Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 502

Chapter 502: Meeting Again The Professor That Took An Arrow In The Knee
Chapter 502: Meeting again the professor that took an arrow in the knee

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Fairy Firefly had an important personal matter to take care of three days later!

In other words, although she said to Song Shuhang 'Sure. Give me a call when you want to set out. I'll reply as soon as called', she would pew~ him to space three days later.

Fairy Firefly was quite embarrassed about what was happening.

Hopefully, Song Shuhang will be able to enjoy the warmth of his family and prepare within these two days so that I can smoothly send him to heaven, Fairy Firefly thought to herself.

The next day, July 26th, 2019. Friday, cloudy weather that was clearing up.

Scholar Mountain of Books.

Today's dao name was a dao name that Song Shuhang liked, Scholar Mountain of Books.

The flavor of yesterday's spirit rice was truly great. Papa Song and Mama Song immediately took a liking to it. Thereupon, Papa Song didn't bring up that matter about Song Shuhang buying a whole thousand packets in one go anymore.

The only problem was that the amount he bought was indeed too high. After all, a thousand packets were enough to feed Song Shuhang's family for more than eighty years. Therefore, Song Shuhang brought thirty packets of spirit rice back to his house early in the morning. Afterward, Mama Song and Papa Song went to visit some friends and relatives they were on good terms with and gifted them the spirit rice.

Wenzhou City, near Baijing Street, Mountain Niuding.

There was a mountain highway very good for racing on Mountain Niuding. Moreover, the mountain forest was scarcely inhabited, and the spiritual energy was much higher than in the urban area. It was a rather good place to practice.

After washing his face and having breakfast, Song Shuhang brought Li Yinzhu, Guoguo, and Yu Jiaojiao along and rushed to the mountain forest.

At this time, Song Shuhang had a clean crew cut. Yesterday, before returning home, he got rid of his hair that had reached his shoulders. Otherwise, Papa Song and Mama Song would get a scare after seeing that his hair had grown until his shoulders from the three or four centimeter long hair he had two weeks ago. They'd wonder if he took hormones or something!

Yu Jiaojiao didn't train in martial arts skills lately and passed most of her time consolidating her realm. Therefore, she was currently doing breathing exercises, breathing in and out the spiritual energy of the world.

Guoguo practiced the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, the True Self Meditation Scripture, and the Immovable Body of the Buddha.

Song Shuhang had borrowed Young Master Phoenix Slayer's CPU and pushed these three techniques to the master level. Therefore, he could guide Guoguo while he was practicing.

If we take into consideration that Guoguo didn't lack medicinal pills and that the enlightenment stone was right there, the small monk had been advancing very quickly lately. Within a short period of time, he had already broken through the third aperture, the Nose Aperture. After breaking through the last two apertures, the Ear and Mouth Apertures, he would finally be able to jump through the dragon gate.

Li Yinzhu was practicing a set of sword techniques. Song Shuhang was familiar with it it was the same set of sword techniques that Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven passed onto Li Tiansu in the dreamland, allowing him to reach the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm.

As long as one had the sword in hand and had the skills, they would not need to worry about not reaching the Fifth Stage.

The scene of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven passing down the technique within Li Tiansu's dreamland was rather vague, and Song Shuhang felt as though he had been seeing everything through a layer of mist, unable to distinguish things clearly.

Now, just as he looked at Li Yinzhu's moves and actions, Song Shuhang felt as though his vision was blurred. He could follow as long as the moves and actions were executed separately, but he couldn't understand anything when they were united.

His comprehension was really trash-tier when it came to sword techniques.

And yet, whenever I see a saber technique, I can understand most of it after seeing it only once... Song Shuhang faintly sighed.

Song Shuhang was clear that he wouldn't have the opportunity to become a cool and dashing white-robed swordsman for the rest of his life unless he had some kind of fortuitous encounter.

But he wouldn't give up. If there was an opportunity to learn a sword technique, even one that relied on brute force, it would be enough for him!

After the practice.

Song Shuhang led Guoguo with one hand and Li Yinzhu with the other, traversing the winding mountain road and slowly reaching the foot of the mountain.

The green mountain, blue rivers, and the chirping of bugs and birds really improved one's mood.

On their way back, they passed by a snack store.

Song Shuhang bought ice cream for Guoguo, a hot drink for Li Yinzhu, and a small cake for Yu Jiaojiao, as well as a few other snacks that they ate while heading back.

Song Shuhang finally had a moment of leisure in his busy life~

A lot of things happened after he left the mysterious island, and something new would pop out every day. Unknowingly, both Song Shuhang's mind and body had become exhausted.

Now, he finally had some free time and was able to relax both in body and mind.

On the path of cultivation, one had to find a proper equilibrium between work and rest.

For example, many senior cultivators had a small herbal garden even though their planting skills were awful. Whenever they had free time, they would plant raw medicinal ingredients, producing countless withered spirit plants and spirit medicines.

Managing a small herbal garden, raising spirit beasts and so onoccupations that seemed to be just a waste of timewere the method these cultivators came up with to balance work and rest.

On another side, a man was walking his dog at the foot of Mountain Niuding.

It was Professor Smith, a serious-looking British old man whose hobbies were traveling and raising dogs.

He once raised an adorable pet dog, but the ungrateful bastard went mad and suddenly decided to bite him. Thereupon, Professor Smith decided to deliver it to a hot pot restaurant.

