Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Endure
Chapter 51: Endure!

From the abdomen, the remaining medicinal power from the Body Tempering Liquid was once again activated, the tepid medicinal power flowed from the abdomen to the shoulders, waist, and finally the legs.

Whats going on? Song Shuhang couldnt help but pause, carefully reflecting on the experience earlier, and realized the main reason for that strange phenomenon; it was the Fist Scripture Chant!

When Shuhang recited the Fist Scripture Chant, the chants unique syllables and beat activated that strange power from Heaven and Earth, causing it to press down on his body, twine around his fist, turning his fist from ordinary to extraordinary.

This is a cultivators body tempering technique!

Hehe, you felt that mysterious energy from Heaven and Earth didnt you? Medicine Masters eyes squinted as he smiled, explaining, This is the biggest difference between cultivators and martial artists of the mortal world, you can call it spirit qi, its just a name anyway, and this name should be more familiar to you.

This is spirit qi? Song Shuhang was no stranger to that name, in fact, he had no way of escaping from that name.

Therefore, the most important aspect of a Fist Technique is its Chant. Even if its the most basic Foundation Building training method, the chant would mobilize a faint spirit qi through its special sounds, which, in turn tempers and strengthens the body. That one punch of yours that you just did, has the same effect as a mortal world martial artist bitterly punching over three thousand times. Medicine Master explained, At this point, I have to congratulate you, little friend Shuhang. You possess the most basic aptitude for cultivating; intimacy to spirit qi. Although this was already highly likely when you remained safe and sound after drinking the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid despite not training up to this age, it has now finally been confirmed.

Intimacy to spirit qi, does this also means that despite reciting the Fist Scripture Chant, not everybody would be able to mobilize the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth? Song Shuhang was sharp enough to catch on to the deep meaning behind Medicine Masters words, and asked.

Thats right, being unable to mobilize the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth means being unable to complete foundation building, which means having no aptitude for cultivation. This is the most basic requirement for cultivating. Medicine Master smiled and said, Now, dont stop, and dont waste effort on thinking. After Foundation Building Technique One, immediately move on to the next move. Dont let your body be idle, the more tired you become, the more effective the Foundation Building Technique becomes.

Roger! Song Shuhang resolutely said.

Thank goodness he came into contact with Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Thank goodness he met Soft Feather, Medicine Master, and the other seniors in the group.

Thank goodness he possessed a body that had intimacy to spirit qi.

He was very lucky, so he definitely mustnt waste this luck and chance.

Stepping one foot forward, Song Shuhang recited Foundation Building Fist Technique Twos Fist Scripture Chant, while the punch was executed with his hands.

There was only one stance in Foundation Building Fist Technique Two, he made accurate steps, while his fist was swung in an arc. The quick punch, was thrown like a meteor.

The body tempering effect was one step stronger than Ones. The spirit qi of Heaven and Earth coiled around his fist and shoulders. After ten consecutive punches, Shuhang felt his fists become abnormally heavy, as if there was a massive weight added onto them.

*Bang bang bang!*

It was the sound of the fist tearing through the air.

Every punch consumed a large amount of energy, sweat poured. Just like the time he sprinted like crazy after consuming the Body Tempering Liquid, there were black impurities mixed in with the sweat.

A pleasantly surprised look showed in Shuhangs eyes.

This time there was no need for Medicine Masters reminder, as Foundation Building Fist Technique Three immediately followed.

Springing step, charging punch, turn the body to intercept opponents punch, false step, quick palm. The third move may be considered a fist technique, but it also had a palm strike and dragon claw mixed in. Palms like blades and hatchets, claws like dancing dragons.

*Hu hu hu* Shuhangs breathing deepened, the remaining medicinal power in the Body Tempering Liquid in his abdomen went along with the use of Foundation Building Fist Technique Three, and was completely dissolved in a single breath, spreading itself to every nook and corner of Shuhangs body.

The next moment, he felt every muscle of his body vibrating, his heated body turned scarlet from the heat!

