Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Im Seventh Cultivator Of True Virtue
Chapter 512: Im Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
What a tragedy!

Song Shuhang didn't expect that the flying sword would suddenly stop moving. He hadn't contemplated this possibility at all.

Song Shuhang was helplessly looking at the approaching red-haired Spiritual Emperor. He was sure that the guy would definitely cut off his four limbs to vent his anger.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand toward the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique was it already time to use his life-saving trump card?

However, he was a little unwilling to do so. After all, he had just arrived in space with the intent to strengthen his constitution and explore that grave together with Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue...

But right at this time, Song Shuhang had a sudden idea!

Wait a moment, perhaps I can use something else!

Song Shuhang took two boxes out of the size-reducing purse.

One was the box of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique. It would automatically open a month later and bring Song Shuhang back home. But if he was in danger, Song Shuhang could pour his true qi into it and activate it, running to Venerable White's side ahead of time.

The other box had a push button on it and was also one of Venerable White's products. It was the so-called 'flying sword launcher 013 edition'. It was a self-defense treasure that Venerable White gave to Song Shuhang when the latter went to Tubo's grandfather's home as a guest at the start of summer vacation.

Song Shuhang could launch 'disposable flying swords' through this gadget. With the help of this thing, Song Shuhang was able to kill Daoist Half Gourd back then and send both him and the gourd to space.

Song Shuhang's plan was to use the flying sword launcher to launch the disposable flying sword 004 edition beneath his feet!

If he could successfully launch the disposable flying sword, even a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor would be injured.

At the same time, Song Shuhang was also tightly holding the box with the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique. If he were to fail, he would activate it without second thought.

Song Shuhang kicked the air conditioner off the flying sword. Under the adrenaline rush, he was extremely quick even though he was wearing that cumbersome spacesuit.

He held the box with the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique under his armpit and used his hands to hastily load the disposable flying sword 004 edition into the flying sword launcher.

Afterward, he operated the true qi in his dantian and poured it into the flying sword launcher while resisting the stabbing pain.

The flying sword launcher resonated with Song Shuhang... soon after, a scope appeared in his eyes.

Everything was proceeding flawlessly.

Song Shuhang had already used this gadget once. Therefore, he was pretty skilled when it came to operating it.

Song Shuhang aimed with the scope at the red-haired Spiritual Emperortarget locked!

The preparations had been completed!

Far off, the red-haired Spiritual Emperor felt a sense of crisis, and his body immediately stiffened.

"Eat my move!" Song Shuhang didn't hesitate and immediately pressed the button on the flying sword launcher 013 edition.

At the same time, he tightly grabbed the box with the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique with his other hand, ready to flee at any time.

"Whizz!" The disposable flying sword 004 edition was successfully launched. After all, the two objects were part of one set.

All of Venerable White's products were high-quality goods.

The sword light shone, its speed extremely fast.

The sword qi on the wooden sword was compressed and turned into a tiny ray of light. After its volume was reduced, its lethality increased by several times.

Back then, Daoist Half Gourd didn't even have the time to dodge the sword light before getting impaled and dying.

However, the red-haired Spiritual Emperor wasn't Daoist Half Gourd.

The eyes of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor carefully looked at the sword light. At the same time, the four mysterious lights on his head suddenly increased in size.

Dammit, this brat was really connected to the sword lights!

However, he can only dream of stopping me with that sword light!

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor grabbed the hacking blade. Then, he stretched his right hand out and muttered an incantation. In the next moment, six magical formations overlapped right in front of him.

"Fire King Saber Formation!" The red-haired Spiritual Emperor shoved the blade inside the six overlapping formations, making the strength of the formations pour into the blade.

Then, he held the hacking blade high and slashed out.

A fiery red blade light shone in the void.

The blade light was like a volcanic eruption, and the blazing aura it was emitting almost set the surroundings on fire.

In the next moment...

The disposable flying sword 004 edition, which had turned into a sword light, and the blade light bumped into each other.

There was no sound but there was a blinding explosion of light.

The unceasing explosion completely wrapped the body of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor.

In the end, the small sword light of the 'disposable flying sword' destroyed the huge volcano-like blade light of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor.

The strength of the sword light didn't diminish and pierced through the radiance of the explosion, slashing toward the red-haired Spiritual Emperor!

The power of the sword light was absolutely shocking!

The disposable flying sword 004 edition had been roaming in space for a very long time. Moreover, it also consumed a lot of spiritual energy when it released those two streams of sword qi earlier. But even then, it still had the power to defeat a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

"Did he die?" Song Shuhang asked in a low voice.

"No idea. But we should take advantage of the opportunity and quickly get away from here," Yu Jiaojiao replied.

Song Shuhang grabbed the space capsule and operated the silver dragon puppet, ready to run away.

But right at this time, a figure stepped out of the explosion of light.

"Brat, I'll kill you!" The roar of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor directly echoed in Song Shuhang's mind.

As expected, it wasn't so easy to kill a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

At this time, the red-haired Spiritual Emperor was in a rather pitiful state. His whole body was covered with wounds, without a single uninjured place. The daoist robe he was wearing was also torn to pieces and turned into burning rags. Even his life-bound treasured blade was broken into two pieces.

