Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 540

Chapter 540: The Crystal Clear Water Pavilion
Chapter 540: The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion
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After the conversation with Gao Moumou was over, Song Shuhang thought of sending a private message to Yu Jiaojiao and asking what the appearance of the author she wanted to catch was, where they lived, and whether they were male or female.

Although Gao Moumou himself assured him that he wasn't interested in writing webnovels and even sent him the beautiful picture of her online friend 'Yu Jiaojiao', the cautious Shuhang still decided to contact Yu Jiaojiao and confirm the situation to prepare for all possible eventualities.

But just as he prepared to click on Yu Jiaojiao's conversation window and send her a message, a big red exclamation mark appeared on the interface of his instant messaging program, accompanied by the following message: The Internet is not available in the most remote corners of the world. Please, check your network settings.

"What? The Internet isn't working?" Song Shuhang returned to the homepage of the phone and discovered that the mobile phone had no signal at this time.

Now then, the fact that the mobile phone could get a signal in space was already something rather unscientific to begin with...

But at the end of the day, it was a mobile phone that Senior White had modified personally. Even if it could suddenly transform into one of those lightsabers that the Jedi wielded, Song Shuhang wouldn't be too surprised.

"There is no signal in this place. It seems that I'm currently too far away from Earth. Even the mobile phone Senior White modified personally is unable to get a signal here," Song Shuhang said.

Shuhang had no other option but to put the phone away. Now, he could only wait until he drifted to a place that was a little closer to Earth and ask Yu Jiaojiao those questions at that time.

Nothing bad would happen in the meantime, right?

Song Shuhang kept floating in the vast universe.

In the nearby space capsule, Chu Chu was holding Li Yinzhu in her embrace and slightly shivering.

The cold emanating from Li Yinzhu's body was getting stronger each day, and it was only a matter of time before her disease flared up again. The strength of the cold emanating from her body could injure even the ancestor of the Chu Family who was a cultivator of the Fifth Stage Realm, let alone a Second Stage True Master like Chu Chu.

"Can you hold on?" Song Shuhang asked via secret sound transmission.

Chu Chu didn't reply, but silently nodded.

At this time, she was using all the true qi in her body to resist the cold emanating from Li Yinzhu's body. Therefore, she didn't have the luxury to divert her attention and use the secret sound transmission to communicate with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh. It seemed they had to look for a place to rest first.

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, he saw a palace-like building located on a meteoroid several thousand meters away from him. A formation protected the building and only cultivators could see it.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and decided to operate the formation on his spacesuit. He wanted to steer clear of that palace!

When he saw that strange palace built on a meteoroid right in the middle of space, his sixth sense told him that it was going to be a rather troublesome place!

He was currently in space, and he couldn't casually head toward that place before making sure whether the people there were friends or foes.

Therefore, it was better to steer clear of that place for now and see how things evolved.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, the front gate of the palace-like building suddenly opened.

Afterward, a pair of male and female attendants came out of the palace; both of them were very good-looking. They stood beside the gate of the palace and noticed Song Shuhang with but a glance.

The pair of male and female attendants were very polite and greeted Song Shuhang from afar.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and also greeted the pair of male and female attendants while still wearing his cumbersome spacesuit.

The pair laughed in unison, and although they were standing very far away, their smiling faces were clearly visible.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang felt his body getting attracted toward the palace-like building.

He was simply unable to stop!

Not good... did I fall into their trap the instant I greeted them?

Is it possible that it's like that scene from Journey to the West with the Golden-Red Gourd? 'Monkey, I'll call your name, do you dare to reply?', and if one replied, they would get sucked into the gourd?

Is it possible that I activated the trap by returning their greetings, stimulating this particular feature of the palace that started to attract me over?

Forget it. Since I'm being attracted to that place, I might as well go over and take a look. But I need to take precautions as well.

Song Shuhang was only a cultivator of the Second Stage while the opposite party had such tricks at their disposal. Since he didn't have the strength to revolt and couldn't escape, either, his only option was to go over and meet the opposite party face to face.

But just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang suddenly felt that his eyelids had become incredibly heavy...

July 31st, Wednesday. Today's dao name was 'Daoist Priest Wood'. Since Song Shuhang was currently in space, the weather on Earth was unknown.

After Song Shuhang greeted that pair of male and female attendants yesterday, the gate of the palace suddenly attracted him over.

Immediately after, just as Song Shuhang prepared to act according to the circumstances... a burst of sleepiness rushed to his head and made him lose consciousness.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the next day.

It was the last day of July, the 31st day.

Just as he opened his eyes, Song Shuhang noticed that he was lying on a colossal arched bridge.

There were two lampposts on each extremity of the arched bridge, illuminating it with their white light. Song Shuhang was currently lying in the center of the bridge.

"Here am I?" Song Shuhang muttered as he looked all around. The arched bridge was comparable to the modern bridges used to cross the sea. It was very long, and Song Shuhang could only faintly see the lampposts at the two extremities.

Then, he shot a glance at this body. He was still wearing the cumbersome spacesuit and Chu Chu and Li Yinzhu were still sleeping in the nearby space capsule.

All the treasures he had with him were still there; he hadn't lost any of them. Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. It had already been a day since he had come here. There was no signal at this time, and he couldn't get in contact with the outside world.

Song Shuhang shot another look all around. However, he didn't manage to see that pair of male and female attendants he saw yesterday.

"It doesn't even feel as if I'm in space!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Below the arched bridge was a boundless sea of clouds that seemed to have no end. When he raised his head and looked upward, he saw a blue sky with iridescent clouds spread all over. The sky was slightly dark at this time.

After taking off the helmet of the spacesuit, Song Shuhang discovered that the surrounding area was filled with oxygen. The quality of the air was even better than the one on Earth. Pure spiritual energy entered his body after each mouthful of air he was inhaling, refreshing both his body and mind.

The quality of the spiritual energy is incredibly high here... is it possible that the entrance to the palace I saw yesterday was actually the entrance of an immortal cave?

"Hey, is there someone around?" Song Shuhang called out.

However, no one replied to his question.

Song Shuhang pondered for a short while and decided to head toward one of the extremities of the arched bridge while carrying the space capsule on his shoulders.

Since he was standing in the center of the bridge, he casually chose one side.

After traveling for around 5,000 meters, Song Shuhang finally arrived at the end of one of the two extremities of the bridge.

What appeared in front of him at the end of the road was a double-layered ancient Chinese-style pavilion.

The pavilion was positioned at the end of the bridge and blocked the only road one could travel on, blocking Song Shuhang's way just as though it was the gate to a city.

There was a signboard mounted on the pavilion with the following words written on it: Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? It sounds like the name of a school or a sect?" Song Shuhang arrived in the front of the door of the pavilion and stretched out his hand to knock on it.


But right at this time, the huge door of the pavilion opened, and the pair of male and female attendants Song Shuhang met yesterday appeared before his eyes.

The female attendant blinked her eyes and said, "Fellow Daoist that has come here from afar, we have come to welcome you!"

The male attendant smiled and said, "I knew that there was fate between us, Fellow Daoist. I was sure you would choose the road that would lead to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion."

The arched bridge was a small test to determine one's fate. The bridge had two extremities. One of them led toward the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion while the other one toward the exit.