Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Not Good Shuhang Is About To Explode
Chapter 503: Not good, Shuhang is about to explode!

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Guoguo took a step forward and directly looked the pit bull in the eyes, saying, "Shut your mouth, stupid dog! If you dare to bark again, this lowly monk will show you what an angry Buddha looks like!"

It was unfortunate that the dog couldn't understand human language. Thereupon, it started to bark even more loudly. "Woof woof woof woof!"

The expression on its dog face also became fiercer.

Professor Smith hurriedly tried to drag the dog away by pulling its chain. He was afraid that the idiotic thing would bite and hurt the children. At the same time, he also prepared to tell Song Shuhang to take the children and get away.

But the professor had yet to speak when he saw the small monk take a deep breath and roar toward the pit bull, "Woof woof woof!"

"Woof woof woof woof!" The pit bull didn't show any weakness.

Guoguo coldly shouted, "Woof! Woof woof! Woof woof woof!"

While shouting, he stuffed the whole ice cream into his mouth. He was about to get serious.

The pit bull also got very serious as it shouted, "Woof woof woof woof!"

If not for the fact that its master, that weak-looking British man, had such an incredible strength, it would have already pounced on this small monk and bit him.

Killing intent flashed through Guoguo's eyes.

Then, he used the innate skill of his Eye Aperture and roared, "Woof!"

The pit bull wanted to retaliate with another roar. But right at that time, it saw a fearsome scene.

The scene was very brutal.

A hundred multi-colored big cats were surrounding it. If those cats were ordinary ones, the pit bull wouldn't be afraid even if they were 200 or more.

However, the bodies of those cats were somewhat big. They were two meters long and continuously meowing. Their build was not any different from that of a tiger; were those things even cats...?

Moreover, something that resembled a cauldron was placed in the front. The cauldron was filled with fragrant spices, and there was a pit bull inside that was identical to itself. It had been stripped of its skin and thrown inside.

It was a diabolical dog meat hot pot!

At this time, the huge cats pounced upward like tigers after all, they were literally the same as tigers, even in size!

The scene was extremely scary.

The pit bull felt that it couldn't unsee what it had seen. As soon as it saw that skinned pit bull identical to itself thrown into the hot pot, its body started to shake.

What was this place? Was it hell?

Professor Smith saw that the incredibly aggressive pit bull that was baring its fangs and teeth earlier suddenly stiffened.

"Wuwuwu" The ferocious dog cried out strangely, just as though someone had kicked it in the nuts. Its body shrunk and it lay on the ground on its stomach, trembling.

What? What's happening? Did I miss something just now?

Professor Smith was unable to understand what was going on. Why did his ferocious dog suddenly turned into a scaredy-cat?

Or perhaps insanely barking at a ferocious dog upon seeing it, just like this little monk did, was the secret to subdue it...?

Should I give it a try the next time I meet a ferocious dog?

Well, maybe it's not such a good idea. If my imposing manner is not strong enough and I fail to overwhelm the dog, getting bitten in the process, it would be quite unfortunate.

"Professor Smith, I'm sorry. This little kid was very rude. Ahaha~ anyway, you can keep strolling around, Professor. I have to bring these two kids home," Song Shuhang said, somewhat embarrassed. Afterward, he thought of something else and added, "Right, Professor. If you have free time, can you bring me along and let me take a look at how a movie crew shoots scenes?"

After all, he was also planning to shoot a movie! Therefore, he wanted to gain some understanding in regards to movie shooting and the likes, getting a general idea about it.

"Sure. I'll give my old friend a call in advance. When he starts shooting on Mountain Niuding, you can directly come here and take a look," Professor Smith said with a smile. "However, be careful not to disturb the crew!"

"No problem. Thank you, Professor!" Song Shuhang said gratefully.

Afterward, the two parted ways.

Song Shuhang left with Li Yinzhu and Guoguo.

However, Professor Smith's plan to take a stroll around came to an end. His ferocious mixed-blood pit bull was still lying on the ground, trembling. Song Shuhang and the others had already gone very far, but the mixed-blood pit bull was still trembling just as before.

Professor Smith held his chin and said, "Even ferocious dogs are unreliable nowadays. As expected, I should have bought a mighty pekingese. Not only are those dogs very cute, their fighting capacity is also excellent."

Hmm, that's it. As soon as I go back, I'll buy a lovely small pekingese~

Afterward, Professor Smith pulled the leash and forcefully dragged away his shivering mixed-blood pit bull. Now then when he was bitten by his dog the last time, a female student delivered him a strange medicine.

What surprised Professor Smith was that he happily took the medicine this female student gave him and didn't even bother checking if there was something wrong with it.

Anyway, he didn't know if it was just his imagination, but he felt that his body had become especially strong since he had taken that medicine.

When he bought the German Shepherd back then, the professor felt that his strength had already increased by quite a lot. It was also one of the main reasons he decided to buy a dog with such a strong build. At this time, he was also able to easily drag away the pit bull.

