Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 532

Chapter 532: The Faintly Bulging Lower Abdomen
Chapter 532: The faintly bulging lower abdomen
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

At this time, Lady Onion really wished she was nearsighted... because she would be nowhere this scared if she couldn't see clearly the text on Song Shuhang's phone!

Moreover... why were these guys talking about 'casually' cutting off her green onion shoot? Did they take for her for Lady Garlic Chives, thinking that it was enough to sprinkle some fertilizer on her after cutting off her green onion shoot to make it regrow?! It was very difficult to grow back her green onion shoot... moreover, it was something akin to cutting off her head! It was such a cruel thing to do!

Lady Onion looked at Song Shuhang with her teary and dim eyes.

"..." Song Shuhang said, "Did you see the text on the phone?"

Lady Onion nodded.

At the same time, Lady Onion quickly operated her brain. Her green onion shoot and happy green onion life were at stake here, she had to quickly think of a way to get out of this situation.

Was it possible that it was time to put the '200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive' to use?

But then, Lady Onion recalled what happened the last time. At that time, she displayed the '500 Ways to Surrender to a Human Cultivator You're Unable to Defeat' to appease Song Shuhang...

As a result, the opposite party used the Lightning Palm and tried to kill her without showing any mercy.

Afterward, she was also forced to use her secret technique, the 'Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster'!

But just as before, the opposite party remained unmoved and didn't show any tender affection.

Although she was rather unwilling to admit it, the '200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive' seemed to have no effect on Song Shuhang.

As if that wasn't enough, she had no chances of defeating Song Shuhang in a head-on battle, either. She had stayed together with Song Shuhang for quite some time now. She knew that he had quickly advanced in realm and was already at the Second Stage Second Dantian 'Dragon Tail Dantian' Realm, while she was nothing but a pitiful monster onion of the First Stage.

Fighting him head-on was of no use, and fighting him indirectly was of no use, either was it possible that she had no other choice but to offer her green onion shoot on her own initiative, continuing to live on disgracefully? Never! If they wanted to cut off her green onion shoot once more, she would resist with all her might!

"Lady Onion, can you assume the form of a green onion again?" Song Shuhang asked.

The space inside the golden coffin was limited, and any normal man would find Lady Onion lying on top of them like that rather provocative.

After hearing these words, Lady Onion immediately became anxious.

Was Song Shuhang planning to cut off her green onion shoot once she reverted back to her green onion form?

She couldn't allow it to happen!

"No, I won't do it! I won't let you cut off my green onion shoot!" Lady Onion screamed and started to struggle with all her might.

"Don't move heedlessly! I have no intention of cutting off your green onion shoot! Return to your green onion form for now. I'll explain to you in detail what's going on!" Song Shuhang called out.

He still had that onion spirit crystal with him, and its effects should be better than an ordinary green onion shoot's. Therefore, it should be possible to use that instead of the green onion shoot to compensate Medicine Master for the formula of the medicinal bath.

"Don't try to trick me! You are thinking of cutting off my shoot as soon as I assume the form of a green onion, right? Don't even think about it!" Lady Onion used all her strength to push the lid of the coffin to one side.

However, the golden coffin was something that Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue forged for herself. Even an ordinary Sixth Stage True Monarch couldn't open it, let alone a small onion spirit of the First Stage.

The lid of the golden coffin didn't move in the slightest, but the sound of Lady Onion's screams and strikes against the golden coffin managed to reach Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's ears.

Did the voice of a woman come from inside the golden coffin?

"I'm pretty sure that the only person I made enter the golden coffin was Tyrannical Saber Song One," Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue muttered to herself.

Thereupon, she stretched her hand out and pushed the lid of the coffin to one side.

The shocking and censor-worthy scene playing inside the golden coffin was fully displayed in front of Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's eyes.

Lady Onion was lying on top of Song Shuhang's body, screaming and struggling with all her strength.

Song Shuhang was pressed below Lady Onion and was stretching his hands out, trying to cover her mouth.

After the golden coffin was suddenly opened, both Lady Onion and Song Shuhang were stunned... the sudden burst of light somewhat blinded their eyes.

At this time, Song Shuhang noticed that the expression on Senior Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's face had become a little strange... the following words seemed to be written on her face: 'I reluctantly allowed you use my golden coffin in order to strengthen your constitution, but you're unexpectedly having fun with a woman inside...?'

"Senior Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, it's a misunderstanding! It's all a misunderstanding!" Song Shuhang immediately called out. He felt that he had to explain this matter properly. After all, his reputation was at stake here!

At this time, Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's gaze finally fell on Lady Onion's body. After that, the expression on her face became even stranger.

Song Shuhang felt that there was something amiss. Therefore, he followed Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's gaze... and discovered that the clothes around Lady Onion's lower abdomen had been lifted up during the struggle.

Her smooth and white lower abdomen was faintly bulging, giving off a maternal feeling...

After seeing the bulge, one was immediately reminded of a pregnant woman!

F*ck, what's happening?

Song Shuhang was dumbstruck.

Has Lady Onion really become pregnant...? But when did it happen...? Wasn't she in my pocket all along? Why did she suddenly become pregnant?

Is this the doing of that stallion spirit I met recently? Did that guy have the ability to impregnate female monsters with just his gaze?

"Well... it seems I have disturbed you," Senior Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue said in a low voice.

Her golden eyes were expressionless as she quietly stretched her hand out, covering the golden coffin once more. It seemed she didn't want to disturb these two lovers that were having fun.

"Senior, it's a misunderstanding! It's really a misunderstanding!" Song Shuhang's voice was transmitted from within the golden coffin.

Lady Onion was by no means carrying his child!

Such being the case, why was Lady Onion's lower abdomen bulging?!

Wait a moment, is it possible that that might be the reason? Song Shuhang immediately thought of a possibility. After all, Lady Onion had taken root on the enlightenment stone!

While Lady Onion was in her green onion form, her roots were on the upper part of the enlightenment stone. Afterward, as she kept growing, she was able to grow two legs below the enlightenment stone to run around.

If we followed this logic, the enlightenment stone would end up in the same position as her lower abdomen if she turned into a human.

Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue sighed with emotion and said, "Youngsters are surely open about these matters nowadays!"

At this time, a jade white lion appeared next to Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, silently gazing at the golden coffin.

Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue and Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue could, to a certain extent, share information through the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber. Therefore, Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue also saw the scene of Song Shuhang and Lady Onion entangling each other inside the golden coffin, as well as Lady Onion's slightly bulging lower abdomen.

Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue faintly sighed and squatted next to the golden coffin. Then, it casually took out some firewood and placed it beneath the coffin.

At the same time, he picked up a torch with one of its paws and a tank of gasoline with the other.

"Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue, what are you doing?" the golden-haired Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue asked.

Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue was stunned and asked in return, "Eh? Why do I have a torch and a tank of gasoline in my paws?"

Oh, right. The torch and the tank of gasoline aren't that important. What is important is what I'm going to do next.

Burn~ Burn~ Burn, baby! Burn!

Afterward, Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue sprinkled the gasoline on the firewood, using the torch to light it up.

Ah! Burn, holy fire! The man and the woman inside the golden coffin deserve to burn!

"Senior, it's really a misunderstanding! Hear my explanation! The thing inside Lady Onion's belly isn't a baby; it's the enlightenment stone! If you pay close attention to it, you'll surely induce the true nature of the object inside her belly! Moreover, I was arguing with Lady Onion due to the formula of a medicinal bath to strengthen my constitution that Senior Medicine Master sent me earlier!" Song Shuhang called out.