Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Sideways Kings Car And The Unexpected Traffic Accident
Chapter 500: Sideways Kings car and the unexpected traffic accident

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
After pulling through the long journey with much difficulty, the silver dragon puppet looked for an isolated area next to Wenzhou City's seashore and slowly landed.

After he jumped down from the back of the silver dragon puppet, Song Shuhang felt that his legs had become somewhat soft. The state of his acrophobia had also worsened. If we were to rank the gravity of one's acrophobia on a scale of 1 to 10, Song Shuhang's current level of acrophobia had already reached level 8.

Song Shuhang secretly swore not to let Yu Jiaojiao touch this silver dragon puppet ever again.

After storing the silver dragon puppet away, Song Shuhang glanced at Guoguo, Li Yinzhuwho had become sleepy without him noticingand the two seahorse dragons in the water tank.

Afterward, he said, "This seashore is pretty far from Baijing Street. It seems we'll need a car to go there."

"You need a car? Leave it to me!" Yu Jiaojiao said as she patted her chest.

"You can get us a car?"

"Of course! An uncle of mine directly manages this sea area. Therefore, there are people of our faction here. It's rather easy to obtain a car," Yu Jiaojiao said.

The seas and the oceans were much bigger than the land.

The land was full of humans, and even a Sixth Stage True Monarch could only occupy a small territory. In some cases, they had to directly create their domain in a different dimension.

On the other hand, a Sixth Stage True Monarch was able to occupy a very large territory in the middle of the sea. Moreover, they had several scattered small territories as well aside from the main one.

This sea area close to Wenzhou City just happened to be under the control of a sworn brother of True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon.

Yu Jiaojiao took out her small and lovely phone and dialed a number.

Soon after, a heartfelt laughter was transmitted from the other end. "Jiaojiao, is that you? Did the sun rise in the west today? How come you called your uncle on your own?"

"Hehe. Uncle Da Jiao, I'm currently in the sea area next to Wenzhou City. Do you have any subordinate here that can help me deal with a matter?" Yu Jiaojiao said sweetly.

"You are in the sea area next to Wenzhou City? No problem, wait a moment. I'll determine your coordinates and send someone over to look for you," Uncle Da Jiao said readily.

Then, less than ten minutes later, waves started to surge on the surface of the sea.

Soon after, a crab whose body alone was three meters long crawled out of the water and moved sideways until arriving in front of Song Shuhang's group.

It was a monster crab of the Third Stage.

This monster crab obviously had had some fortuitous encounter. After it reached the shore, it rolled on the spot and the shell on its body changed like that of a Transformer, disjointing and uniting continuously.

Very soon, it changed into a monster crab with a humanoid shape. It could be considered as a half-human and half-monster creature.

The hard shell was firmly protecting its entire body, and its two big pincers changed and shifted to the arm position of the human body. Its legs likewise changed and shifted toward the bottom, turning into two human-like feet.

Afterward, the monster crab moved sideways and arrived in front of Song Shuhang. It raised its pincer and said to Yu Jiaojiao, "Milady Jiaojiao, I'm ' Sideways King 1 '. I hurried here after I received Master Da Jiao's order. Milady Jiaojiao, what do you need of me?"

Yu Jiaojiao blinked her small eyes and said, "We need a car."

"A car?" The monster crab nodded and said, "I understand. I just happen to have some human cars in my collection. Actually, I quite like cars and the like, and I found this session of the hand-guided tractor competition truly exciting. Right, congratulations to Your Excellency True Monarch Tyrant Flood Dragon for winning the competition!"

After it was done with its speech, the monster crab moved sideways toward a storehouse on the shore. "Milady Jiaojiao and the others, please follow me. I'll bring you to the garage. Although the vehicles I've collected aren't that many, they are all pretty good."

"See, it's settled," Yu Jiaojiao said complacently.

Song Shuhang lifted the two water tanks and followed behind the monster crab, heading toward the garage. Now then, this monster crab was unexpectedly moving sideways even after assuming a humanoid shape?

It was worthy of being called Sideways King, overbearingly moving sideways 2 and going its own way without caring for others, truly cool.

The monster crab Sideways King was a sincere fellow. Just like it said, although the cars it collected were fewthere were only seven of themthey were all high-quality ones.

Moreover, they all had one thing in common: the volume of all the cars was pretty big.

The reason for this was that Sideways King was more than two meters tall even after assuming a humanoid shape.

"Milady Jiaojiao, you can choose one of the cars here," Sideways King said.

Song Shuhang said, "All the cars here are pretty good. Moreover, they are big enough to accommodate the two water tanks. You can choose the one you prefer."

Yu Jiaojiao nodded in agreement.

Then, just as they were chatting, Guoguo saw a car that was different than the others.

The car was hidden behind a large curtain.

Guoguo's childish nature resurfaced and he quickly ran toward the vehicle, moving the curtain to a side.

"So cool!" Guoguo's eyes immediately lit up.

Although Guoguo wasn't an expert when it came to cars, he could easily tell that this car hidden behind the curtain was on a completely different level than the other seven.

The shiny-black body of the massive car was somewhat similar to the Batmobile seen in the 'Batman' movie from a few years ago.

