Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 498

Chapter 498: The Flaming Saber Technique Eat It While Its Still Warm
Chapter 498: The Flaming Saber Technique, eat it while its still warm!

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"It's white rice, and its taste is quite good. Since it was a hard to come by opportunity, little friend Song Shuhang ordered quite a lot of it," Fairy Firefly said with a smile.

In the instant she smiled, her body started to emit that gravitational attraction once more.

Papa Song, who was leading the way, felt his body become heavy, just as though he was walking against the wind. He had to spend a great deal of effort to take each step.

What's happening? My body seems to have become quite weak nowadays Papa Song thought to himself. I'll ask my wife to prepare me some tonic tonight to recover my strength.

After hearing that Song Shuhang had purchased some white rice, Papa Song didn't inquire further and it was a good thing that he didn't. Otherwise, if he were to discover that Song Shuhang ordered a thousand packets of rice in one go, he would surely curse him and label him as a wastrel. Then, he would look for something to beat him up.

In the rear, after discovering Papa Song's difficulties, Fairy Firefly immediately stopped smiling. The gravitational attraction spreading from her body likewise disappeared.

Papa Song suddenly felt his body become lighter and was somewhat confused as to what was happening.

After taking a few steps, Papa Song asked, "Right. Miss, how should I address you?"

Up until now, he had yet to ask the name of this girl wearing an ancient red skirt.

"You can just call me Liu Ying 1 , I guess," Fairy Firefly said with a smile.

"Liu Ying, huh? It's a very good name," Papa Song continued. "Since you're Song Shuhang's friend, you don't really need to act like a stranger and can just call me Uncle Song."

Fairy Firefly was speechless and somewhat embarrassed.

After all, she wasn't like those shameless people that would call a youngster in his forties 'uncle' just to appear young! Her actual age was enough to let her end up in the first pages of the Song Family's list of ancestors.

Papa Song enthusiastically led Fairy Firefly into the living room. After seeing that there was a guest, Mama Song quickly went to prepare a cup of 'Spirit Green Tea'.

Song Shuhang had reminded them earlier that they could put at most two tea leaves in one cup of Spirit Green Tea.

Fairy Firefly took the cup, looked at the two lonely tea leaves drifting on the surface and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Although it had been a long time since she met ordinary people, Fairy Firefly had a lot of experience due to her age. Therefore, she was able to quickly get on the same wavelength as Mama Song and Papa Song.

The three people started to laugh and chat.

...Ahaha, by the way, how come little friend Shuhang isn't home yet?

If they kept chatting, it would be difficult for her to avoid referring to Papa Song as 'Uncle Song'. It was simply too embarrassing. Fairy Firefly got goosebumps just at the thought of such a scene.

In the meantime.

Song Shuhang was still riding on the silver dragon puppet. However, he didn't directly head in Wenzhou City's direction. He first made a turn and headed toward the smelted cave.

He headed toward the same smelted cave that was once She Lan's dwelling.

When Song Shuhang entered the dreamland the last time and dreamt of She Lan's life experiences, he got ahold of two important pieces of information.

The first one was that She Lan explored the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue together with his companions.

The second one was that there was a double-layered wall in the depths of the smelted cave, and behind this double-layered wall was concealed an exquisite wooden puppet that was probably related to the Jet-Black Sect and the mastermind behind She Lan. Therefore, Song Shuhang took this matter to heart.

That exquisite wooden puppet had managed to conceal itself in the depths of the smelted cave before She Lan, who had been just transformed into a puppet, regained his senses.

At first, Song Shuhang was planning to return to the cave together with a senior.

But now, a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Innate Realm such as Yu Jiaojiao was sitting on his shoulder. Li Yinzhu, another cultivator of the Fourth Stage Innate Realm, was also together with him. Therefore, he might as well try to explore the cave now.

In addition to these two cultivators of the Fourth Stage Realm, Song Shuhang still had Guoguo, a mascot of the First Stage Mortality Transcender Realm, as well as two seahorse-type spirit beasts with the bloodline of a flood dragon. At this time, they were unexpectedly lying down next to Li Yinzhu's body and blowing bubbles with their mouths.

It seemed that the two seahorses really liked the cold air spreading from Li Yinzhu's body.

On the other hand, Li Yinzhu also seemed to really like the seahorses. If one were to look carefully, they would see that there was some drool flowing out from the corners of her mouth...

After they arrived in the airspace of the smelted cave, the silver puppet dragon slowly descended.

On the back of the dragon, Song Shuhang's face was deathly pale.

After his craving for riding the silver dragon puppet like a dragon knight was satisfied and the adrenaline rush was over, Song Shuhang acrophobia resurfaced once more. When he saw that the houses below were only of the size of small black dots, Song Shuhang felt his legs becoming somewhat soft.

It was something that had nothing to do with willpower. After all, Song Shuhang's willpower was very strong, but acrophobia was a fearsome symptom that even his willpower couldn't overcome.

According to Song Shuhang's guess, he might be able to get rid of his acrophobia after learning how to ride a flying sword since he wouldn't have to worry about falling from the sky anymore.

Luckily, the back of the silver dragon puppet was somewhat bigger than the layer of light of disposable flying swords and had a special saddle for flying and reins that one could grab.

With that, Song Shuhang was able to keep the fear under control and slowly descend.

"Later, I will ask if one of the seniors can install a windshield on this silver dragon puppet," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. Since there was nothing around while he was flying in the middle of the sky, Song Shuhang felt particularly anxious.

The silver dragon puppet slowly descended and got inside the cave from the entrance Venerable White created when he fell down.

Guoguo jumped down from the back of the dragon and curiously looked all around, asking, "What is this place?"

Inside the smelted cave, the surrounding four walls were charred black.

