Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 538

Chapter 538: I Added A Gentle Looking Girl Yesterday Her Name Is Yu Jiaojiao
Chapter 538: I added a gentle-looking girl yesterday, her name is Yu Jiaojiao
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

However, it was better not to make use of this plan if possible.

After all, Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue was very troublesome to deal with.

Actually, each and every Venerable was very troublesome to deal with! Only death waited for those that were not careful enough.

The small metallic spider quietly crawled into Song Shuhang's house. Everything proceeded without a hitch, and the spider wasn't stopped by any defensive barrier or discovered.

Young Master Hai secretly heaved a sigh in relief. Soon after, he mobilized the small spider and had it climb the wall until reaching a lamp hanging from the ceiling, commanding it to hide inside.

Afterward, Young Master Hai transmitted another order to the small metallic spider and told it to lie low and temporarily cut off all connections with the external world so as to avoid the expert staying at Stressed by a Mountain of Books' place discovering it.

Now, he had taken care of his second plan as well.

It was a pity that there wasn't enough time. Otherwise, someone with Young Master Hai's disposition would have prepared a third or a fourth plan just to be safe.

As Young Master Hai cut off the connection between him and the small metallic spider, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist, who had his head lowered and had been drinking tea all along, faintly raised his head and glanced at the lamp where the small metallic spider was hiding. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist just gave it a casual look and didn't gaze at it a second time.

Afterward, he kept drinking his tea and chatting with Papa Song.

The nearby Joseph also quickly blended in and joined the conversation.

While they were discussing, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist used his mental energy to pay close attention to the small metallic spider. Is that thing something similar to a hidden camera? What is the guy that placed the metallic spider there planning to do...?

After pondering for a short moment, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist decided not to destroy the spider for the time being so as to avoid alerting the enemy. He had to make sure whether or not that guy was after the enlightenment stone...

However, he still had to take some safety measures! After all, he couldn't stay at Song Shuhang's place all day. He had to practice and go out to have fun as well.

Therefore, after chatting with Papa Song and the others for about half an hour, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist decided to leave.

As he left the room, he gently moved his right hand, and the spiritual energy above changed into thin threads... the Emptying Miracle Hand was about to get into action.

In the blink of an eye, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist cut off the eight legs of the metallic spider, leaving behind only its legless body.

After completing his duty, he left the house, perfectly satisfied.

As soon as Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist left, Joseph got excited. He was planning to get up and perform the Times are Calling in front of Papa Song and ask him for pointers.

Bur right at this time, Joseph wife, and daughter, Ji Shuangxue, came over from the other room.

"Dear, it's already late. We should also get going," Joseph's wife said with a smile.

Ji Shuangxue added, "Father, the people from the moving company have arrived. We have so many things we need to move into the new house."

Thereupon, Joseph could only regretfully leave Papa Song.

But it didn't matter too much. Now that he and Song Shuhang were neighbors, he could come over to his house at any time!

There is bound to be a day when I'll also become a martial arts expert and create explosions with my fist just like my teacher! Joseph thought to himself.

From childhood all the way to adulthood, Joseph had dreamt about becoming an expert in Chinese Kung Fu! Now, he was one step away from realizing his dream!

Oh~ Chinese Kung Fu is truly the best!

In the Jiangnan area, inside Gao Moumou's house.

Gao Moumou felt very uneasy today. Whether he was sitting in front of the desktop computer, sitting on the floor with the laptop, lying on the bed with the tablet, or using other different positions to write, he felt as though there was something wrong.

He had already thought of the plot of the story in his head, but his fingers would stiffen whenever he tried to type something, making him feel uneasy.

"Is my sloth cancer flaring up again?" Gao Moumou muttered to himself.

Each month, there would be a few days when he didn't feel like writing anything and would, therefore, take a break. Luckily, he was someone that always kept a stockpile in case of emergency, and whenever he didn't feel like writing a chapter, he could just publish one of the already written chapters. Otherwise, wouldn't the readers start to doubt his gender if he were to take a break for a few days each month?

"Since my sloth cancer is acting up again, I might as well take a break," Gao Moumou said.

Therefore, he closed the text file and opened the instant messaging program, logging in to both his personal account and the account reserved for his activities as a writer.

When he logged in to his personal account, he saw that Li Yangde and Tubo had sent casual replies to the messages he sent earlier. It was summer vacation and there was hardly anything new or interesting to talk about. Therefore, he also sent some casual replies to Tubo and the others.

Soon after, he opened the window of the conversation with Song Shuhang.

Since he was bored yesterday, he sent Song Shuhang a very concise message: "Are you online?"

This morning, Song Shuhang finally replied and said, "I'm online!"

Gao Moumou typed a few sentences: "Are you still there? Where did you run to have fun?"

Song Shuhang quickly replied, "You would get a scare if I were to tell you. I'm currently floating in the middle of space, and there are only meteoroids around. I'm very bored." Song Shuhang was very bored at this time. After all, he was just aimlessly drifting about in space.

Gao Moumou smiled and wrote: "Have you become an astronaut and decided to take a walk in space amongst the meteoroids? Ahaha, tell me the truth. What are you doing now, are you on a date with a beauty or something?"

"If you don't want to believe me, fine~ but I'm telling the truth. Anyway, how are things on your end?" Song Shuhang asked. At the same time, he secretly thought to himself, Wait until I'm done with my practice and manage to learn some incredible technique. At that time, I'll bring you for a stroll in space and scare you to death.

"I was planning to go on a trip with Yayi. This time, I absolutely won't let you guys ruin it, wahaha! Therefore, whatever happens, don't look for me during the next ten or so days! Even if the world comes to an end, I'll get through the calamity together with Yayi!" Gao Moumou said complacently.

Just as he was chatting with Song Shuhang, Gao Moumou saw a notification pop up in the bottom right corner of the instant messaging program. It was the profile picture of the girl he added yesterday. Apparently, the name of the girl was 'Yu Jiaojiao'.

Song Shuhang wrote: "Sigh~ One day, we'll really have to tie and beat you up. You goddam winner in life!"

"Ahaha, I truly enjoy seeing you guys writhe in envy in front of the handsome me that has managed to find a girlfriend." Gao Moumou wrote with a complacent look on his face. "I seem to have a certain charm. Just yesterday, another girl added me to her friend list. Are you jealous?"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Gao Moumou wrote: "Unfortunately, I already have a girlfriend. Do you want this brother of yours to probe out the situation and see if the girl is cute? I can introduce her to you if she's cute. Her username is also quite pleasant to hear, Yu Jiaojiao. Just from the name, she seems a cute and beautiful girl. Are you interested?"

In the far away space.

As soon as our little friend Shuhang saw this message that his friend Gao Moumou sent him, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Jiaojiao?

Is it just a coincidence that they have the same name? After all, the name ' Jiaojiao 1 ' really gives off a cute vibe, and many girls probably like to put it in their online usernames...

Moreover, Gao Moumou doesn't seem like someone that writes webnovels, right?

However, Song Shuhang wasn't completely relieved and wrote: "Moumou, I have a question. You know about webnovel authors, right?"