But the insides of the car, as well as its volume, had been modified and increased in size. Especially the wheelseach wheel was one meter and a half tall. They looked very overbearing.

"That's the one!" Yu Jiaojiao's eyes also lit up.

She didn't even wait for Sideways King's reply and leapt down from Song Shuhang's shoulder, changing her size midair and reaching a height of 170 centimeters.

Then, she quickly jumped on the driver seat.

Inside the Batmobile, the key to the car was placed on the edge of the seat of the driver.

Yu Jiaojiao picked up the key and started the car.

"Vroom, vroom, vroom~"

The rumbling sound of the engine echoed. The sound was really overbearing; it was truly a domineering car.

Song Shuhang placed down the two water tanks and patted the sleepy Li Yinzhu, hinting her stay here and look after the tanks.

Soon after, Song Shuhang arrived next to the Batmobile and shot a glance at those huge wheels. The body of the car was truly domineering.

All men were bound to love such a car.

But the problem was they couldn't really drive such a car on the streets, right?

Moreover, it seemed that this car was Sideways King's beloved treasure. It was improper for a gentleman to take away someone else's treasured belongings.

Therefore, Song Shuhang decided to urge Yu Jiaojiao to choose another car for the time being. If she really liked this car, she could pay Sideways King and have him deliver her an identical one later.

"Let me try the power of this car." Yu Jiaojiao's voice echoed from within the car.

Right at this time, the distant Sideways King shouted, "Milady Jiaojiao, be careful! That's something I personally modified, it's a car custom-made for me!"

"Don't worry. I don't want to take your car. I just want to try it out. If its power can satisfy me, I'll pay you five times its value later, enough for you to modify five such cars! At the time, give me one as well!" Yu Jiaojiao shouted as she released the handbrake.

"Milady Jiaojiao, this isn't what I meant! It's not about the money I spent to modify the car. What I'm talking about is the way to operate this car ah, too late." Sideways King facepalmed.

Yu Jiaojiao tightly held the steering wheel and pressed the accelerator with her foot in the next moment, the wheels of the Batmobile moved until placing themselves into a horizontal position.

"Vroom~" In the next instant, the car moved sideways.

Song Shuhang, who was standing next to the car, appreciating it while sighing with emotion, felt everything become black.

The big and black Batmobile had suddenly moved sideways!

It was something he hadn't expected in the least!

In the next moment, Song Shuhang bumped into the frontal part of the massive car no wait, he bumped into the side of the car!

Anyway, the huge power of the car knocked him flying. His body flew for about ten meters before crashing into the wall of the storehouse.

What happened? What happened just now?

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

Although Yu Jiaojiao was a female driver, what was the deal with the car moving sideways?

Was it possible that female drivers were fearsome to the point of ignoring the laws of physics and motion...?

Just as Song Shuhang's body was sliding down from the wall, he thought of the reason. The Batmobile was something that Sideways King modified personally.

Therefore, the car also 'overbearingly moved sideways' just like him.

After becoming aware of the reason, Song Shuhang shed some tears.

What's the deal with the car moving sideways!

Even if you're a monster crab and you walk sideways, what need was there to modify the car and make it move sideways as well?

Moreover, even if the car was modified to move sideways, why didn't it move toward the right side? Did it really have to move toward the left, exactly where I was standing, and hit me in the face?

In short...

"So unlucky" Song Shuhang sighed.

Luckily, his true qi automatically activated and protected his body in the instant the heavy car bumped into him. Although he was sent flying for more than ten meters, his body didn't suffer any injury and was only slightly aching due to the impact.

Luckily, Yu Jiaojiao quickly braked, and there wasn't a second impact.

Song Shuhang activated the 'healing spell' on the ancient bronze ring and stretched his body; he was now in perfect condition.

In the end, Song Shuhang and the others chose a van with a lot of space in the cargo compartment and placed the two water tanks in there. The two seahorse dragons inside the water tanks used the innate ability of spirit beasts to change the size of their bodies and were now as big as ordinary seahorses, around the size of a palm.

With that, he could easily take them home and treat them as pet seahorses for now. At the same time, he would need to remind Mama Song not to get strange ideas about cooking these seahorses. Song Shuhang had learned his lesson from the previous experience with Lady Onion.

This time, Song Shuhang decided to drive himself.

Yu Jiaojiao lay prone on the front passenger seat and apologized sincerely, "I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional."

"It's not your fault. Who would have thought that Sideways King's car would also move sideways." Song Shuhang sighed and just accepted his bad luck.

"Yes. The next time, it would be better not to mess with Sideways King's cars before making sure how they work," Yu Jiaojiao said earnestly.

However, that car was really cool!

After getting through his first traffic jam, Song Shuhang was able to return to Baijing Street with much difficulty.

Just as he was about to reach home, he decided to give Mama Song and Papa Song a call.

"Boy, you are finally back!" Mama Song said. "The guest waited for you for almost half a day."

"Guest? Who is it?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

He wasn't even home yet, and there were already people visiting him?

"It's a pretty girl called Liu Ying. Which one are you more intimate with? Liu Ying or that Yu Rouzi from the previous time?" Mama Song asked in a low voice.

Liu Ying like... firefly?

Wait a moment this isn't the same Fairy Firefly that wants to send me to space, right?