Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Go Mount Tai Seal Fck Wrong Target
Chapter 508: Go, Mount Tai Seal F*ck, wrong target!

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"Even when it comes to demanding the payment, we are professional!" the man wearing the leather armor said complacently.

Song Shuhang, Yu Jiaojiao, Li Yinzhu, and Chu Chu looked at this magnificent scene of 'demanding one's payment' that was taking place right in front of them.

How could one say it well, this world was truly unpredictable!

No one knew what might happen in the next moment!

Perhaps one was in heaven a second earlier, and they would end up in a hell a second after just like the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect who were the ones doing the hunting a moment ago but turned into prey a moment later.

However, it was precisely the impossibility to predict the future and the myriad possibilities lying ahead that made life so beautiful and colorful.

"This is life!" Song Shuhang sighed with emotion.

The only thing he lacked now was a good cup of tea to sip on.

Yu Jiaojiao said regretfully, "It was quite unfortunate. They snatched away our prey."

"Actually, I think that it was a pretty good thing. I get the feeling that we would have been involved with this scene too if you had made your move earlier," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Moreover, they didn't know if the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect had helpers or not.

Yu Jiaojiao rolled her eyes and said, "Since there is nothing else to do, let's be on our way. We are pretty close to the moon already."

"Agreed +1," Li Yinzhu said.

"Agreed +2," Chu Chu also said via secret sound transmission.

"Agreed +3." Song Shuhang stretched out his hand while wearing that cumbersome spacesuit and waved it.

There was a 'driving force formation' engraved on the spacesuit that allowed Song Shuhang to freely move in space. Since Song Shuhang couldn't ride a flying sword, he would only be able to casually float in space without this driving force formation.

Using his silver dragon puppet would consume spirit stones, and the current Song Shuhang was completely broke. Therefore, he could use the puppet only at critical times.

Just as Song Shuhang operated the formation and prepared to leave, that man wearing the leather armor turned his head around and waved his hand at him, saying, "Kid, which sect do you belong to?"

"I'm not from the Limitless Demon Sect," Song Shuhang said hurriedly and waved his hands. He didn't want them to go after his spirit stones as well. He was a poor wretch without any stone at this time.

He had to hope that the opposite party could read his lips moreover, he had to learn the secret sound transmission skill as soon as possible. It was too troublesome to communicate with others without that.

The man wearing the leather armor brightly smiled and said, "That's a given. It only took me a glance to determine that you weren't a person of the Limitless Demon Sect. Like I said, we are professionals when it comes to demanding payment!"

"..." Song Shuhang said, "I'm a loose cultivator. I don't belong to any sect."

"A loose cultivator? Good luck, little brother!" After hearing that Song Shuhang was a loose cultivator, the tone of the man wearing the leather armor became much kinder, and he even called him 'little brother'. After all, everyone knew that the life of a loose cultivator was very difficult.

After saying this much, he stretched out his hand and gave Song Shuhang a metal card.

Song Shuhang reached out and grabbed the card. After a quick look, he discovered that there was a metallic flower carved on it, as well a golden ox-head below.

Huang Guanhua, leader of the 'Heavy Metal Squad'. Code name: Taurus.

We are a squad specialized in bodyguarding, escorting, treasure-hunting, demanding the payment of debts, and so on. We are the most professional experts on the scene.

Telephone number: *******, WeChat ID: *******, Email: *******

Is this a business card?

"Little brother, if you need something, remember to contact us! We are professionals, in every sense of the word!" The man wearing the leather armor gave the thumbs up with a complacent look on his face.

"Ahaha, sure, sure." Song Shuhang forced a smile. Soon after, he operated the 'driving force formation' on the spacesuit and quickly fluttered toward the moon.

As they were leaving, they could still hear the screams of the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect. Of course, it was nothing more than an auditory hallucination, because their screams couldn't possibly travel through vacuum.

A squad specialized in demanding payment?

Song Shuhang put the business card away. Perhaps if the remuneration was good and the pay was on time, he could happily cooperate with this squad of muscular men?

"Those were some scary professionals," Yu Jiaojiao summarized.

Song Shuhang nodded in agreement and asked, "Jiaojiao, did you leave a mark on that pitch-black flying sword in the end?"

"Don't worry, it was a success," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile. "The mark I left is well hidden, and I can guarantee that the opposite party won't find it."

Song Shuhang was relieved those fifteen muscular men didn't seem like those demonic cultivators that completely disregarded the lives of humans. From the looks of it, they would release the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect as long as they got their spirit stones back.

If that was the case, those two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect would surely look for something, or someone, to let out their pent-up anger.

Song Shuhang felt that he was a pretty good outlet to release their anger...

If the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect were to successfully shake off the fifteen stout men, there was an 80% probabilityif not higherthat they would look for Song Shuhang.

Therefore, he had to prepare against them.

Thus, he told Yu Jiaojiao to leave a mark on the flying sword so that it could act as a signal. If the two disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect were to chase after Song Shuhang's group, they would be able to detect them and prepare for the battle.

Twenty minutes later.