However, he also noticed that he didn't see that female student ever again after that.

"Forget it, I'm overthinking. Anyway, I should contact the pet store and have them reserve a powerful pekingese for me," Professor Smith muttered to himself.

July 26th. Song Shuhang passed the whole day with the two kids, bringing them all around the city for a stroll.

In the afternoon, he accompanied Mama Song and went to the houses of several friends and relatives to gift them the spirit rice.

When it was finally evening, Song Shuhang felt that sudden bursts of weariness were rushing to his head.

Although he had been free for most of the day, he still felt quite tired~

He had found strolling around for the whole day quite tiring.

Tomorrow, I should bring Guoguo and Li Yinzhu to a bookstore and squat there for the whole afternoon, freeloading books. I'm sure that won't make me feel tired! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Late at night, Song Shuhang's whole family was sleeping.

His home was spacious enough, and both Guoguo and Li Yinzhu were sleeping in separate rooms.

Only Yu Jiaojiao was in the same room as Song Shuhang. After all, he couldn't prepare a room for her.

During the night, Song Shuhang had another dream.

However, he didn't enter the dreamland this time.

Although his innate skill to dream about others had frequently activated on its own lately it wasn't something that happened every day.

Song Shuhang dreamt about food.

Since he was dead tired today, he ate two full bowls of rice at dinner, eating to his fill. But around midnight, Song Shuhang's powerful digestive skills activated and turned everything he ate into energy.

There was nothing he could do about it. The Whale Swallowing Technique was just this cool after reaching the master level.

The Whale Swallowing Technique was a technique that greatly strengthened one's teeth and digestive capabilities. The person that developed this technique could be surely considered a genius in the world of cultivators. It a was technique that could allow the user to absorb even something like spirit beast crystals without leaving anything behind, let alone spirit rice or the food ordinary people ate.

Not long after Song Shuhang lay on the bed, the strengthening effects of the Whale Swallowing Technique on his stomach were brought into full play.

"I'm hungry..."

This thought was continuously reverberating inside Song Shuhang's mind.

Sometimes, people would dream about things they strongly yearned for in real life, and their wishes would be fulfilled within the dream.

For example, if someone was sleeping and needed to pee, it was very likely that they would dream about themselves using the toilet. The scary thing was that if one was dreaming about themselves peeing in the dream, they couldn't easily stop once they had started. They would feel as though they were going to pee forever. As if that wasn't enough, the more they were peeing, the more the urge got stronger. This dream where people were continuously peeing was also the main reason many kids wet the bed.

Using the same logic, if one dreamt about food and delicacies, it was likely because they were hungry in real life.

All sorts of delicious dishes would appear in the dream: fish meat, pork, stew, etc. In short, all types of food that one could, and could not, think of would appear in there.

And just like one couldn't stop peeing the person inside the dream couldn't eat to their fill no matter how much they tried.

No matter how many delicacies there were, they just weren't enough.

The more one was eating, the more they were feeling hungry.

Song Shuhang was in a similar situation at this time.

Roasted sheep, tender beefsteak, a whole pot of spirit rice, shelled fresh shrimp the size of a fist, hundreds of different types of Chinese delicacies, all kinds of ingredients; there was even food that had appeared only in legends and myths.

Although he was eating with all his might, he just wasn't sated. On the contrary, he was getting hungrier and hungrier, and felt as though his gastric juice was about to melt his stomach.

It's quite painful... regardless of what it is, I want to eat it, even something like ordinary brown bread is fine!

Just as this thought flashed through Song Shuhang's mind, he discovered that there was indeed something in his mouth. It seemed that he unconsciously picked something edible with his hands and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was something very hard, and his teeth hurt a bit while he was chewing it.

However, it didn't matter. Even if that thing was harder, it wouldn't be a problem as long as he had the Whale Swallowing Technique. He could bite it to pieces and easily digest it!

The Whale Swallowing Technique activated!

I'll bite it to pieces. No matter what it is, does it think it can escape after entering my mouth?

Stupid thing, get crushed into pieces under the strength of my steel teeth!

"Crack~" The object was crushed to pieces.

It tastes like sheep meat. This taste is pretty good, Song Shuhang thought.


Next, that hard thing that tasted like sheep meat was swallowed down and directly went into his belly.

It was quite good. As soon as he swallowed it down, the felt his stomach overflowing with energy and being sated. He wasn't hungry anymore.

That dream about the sumptuous banquet also disappeared without traces.

What a blessing!

Sometimes, even a piece of brown bread was a blessing for a starving man.

At times, it was very easy to make humans happy.

But for some reason, after he swallowed down that object that tasted like sheep meat, Song Shuhang felt as though there was something wrong with his body.

He felt as if his dantian had swelled to the limit not good, it was still swelling.

Afterward, this feeling was transmitted from his dantian to his whole body.

The felt as though his whole body was about to explode.

There is something wrong!

Song Shuhang suddenly thought of a fearsome possibility...