Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 495

Chapter 495: The White Haired Girl Inside The Ice Coffin
Chapter 495: The white-haired girl inside the ice coffin

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"The Flaming Saber Technique?" Song Shuhang said in puzzlement.

No, that wasn't it! After all, he didn't even use the Flaming Saber Technique!

The nearby Chu Kangbo asked impatiently, "Little friend, what are you doing?"

Song Shuhang replied, "I'm not doing anything!"

Just as he was speaking, the flames on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant grew even stronger. The flames burning on the saber carried traces of the 'majesty of heaven' within them.

"The flames of tribulation!" Song Shuhang finally understood what was going on.

These flames didn't belong to the Flaming Saber Technique; they were the flames of the heavenly tribulation!

Song Shuhang quickly raised the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, trying to separate it from the ice coffin.

The flames of tribulation were something very dangerous. How terrible would it be if he were to carelessly injure Li Yinzhu who was within the chunk of ice?

But when Song Shuhang put strength in his arm to move the treasured saber Broken Tyrant away, the blade didn't budge.

The ice coffin was like a magnet, firmly attracting the blazing blade. Song Shuhang was unable to move the saber away from the chunk of ice with his strength of the Second Stage.

"What's the matter?" Chu Kangbo quickly dashed forward and supported Song Shuhang's arm, activating his spiritual energy in order to give him a hand.

But as soon as Chu Kangbo used his spiritual energy, the flames of tribulation on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant started to burn even more fiercely, just as though someone had sprinkled some oil on them.

Song Shuhang and Chu Kangbo let go of the blade at the same time so as to avoid getting hurt by the flames.

"Did the flames of tribulation stay behind from the last time?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

The sect master of the Moon Saber Sect, Ba Qianjun, was the previous owner of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. He was a cultivator of the Fourth Stage that had been injured by the flames of tribulation. In the end, he was burned to ashes with one gentle wave of Song Shuhang's Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan. His body, magical clothes, and token of authority were all thoroughly burned by the flames of tribulation.

At the time, Broken Tyrant happened to be in Ba Qianjun's hands and was likewise burned by the flames of tribulation. When Song Shuhang picked the treasured saber back then, it was completely charred black.

However, he didn't expect that there would be still remnants of those flames left within Broken Tyrant. They finally flared up after being stimulated by the cold emitting from the ice coffin.

The blazing flames covered the entire surface of the ice coffin.

It was a very bad situation. If the flames of tribulation were allowed to keep burning, they might burn down the whole ice coffin.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and stretched out his hand once more, trying to grab the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. The handle of the saber wasn't engulfed by the flames yet. Therefore, he could grab it.

Chu Kangbo frowned and said, "Little friend, be careful. The flames of tribulation aren't to be taken lightly."

However, just as Song Shuhang stretched out his hand toward the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, the flames of tribulation suddenly died out as though they had exhausted their strength.

Song Shuhang grabbed the saber. With the disappearance of flames of tribulation, the ice coffin wasn't 'attracting' Broken Tyrant anymore. Therefore, he was able to easily lift up the saber.

As for the ice coffin, only the external layer of ice had been burned by the flames, changing into water that started flowing down. The interior was still as hard as iron and quietly emitting cold. The flames of tribulation hadn't harmed Li Yinzhu inside the ice coffin.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief.

After making sure that nothing had happened to the ice coffin, Song Shuhang turned toward Chu Kangbo and cupped his hands. "Senior Chu, the express delivery has been delivered, and I have retrieved my ghost spirit as well. Therefore, I'll take my leave."

Mama Song and the others were still worried about the plane crash. Therefore, it was better if he returned home as soon as possible to reassure them.

At the same time, Song Shuhang activated his true qi to melt that chunk of ice trapping the ghost spirit. Now that the piece of ice had been separated from Li Yinzhu's ice coffin, it had lost the support of that chilly cold, becoming a very ordinary piece of ice. It immediately melted under the effects of Song Shuhang's true qi.

After getting out of the piece of ice, the ghost spirit trembled for a little while and quickly drilled inside Song Shuhang's Sea of Qi Dantian, not willing to come out. After Song Shuhang advanced to the Second Stage Realm, the ghost spirit had two places where it could stay. One was the Heart Aperture, the other the Sea of Qi Dantian.

"Little friend, wait a moment!" Chu Kangbo said hastily at this time. "Since little friend is already here, you might as well make a trip to the Chu Family together with me. I'll give you the map of that forbidden area, as well as the information about the part that Fellow Daoist Li and I explored together."

That forbidden area was the place where Li Tiansu lost his life.

Chu Kangbo secretly shot a glance at Li Yinzhu who was currently sealed within the ice. Perhaps the cure to save his dead friend's daughter was precisely inside that forbidden area.

If that senior called White and this little friend before his eyes could find the cure to Li Yinzhu's disease inside that forbidden area, his dead friend's last descendant might be able to survive.

"Alright." Song Shuhang nodded.

Since he was already here, he might as well take the map of the forbidden area with him.

Who knew, Senior White might even reduce the time he had to stay in space if he were to bring him the map of the forbidden area?

He had to keep a positive mindset!

Just as Song Shuhang was chatting with Chu Kangbo, his phone suddenly rang.

As he took the phone out, he discovered that it was True Monarch Yellow Mountain calling him.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain finally remembered about me? Song Shuhang had tears streaming down his face. Even now, he was unable to take the kasaya off his body.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain's gentle voice was transmitted from the other end. "Hello, little friend Shuhang?"