Song Shuhang relied on the 'driving force formation' engraved on the spacesuit and slowly headed toward the moon together with the space capsule.

Just as he was fluttering, Song Shuhang thought of something. He was thinking of that burgundy gourd.

"That was Venerable White's disposable flying sword, and there was a burgundy gourd above it wait a moment, it can't be that thing, right?"

Song Shuhang recalled a certain event. Perhaps the burgundy gourd was related to it.

The matter Song Shuhang thought of happened on July 6th. That day, Tubo invited him over to his grandfather's home.

After destroying the resentful ghosts left behind by Altar Master's small local organization with Senior Brother Three Realms' help, Song Shuhang suffered a surprise attack from Branch Leader Jing Mo and another guy called Daoist Half Gourd.

At the time, Song Shuhang relied on the lethal weapon Venerable White left to him, the flying sword launcher 013 edition, and used it to launch a disposable flying sword 004 edition, killing that guy called Daoist Half Gourd in the process.

After stabbing Daoist Half Gourd's body, the disposable flying sword 004 edition shot toward the sky, rushing into space and disappearing without leaving traces. If he remembered correctly, Daoist Half Gourd's gourd, which had the power to suck people inside it, was also burgundy.

What a coincidence...

Heck, is this possible that that gourd is precisely the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd?

Can there really be such a coincidence?

From what Song Shuhang remembered, Daoist Half Gourd's gourd was only a treasure of the Fourth Stage rank. On the other hand, this Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd was even able to attract the attention of Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors, causing them to madly chase after the sword light.

"Is it just a coincidence, or did Daoist Half Gourd's gourd undergo a mutation while it was in space?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

From the looks of it, there was a 50% chance, or higher, that the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd was precisely Daoist Half Gourd's burgundy gourd.

Is it possible that there is some fate between this gourd and me?

However, I'm not lacking magical treasures right now!

Aside from its cool ability to suck people inside it, that burgundy gourd didn't have what good use!

According to a certain saying, fate had the power to bring people that were thousands of miles apart together.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, Li Yinzhu's lovely voice was transmitted beside his ear. "Careful, there is a sword light in the front coming over here!"

Song Shuhang opened his eyes and glanced forward. Sure enough, a flying sword that had Venerable White's aura on it was quickly rushing toward his position. The faintly visible burgundy gourd was glowing.

Shiet, is it really coming toward me?

However it was heading toward him at the wrong time! It wasn't that Song Shuhang didn't like magical treasures. Even if the rank of the treasure was lower, who wouldn't want it if it was directly delivered to one's doorstep? Let alone this burgundy gourd that even cultivators of the Fifth Stage were madly chasing...

However, the problem was precisely that group of cultivators that was closely following the burgundy gourd!

There was a huge number of people behind the gourd making threatening gestures and yelling. It felt as though they were going to destroy everything blocking their path.

When some of them saw Song Shuhang standing in front of the burgundy gourd, killing intent flashed through their eyes!

If the burgundy gourd were to fall into Song Shuhang's hands, these cultivators of the Fourth and Fifth Stage would surely skin him alive.

Actually even if the burgundy gourd were to just fly above his head, it would be still over for Song Shuhang!

That was because he would be trampled to death!

Although several people in the group were using flying swords or other treasures that allowed flight, there were still a lot of strong men using magical shoes and madly dashing about in space with their legs.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was to get trampled. It was something that could definitely kill people.

And if one were to get trampled by this group of cultivators, the mortality rate would increase of at least 300 times!

Therefore, Song Shuhang had to avoid the burgundy gourd at all costs!

Song Shuhang knew his limits quite well. If he wanted to come out of this alive, he absolutely couldn't touch the burgundy gourd unless a Seventh Stage Venerable was here to back him up.

Therefore, Song Shuhang operated the 'driving force formation' on the spacesuit with all his might and got away from the burgundy gourd, moving to one side.

After seeing that Song Shuhang was moving to one side and wasn't planning to fight for the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd, those cultivators of the Fourth and Fifth Stage that were closely chasing after the gourd heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, one of the cultivators in the group, an old man, suddenly jumped up and activated a magical disk.

"Ah! Guys, get ready and quickly seize the gourd! Now, look at my powerful seal, the Mount Tai Seal!" the old man roared.

In the group, seven cultivators immediately accelerated and surpassed the rest. They were the companions of the old man!

The old man brandished the magical disk and a sealing ray shot out of it.

Just as the old man was using the sealing technique to hold the sword light back, his seven companions would seize the opportunity to snatch away the gourd and quickly leave the area.

The sealing ray was extremely fast and chased after the sword light at high speed!

"Old bastard, don't even think about it!"

"That gourd is mine! I'll kill whoever tries to snatch it!"

"A little Spiritual Emperor with only three dragon patterns dares to be this arrogant?"

Then, under the vision of the group of cultivators...

It was unknown what happened to the sealing ray, but it suddenly curved and flew past the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd, heading toward Song Shuhang who was on one side, trapping him inside the seal.

Mount Tai's pressure weighed down on his head!

Heavy, heavy, heavy...

I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying...