Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 544

Chapter 544: Crystal Clear Water Pavilion Frozen In Time
Chapter 544: Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, frozen in time!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Gao Moumou was currently dumbstruck.

Yu Jiaojiao?

How the hell did she find where I live? Moreover, why did she use the pretext of the 'express delivery' to get me downstairs and ultimately drag me inside the minivan? What she did isn't any different than kidnapping!

Gao Moumou was somewhat scared at this time. Therefore, he tried to probe the situation. "Jiaojiao, why did you come all the way here to my house? Do you want my signature or something?"

Yu Jiaojiao shook her head and said, "To tell you the truth, I thought of looking for you quite some time ago, but I managed to get an opportunity only today. Now then, Holy Paladin... we need to talk about your release speed... I feel that it was a little too slow recently!!!"

The speed of my releases was too slow?

What's happening? Did a fan visit me to urge me to write faster?

Gao Moumou wanted to cry but had no tears... readers like these were truly scary!

No, wait a moment! The speed of my releases was pretty good recently!

Even if he was stranded on that island of natives in the East China Sea for some time, the releases of his webnovel didn't stop since he had prepared a stockpile beforehand. Moreover, as soon as he returned home, he prepared even more chapters! At this time, he had already prepared all the chapters that had to be released by the end of the month!

I think it would be pretty hard to find another kind-hearted author such as myself in the entire circle of webnovel authors, wouldn't it?

Gao Moumou felt that he was a true saint compared to those authors that updated once every day, once every three or four days, or once every month.

Yu Jiaojiao seemed to have realized what Gao Moumou was thinking after seeing the expression on his face. "You usually release 5,000 or 6,000 characters every day... but that simply too little!"

"!" Gao Moumou.

Releasing 5,000 or 6,000 characters every day is too little now? How much do I need to write to be qualified?

"If you don't write from 10,000 to 20,000 characters every day, how do you think to survive in this super-competitive field?!" Yu Jiaojiao's voice was out of control. Could Gao Moumou really consider himself a webnovel author if he wasn't even writing 10,000-20,000 characters every day?!

Just as she was speaking, the door of the minivan was locked, and the vehicle slowly started moving forward.

"Wait, wait a moment! Yu Jiaojiao, where are we going?" Gao Moumou called out. At the same time, he grabbed the door of the van and thought of getting down.

But right at this time, the man in a formal suit standing next to Yu Jiaojiao stretched his hands out and tightly hugged Gao Moumou, not allowing him to move in the slightest.

"Don't worry, Holy Paladin. We don't want to hurt you," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile. "We'll bring you to a good place where you can write chapters in peace."

"..." Gao Moumou.

She wants to bring me to a good place so that I can write chapters in peace...? Visiting the home of an author and telling him to write faster is already quite scary, but directly grabbing him and forcing him to write... this is what criminals would do! That's a crime, guys!!!

"There is another thing I need to tell you, Holy Paladin. Before I came here, I talked to your parents and reached an agreement with them. They also approve of my actions," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile. It was unknown what kind of method or excuse she had used to convince Gao Moumou's parents...

Gao Moumou turned his head around and saw through the window of the minivan his mother standing on the balcony, happily waving her hand at him.

How is this possible? What kind of method did Yu Jiaojiao use that even my mother is so relieved while seeing her son getting carried away?

Then, Yu Jiaojiao said, "Therefore, obediently follow me and prepare to write lots of chapters, alright? Ahahaha!"

"No, no, no! I refuse! I have some matters to attend to in the next days! Right, Yu Jiaojiao! I still have many chapters in my stockpile! I can give all of them to you!" Gao Moumou called out. He had to go on a date with Yayi in the next days; the two of them were getting ready to go on a trip again!

The duo was planning to enjoy their vacation without any third wheel bothering them! What would happen to the date with Yayi if he was kidnapped and forced to write chapters?

It was regrettable that Gao Moumou's refusal was of no use... In the end, he was still carried away by Yu Jiaojiao.

To make him write an interesting plot for Song Shuhang and Venerable White's movie, Yu Jiaojiao had already prepared an adorable, small black room with a super-computer inside.

The goal was to make him write from 10,000 to 20,000 characters every day.

She wouldn't give him any meals if he didn't write. Moreover, the earlier he could finish writing the agreed number of characters, the earlier he could take a break. But if he couldn't finish them in time, he would have to stay up all night to finish them.

Yu Jiaojiao had already prepared several things for Gao Moumou's usage, such as 'Spirit Green Tea', 'Eye-Opening Pills', 'Energizing Medicinal Liquid', and so on. The average man could also take medicinal pills and drink medicinal liquid.

