Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Meditation Technique To Form The True Self
Chapter 52: Meditation technique to form the true self

Side step, tyrannical fist, squat into a leg sweep.

Then form hands into fists, hammer strike.

Foundation Fist Technique, strike!

When he completed this step, Song Shuhang was already an extinguished candle. His body was shaking unsteadily from the intense fatigue and energy consumed.

To be honest, for a mortal who had never attempted foundation building before, being able to do it to such a degree was already pretty good. In Medicine Masters estimation, Song Shuhang would have great difficulty completing the first five moves.

And Song Shuhang, seemed to still be able to continue enduring this!

However, the Body Tempering Liquid in little friend Shuhangs body is almost fully consumed This makes sense, its been over twelve hours since he took the Body Tempering Liquid. His body only had a little remaining of the medicinal liquid, it should be fully consumed by this fifth move. Medicine Master took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom. It was precisely the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid that Song Shuhang had helped him refine, If he was replenished with Body Tempering Liquid midway, wouldnt he be able to last longer? Little friend Shuhang, show me the limits of your willpower. If you can really complete this fist technique in one-shot, then the value of my Simplified Body Tempering Liquid would rise by at least two levels.

After a brief second, after Song Shuhang completed the Foundation Building Fist Technique Six, the Medicine Master called out, Little friend Shuhang, open your mouth!

Song Shuhang, whose mind was already spinning, instinctively opened his mouth.

Medicine Master flicked a small lump of black medicinal fluid which landed in his open mouth.

Instantly, he felt spiciness and pain in his throat, as though it had exploded!

Immediately following that, the explosive medicinal liquid dissolved into a ball of warm energy, sliding down his throat into his belly. The warm and cozy feeling his belly was so comfortable that he felt like moaning.

Body Tempering Fluid? Song Shuhang immediately understood.

The new medicinal power surged all over his body, explosively. Its like the huge medicinal power wanted to blow his body up, while providing him with unlimited power.

Under the influence of the abundant medicinal power, Foundation Fist Technique Seven was smoothly executed.

Then it was Foundation Building Fist Technique Eight, and Nine!

He executed the moves like a hot knife slicing through butter.

The expanding medicinal power made Song Shuhang unable to resist a light moan, he wouldnt be happy if he didnt release it.

He recited the Fist Scripture Chant with a heavy, powerful voice. The fist followed his will and the will followed his body.

Every move of the fist technique made Song Shuhang more exhausted, but once he pushed through it, the medicinal power from the Body Tempering Liquid in his body would replenish his physical body, clearing away all the fatigue.

Continue to endure! I must endure till I finish executing the whole ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?!

This was the only thing on Song Shuhangs mind.

Finally he completed all eighteen moves of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?!

Within the body, qi and blood overflowed.

His body turned slightly red, it was like the scorching hot qi and blood was about to flow out of every pore on his body at any second.

Its done! His qi and blood were overflowing! Song Shuhangs clenched both hands into fists, forcefully repressing his urge to roar at the skies; this was the center of the male dormitory so roaring and screaming would only attract unnecessary attention.

The corners of Medicine Masters mouth raised up, he was extremely pleased.

For him to really manage to go through the entire ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? from start to end, this was truly unexpected!

Thats good, next up, take advantage of the fact that the qi and blood in the body hasnt cooled down or dissipated, immediately cross your legs and sit down, cultivate in the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?! He immediately reminded Song Shuhang.

In the world of cultivation, there were countless ways to meditate.

But, all the meditation techniques returned to the same fundamentals, which were to focus ones consciousness at a superior level, transforming it into a wisp of mental power.

Mental power and the power within the body, these are the basics for cultivators.

Under normal circumstances, the qi and blood in a persons body cannot be directly controlled by the person. Only those with high levels of mental energy could direct their qi and blood to make simple movements within the body.

Other than this, when the qi and blood form into true qi or higher levels of energy in the future, they would also require a corresponding level of mental energy for directing and control.

Otherwise, if ones mental power could not catch up to his cultivation level, it would be easy for them to go insane from being unable to control the energy within his body. It was precisely because of this that cultivators often underwent closed door meditation or tempered themselves in the mortal world to raise their mental power.

