really isn't one. I just recently subdued this community of horse dragons and I expelled all the male horse dragons, leaving behind only the female ones."

"..." Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

This stallion spirit with sperm inside his head really needed to be whipped to death!

"Moreover, those seahorse dragons are also quite powerful! Although their body is small, they have the bloodline of a flood dragon. They are very strong and can easily carry two people at the same time. Additionally, due to them possessing the bloodline of a flood dragon, aside from land, they can speed through the sky as well!" the stallion spirit added.

It sounded quite cool.

Song Shuhang imagined himself riding a one and a half meter long seahorse dragon madly dashing about on land just like an adult riding the wooden horse toy of a small kid. The scene was truly dazzling to the eyes.

In the next moment, Young Master Phoenix Slayer turned his head around and said to Song Shuhang, "Shuhang, do you want these seahorse dragons?"

Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head. Even an ordinary white horse spirit beast was better than these two seahorse dragons.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer sighed and said, "In that case... just exchange them with ordinary white horse spirit beasts, alright?"

But right at this time, Yu Jiaojiao secretly pulled Song Shuhang's hair.

Her small eyes were almost imploring Song Shuhang as she asked, "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, can you accept these two seahorses?"

These two seahorses were spirit beasts that possessed the bloodline of a flood dragon.

And Yu Jiaojiao was a 'mermaid' that possessed the bloodline of a flood dragon.

Song Shuhang's black and shiny eyes met Yu Jiaojiao's small and lovely eyes. In the end, he heaved a sigh and said, "Alright. Senior Phoenix Slayer, my seahorse dragon can stay behind."

"Haha." Young Master Phoenix Slayer looked at Yu Jiaojiao and smiled, saying, "Fine. Jiaojiao, you can have mine too."

"Thank you, Senior Phoenix Slayer. Thank you, Fellow Daoist Shuhang," Yu Jiaojiao said happily.

Thereupon the transaction was finally completed!

Song Shuhang put the spirit beast crystals in the 'size-reducing purse' and gave the ten thousand mile fruits to Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

During this transaction, he obtained the spirit beast crystals, as well as those two seahorse dragons due to Yu Jiaojiao. Therefore, he couldn't accept the thousand mile fruits too.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer smiled and took five of the fruits, pushing the other five back toward Song Shuhang. "These thousand mile fruits aren't really that effective on me anymore. Since you asked me to deal with the compensation thing, I decided to take five of them as a price of going through the trouble. Anyway, since the matter is settled, let's part ways here, little friend Shuhang."

After saying this much, Young Master Phoenix Slayer lifted the other box that had the 'man wearing black clothes' inside and rode his flying sword, heading toward Medicine Master's place.

Song Shuhang lifted the two boxes with the seahorse dragons and nodded at the stallion spirit and his subordinates. "Such being the case, I'll also take my leave, Fellow Daoist Stallion Spirit. Let's hope not to see each other again."

"Wait, wait a moment!" The stallion spirit stretched out his twitching hand and shouted, "Remove these restrictions from my body first!"

The restrictive techniques that Young Master Phoenix Slayer used on the body of the stallion spirit were still effective.

"Restrictions? Oh, you don't have to worry about that. The restrictions will automatically disappear after two days." Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand, saying, "Let's hope not to see each other again."

"Let's hope not to see each other ever again!" The stallion spirit bitterly waved his hand as well.

In the meantime.

Sima Jiang brought into full play his capabilities and quickly fetched a cross-country vehicle from the Shanghai City branch of the Fengshou Express Delivery.

Afterward, Song Shuhang, the two disciples of the Chu Family, and Sima Jiang headed toward the territory of the Chu Family all together.

The road was very long, and since they were in a hurry, Sima Jiang and the disciples of the Chu Family took turns driving. With that, they didn't have to stop the vehicle.

After almost 11 hours of driving, the group finally arrived in that small village on the periphery of the territory of the Chu Family.

Since Sima Jiang was just an ordinary man, the disciples of the Chu Family wouldn't bring him to the inner part of their clan.

The ancestor of the Chu Family, Chu Kangbo, had already received the news and was waiting in the small village to receive the express delivery.

The express delivery was successfully delivered.

Now that his duty was completed, Sima Jiang bid farewell to the others.

Just before parting ways, Chu Kangbo gave him two small bottles. It was a medicinal juice with spiritual energy mixed within. If an average man were to drink it, it would slightly strengthen their constitution. The effects were almost the same as the Spirit Green Tea.

After taking the two bottles, Sima Jiang brightly smiled. Then, he bid farewell to Song Shuhang as well and finally drove his vehicle away.

The ancestor of the Chu Family caressed the big box with his slightly shivering hand. This express delivery was something that his friend Li Tiansu, the loose cultivator of the Fifth Stage, sent him before his death.

"Senior Chu, this express delivery box is something that Daoist Priest Li Tiansu sent, right?" Song Shuhang asked.