In the indescribable heat, there was a warm energy produced from his muscles; is this blood qi?

All thats needed is to fill the body with it, then the overflowing qi and blood can flow into the heart acupoint, once the heart acupoint is filled, the first wisp of qi and blood will be formed, that is foundation building!

From an ordinary person who never cultivated, after drinking the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid, just how far can you utilize ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? before collapsing? Medicine Master crossed his arms, and spectated Song Shuhangs training.

He didnt tell Shuhang that ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? is not a skill a beginner could immediately use from start to end.

Although this fist technique is a foundation building fist technique, it possesses the same amount of attack power as a 1st Stage skill.

Even Great Master Tong Xuans elite disciples can only practice up to the thirteenth to fifteenth move when attempting ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? for the first time.

Ever since the time the Great Master had obtained the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? till now, there hasnt been a single one of his elite disciples who had managed to practice the entire ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? completely when trying it for the first time!

On the other hand, Song Shuhang may have consumed the Body Tempering Liquid beforehand, but he didnt just miss out on the golden years for foundation building, he hadnt even exercised his body much for a long time. The performance he would put out would definitely be lacking in comparison to sects elites disciples. Lacking so far behind that Medicine Master was wondering whether Shuhang could even endure up to the fifth move.

However, he didnt tell Shuhang these, he instead gave Shuhang the impression that he has to execute the whole set of the foundation building fist technique to make use of the True Self Meditation Technique, and have the blood and qi accumulated at the hearts acupoint.

This imperceptibly gave Song Shuhang the stubbornness of completing the whole fist technique in one attempt, thinking that it had to be normal. In that way, Shuhangs desperate attempt at struggling might be able to help him burst through more moves than otherwise.

Break through, little friend. Show me the potential one would have from taking the Body Tempering Liquid beforehand. Medicine Master secretly thought.

While he was deep in thought, Song Shuhang had already completed Foundation Building Fist Technique Four.

At this time, Shuhang was deeply panting like a cow, his hair was wet as if he was soaked by rain, and his clothes were also completely soaked.

At this time, regardless of whether it was his fist or the other parts of his body, they all felt heavy as if a mountain weighed on them. Even trying to raise an arm or taking a step forward made him feel utterly exhausted, every muscle on him felt sore.

Just how many moves is this now? This should just be Foundation Building Fist Technique Four!

?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? has a total of eighteen moves! Can I even do it all at once?

Perspiration slid down onto his eyelid, Song Shuhang blinked to let the perspiration on it slide down his eyelashes.

It can be done, I can definitely do it!

Medicine Master is having a good mood, so he agreed to teach him how to do the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? after finishing up with the fist technique. But who knows whether Medicine Master would maintain this happy mood consistently over the next few days?

If he fails to master the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? today, he might lose out on receiving pointers from Medicine Master for his whole life!

I must endure!

From the moment he sat in front of the computer and sent his first message into the Nine Provinces (1) Group, he had hardened his will!

Even under the threat of death, he had no fear. How could he be willing to be defeated by exhaustion? If he cant even overcome this level of difficulty, whats the point of even talking about cultivation?

Why not just quit the Nine Provinces (1) Group and be satisfied being an ordinary person then!

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth while he continued to chant the Fist Scripture Chant. His left hand as a palm, while his right fiercely swung; Foundation Building Fist Technique, Five!

Once this punch had been swung, he felt the bones in his body making noises. Foundation Building Fist Technique Five, what it tempered wasnt just the bodys muscles, it had more emphasis on the bodys innards.

Hu! A breath of impure air was blown out of his mouth.

Even on this hot summer day, Song Shuhang felt that what he exhaled was still visibly misty.

The tepid qi and blood in his body became increasingly dense, it had been slowly accumulating, and would soon fill up.

At the same time, the remaining Body Tempering Liquid power that had been contained in his lower abdomen had finally been completely emptied with this fist.

Losing the recovery power provided by the Body Tempering Liquid, continuing the practice would become more strenuous, even the feeling of exhaustion had increased tenfold or perhaps more.