The aftermath of the bodies of the black dragon puppet and She Lan exploding was still clearly visible before their eyes. On the other hand, the place where the blood pond was located had been destroyed by Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

At this time, the blood pond had dried up, and all the runes inside the smelted cave had been moved away by Venerable Spirit Butterfly. Those runes were related to the 'teleporting formation' and were thus very helpful towards Venerable Spirit Butterfly's research.

Song Shuhang replied, "This is the immortal cave of a deceased cultivator. Be careful, we are heading toward the inner part."

Li Yinzhu tightly grabbed Song Shuhang's clothes and closely followed behind him.

Guoguo was also closely following behind Li Yinzhu.

The two seahorses didn't have any fighting strength. Therefore, Song Shuhang left them next to the silver dragon puppet. The silver dragon was currently in an active state, and Song Shuhang only needed a word to make it take off. After all, that wooden puppet hiding in the depths of the smelted cave was somewhat strange. Song Shuhang had no choice but to prepare some countermeasures.

Very soon, Song Shuhang's group arrived in the inner part of the cave.

Originally, there were many 'skin puppets' and other puppet parts lying in here. Later, Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, and Liu Jianyi destroyed everything.

The surroundings were likewise charred black. Those were the traces left behind by a large fire.

Song Shuhang carefully looked around and discovered that no one had been here recently.

"Jiaojiao, get ready. In a while, I'll destroy that layer of stone. There is a strange human-like puppet concealed behind the layer of stone that might be related to the Jet-Black Sect," Song Shuhang said.

At the same time, he took out the emerald-green kasaya and put it on. The kasaya itself had an incredibly strong defense, and it could be activated as well for an even stronger defense. If it were possible to turn it into a daoist robe, Song Shuhang would have been even happier.

Yu Jiaojiao nodded and said, "No problem. I'll prepare a powerful defensive shield, as well as a substitution technique."

Li Yinzhu didn't need Song Shuhang's reminder. She slightly opened her mouth and the sword orb flew out, hovering next to her body and maintaining a state of alertness.

"In that case, I'm going in." Song Shuhang grasped the treasured saber Broken Tyrant and arrived in front of the layer of stone that was concealing the exquisite wooden puppet in his dream.

Song Shuhang operated his true qi according to the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique. With that, Song Shuhang's each and every action was accompanied by the cry of a huge whale. In this state, Song Shuhang could burst forth a power that was comparable to that of a huge whale.

Soon after, Song Shuhang held the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hand and spun his wrist.

Then, he visualized in his mind Scarlet Heaven's heaven burning saber intent.

"Flaming Saber Technique!"

Bright flames started to burn, and Song Shuhang violently slashed out, sending the saber qi toward the layer of stone.

Song Shuhang's knowledge of basic saber techniques had sharply increased while practicing the Inverted Scale Saber Technique with Young Master Phoenix Slayer's CPU.

The higher one's knowledge in regards to basic saber techniques was, the higher would be their comprehension in regards to saber techniques. When he used the Flaming Saber Technique this time, the saber intent within was much more powerful.

The power of the saber intent and the Flaming Saber Technique complemented each other!

This slash of the Flaming Saber Technique was much bigger in size than the one Song Shuhang unleashed during the fight on the Grievance Settling Platform. The blazing saber qi that streaked across the air was almost four meters long!

This attack of the Flaming Saber Technique should be enough to destroy that layer of stone, right? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In the instant the saber qi of the Flaming Saber Technique slashed out, a figure suddenly flashed past Song Shuhang's body, positioning itself in front of the layer of stone!

While facing the blazing saber qi, the figure spread its arms and opened its small mouth. Its long silvery hair was fluttering in the wind the figure was unexpectedly Li Yinzhu!

"Yinzhu? What are you doing!" Song Shuhang bellowed with all his might. What game was this little girl playing? Why did she suddenly blocked the path of the Flaming Saber Technique?

Was it because there was something strange about that layer of stone?

Song Shuhang quickly stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion from afar. The saber intent inside the Flaming Saber Technique disappeared. That saber intent was a copy of Scarlet Heaven's saber intent, and its killing power was very high. Luckily, Song Shuhang could freely control it and make it disappear at any time.

After losing the support of the saber intent, the lethality of the blazing saber qi greatly decreased, only the blazing flames were left.

At this time, Song Shuhang saw Li Yinzhu open her mouth and make several seals with her hands.

"Slurp!" Li Yinzhu inhaled through her small mouth.

In the next moment, something astonishing happened.

That huge slash of blazing saber qi was sucked into her mouth like noodles. In just two seconds, the whole attack had thoroughly disappeared into her mouth.

"Burp~" Li Yinzhu burped with a satisfied expression on her face. It seemed she had enjoyed the meal.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide:

She unexpectedly ate the Flaming Saber Technique!

Although it was only the outer shell of the Flaming Saber Technique without the support of the saber intent, it was still a slash made of true fire born generated from true qi. Those flames were much hotter than normal fire.

Now, Li Yinzhu had unexpectedly sucked it inside her belly through her small mouth this was literally the saying: 'eat the food while it's warm because you won't like it once it's cold'.

After eating the blazing flames, Li Yinzhu breathed out a mouthful of warm air, and her originally pale face became somewhat ruddy. She seemed full of energy.

Looking at how skilled she was, it absolutely wasn't her first time eating the Flaming Saber Technique.

Song Shuhang unconsciously glanced at the ancient bronze ring on his finger and thought of the Flaming Saber Technique engraved on it.

Is it possible that Daoist Priest Li Tiansu often fed the flames of the 'Flaming Saber Technique' to his daughter? Is this the reason Li Yinzhu instinctively moved forward and ate the flames as soon as she saw them?