Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 522

Chapter 522: The ?steel Hands Technique?
Chapter 522: The Steel Hands Technique
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Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's description of the technique made Song Shuhang recall Dharma King Creation's Warring Buddha's True Body, the signature technique of the 'Warring Buddha Sect'. After making his clothes explode, Dharma King Creation was able to fight against a blood demon of the Sixth Stage rank with his physical body of the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor rank.

"Senior, what kind of cultivation technique is this?" Song Shuhang asked.

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue replied, "The Steel Hands Technique!"

"?" Song Shuhang.

"The name of the cultivation technique is Steel Hands Technique, and it's something a cultivator of the Second Stage can practice. If practiced successfully, it will allow the user to increase the strength of their constitution by a notch. Moreover, the hands of the cultivator will become impervious to swords and spears, as well as immune to heat and cold. Both arms would develop superhuman strength, and the user would be able to clash against magical treasures of the Second Stage rank with their bare hands!" Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue continued. "Don't look down on the Steel Hands Technique. Although its name isn't too awe-inspiring, it's a technique that all the disciples of a powerful ancient weapon-forging sect, the 'Heavy Metal Sect', were required to learn."

So it was originally the unique skill of a weapon-forging sect... a marvelous skill that belonged to blacksmiths.

PS: After I learned the Steel Hands Technique, teacher didn't have to worry about me ending up all 'alone' in the future. Even if I had to snatch it from others, I was going to try my best to get a woman! Random disciple of the Heavy Metal Sect.

"Do you want to learn it?" Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said with a smile.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Yes!"

If it was called Steel Hands Technique, so be it. At least, it was more pleasant-sounding than 'golden-bell cover', 'iron cloth shirt', or other techniques that had similar functions. Moreover, it was something useful to him... why shouldn't he practice it?

"How many spirit stones do I need to pay to learn the Steel Hands Technique?"

"It's just a cultivation technique of the Second Stage. You can consider it as remuneration for lending me the gourd," Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said with a smile. Cultivation techniques of the Second Stage were a very distant memory for him.

After saying this much, Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue stretched out his hand and poked the air. In the next moment, a golden radiance flashed through his eyes and projected into the void, turning into the chant of the cultivation technique.

The nearby Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue opened its mouth and spat out a white paper sheet.

Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue pressed with his finger on the white paper. Immediately afterwards, the chant of the cultivation technique hovering midair fell onto the white paper.

"This is the chant of the Steel Hands Technique. It's rather easy to learn, but if you don't understand something, you can ask Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue," Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue said.

"In that case, I'll be impolite and accept it," Song Shuhang said as he took the white paper.

Although it was only a cultivation technique of the Second Stage rank, it wasn't like those ordinary and widespread cultivation techniques such as the Earth Spirit Staff or Wave Splitting Palm. This cultivation technique was worth several spirit stones of the Fifth Stage, if not more.

Song Shuhang felt that he had been saying 'I'll be impolite' quite a bit to the seniors recently... and the favors he owed were increasing alongside it.

Afterward, Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue brought Song Shuhang to the practicing area of the immortal cave so that he could keep challenging the hundred giants.

Chu Chu and Yu Jiaojiao were already there, practicing.

Along the way, Song Shuhang seized the opportunity to open the package Su Clan's Seven mentioned earlier.

Branch Leader Jing Mo didn't have many treasures with him back then. After all, one could only bring along a limited number of objects with them if they didn't have any spatial equipment or a size-reducing purse.

The first object he found was the jet-black flying sword. It was the signature flying sword of the Limitless Demon Sect and reluctantly reached the Fourth Stage rank. Its flying speed was ordinary, but its ability to make surprise attacks was pretty good. If placed inside a small school such as the Illusory Sword School, it would become the most treasured object of the sect.

Then, there was a cloud-shaped magical treasure capable of flight. Song Shuhang could use it after reaching the Fourth Stage Realm. The flying speed of this magical treasure wasn't bad. At that time, Jing Mo was able to catch up with Song Shuhang even though the latter had used the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique.