"True Monarch, I've been waiting for your call for several days already," Song Shuhang said.

"Cough, ahaha. Little Doudou, this rascal, had been causing a ruckus for the past few days. Hehe, it took me a lot of effort to subdue him." True Monarch Yellow Mountain sounded incredibly pleased with himself as he was speaking.

He didn't turn Doudou into a dog meat hotpot, right?

"Cough. Anyway, I've managed to obtain the password to your kasaya. I'll send you the photo now, be sure to accept it. In that case, goodbye~" True Monarch Yellow Mountain hang up the phone after saying this much. He seemed quite busy with something...

Soon after, Song Shuhang received a picture.

Above it was described how to take off the kasaya.

Afterward, Song Shuhang started to press on the kasaya according to the instructions on the picture.

"Whoosh~" At last, that damnable kasaya came off.

After the kasaya came off, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief and felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from his chest.

Chu Kangbo silently waited for Song Shuhang to take off the kasaya and said, "Little friend, please follow me to the Chu Family."

Song Shuhang put the kasaya over his hand and said, "Senior Chu, please lead the way."

Chu Kangbo stretched out his hand and used his spiritual energy to carefully lift the ice coffin, placing it on a small the cart that was prepared beforehand, preparing to bring it back to the Chu Family.

In the next moment, the ice coffin was picked up by the spiritual energy and gently placed on the small cart.

"Crack!" But just as it was placed down, the whole ice coffin faintly shook.

Soon after, Chu Kangbo and Song Shuhang discovered that there was a crack on the surface of the ice coffin. Next, more and more cracks started to appear on it, covering it like a cobweb.

Song Shuhang said, "It has nothing to do with me, right?"

Chu Kangbo also said at the same time, "I placed it down very lightly!"

"Crack, crack, crack"

The whole ice coffin broke to pieces.

"Is it possible that Li Yinzhu regained consciousness?" Song Shuhang guessed. The cold emitting from Li Tiansu's daughter's body wasn't always in an 'active' state.

After flaring up for a certain period of time, the cold would quiet down for some time. While the cold was in a dormant state, Li Yinzhu could act like a normal girl. The only thing was that the temperature of her body was a bit low, and she was particularly sensitive to cold.

Now then, was it possible that the cold her body was emitting entered into a dormant state?

"It's very likely," Chu Kangbo said and nodded. He also had some understanding of Li Tiansu's daughter's disease.

Actually, it was just like the two had guessed. The fearsome cold emitting from the ice coffin started to weaken, and the whole ice coffin changed into an ordinary chunk of ice.

Very soon, the ice coffin crumbled, revealing the ball-shaped white-haired girl wearing heavy clothes inside.

Li Yinzhu's whole body was shivering as she came out of the ice. There were still several shards of ice in her hair and on her body in general.

When she opened her eyes they discovered that not only her hair, but her eyelashes and pupils had also changed into a silvery-white color.

She looked like a doll, delicate and lovely.

Each time Li Yinzhu's disease flared up, her body would emit cold from a minimum of seven, eight days to a maximum of several months. Afterward, the cold inside her body would automatically enter a dormant state, letting her have some free time in which she could act like normal people did. But this time, her condition was too critical. When her disease flared up, it directly created an ice coffin around her body. Since her father, Li Tiansu, was worried about her safety, he sealed the whole coffin.

Then, as soon as the seal was removed, the cold inside her body weakened, allowing her to come out of the ice coffin.

"Uh~ uh~" Li Yinzhu, who was shrinking into a ball, weakly cried.

As soon as Song Shuhang saw the trembling little girl, a sad feeling welled up in his heart. It wasn't really his good-person attribute flaring up again...

It was because he experienced Li Tiansu's life in the dreamland. He saw him getting married and raising up his daughter. Therefore, it was quite normal that he would feel this way after seeing Li Yinzhu trembling.

"Do you have a towel?" Song Shuhang quickly asked.

One of the nearby disciples of the Chu Family brought over a big towel.

Song Shuhang took a step forward and hugged the trembling Li Yinzhu, using the towel to carefully wipe away the pieces of ice from her hair, face, and neck. His actions were flawless and very skilled, as though he had done this thousands of times.

At the same time, Song Shuhang frowned and looked at the clothes she was wearing.

These clothes were probably 'magical clothes' with some magical technique attached to them, and they should be capable of automatically warming their master.

But now, it was likely that they had already lost the ability to keep their master warm. They had been eroded by the cold inside Li Yinzhu's body and were sealed inside the ice for a long time; they were currently as cold as ice.

The first thing to do was to change her clothes.

Song Shuhang took out his emerald-green kasaya and used it to wrap Li Yinzhu. Then, he turned his head toward Chu Kangbo and said, "Senior Chu, can you have some female disciple of the Chu Family wipe the body of this girl and change her clothes into something warmer?"

Chu Kangbo nodded and told two female disciples to take Li Yinzhu and change her clothes.

The two female disciples took a step forward and stretched out their hands, planning to take Li Yinzhu from Song Shuhang's embrace.

However, Li Yinzhu suddenly opened her eyes wide, and a terrified expression appeared on her face. She tightly grabbed Song Shuhang and hid behind him, starting to shiver even more.

The two female disciples of the Chu Family were somewhat embarrassed as they forced a smile.

Song Shuhang's heart moved when he saw the little girl grabbing his clothes. Then, he shot a glance at the ancient bronze ring on his finger. Was it possible that the ring was the reason Li Yinzhu unconsciously approached him?