With all these gadgets, she was sure that Gao 'Holy Paladin' Moumou could stay full of energy 24h a day and write without breaks! Let alone writing 20,000 characters every day... with such wonderful conditions, it wasn't impossible to reach the dream-like goal of 30,000 or 40,000 characters every day!

In the meantime.

In the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

In the end, the black-haired woman brought Song Shuhang and Chu Chu to the 'lower portion' of the Time City.

It was an underground world made of several passages.

"This is the 'Lower City' of the Time City. The flow of time in this place is different from the outside world. Twelve days here are equivalent to only one day in the outside world. Incredible, isn't it?" the black-haired woman said lazily.

It was obviously something worth showing off, but her tone while introducing the Time City was still dispirited.

"Is this the 'good place' that Pavilion Master Chu mentioned back then?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Yes... this place is very good for practicing. Other than having a flow of time that is different from the outside world, it's the place with the highest concentration of spiritual qi in the entire Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. One can obtain twice the results with half the effort while practicing here. It's a very good place if one wants to close up for a short amount of time." Pavilion Master Chu rubbed her eyes and continued, "If your luck is good, you might learn a little bit about the principles of time. You guys should practice here in the Time City for today... Hmm, by today I mean the 'today' in the outside world. Therefore, it's twelve days in the 'Lower City'. After the time is up, I'll return here to bring you back!"

After saying this much, Pavilion Master Chu waved her hand at Song Shuhang and Chu Chu, leaving just like that.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu were still standing in place, staring blankly.

After entering the strange Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, they met the strange Pavilion Master Chu and were brought to the strange Time City.

Something like the 'Time City' would be surely a forbidden area in other sects! But Pavilion Master Chu brought two strangers like them here and wasn't worried in the least?

Was it because there was fate between them?

Song Shuhang was completely unable to understand Pavilion Master Chu's train of thought.

"But with things the way they are, we might as well make the best use of our time. This place is indeed really good for practicing. Therefore, we better practice here for a while since we have the opportunity," Song Shuhang said with a sigh.

Chu Chu nodded. A training place like the Time City was everything she could wish for. For her, getting into the Time City could be regarded as a fortuitous encounter itself.

It was like a meat pie falling from the sky; there was no reason to refuse it!

After leaving the Time City, Pavilion Master Chu sleepwalked until reaching the city walls of the Time City.

Then, she suddenly stopped and stood in place without moving in the slightest... it seemed she had fallen asleep?

It was an innate skill that could allow her to sleep everywhere and at any time... it wasn't something one could learn in a mere one or two days!

Around an hour later.

Pavilion Master Chu suddenly woke up and stretched herself while yawning.

Next, she rubbed her eyes with a confused expression on her face.

"Eh? What I'm doing next to the Time City?" Pavilion Master Chu blurted out.

Afterward, a pensive expression replaced the confused one.

From what she remembered, she had slept for a long, long time. Then, while she was in a half-awake and half-asleep state, she vaguely remembered that some of her acquaintances had come over to see her. Afterward... well, there was no afterward. She was too lazy and sleepy to think about what happened later.

She didn't remember what she had done or what she had discussed with her acquaintances.

It was the same as someone soundly sleeping receiving a sudden call. The person would pick up the phone and talk to the person on the other end in a daze. But upon waking up, they would find it very hard to remember what they had talked about.

In other words, Pavilion Master Chu's memories about meeting Song Shuhang and making him enter the Time City were extremely vague.

She had forgotten about Song Shuhang and Chu Chu existences even though she met them only one hour ago!

There were quite a few problems with Pavilion Master Chu's current state!

"Ah... Whatever. If I can't remember it, I won't force myself. After all, those matters don't have any relation with me if I don't remember anything about them," Pavilion Master Chu muttered to herself.

In the next moment, she spread her divine sense out and covered the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were diligently practicing as before. Each of them was filled with infinite energy and quickly progressing.

The elders and attendants were either practicing, discussing profound principles, playing chess, or happily chatting with each other.

Inside one of the rooms of the palace reserved for the guests, the pair of male and female attendants was changing the quilt of an adorable little girl with white hair that was sleeping over to her place.

There is a guest in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? It seems she came here with one of my acquaintances... but where has that acquaintance of mine gone?

Ah, I can't remember~ Anyway, it doesn't matter. Since it's one of my acquaintances, there won't be any problems.

"Even today, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is as peaceful as always." Pavilion Master Chu happily smiled.

Afterward, she dragged her long hair along and quickly left the Time City, returning to her Celestial Pavilion.

"This time, I feel really, really tired. Therefore, I want to sleep for a little longer!" Pavilion Master Chu muttered as she returned to her bed and found a good place to curl up into.

Very soon, she fell asleep and sunk into the world of dreams.

This time, it was different from the past several days.

Because this time, she had thoroughly fallen asleep.

