Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Shuhang Have You Decided When Youre Ascending To Heaven?
Chapter 501: Shuhang, have you decided when youre ascending to heaven?

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Is she waiting for me to get home and then 'pew~' me to space so that I can play with the stars?

Fairy Firefly, don't be so cruel!

We are all human beings, and we shouldn't hurt each other~

They were all cultivators, after all. She could just let him rest a few days after returning home, allowing him to enjoy some family love together with Guoguo, Li Yinzhu, and his parents. Afterward, he would get ready for the journey, and it wouldn't be too late to find an excuse and ascend to heaven!

After seeing that Song Shuhang didn't reply even after a while, Mama Song's heart suddenly moved, and she said, "Shuhang, you aren't trying to conquer both, aren't you?"

"Pfff~" Song Shuhang almost spurted out his saliva and said, "Ma, don't speak irresponsibly. Yu Rouzi and Liu Ying are just friends. It's a pure and simple friendship, it's not like what you think. Anyway, we will be home soon. Right. Ma, can you prepare a vegetarian dish? I'm bringing a little kid home with me."

"Is the kid a vegetarian?" Mama Song nodded and said, "However, how can a little kid only eat vegetables? He needs a balanced diet to grow up strong and healthy."

"Ma~ the little kid is a Buddhist," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"So that's how it was. I'll prepare a vegetarian dish, then. Anyway, less chit-chat and quickly return home. Miss Liu Ying is still waiting for you. I'll hang up now, bye." Mama Song hung up the call after saying this much.

Song Shuhang deeply sighed and pressed the accelerator. The vehicle quickly headed toward his house.

Come what may; there is no escaping fate.

If Fairy Firefly really wanted to send him to space immediately, he could no, he had to beg her to delay it by two days.

Just as Song Shuhang returned home and opened the door, he saw Papa Song and Fairy Firefly happily playing a video game in the living room.

The game they were playing was a shooter released in 2017.

The gameplay was somewhat similar to the old Counter-Strike. As for the game setting, the developers opted for a vast, sci-fi world, turning the game into a 'sci-fi shooter'.

Given the low budget they had to work with, the developers didn't think that the game would attract many players.

But against all expectations, the unremarkable game managed to get a huge player base.

Even Papa Song would play it for a while when he had nothing to do.

During winter vacation, Papa Song created a second account and had Song Shuhang play with him to sweep clean a zone to obtain some gun parts.

At this time, Fairy Firefly was using Song Shuhang's second account and massacring other players in PvP mode.

It was such a massacre that rivers of blood flowed!

Since it was just a second account, it didn't have powerful weapons. But with Fairy Firefly's fearsome gaming skills, the enemies were still butchered and forced to retreat in defeat again and again. Fairy Firefly could easily see people brushing past the cracks between walls and objects, quickly shooting them.

It was like playing with cheats.

As he entered the room, Song Shuhang heard Papa Song roaring with laughter. "Wahaha! Miss Liu Ying, I didn't expect you to be so good!"

"It's not much," Fairy Firefly said modestly.

After seeing the scene, Song Shuhang thought of something that happened around three years ago. At the time, he was in high school, playing a game with his roommates.

Inside the game, they chanced upon an incredibly powerful enemy.

The rank of the enemy was low, and even their equipment wasn't that strong. But when it came to killing players, it was almost as if the opposite party was cheating. They would pop out of nowhere and disappear without leaving any traces behind. Whenever they were shooting, even from afar, it felt as though the bullets could trail the targetthey didn't miss a single shot.

Song Shuhang's team of four was mercilessly crushed by a single person even though they could communicate and share information while inside the dorm.

Afterward, one of the roommates believed that the opposite party was cheating and reported them to the game admin.

However, the game admin said that the state of the other player's game was perfectly normal and that they hadn't used any cheats.

For the next few days, Song Shuhang's roommates were quite angry after all, no matter how one looked at it, it seemed that the other party was indeed cheating!

Now that Song Shuhang thought about it did he and his three roommates play against a bored cultivator that day?

If the other player was really a cultivator, they were indeed cheating. However, they weren't cheating in game but in real life, using an undetectable and uncounterable cheat!

"Ah? Little friend Shuhang, you are finally back." Fairy Firefly raised her head and shot a glance at Song Shuhang, saying, "I've waited for a long time, and I even had lunch here."

"I'm sorry for making Fair Miss Liu Ying wait for so long~ As soon as the cruise ship reached the shore, I went to a friend's place to retrieve something," Song Shuhang replied.

Just as he was speaking, Song Shuhang entered the house and placed the two water tanks with the seahorse dragons on the ground.

In the rear, Li Yinzhu was already rubbing her eyes with one hand while holding Song Shuhang's clothes with the other. It felt as though she was going to fall asleep at any time. Her conditions were influenced by her disease, and it was very easy for her to get sleepy.

Also in the rear, Guoguo entered the house and saw Fairy Firefly and Papa Song in the living room.

"Senior Liu Ying, Uncle Song, hello." Guoguo greeted the two of them with a serious expression on his face.

"Hello, little master." Papa Song nodded, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

Soon after, his fingers started to frantically beat on the keyboard. At this time, he was facing a life and death crisis in game.

"Hello, little Guoguo. Eh? To which family does that girl behind you belong?" Fairy Firefly couldn't help but be surprised when she looked at Li Yinzhu.

