Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 505

Chapter 505: The Jingang Token Of Authority
Chapter 505: The Jingang token of authority

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Song Shuhang said, "Is it to explore the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue?"

"Yes. I assure you that it will be a very exciting experience." Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue also added, "Moreover, there is a rather interesting low-level magical treasure that I obtained after drawing lots the last time. Since there is no one that has any use for it, I can give it to you as a gift for our first meeting."

A magical treasure obtained from drawing lots? Is there really such an event in the world of cultivators?

It sounds rather interesting, but where do they hold these raffles?

I should go to one of those raffles after shaking hands with Venerable White~

One hour later, 5 AM.

Senior Brother Three Realms arrived at Song Shuhang's place right on time.

At this time, the small monk Guoguo was still sleeping...

Since everyone in the house was sleeping, Song Shuhang quietly allowed Senior Brother Three Realms to come in. "Senior Brother Three Realms, good morning."

"It's pretty late, it's 5 AM already." Senior Brother Three Realms had an exhausted expression on his face as he said, "This time around, I helped my teacher complete a very difficult task. While I was out, I decided to pick little Guoguo as well and bring him back right, Guoguo should have given Junior Brother Shuhang quite a bit of trouble, right?"

"Ahaha, it's fine," Song Shuhang said with a smile. Aside from when he teamed up with Doudou and caused him some trouble, Guoguo was well-behaved and quite lovely.

Senior Brother Three Realms gently pushed open the door of Guoguo's room and picked him up, placing him on the flying sword.

His actions were very gentle, and Guoguo didn't realize anything. He was still sleeping soundly.

"In that case, Little Guoguo and I will take our leave. Oh, right. My teacher told me to give you this." In the next moment, Senior Brother Three Realms threw a small wooden token with a bald-headed buddhist warrior carved on it to Song Shuhang.

"What is this?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

"It's the Jingang token of authority. It will allow you to enter the 'Jingang Immortal Cave'. Junior Brother Shuhang, you should know that the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique is a cultivation technique that Senior Medicine Master and my teacher obtained while they were exploring the Jingang Temple together, right? Back then, my teacher got his hands on the cultivation techniques of the Jingang Temple, as well as the Jingang Immortal Cave that the expert of the temple left behind.

That's not all; there is also a heart-tempering ancient well inside the Jingang Immortal Cave, as well as information about the understandings that that expert of the Jingang Temple had in regards to the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique. My teacher said that there is an advanced version of the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique concealed in the immortal cave as wellthe Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique. It's a very powerful fist technique with eight styles in total, and it goes from the Second Stage to the Fifth Stage rank." Senior Brother Three Realms also added, "This Jingang token of authority is the key to enter the immortal cave. However, even with the token, you still need to pay six spirit stones of the Fourth Stage as a fee."

An advanced cultivation technique was concealed within the Jingang Immortal Cave, and like those four pictures inside the Chu Family, one could inherit it if they could comprehend the content.

"In other words, one can enter the Jingang Immortal Cave as long as they have this Jingang token of authority and six spirit stones of the Fourth Stage?" Song Shuhang was now clear.

"Yes, that's it," Senior Brother Three Realms said with a smile.

"However, Senior Brother, I don't have any spirit stones with me at this time and I even owe Venerable White several stones of the Fourth Stage." Song Shuhang forced a smile.

"Don't worry. Which cultivator doesn't lack spirit stones? Ahaha," Senior Brother Three Realms said with a smile. "Anyway, it's still too early for you to enter the Jingang Immortal Cave. We'll talk about it once you've gathered six spirit stones of the Fourth Stage. After all, there is no restriction time-wise. As long as you have the token of authority and the necessary spirit stones, you can enter at any time."

After saying this much, Senior Brother Three Realms waved his hand and soared into the sky, carrying the still sleeping Guoguo away.

Around 6 AM.

As the members of Song Shuhang's family woke up one after another, another guest came to visit him.

It was Chu Family's Chu Chu.

Chu Chu and the other disciple of the Chu Family arrived in Wenzhou City last night. But since it was already dark by the time they arrived, they decided to rent a room next to Song Shuhang's house. Afterward, they arranged a few formations and whatnot, getting ready to properly protect Li Yinzhu.

After the sun had risen, Chu Chu headed toward Song Shuhang's house to meet him.

The other disciple of the Chu Family hid in the dark. It was an intelligent female disciple that had a lot of experience when it came to handling such matters. It was someone that the ancestor of the Chu Family selected carefully.

The ancestor ordered her to become Chu Chu's shadow and protect Song Shuhang and Li Yinzhu.

Just as Song Shuhang opened the door for Chu Chu, Mama Song's voice was transmitted from behind. "Shuhang, where did the little monk go? How come I don't see him around?"

Mama Song came out of Guoguo's room while still wearing pajamas. Immediately after, she saw Chu Chu who was standing at the doorstep of her house.

It was another beautiful girl with very long black hair. Even the short skirt she was wearing was black, just like her black silk stockings and black high-heels. Everything she was wearing was black. However, her short-sleeved shirt exposed some of her skin which was as white as snow.

Had her Shuhang become popular with girls after he had finally opened his eyes? Pretty girls were visiting Shuhang one after another, Mama Song was dazzled!

Song Shuhang turned around and said, "Ma, Guoguo's elder brother came here around 5 AM and picked him up. Since you guys were still sleeping, I didn't disturb you."

