Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Do You Want To Sign A Contract With Me And Become..
Chapter 526: Do you want to sign a contract with me and become...
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Chu Chu, who entered the fifth road, was extremely vigilant along the way.

Just as she kept moving forward and got deeper and deeper in the passage, fog started to appear. The fog was very ordinary and didn't contain any spiritual energy or poison.

But the more ordinary the fog looked, the more one had to be careful... the fact that ordinary fog had appeared within the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue was an anomaly in itself.

Such a dense mist... she should have a constitution of the water attribute! From the looks of it, it's a very hard to come by pure water-type attribute. A jade eyeball was quietly following behind Chu Chu, keeping a certain distance between them so as to avoid Chu Chu noticing it.

It was the eyeball of Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue that had now separated from its body.

After Chu Chu took a few more steps, there was a sudden change.

Four figures whose bodies were emitting monster qi suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her path. The four figures had half the body of a human and half the body of a beast. They had a cultivation level of the Second Stage 'Sea of Qi Dantian' Realm, two small realms lower than Chu Chu's.

Chu Chu placed her hand on the short sword attached to her thigh, calmly gazing at the four half-human and half-beast monsters in front of her.

"Roar!" The half-human and half-beast monsters wildly roared. They had bloodshot eyes and didn't seem to have any intellect. There was no difference between them and wild beasts.

Chu Chu took a deep breath and unsheathed her short sword. At the same time, she muttered in a voice that only she could hear, "The sword of my life, appear."

As soon as her voice faded, the short sword in her hands emitted a cry.

Chu Chu slashed out with the short sword, displaying the mysterious 'sword technique'.

The sword attack had twenty-seven different variations concealed within, making it virtually impossible to guard against it.

The four half-human and half-beast monsters that couldn't even properly use their brains had no hope of blocking such a sword technique.

One move was all that was needed. The sword pricked their eyes and sword qi directly pierced through their heads, completely cutting off their chances of survival.

"Uwaaah~" the half-human and half-beast monsters called out in grief. In the next moment, their bodies suddenly dissipated, turning into mist and merging with the dense fog in the surrounding area.

Chu Chu held onto her short sword, maintaining a vigilant posture.

Some time later, after making sure that there weren't other monsters lying in ambush, she finally put her short sword away.

But right at this time, a faint, painful feeling was transmitted from her chest... although her injuries had almost recovered thanks to the two medicinal pastes from Medicine Master, the aftermath of Whale Eight's deathly hug had yet to disappear. A painful feeling would transmit from her chest whenever she made sudden and intense movements.

Chu Chu put the short sword away and kept advancing.

The fog got denser and denser, and a mysterious energy was now mixed in it.

Chu Chu concentrated the true qi in her eyes... At this time, she could only see things within a range of ten meters.

Therefore, she decided to proceed forward even more cautiously.

After she traveled for around fifty meters, another group of half-human and half-beast monsters emitting monster qi from their bodies appeared in front of her, blocking her way. Just as before, they were in the initial phase of the Second Stage. After appearing, they roared and pounced toward Chu Chu.

Chu Chu calmly made her move. She displayed the mysterious 'sword technique' once more and killed the ten monsters.

Then... she traveled for another fifty meters when another group of half-human and half-beast monsters blocked her way.

Chu Chu made her move once more, swiftly and efficiently getting rid of the group of monsters.

This scene repeated ten times in total.

Chu Chu ultimately killed ten waves of half-human and half-beast monsters. The number of the monsters kept increasing after each wave.

"It won't keep going on forever, right?" Chu Chu muttered to herself.

Just as she thought this, a blinding light appeared before her eyes.

In the next moment, she was already out of that passage full of dense fog.

At this time, she was in front of a chamber tomb 1 .

The stone of the grave was very simple and didn't have the beautiful decorations one would expect. From the looks of it, a powerful cultivator had directly scooped out a huge rock and used it to manufacture the chamber tomb.

In the center of the chamber tomb was a coffin made of gold.

"Have I arrived in the depths of the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue?" Chu Chu muttered to herself. That was it, so easy?

After pondering for a moment, Chu Chu stepped inside the chamber tomb.

In the next moment, she felt her body become light.

At the same time, the true qi inside her dantian suddenly rose.

She, who was originally at the Second Stage Third Dantian 'Dragon Claw Dantian' Realm, was forcefully promoted a small realm. The true qi inside her body suddenly increased and made her break through to the fourth dantian, the Dragon Body Dantian, in one go!

Compared to the first three dantians that took her four or five years of hardships to break through, breaking through to the fourth one was so swift that Miss Chu Chu almost cried.

She would have never expected that she would advance a small realm in such a way.

If all explorations of ancient graves were so amazing, she would never, ever turn down an invitation to explore an ancient grave!

Just as Chu Chu was lost in this beautiful process, the golden coffin showed some changes.

The coffin suddenly opened.

A figure that was wrapped up like a mummy drilled out of the coffin and started hovering midair, slowly approaching Chu Chu.

Chu Chu immediately thought of unsheathing her short sword, but she discovered that she couldn't move her bodynot even her fingers.

She could only helplessly look at the mummy hovering midair as it arrived next to her. The mummy stretched out its hand and opened Chu Chu's eyelids, looking at her eyeballs. Then, it pinched her nose and opened her mouth, checking out her tongue.

What's happening?

This is disgusting!

After examining Chu Chu's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue, the mummy grabbed Chu Chu's palm and carefully looked at the lines above.

Afterward, it placed Chu Chu on the ground and took off her shoes and stockings, held her jade feet and carefully inspected the lines on her soles.

Chu Chu was extremely embarrassed and wished she could die.

After examining Chu Chu's soles, the mummy returned next to the golden coffin and picked up a turtle shell, squeezing three copper coins inside.

After standing still for a moment, the figure seemed to have realized that the number of coins wasn't enough. Therefore, it squeezed five more coins inside, reaching an auspicious number.

Chu Chu muttered, "Is this mummy trying to perform a divination?"

It was indeed performing a divination.

In the next moment, the mummy counted on its fingers and squeezed several runes inside the turtle shell. The runes likely contained information about Chu Chu's facial features, palm lines, and sole lines...

Anyway, there was surely information about Chu Chu inside.

After the runes entered the turtle shell, the whole thing lit up. Afterward, it started hovering midair and spun.

After it spun eight times, the eight copper coins were shot out of the turtle shell, just like flowers petals scattered around by a fairy maiden.

The eight coins fell to the ground and formed a circle.

The mummy looked at the copper coins on the ground and started to ponder.

After a short while, it floated in front of Chu Chu once more and asked in a grave tone, "Girl, the structure of your bones really gave me a pleasant surprise. Moreover, you have a pair of beautiful legs. Such being the case, do you want to sign a contract with me and become..."

In the meantime.

In the first road.

Li Yinzhu yawned while walking. A moment later, it started snowing in the whole passageway.

It unexpectedly started snowing... it's a mutation of the water attribute, the ice attribute! It's a very rare attribute... it's a pity that the condition of that girl doesn't seem too good... Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue's eyeball floated behind Li Yinzhu, carefully observing her movements.

Just as Chu Chu earlier, Li Yinzhu proceeded forward amidst the heavy snow.

After walking for a while, Li Yinzhu suddenly squatted down.

She curled up and tightly braced herself, not moving in the slightest.

The cold inside her body had suddenly flared up, making her hibernate.

Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue's eyeball was speechless.