Furthermore, cultivators follow different meditation scriptures, and the type of mental power they cultivate would differ as well. Some would have mental power that would be like the quiet darkness, while some would have mental power thats as fierce as tigers and lions, and some would have mental power that is as serene as an ancient tree. This is all because they used different types of meditation scriptures.

On the other hand, ?True Self Meditation Scripture? used meditation techniques to form the true self in ones mind, eliminating all distractions, leading the mental power to be like a calm ancient well, to condense and become concentrated into mental power.

Song Shuhang took deep breaths, calmed down the excitement in his heart, crossed his legs and carried out the final step.

He recited the contents of the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? with his mouth, while inside his mind he borrowed the meditation technique to form his true self.

Vajra Temple may be a Buddhist sect, but the true self within the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? was different from the eight freedoms found in Buddhism.

The words true self here mean exactly as it sounds, the genuine self. The meditation technique forms the image of the true him in his mind.

This true self wont remain the same forever, it would follow the cultivators age as he grows up, his life experiences, the techniques he train in, the transformation of the body. All of these would result in change.

It could be an ordinary child, a white-clothed sword cultivator, a fierce blade cultivator, a kind senior, or an ordinary folk of the mortal world, it can even transform into a demon because of anger and hatred. The cultivator constantly undergoes changes, so the true self formed by the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? would also undergo changes.

Compared to other meditation techniques, ?True Self Meditation Scripture? isnt matchlessly fierce like tigers and lions, isnt as serene as an ancient tree, and isnt as vast and quiet as the starry sky, but the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? would be the meditation technique that suits the self the most, because its the true self.

Well then, just what kind of person would I, Song Shuhang be? Song Shuhang inwardly thought.

Would the true self be matchless chivalrous person I had longed to be in the past?

Or would it form into a cultivator with an immortal aura because I came into contact with the world of cultivation?

It wouldnt end up with something like a demon, would it? Ive always lived my life ordinarily, and dont have any deep enmities with others

In the worst case, it should just be the very handsome me, right?

While having such thoughts, he recited all of the contents for the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, and felt his mind clearing up.

A figure formed in his mind, or you could say formed in his sea of consciousness.

First was the crossed legs, then the arms, then the waist, and slowly crept up

It was practically like a 3D printer printing out the shape of a human in his mind.

Just what kind of me would it be?

Song Shuhang was incomparably full of anticipation.

With meditation, rediscover myself, find out my true self!

As he expectantly awaited, the true self was formed in his mind.

What should I say?

Its surprisingly ordinary!

The true self looked exactly the same as Song Shuhang, it wore an ordinary short-sleeved shirt, black casual pants, sat crossed legged, and wore a gentle smile.

He saw his true self in meditation.

Such an ordinary true self should be considered as an ordinary person, right? Is this telling me that Im merely an average mortal right now?

There wasnt time to think so much, the moment his true self had formed, Song Shuhang got rid of all of his distracting thoughts, concentrated his mental power, and under assistance from the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, a wisp of pure mental power was formed.

Once the mental power was formed, Song Shuhang quickly followed as stated on the meditation technique, and began to guide the qi and blood that was brimming throughout his body.

He guided them into his hearts acupoint.

The hearts acupoint is where the heart is, but the hearts acupoint isnt the heart, it is an empty acupoint right where the heart is. It cannot be touched, even if a human body was cut open, the hearts acupoint cannot be found, but it exists right there!

The amount of qi and blood overflowing within Song Shuhang wasnt small, under the guidance of the mental power formed by his true self, the overflowing qi and blood began to surge over from all parts of his body with the hearts acupoint as the core.

As this process continued, the heat in his body gradually dissipated. It felt like he was experiencing a scorching summer day, was caressed heavily by the great sun, and suddenly entered an air-conditioned room, extremely cooling and comfortable.

After an unknown amount of time, under the guidance of the mental power from the true self, the overflowing qi and blood had all been integrated into his hearts acupoint. At this point, Song Shuhang had a warm feeling in his heart. Within his chest, his heart throbbed vigorously.

Yep, this is the sound of a healthy heart. Song Shuhang nodded.

Theres no heart disease, very good.