"Is that so? Anyway, who is that miss?" Then, Mama Song said warmly, "Shuhang, don't stand there on the doorstep like an idiot, you're being impolite! Quickly ask the lady to come in."

Song Shuhang turned around and smiled at Chu Chu, somewhat embarrassed.

"Aunt, hello. My name is Chu Chu, and I'm Shuhang's friend, "Chu Chu said very politely.

Although he ended up being busy until noon, Song Shuhang finally managed to settle all the various matters at home.

Then, he mustered his courage and got ready to tell Mama Song that he was going on another trip with his friend. He believed that Mama Song would surely object to him leaving home again.

After all, when he went on a trip earlier, the plane crashed. His parents were really worried.

But he didn't expect that Mama Song and Papa Song would agree to his proposal without any complaint.

Moreover, Papa Song even secretly gave him 3000 RMB to spend on the trip.

Song Shuhang looked at Li Yinzhu, who was closely following him, and Chu Chu who was also closely following him.

Mother and father didn't misunderstand, right?

Song Shuhang stuffed whatever he could think of into his size-reducing purse. Tablet, phone, laptop, portable console, as well as medicinal pills, talismans, the silver dragon puppet, and so on...

Afterward, he headed toward the place where he had agreed to meet Fairy Firefly.

Fairy Firefly had been waiting there for a long time already. When she saw him come over, she said happily, "Little friend Shuhang, I've prepared something for you. It's a reinforced space capsule. You can rest in there during your one-month trip to space. There is also a pretty good spacesuit manufactured with advanced technology inside."

After saying this much, she pointed her finger toward a square-shaped box on one side.

"Fairy Firefly, why do I find the box pretty similar to the body of a car?" Song Shuhang said. Except for the wheels, which were missing, its shape was the same as that of a compressed car.

"You guess it right. It's a modified car. Inside, there are enough fasting pills to last for a month, as well as a few other interesting small gadgets that I hope will come in handy while you're in space," Fairy Firefly said. "Anyway, it's late already! Quickly enter the capsule."

Song Shuhang said hurriedly, "Fairy Firefly, can I bring some people with me?"

Yu Jiaojiao also happened to want to go to the moon. She was a monster cultivator, and practicing close to the moon was very beneficial to her.

Li Yinzhu didn't want to leave Song Shuhang's side. As long as she opened her eyes and Song Shuhang wasn't within a range of ten meters, she would start panicking.

Li Yinzhu and Song Shuhang had to stay together. On the other hand, Chu Chu was in charge of looking after Li Yinzhu, and they couldn't leave her behind all alone.

"It shouldn't be a problem to send several people together. After all, Venerable White didn't limit the number of people that could go to space. As far as I'm concerned, you can bring as many people as you want with you. However, the amount of fasting pills is enough for one person only," Fairy Firefly said.

"It's not a problem. I have a lot of fasting pills with me," Chu Chu said at this time. She had enough fasting pills for both her and Li Yinzhu.

"In that case, there is no problem. Guys, enter the capsule now. I'll activate the technique," Fairy Firefly said.

Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu entered the 'space capsule'...

Then, it was Song Shuhang's turn.

As soon as Song Shuhang approached the 'space capsule', his face stiffened.

Fairy Firefly had prepared the space capsule for him alone. Therefore, the space inside wasn't too much.

After Chu Chu hugged Li Yinzhu and entered the 'space capsule', they occupied almost 60% of the space inside.

Fitting Song Shuhang wasn't really a problem. But if he were to force his way in, the resulting scene might be subject to censorship.

Therefore, Song Shuhang turned his head around and said to Fairy Firefly, "Fairy Firefly, don't you have a bigger 'space capsule'?"

"Nope~ I only have this," Fairy Firefly replied. It was something she had prepared at the last minute.

"What can be done in this case?"

"If you really don't want to enter the capsule wear your spacesuit. I'll send both you and the space capsule into space together. Don't worry, I'll make sure that you end up there together and don't separate. Your security won't be a problem, either. I've arranged a defensive formation around the spacesuit and the space capsule. Even if you were to crash into a meteorite, nothing would happen to you," Fairy Firefly assured.

I have yet to set out and you're already raising a death flag!

Three minutes later, Song Shuhang grabbed two chains and chained himself to the 'space capsule'.

Fairy Firefly said, "Are you ready?"

"Senior, how are we supposed to reach space?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Relax, it's a very safe method. Look at this powerful move of mine!" Fairy Firefly activated a seal and a burst of power spread from her body.

"You'll change into rockets and fly upward with the power of repulsion! Feel the joy of flying into space!"


The space capsule quickly shot toward the sky. To be precise, it was affected by a powerful repulsive strength and mercilessly banished from mother earth.

As a consequence, the space capsule was shot upward and got higher and higher.

The joy of flying into space? Inside the spacesuit, Song Shuhang had tears streaming down his face.

Flying into space is everything but a joyful event!

At this time, he felt as though he was falling into an endless abyss. While endlessly falling, he was subject to a tremendous zero gravity feeling.

The level of his acrophobia had also increased a level nine acrophobia wasn't a dream anymore.

In the meantime.

Next to Song Shuhang's house, inside Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist's home.

"I've waited for a long time~ But now, the day has finally come~" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was looking at his image reflected in the mirror while trying to squeeze out the most brilliant smile he could.

"Yesterday, I determined that that fellow Song Shuhang had indeed returned home. Today, I'll pay him a visit and freeload for good the enlightenment stone." Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist held two small gift boxes in his hands and swaggered toward Song Shuhang's house.