In the same instant Pavilion Master Chu fell asleep... the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion outside stopped in its tracks.

It almost felt as if time itself had stopped.

That pair of male and female attendants that was changing Li Yinzhu's quilt was frozen in the same position as before, with none of them moving in the slightest.

The ordinary disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that were practicing outside were also frozen in time, keeping the postures they had before Fairy Chu went to sleep.

Even the attendants, vice-palace masters, and elders were frozen in their original positions. Some of them were drinking tea while others were playing chess, discussing profound principles, or chatting.

Not only the cultivators of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, but even the running water of rivers and fountains, the birds in the sky, and the animals and insects on the ground had stopped in their tracks.

The whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was frozen in time.

The only person unaffected was Li Yinzhu, who was soundly sleeping on the sickbed after her disease had flared up.

Li Yinzhu was breathing steadily, but the cold air inside her body changed into a white mist whenever she breathed out through her mouth or nose. Without even noticing it, the whole room had been filled with cold air.

Li Yinzhu's eyelashes slightly trembled. It was unknown whether she was going to wake up or if she would be sealed by the ice once more...

In the lower portion of the Time City.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu passed through a very long passage and finally entered a wide hall. Except for the portrait of an ancestor of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, there wasn't any other object in the hall.

The amount of spiritual qi in the wide hall was three times higher than in the world on the other side of the passage.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang and Chu Chu started practicing in the Lower City.

The two of them immediately displayed their respective techniques.

What Chu Chu practiced was the 'mysterious sword technique' of the Chu Family. It was a cultivation technique that could allow one to directly reach the Fifth Stage Realm. After that, she also practiced a set of basic saber techniques.

She had obtained this set of basic saber techniques from Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue after she signed the contract to become the 'Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue' candidate.

After inheriting the name of 'Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue', one would also inherit the 'Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber'. Since she would perhaps inherit the Phoenix Saber, Chu Chu needed to learn saber techniques as well.

On the other hand, Song Shuhang was mainly practicing the Immovable Body of the Buddha and the Steel Hands Technique he had obtained from Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue.

His objective was to increase the strength of his constitution as much as possible. If one used numbers to describe the situation, the strength of Song Shuhang's current constitution was around 245 points. In other words, it wasn't much inferior to Chu Chu's who was a cultivator of the Second Stage Fourth Dantian Realm.

Song Shuhang's aim was to quickly strengthen his constitution until it reached 250 points. With that, he could finally try to break through to the Third Dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian, without worries!

After opening the Dragon Claw Dantian, Song Shuhang could finally try to eat raw spirit beast crystals and practice the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique again.

Song Shuhang's Immovable Body of the Buddha had already reached the 'master level'. Therefore, he could practice this supplementary body tempering technique without moving in the slightest.

In comparison, the Steel Hands Technique was more difficult to practice.

Song Shuhang had been practicing this technique for blacksmiths for the past few days. Whenever Song Shuhang operated the Steel Hands Technique with all his might, only the fingertips of his ten fingers would be coated with a metallic color.

Let alone taking head-on magical treasures of the Second Stage rank with his bare hands and obtaining a superhuman strength, the current level of his Steel Hands Technique wasn't even enough to take head-on a normal pointed weapon.

"This situation really makes me miss a certain senior!" Song Shuhang sighed.

The nearby Chu Chu, who had just finished practicing her sword technique, asked, "Are you talking about Venerable White?"

Chu Chu really envied the fact that Song Shuhang had a senior of the Venerable rank by his side to direct his training every day.

"It's not Venerable White. It's another cool senior with a very powerful CPU," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Although Venerable White was also an excellent teacher and could explain magical techniques and martial skills using simple words and methods, the person Song Shuhang missed the most was Senior Young Master Phoenix Slayer.

What was the best way to properly grasp cultivation techniques? Training hard? No, it was to look for Young Master Phoenix Slayer!

One only needed to borrow his CPU for a while and increase the level of their skills. After the grinding process was complete and one had returned to their body, they needed to use the skill a few times to familiarize oneself with it and reach the master, if not above, level.

"Although I'm not sure what Fellow Daoist Shuhang is talking about, that senior must be pretty good," Chu Chu said.

"Eh, he's indeed excellent." Song Shuhang gave the thumbs up and said, "Right, Miss Chu Chu. I saw that you were practicing basic saber techniques earlier. Do you need any help?"

Song Shuhang's comprehension of basic saber technique was very good. Back then, he was almost tortured to death by that young man wearing green clothes in Venerable White's illusory reality, ending up learning the foundations of saber techniques.

Afterward, when he borrowed Young Master Phoenix Slayer's CPU to practice the Inverted Scale Saber Technique, his comprehension of basic saber techniques increased even further and reached a very high level.