Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Zhao Yaya
Chapter 54: Zhao Yaya

On the other side of the rooftop.

The two martial art experts battled fervently. Despite the presence of the scorching hot sun, their determination to fight could not be hindered.

After some thought, Song Shuhang decided not to make his appearance right away.

He waited for a while so these experts to reach the climax of their battle. Especially the male expert, he was obviously holding back his ultimate move; the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!

[TL: A cannon from the anime Gintama with a suggestive shape, appears on episode 38.]

This is the time! Song Shuhang grabbed hold of this opportunity. He revealed half his body, and greeted the two experts with smooth Mandarin, Hello to the both of you!


This sudden voice was like a pail of cold water being poured onto these martial artists heads during the frigid winter.

Especially, the male expert, he felt his heartbeat rate increase tenfold, as if it was about to leap out of his chest! He turned his head stiffly, with his gaze fixed at where Song Shuhang was.

Then, when he realized the disturbance was a weak-looking student and not the dormitorys teacher-in-charge, his face turned malevolent, and he clenched his fist. Any man would get angry in this situation.

I know the two of you find it very exciting to be caught during your battle, I heard it all. Theres no need to thank me, my name is Lei Feng. Song Shuhang waved his hand with a passionate face, By the way, remember to lock the rooftop. Otherwise itd be bad if the teacher-in-charge of the dormitory found you two duelling.

[TL: Lei Feng was a soldier of China, Lei was portrayed as a model citizen, and the masses were encouraged to emulate his selflessness, modesty, and devotion to Mao. After Maos death, Lei Feng remained a cultural icon representing earnestness and service.]

Having said his piece, Song Shuhang swaggered away from the rooftop headed back to his dormitory.

The two who were left behind didnt know whether to cry, to laugh or be angry.

Today, I did something good again I fulfilled two peoples wishes at the same time, what a wonderful day. Song Shuhang was in a great mood.

The phrase extreme joy births sorrow, from the work ?Miscellaneous writing from the Western Han Morality Teachings?: Where flourish begets decline, extreme joy begets sorrow.

What it means is: when a person is extremely happy, something that makes him cover his face with tears + become deeply sorrowful would suddenly happen.

For example: Someone wins a 10 million dollar lottery, its even the type thats the total after tax, hes so happy! Then an hour later, he receives the information that he was in the late stages of cancer, and would die by that night. So he immediately becomes very sorrowful. This was the kind of deep sorrow which could flood the whole earth with tears.

After Song Shuhang had helped that couple at the rooftop, he was in a great mood, feeling satisfied and happy.

Then, when he opened the door to his dormitory, he saw a lady who wore a white medical robe sitting down on his bed. This was a pretty lady with an incredible charisma, and a fantastic body. Her long legs were straight and looked strong, even an ordinary pair of white loose pants wasnt be able to hide this fact.

In her hands, she was flipping through the notebook which the thirty ordinary medicinal ingredients of the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid had been recorded into, with her brows slightly creased.

Yaya-jie, why have you come to my school? Song Shuhangs forehead was full of sweat and it kept dripping down, it couldnt be stopped.

[TL: Instead of elder sister Ill just put -jie, its the same as -nee in japanese if youre more familiar with that.]

This lady who wore a white medical robe was the treasured daughter of Song Shuhangs Uncle, Zhao Yaya. When Song Shuhang had just began his first semester of college, it was she who substituted Mama Song to send Song Shuhang to Jiangnan University City. Therefore, she had the key to Song Shuhangs dormitory, and could strut into his dormitory anytime she wanted.

Zhao Yaya was the person Song Shuhang had sent the list of medicinal ingredients to previously to verify their danger when he first saw the recipe for the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid.

He never expected Zhao Yaya to choose not to reply him, and instead come all the way down here to PK him straight.

This was the worst time and worst place to meet someone he shouldnt meet.

People definitely cannot get too happy, once they get too happy, sorrowful things easily happen.

Zhao Yaya lifted her head, her beautiful phoenix eyes swept a glance at Song Shuhang.

