Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 504

Chapter 504: As A Result Go Into Space
Chapter 504: As a result, go into space!

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July 27th, Saturday. Light rain.

On the windowsill, Yu Jiaojiao was already sleeping. Due to the rainy weather, the air was especially moist, allowing her to sleep very soundly.

Today's dao name was Path-seeking Scholar.

Right at this time, Song Shuhang fiercely woke up from his dream.

He quickly shot a glance at this left hand and saw that he was holding his size-reducing purse.

All of Song Shuhang's magical treasures and talismans were stored inside his size-reducing purse. Therefore, Song Shuhang always kept it close at hand even while he was sleeping.

With that, if something unexpected were to happen, he could immediately take his treasured saber Broken Tyrant out of the purse, as well as talismans and medicinal pills, to promptly enter into battle mode.

At this time, he was tightly holding the size-reducing purse with one hand, while the other was full with several glistening things.

They were spirit beast crystals!

Song Shuhang remembered that he ate something that tasted like sheep meat in the dream earlier was that 'something' the sheep-type spirit beast crystal?

If that was true, the situation was very bad!

Song Shuhang quickly sat cross-legged and silently operated the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique, making his consciousness sink into his Sea of Qi Dantian.

Just as he expected, there was now the projection of a sheep circling around the embryonic form of his innate true qi together with the shark.

Moreover, an extra spirit beast vein had appeared above the embryonic form of his innate true qi. Once there were a total of thirty-three spirit beast veins, the pseudo-innate true qi would finally elevate to a new level.

Usually, having an extra projection or spirit beast vein was a good thing.

But here came the problem four days ago, on July 23rd to be precise, Song Shuhang used the Whale Swallowing Technique to eat a shark-type spirit beast crystal. But due to the spirit beast crystal being of the Third Stage rank, Song Shuhang's Sea of Qi Dantian and Dragon Tail Dantian almost exploded.

At the same time, his mental energy also sharply increased due to the Whale Swallowing Technique. As a result, his physical body was unable to properly keep up with the rest.

During the last four days, Song Shuhang had diligently practiced, but he was still unable to digest the shark-type spirit beast crystal and now, there was even the extra energy from the sheep-type spirit beast crystal to cause trouble.

The sheep-type spirit beast crystal was also a spirit beast crystal of the Third Stage rank that he obtained during the cultivators' street market.

In other words, his body was currently in a very dangerous situation.

Whenever he was operating his true qi, he felt as though he was full to the brim, with the meridians and dantian in his body were ready to explode at any moment. The place between his eyebrows was the same. He felt as if his mental energy was about to materialize and tear his head open.

Song Shuhang tried to operate his mental energy to display a small technique like the 'mental detection' skill. However, he felt as though several needles had pricked his brain; it was very painful.

He had literally eaten until the point of bursting.

This state was life-threatening, and even medicine that could help with digestion was of no use to the current Song Shuhang.

"This is a serious problem!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself. At this time, his weak constitution had become a burden that was slowing down his growth.

If his constitution could keep up with the rest, Song Shuhang could quickly increase his realm just by eating spirit beast crystals.

But if it couldn't, his whole body would explode.

Song Shuhang immediately swiped on his phone and opened the instant messaging app, getting into the Nine Provinces Number One Group and changing his username to Path-seeking Scholar.

Path-seeking Scholar: "Good morning, Seniors. May I ask if there is a method to quickly increase the strength of one's body?"

The first one to reply was obviously Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Little friend Shuhang, on the road of cultivation, one has to advance by step by step. After exercising a lot, the strength of your body would naturally increase. You shouldn't think of taking shortcuts all day long, it's harmful towards your practice."

Path-seeking Scholar: ":soft_feather_tears_stream_down_face:"

It was an emote from Soft Feather's own expression package that she had uploaded in the space group. Therefore, aside from [Senior White's expression package], there was also a [Senior Song's expression package] and a [Soft Feather's expression package]. Moreover, there was also that collection of expressions of the fellow daoist of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that Venerable White had uploaded in the group. However, the pictures of that compilation were still unedited. As soon as Soft Feather had free time, she would prepare an expression package for each person as per agreement.

Path-seeking Scholar: "Senior Northern River, there is something you don't know! I've been practicing a special cultivation technique recently, the Whale Swallowing Technique. After practicing the technique for a few days, the amount of mental energy and true qi inside my body increased too quickly. At this time, my Sea of Qi Dantian and Dragon Tail Dantian are full to the point of bursting. Even my mental energy has far surpassed the limit my body can handle on the other hand, my constitution seems to be unable to keep up with the rest!"

Due to his body being unable to keep up with the rest, Song Shuhang didn't dare to break through the third dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian. After all, his mental energy would surely increase again if he were to break through.

And if his constitution couldn't keep up... Song Shuhang would turn into beautiful and bright fireworks.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "..."

His mental energy and true qi increased too quickly, and his body is about to explode for that reason? Is this the same plot of those teen novels from several years ago where the main character climbs upon a mountain and digs out several ten thousand years old potatoes and eats them to power up?

Ordinary cultivators didn't have to worry about something of the sort happening. Generally speaking, the constitution of a cultivator far surpassed their mental energy or true qi.

Our little friend Song Shuhang was worrying about a very good thing!

