Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 534

Chapter 534: Shallot Song Shuhang
Chapter 534: Shallot Song Shuhang
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Just as he was bathing inside the medicinal liquid poured into the golden coffin, Song Shuhang felt the strength of the medicine becoming stronger and stronger. At this time, he had started to feel a burning pain all over his body.

However, he felt that there was something wrong with this sudden burning pain he was feeling...

The speed at which my constitution is strengthening has increased quite a lot... Perhaps the true effects of the medicinal bath came into play just now? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Previously, the strength of Song Shuhang's constitution was increasing by 0.1 points every three minutes. But at this time, it was increasing by 0.2 points every three minutes... In other words, the speed at which his constitution was strengthening had doubled.

As expected, the formula Medicine Master created is truly incredible!

After thinking this much, Song Shuhang submerged his whole body in the medicinal liquid.

Ah~ After recalling that the strength of his constitution was sharply increasing, the burning pain he was feeling all over his body had become somewhat bearable!

...Ahaha, no way, it was still unbearable!

At first, it was just a burning sensation. However, not only did it not decrease in intensity as time passed by, it even got worse!

While soaking in the medicinal liquid, he felt as though thousands of blades were piercing his body and slicing his skin, tearing his whole person apart.

"Painful, painful, painful... ouch, ouch, ouch!" Song Shuhang rolled in pain within the golden coffin.

The pain had reached extreme levels and was almost comparable to when he experienced Chu Chu's life and suffered that deathly hug back then.

Luckily, the stronger the pain, the higher the speed at which his constitution was strengthening.

Just as Song Shuhang was feeling as though someone was cutting his skin with a blade, the strength of his constitution was increasing by 0.3 points every three minutes.

The boiling medicinal liquid within the golden coffin had unknowingly changed to deep green. Moreover, it had started to shine and was now illuminating the inside of the golden coffin.

Outside the coffin, the intensity of the fire was still as strong as before.

Inside the coffin, the aroma of the medicinal liquid had gotten even stronger... even if he wasn't breathing, a weak scent penetrated inside Song Shuhang's nose.

The aroma that was permeating the whole coffin was enough to make one salivate. It was very similar to the aroma of 'lamb with fried green onions'.

Eh? Wait a moment, the aroma of green onion?!

Is it possible that these changes are related to Lady Onion? Her whole body melted and mixed in the boiling medicinal liquid along with the other raw materials... a several hundred years old onion spirit was suddenly added to Senior Medicine Master's medicinal bath formula.

Did the medicinal bath undergo a mutation as a consequence?

Yeah, it's very likely that this is what happened...

It won't give rise to side effects, right? Song Shuhang was somewhat worried. However, he didn't detect any other problem aside from the unbearable pain for now.

In the meantime, his constitution was getting stronger and stronger.

Song Shuhang was planning to keep going and see how things went. If something unexpected happened, he would immediately call for Senior Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue who was outside.

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, the medicinal liquid inside the golden coffin underwent another change.

The color of the deep-green medicinal liquid slowly started to shift toward a golden green. Moreover, the illusory picture of a green onion shoot appeared within the mist in the coffin. The green onion shoot was swaying from side to side and looked very graceful.

Slowly, the illusory picture of the green onion shoot became clearer, just as though it was changing into a real entity.

After materializing to a certain degree, the green onion shoot slowly floated toward Song Shuhang, stopping at an arm's length from him.

Song Shuhang noticed the illusory green onion shoot thanks to the light the medicinal liquid was emitting.

Now, it's pretty much confirmed that the changes happening in the medicinal liquid are related to Lady Onion... Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and tried to touch the illusory green onion shoot.

However, the green onion shoot wasn't truly a real entity, and Song Shuhang's fingers directly passed through it without being able to touch it.

Although he was unable to touch the illusory green onion shoot, all the pain he was feeling disappeared in the instant the green onion shoot appeared.

The unbearable pain of having one's body cut to pieces had disappeared just like that!

Soon after followed the pleasant feeling of the medicinal liquid washing his body away. On the other hand, the speed at which the strength of his constitution was increasing was as fast as before.

At this time, the strength of his constitution was increasing by 0.1 points every minute.

"Did I finally get past the pain phase?"

Perhaps because he was extremely tired after experiencing and resisting that sharp pain, Song Shuhang unknowingly fell into a half-asleep state as soon as the pain disappeared and the pleasant feeling of the medicinal liquid took its place.

He lay still, without moving in the slightest, allowing the medicinal liquid to wash his body. At the same time, his consciousness slowly started to lose contact with the outside world.

One hour and fifty-five minutes later, it was time for the medicinal bath to come to an end.

Song Shuhang, who was still in a half-asleep state, finally regained his senses.

At this time, the color of the medicinal liquid inside the golden coffin had become dark green. The reason for this was that Song Shuhang's body had already absorbed the strength of the raw materials inside.

If one were to use numbers to quantify the changes, the strength of Song Shuhang's constitution had increased by 13 points during these two hours.

Originally, the strength of his constitution was around 230 points, 232 to be precise. After adding the 13 points he gained just now, it finally reached 245 points.

Now that his constitution had been strengthened enough, the true qi inside his Sea of Qi Dantian was calm once more.

Although Song Shuhang was still a cultivator of the Second Stage Second Dantian 'Dragon Tail Dantian' Realm, he was already comparable to a cultivator of the Second Stage Fourth Dantian 'Dragon Body Dantian' Realm if one took in consideration only the amount of true qi! Of course, the reasons for this were Venerable White's 'Qi Storage Expanding Technique' and all those small incidents that made his true qi increase suddenly.

The pain between his eyebrows caused by the excessive amount of mental energy had likewise almost disappeared.

"My constitution strengthened a lot all of a sudden... such being the case, I might be able to break through to the Third Dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian, after nourishing the true qi inside my Sea of Qi Dantian a few more times."

Now that his constitution wasn't holding him back anymore, it was better to open a new dantian so as to avoid the true qi suddenly bursting his currently opened dantians.

The higher the number of opened dantians, the higher the quantity of true qi the body could accommodate.

This time, I should really thank Lady Onion, right? However, she might not want my gratitude. After all, her whole body melted inside the medicinal liquid...

"It's almost time to get out of the medicinal liquid." Song Shuhang slowly sat up and borrowed the radiance the medicinal bath was emitting to shoot a glance at the illusory green onion shoot in the mist.

The illusory picture of the green onion shoot hasn't disappeared yet?

Is it possible that I have yet to completely absorb the medicinal power Lady Onion's body left behind?

At this time, the ghost spirit in Song Shuhang's Heart Aperture transmitted to him a thought.

Song Shuhang was somewhat dumbfounded. Soon after, he replied, "Fine."

In the next moment, a mini Song Shuhang drilled out of the Heart Aperture, heading toward the illusory picture of the green onion shoot. Afterward, it opened its mouth and gobbled up the illusory green onion shoot.

After eating it, the ghost spirit returned to Song Shuhang's body, perfectly satisfied.

Song Shuhang touched his body all over. However, it didn't seem that eating the illusory green onion shoot had caused any harm to his body.


Right at this time, Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue pushed to one side the lid of the golden coffin.

Her golden eyes looked at Song Shuhang who was inside the golden coffin. "Bath time is over. You can come out, Fellow Daoist Song One!"

"Eh? This medicinal liquid smells really good! It reminds me of those shallot pancakes that I haven't had in a long time," Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue suddenly said.

Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue held her fair chin and said earnestly, "Which one sounds better, Shallot Song One or Shallot Song Shuhang?"