Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 527

Chapter 527: The Inheritance Of Venerable Sixth Cultivator Of True Virtue?
Chapter 527: The inheritance of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue?
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"Zzzzzzz..." Li Yinzhu.

After hibernating, Li Yinzhu started to sleep soundly.

The jade white eyeball sighed and floated up, arriving next to her body. Then, it magically transformed itself into a small jade white lion and held Li Yinzhu in its mouth, leaving the first road and returning to the immortal boat outside the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue.

From the looks of it, there seemed to be no fate between Li Yinzhu and the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue.

In the second road.

Just as Yu Jiaojiao was traveling through the passage, it started to pour down... Yu Jiaojiao didn't know where to start to ridicule the fact that there was a thunderstorm within such a small passage.

The thunderstorm represented that Yu Jiaojiao had a constitution with a dualwater and lightningattribute. Flood dragons could call the wind and summon the rain since birth. Therefore, it was quite normal for Yu Jiaojiao to possess both water and lightning attributes.

Just as Chu Chu earlier, Yu Jiaojiao advanced in the passage until meeting a group of enemies that blocked her way. However, she didn't meet half-human and half-beast monsters. Instead, she met a group of cultivators that followed the evil path, their expressions sinister.

The evil cultivators had also just entered the Fourth Stage Innate Realm; their cultivation realm was the same as Yu Jiaojiao. However, Jiaojiao had successfully jumped through the dragon gate and gained the ability to assume a half-human and half-fish form. Therefore, her fighting capacity was much higher than that of other cultivators of the same realm.

Yu Jiaojiao killed the four evil cultivators with ease.

After their deaths, the evil cultivators suddenly disappeared and merged with the surrounding thunderstorm.

The thunderstorm got stronger and stronger, completely blocking Yu Jiaojiao's line of sight.

Just like Chu Chu earlier, Yu Jiaojiao could only see things within a range of ten meters or less.

She advanced for another fifty meters before meeting the second group of evil cultivators...

Yu Jiaojiao was lost in thought.

After killing the second group of evil cultivators, she turned around and decided to return to the entrance of the second road.

But after moving fifty meters backward, she found a third group of evil cultivators waiting for her.

Whether she was advancing or retreating, she would find someone blocking her path. Moreover, the strength of the enemies was lower than hers by a notch.

"Such wicked taste," Yu Jiaojiao muttered to herself.

Such being the case, she had no choice but to turn back and keep advancing toward the depths of the passage.

After she took care of ten waves of evil cultivators, Yu Jiaojiao likewise arrived inside a chamber tomb.

Just as she entered the chamber tomb, her body trembled, and she was suddenly unable to maintain her half-human and half-fish form. Therefore, she reverted back to her half-flood dragon and half-fish form.

At the same time, the quantity of innate true qi inside her body rose by a whole 25%, allowing her to thoroughly consolidate her realm!

"It's worthy of being the grave of a Venerable. It gave me such a big boost all at once," Yu Jiaojiao said as she narrowed her eyes, looking at the golden coffin within the chamber tomb.

Right at this time, the golden coffin opened, and a figure drilled out of it.

Although Yu Jiaojiao had reached the Fourth Stage Realm, she wasn't much better off than Chu Chu who was only at the Second Stage Realm in front of this figure that had come out of the coffin.

Her body was also affected by an immobilizing technique and couldn't move in the slightest.

The figure that had drilled out of the coffin floated until arriving next to Yu Jiaojiao. Then, it checked her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tongue, as well as her four claws and tail.

Afterward, the figure took out a turtle shell and squeezed eight copper coins inside.

The turtle shell hovered midair and threw out the copper coins that disorderly arranged themselves on the ground.

"Eh? This divination... Sigh, what a pity. I'm sorry, little girl. It seems you are not the person I'm looking for. Although your legs were indeed beautiful while you were in half-human and half-fish form, there is bound to be no fate between us," the figure that had come out of the coffin said regretfully.

"..." Yu Jiaojiao.

"But don't lose hope. Although there is no fate between us, I'll still give you a consolation prize. After all, you have a pair of beautiful legs!"

After saying this much, the figure returned next to the golden coffin and searched for a while before taking out a precious gem.

"It's a moonstone, something that monster cultivators love. As long as you keep it close to your body, you'll obtain the same effects as you would while practicing under moonlight. The moonstone still has half of its energy left; you can use it for more than ten years." After giving the moonstone to Yu Jiaojiao, the figure stretched out its hand and gently patted her body.

In the next moment, Yu Jiaojiao's body shot out of the ancient grave like an arrow.

After a short while...

When her body stopped, Yu Jiaojiao was already next to the immortal boat outside the ancient grave.

Yu Jiaojiao adjusted her state and assumed once more a half-human and half-fish form.

Then, she turned her head toward the huge grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue and muttered, "There was no fate between us? In other words, is the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue looking for someone that has fate with it...? Is it looking for an inheritor?"

In ancient times, many powerful cultivators wholeheartedly devoted themselves to cultivationto the point of forgetting about the passage of time. Since they were too engrossed in their practice, these ancient cultivators didn't receive any disciple during their lifeor perhaps they found it too troublesome and didn't bother receiving one.

But one day, these cultivators would realize that there was something wrong with their bodies... their lifespan was almost depleted, and they would soon die.

Only at that time would those ancient cultivators start to worry about this matter... but it was too late to receive a disciple since there was not enough time to properly train one, or perhaps they felt that it was too troublesome and didn't bother at all.

However, passing down one's teachings and inheritance was very important. They couldn't just let it die!

Therefore, some of these ancient cultivators left their inheritance inside their graves, waiting for the predestined person that would inherit their teachings and carry on their legacy.

In other words, the grave before their eyes was left behind by an ancient cultivator to find an inheritor.

"I wonder if someone of us will be lucky enough to become the inheritor of this ancient grave... after all, it's the grave of a Venerable!" Yu Jiaojiao muttered to herself.

In the seventh road.

Around five minutes earlier.

Song Shuhang shot a glance upwards. In there, he saw lightning making crackling noises and explosions of fire.

It seems that little friend Shuhang has a constitution with a dualfire and lightningattribute, the jade white lion Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue mused to itself as it followed behind Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang was also a member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and he almost ended up taking the 'Thrice Song Tyrannical Saber' dao namealthough he later changed it to Tyrannical Saber Song One.

For this reason, the jade white lion Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue was closely watching Song Shuhang and being extra cautious so as to avoid Song Shuhang seeking death just like Thrice Reckless and almost dying in the process.

Song Shuhang stared for a while at the lightning and fire. After making sure that it wouldn't suddenly come down and fall on his head, he began to move forward, heading toward the depths of the seventh road.

After walking for a while, he noticed from afar four figures blocking his path.

Song Shuhang found the four figures very familiar... they were wearing black clothing that covered their whole body and sharp needles popped out of their heads.

Those were sea urchin warriors!

Song Shuhang drew his saber without hesitation. As soon as he saw the opposite party, the sea urchin warriors also noticed him! Moreover, Song Shuhang had the 'Mark of the Sea Urchin Slayer' on his body and was the archenemy of sea urchin warriors. There was no chance of reconciliation!

Such being the case, he had to take the initiative and gain the upper hand.

Song Shuhang had now reached the Second Stage Second Dantian 'Dragon Tail Dantian' Realm. On the other hand, the four sea urchin warriors were all in the initial phase of the Second Stage Realm; their cultivation level was one small realm lower than his.

Although the opposite party had four people, Song Shuhang had more than 80% probability of winning with all the treasures and talismans in his possession.