However, Northern River's Loose Cultivator still hastily listed several methods to strengthen one's constitution. "There are several methods to solve this situation. Each of them has pros and cons. Number one, you can look for a fellow daoist specialized in sealing techniques and have them seal your mental energy and true qi. Then, taking advantage of this period of time where your mental energy and true qi are sealed, you can practice body strengthening cultivation techniques with all your might and strengthen your constitution. Once you have reached your objective, you can untie the seal. However, this method is very dangerous. With your mental energy and true qi sealed, you won't be able to do anything if something unexpected happens."

Song Shuhang silently nodded. This method basically consisted in binding one's hands and feet. He didn't like it too much.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator continued, "Number two, you can look for a secret realm that has the ability to suppress mental energy and true qi and practice there. In some secret realms, it's very difficult to operate one's true qi, and mental energy is likewise suppressed. On the contrary, the strengthening effects on one's body are boosted. The disadvantage of this method is that the suppression is very strong, and the following backlash might be too big. For example, your mental energy, which was suppressed within the secret realm, might suddenly increase once you get out."

Song Shuhang forced a smile. If he were to suffer such a backlash, his body might explode directly! "Senior Northern River, are there other methods?"

"Of course there are. Do you remember when Senior Xian Gong got online a few days ago? Senior Xian Gong has the formula of the 'demodragon medicine' in his hands. With that formula, it's possible to greatly increase the strength of the body of a cultivator. It's effective even on a Sixth Stage True Monarch! Therefore, even if you drink only a small amount of the medicine, the strength of your body will increase by several times!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator said.

It was surely the best method to solve the situation. He needed but to drink a small amount of medicine and all the problems would go away.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and said, "However, one needs to find a demodragon first, right?"

It had been several years since someone had seen one.

"Yes, that's it," Nothern River's Loose Cultivator replied.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh.

Amongst these three methods, the first one seemed like the easiest one to execute. Since Fairy Firefly was in still Wenzhou City, he could ask her to put several seals on his body.

However, the best one was of course the one related to the demodragon medicine. Just drinking a mouthful of the medicine would solve everything.

Was it possible that he would have no choice but to bind his hands and feet? He really didn't like this method!

Just as Song Shuhang thought about Fairy Firefly, she immediately appeared in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Fairy Firefly: "I just had a good idea, Fellow Daoist Path-seeking Scholar!"

Song Shuhang said, "Fairy Firefly, do tell."

"Aren't you going into space anyway? After I send you to space, you can take off your spacesuit and practice a body strengthening cultivation technique close to the moon. In that area, there are several special energies, rays, and mysterious substances that are very beneficial towards the constitution of cultivators. Your body would be strengthened at an incredibly fast pace," Fairy Firefly replied.

Song Shuhang said, "Taking off my spacesuit and practicing a body strengthening cultivation technique? Fairy Firefly I'm only a cultivator of the Second Stage. Without the spacesuit, I would die within seconds."

"And that's the moment your emerald-green kasaya would come in handy. Once you wear it, you can practice in the proximity of the moon without problems. The effects would be truly great, you have to believe me!" Fairy Firefly assured.

At this time, Northern River's Loose Cultivator also added, "What Fairy Firefly said isn't without reason. There are many strange energies in space, and a lot of them have yet to be completely analyzed by us cultivators. For example, monster cultivators like to borrow the moonlight to practice. For instance, there are mysterious forms of energy and substances within the light of the moon that can strengthen the bodies of cultivators and monster cultivators. In the last several hundred years, along with new space explorations, several monster cultivators flew to the moon and practiced there from time to time. The reason for this is that the effects there are better than the ones they would obtain on Earth."

Afterward, he also said, "Therefore, you might as well give this method a try, little friend Shuhang. Of course, you have to constantly pay attention to the state of your body. If you feel that there is something strange, you must immediately stop using this method to practice."

Is it really that effective?

Fairy Firefly struck while the iron was hot. "It's better to make haste. Fellow Daoist Path-seeking Scholar, I'll send you to space today!"

"There is no rush. I was planning to head to Mountain Niuding tomorrow and take a look at how the crew and the director were planning to shoot the movie," Song Shuhang replied. His body wouldn't have any problem within the next few days.

"It doesn't matter. I can leave a clone on Mountain Niuding and have it capture the whole scene of the crew shooting the movie. Then, I'll directly transmit the data to your phone in space. After you're done with your practice there, you can take a look at the scene of the crew shooting the movie," Fairy Firefly quickly replied.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Why do I feel that Fairy Firefly really wants to send me into space today?

"However, Guoguo is still here at my place. I have to wait for Senior Brother Three Realms to come over and pick him up," Song Shuhang said. He had just returned to Wenzhou City, and there were still many things he had to take care of.

As soon as he finished writing the message, the sound of a notification was transmitted from the instant messaging app.

An account that went with the ID of 'Young Monk Three Realms' sent him a message: "Little friend Shuhang, are you currently in Wenzhou City? I'll arrive in Wenzhou City in one hour. I'm coming to pick little Guoguo up and bring him back."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang replied to Senior Brother Three Realms: "Yes, I'm in Wenzhou City. Senior Brother, you can come over at any time."

"I'll see you in one hour." Senior Brother Three Realms wrote hurriedly.

Song Shuhang held his chin and pondered was it possible that God had decided to deliver him to space on this very day so that he could play with the stars a little earlier?

Thereupon, he wrote in the Nine Provinces Number One Group: "In that case, let me prepare first. I need to convince my parents first."

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue: "Eh? Little friend Shuhang is about to set out? Right in time. Once you're in space, I'll look for you."