Afterward, he decided to raise a German Shepherd. However, this powerful dog was unexpectedly defeated by a cute pekingese...

Whatever. Today, the mood was pretty good, and it was better not to mention these past sad events that Professor Smith experienced.

Since summer vacation was rather long, Professor Smith visited several different scenic spots of China.

But yesterday, he had to rush to Wenzhou City. A friend of the professor, who happened to be a director, wanted to find a good spot on Wenzhou City's Mountain Niuding to shoot a movie.

Thereupon, since Professor Smith was free and had nothing to do, he made a long trip and came here to meet his old friend.

Moreover, he might give his old friend a hand with the translation stuff.

The crew of his old friend would arrive in Wenzhou City within two or three days. Therefore, Professor Smith was currently staying inside a hotel, waiting for his friend to arrive.

Today, he got up early and took his dog along for a stroll. While he was at it, he decided to head toward Mountain Niuding and take a look at the scenery before his friend arrived.

At this time, Professor Smith was strolling around with his new favorite darling pet. It was a well-trained mixed blood pit bull.

Pure-blooded pit bulls were too violent, and it was better to train them since they were young. And even then, one might need the help of a specialized coach to train them. It was definitely something that the old professor couldn't deal with.

As for that German Shepherd, Professor Smith decided to return it the very same day it lost against the pekingese.

"Mountain Niuding is a really good place!" Professor Smith pulled along his mixed blood pit bull and headed toward Mountain Niuding for a stroll. Although it was a mixed blood, the pit bull was still very muscular and powerful-looking.

Professor Smith was very satisfied with this new purchase of his.

Just as he was walking, Professor Smith saw a young man and two kids ahead coming in his direction.

The young man had a crew cut and was leading a serious-looking bald child, who was eating ice cream, with the left hand and a white-haired little girl drinking a steaming hot beverage with the right one. The long silvery hair of the little girl had the color of mercury.

Did that little girl dye her hair? Professor Smith thought to himself.

At the same time, Professor Smith found the short-haired youngster pretty familiar. He had a gentle-looking face, and the professor felt that he had seen him somewhere.

"Good morning, Professor Smith. I didn't expect to meet you in such a place," Song Shuhang saw the British old man from afar and greeted him with a smile.

He felt somewhat guilty about what happened to this serious-looking old man. After all, he was the reason Professor Smith took an arrow in the knee ugh, that wasn't it. He was the reason the professor had his leg bitten.

"Good morning, I remember you. You are that student with the pekingese, Shuhang Song!" Professor Smith said with a smile. No wonder this youngster looked so familiar!

"Ahaha, Professor Smith still remembers me." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh and shot a glance at the new darling pet of the professor as he said, "Professor, did you change your pet?"

Professor Smith said earnestly, "That German Shepherd wasn't even able to defeat a small pekingese. I returned it."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Professor, your German Shepherd wasn't at fault! You have to believe me when I say that even the scariest and most violent dog in the world wouldn't be able to defeat that 'small pekingese'!

At this time, Professor Smith asked, "Shuhang Song, do you live here in Wenzhou?"

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Yes. Professor, are you here to sightsee?"

"Yes, something of the sort. My friend is a director, and he was thinking of coming here to shoot the scene of a movie on Wenzhou City's Mountain Niuding. I'm waiting for his arrival," Professor Smith replied.

A director?

Song Shuhang immediately thought of the 'Unknown' movie that he had requested Venerable White to participate in. The theme of the movie was Unknown, the plot was also Unknown, and everything else was also Unknown.

The only thing they were sure of was that Venerable White, Song Shuhang, and Yu Jiaojiao would be in the cast.

As for the stage props, there were surely going to be many car certificates and perhaps many luxury cars.

At this time, Yu Jiaojiao had reduced her size and was standing on Song Shuhang's shoulder while invisible. Her eyes immediately lit up as soon as she heard the word 'director'.

Yu Jiaojiao had already made some progress in regards to the matter related to the 'author' of the script. Therefore, she was very interested in this director!

Just as Song Shuhang and the professor were chatting, Li Yinzhu stretched out her small hand and took out a chicken wing from Song Shuhang's pocket, starting to eat it.

Perhaps because it got excited due to the smell of the roasted chicken wing, the new darling pet of the professor suddenly started barking. It was barking very loudly. Moreover, it was aggressively moving its body around as though it wanted to pounce on Li Yinzhu.

"Big Crystal, sit!" Professor Smith shouted, somewhat embarrassed.

Perhaps because he had been raising it for a small amount of time, not only did the pit bull not listen to the order of its master, it even started to bark more loudly.

"Woof, woof, woof~" The pit bull showed its sharp teeth while barking, making threatening gestures.

Li Yinzhu raised her head and curiously looked at the big dog with her silvery eyes. Afterward, she silently lowered her head, continuing to indifferently eat the chicken wing.

It was Professor Smith's first time seeing such a calm and collected little girl.

But on the other side, because the big dog suddenly barked, Guoguo got a scare and carelessly gobbled down a huge chunk of the ice cream he was eating.

Guoguo's heart was in pain. While eating the ice cream, he was treating it like a treasured object, slowly licking it and enjoying its flavor. But when the dog barked, he choked on it and swallowed more than half.

After swallowing down that pig piece of ice cream, Guoguo enjoyment instantly diminished by 5 percentage points.

At this time, Guoguo's small face had become even more serious.