However, Song Shuhang was currently unable to use it. Moreover, he had the silver dragon puppet which had a better design, better speed, and more importantly, no restrictions on its use. Additionally, Song Shuhang would learn to ride a flying sword anyway after reaching the Fourth Stage. He wouldn't need this gadget.

Perhaps he could sell it in exchange for spirit stones?

The package also had some medicinal pills within. They were the type that could be used to treat injuries on the spot.

Finally, there were a few spirit stones. The spirit stones were of the Fourth Stage rank, and there were twelve of them in total. One of them had been used to practice, and there was only half the quantity of spiritual energy left inside.

If he were to subtract the nine spirit stones of the Fourth Stage he owed Senior White, there were still three left.

It was something worthy of celebration.

After Song Shuhang entered the practicing area, Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue activated the challenge mode.

The massive ancient city appeared once more along with those hundred giants of different sizes.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath and roared, starting another fighting session with giants.

Today, he was much more agile than yesterday.

His silhouette was prancing about amongst the giants and the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk footwork was pushed to the limit.

Ten minutes later...


The saber light flashed through the surrounding area, and the sharp Broken Tyrant ripped open the defense of the giant by relying on a basic saber technique, cutting open the mark that denoted the giant's fatal weakness.

Fresh blood spurted all over, and the huge giant loudly fell to the ground.

"It's the eighteenth," Song Shuhang said as he slightly panted. Then, his body quickly moved and jumped on the city walls, starting to run alongside them. Afterward, he borrowed the height of the walls and suddenly jumped, using Broken Tyrant to slash open the top of the head of the nineteenth giant.

After suffering all those hardships yesterday, Song Shuhang had progressed with amazing speed.

The same giants that tired him out yesterday with their continuous attacks seemed a bit slow today. Even while the giants surrounded him, he was able to find an opening to break through the encirclement, even smoothly beheading a giant in the process.

If we add the fact that he had the enlightenment stone with him, the comprehension he was gaining after each saber attack was amplified, allowing him to quickly increase the experience he had in regards to saber techniques.

The saying that one could bring out most of their latent capacity only under great pressure had some truth behind it.

"Little friend Shuhang is improving at a very fast pace!" Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue said with a smile. "In that case, I'll increase the gravity! How about five times higher than normal? I believe in you, little friend Shuhang!"

"What? You want to increase the gravity to five times higher than normal?" Song Shuhang immediately shouted. "Senior Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue, please stop!"

His voice had yet to fade when Song Shuhang felt his body become heavy.

He had just jumped and was midair as his body sunk and crashed to the ground...

It was quite painful!

But the real pain had yet to come... ten giants seized the opportunity and surrounded Song Shuhang.

The feet of the ten giants descended from the sky and brutally trampled Song Shuhang's body, rolling over him and stomping him!

Very soon, the golden radiance of a shield appeared on Song Shuhang's body.

He had failed the challenge.

Song Shuhang twitched like a dead fish while lying on the ground, unable to move.

No matter who it was, they wouldn't feel too good after getting trampled by tens of giants. Song Shuhang wasn't sure whether it was just his misconception or not, but he felt that the feet of these giants were quite smelly~

Just as Song Shuhang was laboriously practicing, Lady Onion was also practicing inside his pocket. She felt that she needed only a little bit of energy to assume human form once more.

However, Lady Onion thought of an important problem at this time... where would the enlightenment stone end up once she turned into a human?

It wouldn't end up being a calculus inside her body, right?

Inside Song Shuhang's size-reducing purse.

A spirit stone of the Fourth Stage came into contact with the exquisite human puppet. It was precisely that puppet Song Shuhang obtained from the depths of the smelted cave.

Just as the spirit stone came into contact with the puppet, it was absorbed and disappeared like a stone falling into the water...