Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Good Person Shuhang
Chapter 53: Good person Shuhang

Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes, and found that he could no longer maintain his sitting posture.


His body just fell backwards onto the ground.

Huh? Whats going on? Senior Medicine Master, I suddenly feel weak all over, and cant even muster an ounce of strength? Song Shuhang was puzzled, he couldnt even shift his fingers.

Medicine Master squatted beside Song Shuhang, and poked him, This is a very normal condition. You cultivated using the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? for the first time, so you didnt control the intensity of the qi and blood which your body was full of. Being a little too greedy, a little too much qi and blood was directed to the hearts acupoint. This would cause the body to experience a brief period of weakness. No matter, youll be fine in a few minutes. Remember that the next time you use ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, leave a tinge of that brimming qi and blood behind, youd be able to avoid accidentally turning your body into a state of weakness. That would be better for your body as well.

Oh I see, haha. As Song Shuhang laid down on the scorching hot roof, he was in a fantastic mood.

Finally the first step to foundation building has been taken.

Hundred days of foundation building, with the aid of the Body Tempering Liquid, even if he was of average aptitude, he should be able to complete it within a hundred days, right?

After completing the foundation building, what kind of power would I possess?

Charms? Magic? Esper? Escape? Invisibility? Clairvoyance?

By the way, Senior, my true self is just the image of me sitting there with a smile, does this signify that Im still just an ordinary mortal? Song Shuhang inquired.

The true self is usually the person himself, and it has to do with experience. Since youve come into contact with cultivation, your true self should not be an ordinary mortal unless deep inside your heart you still do not believe in the existence of cultivation. Or maybe yep, is the smile on the face of your true self a very gentle smile? One that would make others feel comfortable just from a glance? Medicine Master pondered as he asked.

Although its embarrassing to say, it does seem like a smile that would make one feel comfortable just from a glance. Shuhang answered, after all the true self is himself, boasting about his own smile was pretty shameful.

Medicine Master sighed, This was indeed the case, little friend Shuhang, youre truly a good person.

Huh? Senior, dont randomly throw good person cards on other peoples heads! Said Song Shuhang. He didnt mind receiving good person cards, but he wont be able to find a girlfriend if he kept receiving these cards.

No, I meant that your true self represents that youre a good person, little friend Shuhang! Medicine Master staunchly answered.

. The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched.

The true self could make out such a quality?

Alright then, little friend Shuhang, youve already completely grasped the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? and ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?. Especially the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, you executed it very well, the way you punched nearly made me feel like youve been practising this fist technique for years. I dont have much in the way of pointers to give you, so we shall end here for today. Medicine Master said with a smile.

Thank you for your pointers, Senior. Shuhang gratefully exclaimed.

Medicine Master, You need not be so polite, take advantage of the fact that during the time that I will be in the Jiangnan Region, I will be available for consultation if theres anything you dont understand regarding cultivation. Senior North River should have told you this before, when you encounter a problem during cultivation, do not barge your way through, ask around for solutions and ponder over them.

After saying that, he warned again, Regarding cultivation with the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, you should grasp the problem with intensity yourself. If you feel like your body is truly exhausted and unable to muster up any strength, do not forcefully continue the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?. Like in your current state, even if you recover in a while, dont attempt to practise it again. Foundation building fist techniques arent movements for health, they are violent body tempering movements. A person has limited amounts of qi and blood, the amount of qi and blood that could recover in a day also has a limit, overexerting would harm the body.

I understand. Besides, in my condition, even if my heart is willing, the flesh wont move. Song Shuhang laughed out loud as he spoke. He couldnt even move a finger right now.

Haha, youre someone who has self-control, so I need not say more. Medicine Master smiled, Right now, you should just lie down here and reflect on the feeling you had when executing the fist technique and meditation technique. Reflecting is also an integral part of cultivation.

Alright, Senior. Song Shuhang complied.

Medicine Master was very satisfied, he then waved his hand at Song Shuhang, Well then, Im gonna leave now!

The moment the words were spoken, his body transformed into a sword beam, and disappeared in front of Song Shuhangs eyes with a whoosh. This should be the legendary escaping light?

Hold on Senior! Song Shuhang struggled to raise his hand, and spoke in an agonized manner, Senior, you should at least send me back into the dormitory

He was still lying down on the scorching hot rooftop!

The time was approximately 5:30pm, the sun of June that hung in the sky continued to emit its light and heat.

It was as if the plump sun was asking Song Shuhang: Student Song Shuhang who is the human meat teppanyaki lying on the rooftop, would you like to be cooked medium? Or medium well? Or maybe well done?

What a misfortune! Song Shuhang sighed.

Ill get a sunstroke, wont I? If hes left out under the sun for a while more, hell turn into dried Shuhang, then he can be cut into pieces to be weighed and sold.

At this time, Song Shuhang really wished that a kind soul would come up to the roof to help him out, he would definitely be grateful beyond words.

Moreover, there was something I forgot. I havent even had the chance to ask Senior Medicine Master if he had a way to find the person who is secretly investigating me. Song Shuhang gloomily said.

But at this moment Medicine Master was already far gone, he could only wait for the next time they meet. If theres no way around it, hell make a phone call later.

Anyway, he now had Medicine Masters phone number, if something unexpected happens, he could immediately call him for help.

While Shuhang was deep in thought, maybe a deity heard his prayers; as the sound of footsteps came from the roofs entrance.

Huh? Why is the door to the rooftop open today? It was a man who lowered his voice.

Song Shuhang was immediately delighted, he was just about to open his mouth to shout for help.

At this time, a womans voice was heard, If its like this isnt it better? Phew, lets get on the rooftop, Ive never tried doing it there. It will definitely be very exciting.

Im thinking that way as well, but be careful, itd be bad if we got caught. As he spoke, the man pushed open the door to the rooftop.

If we were caught, wouldnt it be even more exciting? The woman became even more open-minded instead.

Song Shuhang decisively closed his mouth, and gave up on calling for help; this was a pair of outdoor lovebirds that would provoke envy, jealousy and hatred.

This is a couple that should be burned to death by the FFF Inquisition, they chose to get on the other side of the rooftop. They didnt notice that on the other side of where they were, there was Student Song Shuhang who was lying down on the ground like a corpse.

[TL: FFF Inquisition from the anime Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu]

After the two had fixed the venue, they began to battle like martial arts experts.

Song Shuhang sighed, then closed his eyes to slowly regain his energy. He could still hear the sounds of the two experts duelling.

After a long while, that feeling of weakness was finally gone.

Song Shuhang struggled to crawl up from the ground, then he slowly moved towards the rooftops door.

Oh, thats right, the female student earlier seemed to have said that itd be more exciting if they caught by others? Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and mumbled to himself.

He felt that he had an obligation to fulfill their wish.

Because his true self informed him that the man named Song Shuhang is a man who loves to help others!

Since it doesnt require any effort at all, he should help this female student fulfill her wishes, right?

Theres no way around it, I cant help being a good person. Said Song Shuhang as he leaned against the wall and bent his body to peek out at the other side of the rooftop.