The body of the little girl was surging with true qi. Moreover, it looked like innate true qi. In that case, was this girl a cultivator of the Fourth Stage Realm? She didn't even seem to be fifty years old, and her strength had already reached such a realm?

Of course, Fairy Firefly didn't make her judgement by looking at Li Yinzhu's outward appearance. Cultivators had their own ways to determine the real age of a person.

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and said, "She is the daughter of a deceased senior. I'm in charge of taking care of her for a little while."

Fairy Firefly nodded and didn't question further.

She madly clicked on the mouse and asked, "Right, Shuhang. I came here to tell you that the thousand packets of spirit rice you ordered have arrived. At this time, they are stored inside my empty multi-storied building. Whenever you have the time, you should go over and bring some back. Oh, I'll give you the key as well. You still remember the address, right?"

Fairy Firefly gently moved and threw the key toward Song Shuhang.

So it was about the spirit rice, and I'm not immediately going to space!

Song Shuhang's heart finally calmed down. He had completely forgotten that the spirit rice would be delivered to Fairy Firefly's empty multi-storied building here in Wenzhou City.

As for the address of the building, he obviously remembered it. After all, it was the same address they gave to the merchant when they bought the goods back then.

After taking the key, Song Shuhang saw that it was almost time to dine. Such being the case, he could just go over and bring two packets of spirit rice back for dinner.

"Wait a moment!" Papa Song raised his head and asked, "How many packets did you say?"

Fairy Firefly replied without raising her head, "A thousand packets."

Cold sweat suddenly appeared on Song Shuhang's forehead.

"A thousand packets of rice?" Papa Song looked at Song Shuhang.

What kind of joke was this! His family only needed one packet of rice per month. Did Song Shuhang buy enough rice to feed them for a thousand months?

It was so much that they could eat it for a lifetime!

But the most important thing was from where did Song Shuhang get the money? Even if every packet of rice was worth 100 RMB, it was still a total of 10,000 RMB!

Was Shuhang scammed?

"Is it possible to return it?" Papa Song asked, somewhat worried.

Fairy Firefly replied in Song Shuhang's stead, "It's impossible to return it. The goods have been delivered, and the bill was likewise paid. It's not possible to return it now."

Papa Song clenched his teeth and ultimately sighed. Forget it, one could only grow up after experiencing all kinds of matters. Although Song Shuhang was scammed, it could be considered as a lesson for the future.

"How much money did this scam cost you? Honestly tell your father," Papa Song said. "Moreover, since you bought so many packets of rice, did you borrow money from someone? How much do you lack? I'll make up the remaining part. You absolutely can't borrow money from loan sharks and the likes. You don't even have to think about that, understood?"

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang's heart warmed.

"Pa, don't worry. I wasn't scammed," Song Shuhang said.

He was able to get 'only' a thousand packets of spirit rice because the merchant was lenient and gave him a preferential treatment due to Venerable White.

Song Shuhang also added, "Moreover, I didn't borrow money from anyone. After all, I didn't use money to buy it. I used a how can I explain it ah yes. A precious stone!"

"A precious stone?" Papa Song quietly rubbed his fingers.

A murderous look flashed through his eyes.

Exchanging a precious stone for a thousand packets of rice, huh there were indeed stones precious enough to have such a value. But was he supposed to believe that Song Shuhang just casually happened to find one such a stone?

Fairy Firefly also said at this time, "It's not incorrect to consider it a precious stone. He used a precious stone of the Fourth Stage to buy those thousand packets of rice. There was no money involved."

"Really?" Papa Song turned around and looked at Fairy Firefly.

Sometimes, people would behave in rather amusing ways. If a story was repeated enough times, it would become the truth, and if there was a witness to back you up, your credibility would increase by several times.

"Yes, it's the truth," Song Shuhang replied. "Moreover, that rice is very good. Miss Liu Ying, how about going over and bringing some packets back to prepare dinner?"

"Sure. But let me once again kill this guy first," Fairy Firefly said.

"Pew, pew, pew~" The sound of gunfire was transmitted from the screen of the computer.

"Done. I've killed him ten times in total." Fairy Firefly stood up and exited the game. "Let's go pick up the spirit rice together!"

As for that enemy player that suffered one defeat after another, he was probably silently grieving.

Song Shuhang turned toward the kitchen and said, "Ma, there are two pet seahorses inside the water tanks. Don't slice them up to prepare one of your dishes! Anyway, Miss Liu Ying and I are going out to pick up a packet of rice. We'll be back soon."

"Come back soon and pay attention to your safety." Mama Song's voice came from the kitchen.

Song Shuhang decided to leave Guoguo and Li Yinzhu behind.

Li Yinzhu was already exhausted and lay prone on the sofa, sleeping. On the other hand, Guoguo was curiously looking around Song Shuhang's house.

As they started the vehicle and headed toward Fairy Firefly's multi-storied building, the latter suddenly said, "Right, little friend Shuhang. I've prepared an advanced spacesuit for you as well as a few things that can come in handy in space. Have you already decided when are you planning to go up there? I've taken a look at your schedule, and there should be more than one month left before university starts, right?"

As expected, the topic of conversation shifted to this subject at last!

"In these days, I guess? Let me stay at home and rest for two days, I can set out for the journey after that," Song Shuhang replied.

"Sure. Give me a call when you want to set out. I'll reply as soon as called," Fairy Firefly said.

But after saying this much, Fairy Firefly remembered that she had an important matter to take care of three days later!