Because shes studying medicine, she rarely puts on makeup. Things like cosmetics could adversely affect surgeries. But even without any makeup, she was still a top-grade beauty.

It was a coincidence that due to Song Shuhang practising the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?earlier, he was still experiencing a weakened phase.

Pale face and weak breathing, theres no wonder you would look for such a ridiculous tonic recipe. Zhao Yayas brows creased as she closed the notebook, Shuhang, medicines cannot be randomly taken. The ingredients in this recipe all possess potent properties. When mixed together, the medicinal effects cannot be measured. Furthermore, all medicines are thirty percent poison, by mixing so many medicinal ingredients, it may become an acute poison. Taking this medicine is the same as suicide! If youre sick, you should go see a doctor!

At this very moment, there were thousands of horses galloping in Song Shuhangs mind. The weakness from utilizing the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? hadnt receded yet, so his face appeared pale. He never thought that by linking his paleness with the pill recipe for the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid, Zhao Yaya misunderstood him.

This has to be explained immediately, otherwise itd be like mud falling on the trousers, its shit even if it isnt actually shit. Mama Song would definitely end up coming tomorrow, once Mama Song comes, he would without a doubt be dragged into the hospital!

Oh perhaps it is no misunderstanding, because he had already successfully invited death once by ingesting the Body Tempering Liquid.

But regardless, it has to be concealed for now.

Erm, Yaya-jie, it isnt like what you think it is. That medicinal recipe actually, its like this! Song Shuhangs brain operated at insane speeds to create a plausible explanation.

If he hadnt ascertained the existence of cultivation, he would directly explain to Zhao Yaya: This is a medicinal formula made by a group of Xianxia chuunibyous, he was worried that those moe chuunibyou sufferers would receive irreversible damage from taking the medicine, so he wanted Zhao Yaya to evaluate it.

The problem was, now, the groups Xianxia chuunibyous had transformed into great and legitimate cultivators. Song Shuhang was too embarrassed to use such an explanation to answer Zhao Yaya, as he himself was about to become one of them cultivators. He couldnt very well classify himself as a Xianxia chuunibyou sufferer, now could he?

Speak, Im listening. Zhao Yaya raised an eyebrow, crossed her legs, and stared straight at Song Shuhang. She was too familiar with Song Shuhang. Since they were children, once she stared at him like this, she would be able to differentiate whether Song Shuhang spoke truthfully or lied.

Because of this godly skill of hers, whenever Song Shuhang did something wrong and lied during childhood, she saw through most of them. However she rarely exposed Shuhangs lies in front of Papa and Mama Song.

If this werent the case, Song Shuhang had no idea how many more times he would be beaten by a man, beaten by a woman, and beaten by both at the same time!

This was another reason why Song Shuhang was so intimate with Zhao Yaya, because she was a good elder sister who would protect him.

Here is what actually happened, not too long ago, I was mistakenly added into a group. I guarantee that at that point, I did not know a single person in the group. Song Shuhang knew that it would be very difficult to lie to Zhao Yaya, so all he could do was hide some bits, Then, that groups members were pretty weird, I was guessing that they had read too many Xianxia novels.

This was the conjecture he had at that time, as of present, he had already confirmed that they were true-blue cultivators.

Later on, someone in the group issued a pill recipe, which was the one in your hands. Other than the ones on this pill recipe, there were many other medicinal ingredients that could not be found on the internet, that had never even been heard of before, they all had fantasy-like names.

Even now, I still dont know what some of those medicinal ingredients are and what effects they possess. In addition, names like Morning Dew Mysterious Grass were indeed very fantasy-like.

Back then I was worried that they would ingest this medicine and end up permanently sick, so I copied down the ingredients that could be found online, then sent it to you, sis, to get someone to verify them. If this medicine would kill, then before I left the group, Id try to advise the members not to take it. Thats about all. Song Shuhang shrugged.

Thats right, he didnt lie. Back then, this was how he felt, and this was what he intended to do.