The losses he had suffered were very serious. All his magical treasures and talismans had been either destroyed or consumed in the process. He was left with nothing and had to rebuild everything anew.

Actually, the red-haired Spiritual Emperor was rather lucky that the disposable flying sword 004 edition had been roaming in space for a while and had consumed most of its energy. If Song Shuhang launched a brand-new disposable flying sword, he would have surely died with his cultivation of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm with four dragon patterns.

"Brat, I'll cut you into pieces!" the red-haired Spiritual Emperor roared as he gritted his teeth. He didn't need an answer from Song Shuhang anymore. It was quite obvious that the small box that launched the wooden sword was the treasure that could control the sword lights.

As long as he could kill Song Shuhang and obtain the small box from him, he would get his hands on the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd. Only by getting his hands on the Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd could he somewhat make up for all the losses he had suffered.

The body of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor moved at high speed and quickly arrived in front of Song Shuhang, chopping at him with his blade.

"I didn't think that I would have to use the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique so soon" Song Shuhang said as he held the wooden box in his right hand. He finished pouring the true qi inside the box earlier and could now escape at any time with a mere thought.

"Stop!" But right at this time, another voice echoed. This voice also directly echoed in Song Shuhang's mind.

The voice was like the roar of a lion and made Song Shuhang's mind buzz. The Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique was interrupted.

Next, a fist-sized object quickly came over from a distant place!

Just as the angry red-haired Spiritual Emperor was about to chop Song Shuhang in two pieces, the fist-sized object jumped and interposed itself between the two.

"Stop immediately!" the fist-sized object said once more.

Its voice directly echoed inside the minds of Song Shuhang and the red-haired Spiritual Emperor. Moreover, it felt as though the voice had strong mind-controlling properties.

The wrathful attack of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor was likewise influenced by the voice, and the blade was unexpectedly forced to stop.

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor clenched his teeth and said, "A magical technique capable of attacking the mind" The voice could attack the mind. Magical attacks of this type were rather strange, and it was virtually impossible to defend against them.

At this time, Song Shuhang finally saw the creature that had interposed itself between him and the red-haired Spiritual Emperor.

It was a lifelike jade white lion of the size of a fist.

The jade white lion said in human language, "Little friend Shuhang, you weren't injured, right?"

"I'm fine, thanks," Song Shuhang said and nodded. This jade white lion should be Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's pet or magical treasure, right?

The jade white lion also nodded and turned its body around, facing the red-haired Spiritual Emperor.

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor gritted his teeth and said, "Who are you?" His voice directly echoed in Song Shuhang's mind.

"I'm the same Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue you talked to on the phone earlier." The jade white lion wagged its head in complacency and continued, "I'll say it again give me face and leave now. If you do so, I'll turn a blind eye to everything that happened. After all, little friend Shuhang and I will explore a grave in a few days. Therefore, it's better not to kill people and avoid getting dyed in blood if possible."

The expression of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor was gloomy. He grabbed his broken saber tightly and gritted his teeth.

"Still here and not running away with all your might?" the jade white lion said while licking its claws.

The face of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor turned red. From the fluctuations of spiritual energy he could sense from the body of the jade white lion, he determined that it was a creature of the Fourth Stage Realm at most.

But what was the deal with it being so arrogant? Was it a bluff?

"Running your sister!" the red-haired Spiritual Emperor roared, seemingly out of control. He waved his broken blade, and the spiritual energy inside his body surged as he slashed forward.

The blade light exploded and covered both the jade white lion and Song Shuhang.

Just as the red-haired Spiritual Emperor waved his broken blade, the flaming tattoo on his back quietly separated from his body and changed into a small mass of fire that hid behind a nearby meteorite.

Cultivators would die unless they had many skills, and the red-haired Spiritual Emperor just happened to be a man with many skills.

The jade white lion kept licking its claws and said, "Stupid enough to reject a face-saving offer?"

After saying this much, it patted down with its paw and said, "Summoning the main body of Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue!"

Just as the jade white lion patted down, something similar to a space gate suddenly appeared in the void.

Soon after, a figure stepped out of the space gate.

"Do you really not intend to give me face?" the figure muttered after making its appearance.

Afterward, it raised its hand and used it as a weapon, gently chopping toward the red-haired Spiritual Emperor with it.

As expected, they were playing dirty!

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor snorted and rotated his broken blade, using it to ward off the incoming attack.


The treasured blade and the palm collided.

In the next moment, the palm of the figure shattered to pieces the treasured blade, just as though it was made of paper.

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor was shocked.

Even though the treasured blade was broken in two, it was still made from a very hard material and was a blade of the Fifth Stage rank! Wasn't it a bit too ridiculous that the opposite party could destroy it with their bare hands?


After shattering the treasured blade, the palm of the figure didn't lose any of its strength and bumped into the forehead of the red-haired Spiritual Emperor.

The gentle palm of the figure was much scarier than any blade.

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor was sent flying by the impact, and a finger's breadth deep wound was left on his forehead, with blood crazily spurting out.

His consciousness started to fade It's bad, I've offended a powerful person...

Luckily, what he left behind was a substitute. Otherwise, it would have been really over for him.

The red-haired Spiritual Emperor said while shivering, "Who are you?!"