Song Shuhang had come to this conclusion after listening to Sima Jiang's description, as well as seeing that his ghost spirit didn't want to come out of the box after entering it. After pondering for a while, he came to the conclusion that the only possibility was that it was related to Li Tiansu.

"Yes, it's something that my friend sent over." The ancestor of the Chu Family deeply sighed.

He didn't expect that while he was in secluded meditation, healing his wounds, his old friend would die. The world of cultivators was merciless sometimes, while one was in secluded meditation, the outside world would greatly change, or things would remain unchanged, but the people would be no more.

Song Shuhang nodded his head and thought, So it was really like this.

He glanced at the box, and he could still feel the presence of the ghost spirit coming from in there. He even tried to summon it back, but the ghost spirit didn't come out and kept saying it felt very cold.

Next, the ancestor of the Chu Family started to open the express delivery box.

The express delivery was a big box with a lot of runes and formations engraved on it it looked like a sealing formation. Soon after, a burst of cold air was transmitted from within the box.

It wasn't normal cold. The nearby disciples of the Chu Family fiercely trembled and retreated by a step or two.

"Those that are of the Second Stage or below, get out of here," Chu Kangbo said.

At the same time, he shot a glance at Song Shuhang. It seemed that Song Shuhang was waiting for him to open the box.

He was unable to guess Song Shuhang's intentions if Song Shuhang wanted to steal the contents of the box, he had plenty of opportunities along the way...

But now, the express delivery was already in his hands, and he was a cultivator of the Fifth Stage. Even a hundred Song Shuhangs wouldn't be able to snatch the express delivery box away from him.

Was it possible that he was just curious about the contents of the box?

Chu Kangbo took a deep breath and stretched out his hand, opening the box.

In the next moment, the ice coffin emitting all that cold finally appeared before their eyes.

The cold was truly terrifying, and a layer of ice had already started forming on the hand Chu Kangbo used to open the box.

A layer of ice covered his hand even though he was a cultivator of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor that should be technically immune to cold and heat! Even the palm of his hand was frozen stiff when he touched the box.

Chu Kangbo faintly sighed.

He immediately guessed the contents of the box the one inside the box was the daughter of his dead friend!

He knew that Li Tiansu had a daughter affected by a strange disease. Her body was constantly emitting a strange cold, and in critical times, it could even freeze her up.

Even a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor such as Li Tiansu was unable to find a cure to this strange disease. For the sake of his daughter, he even sold his entire property.

His beloved daughter was the only person that Li Tiansu was unable to let go of during his life.

If an incredibly talented person like Fellow Daoist Li was unable to find a cure to this disease, what can someone like me do? Chu Kangbo laughed at himself in his heart.

But given his great friendship with Li Tiansu and the fact that Li Tiansu entrusted his daughter to him before dying, he would do his best to take care of her.

If there was an opportunity to cure Li Tiansu's daughter, he would seize it even if he had to use all his property in exchange. Money was just a worldly thing, and as long as the people were still there, they could slowly earn those spirit stones back.

Song Shuhang looked at the ice coffin, and a familiar feeling welled up in his heart.

There was a little girl with white hair inside the chunk of ice.

Her long hair was worn in a braided pigtail and reached until her shoulders. Moreover, she was wearing a heavy overcoat that was tightly wrapping her body, making her look like a ball.

"Li Yinzhu," Song Shuhang blurted out these words.

The person inside the ice coffin was Li Tiansu's daughter, Li Yinzhu.

Originally, Li Yinzhu had already grown up into a beautiful woman. But due to this strange disease of her, her body continuously shrank and was currently as big as that of a three years old girl.

So that's how it was. No wonder the express delivery box was emitting all that cold, and no wonder the ghost spirit was clinging to the express delivery box, not willing to come out.

Eh? Wait a moment!

Song Shuhang quickly noticed that there was a protruding section on the originally rectangular ice coffin, and the ghost spirit was currently stranded in that protruding chunk of ice.

'Get me out of here~ it's so cold~' the ghost spirit continuously transmitted this thought to Song Shuhang.

It wasn't that it didn't want to leave... it was unable to do so!

Song Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Senior Chu, since you have opened the express delivery, I'll retrieve my ghost spirit," Song Shuhang said after turning toward Chu Kangbo and cupping his hands.

At this time, Chu Kangbo had already noticed that ghost spirit identical to Song Shuhang stranded in that protruding piece of ice on the ice coffin.

So this was Song Shuhang's aim. He was waiting for him to open the express delivery box so that he could retrieve his ghost spirit however, why did the ghost spirit enter the express delivery box?

Song Shuhang grabbed the treasured saber Broken Tyrant and gently cut off the protruding piece of the ice.

Although the piece of ice was easily cut off, a light layer of ice had already started forming on the blade of the saber.

This cold is truly terrifying, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But just as he was preparing to take the saber back, something unexpected happened. A layer of flames started to burn on Broken Tyrant's blade...