Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Did Pavilion Master Chu Forget About Us?
Chapter 545: Did Pavilion Master Chu forget about us?
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Of course, Chu Chu wouldn't refuse the help of a cultivator that had reached the 'master level' in the field of saber techniques. Although he had cheated to increase his skills, Song Shuhang's comprehension of saber techniques had indeed reached the master level!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang began to teach Chu Chu about the foundations of saber techniques.

The methods he used were the same as that young man wearing green clothes he met in Venerable White's illusory realitysimple and crude.

At first, he explained to Chu Chu how to use all sorts of saber techniques. Then, he picked up his treasured saber Broken Tyrant and decided to let Chu Chu experience the charm of saber technique with her body.

The only problem was that Chu Chu didn't have a saber with her at this time. Therefore, she had no choice but to use her sword to execute saber techniques, increasing the difficulty of the training.

However, Chu Chu's comprehension abilities were very strong, and she could easily learn after following the examples.

This was what it meant to have true talent. Miss Chu Chu wasn't just limited to swords or sabers.

The first day in the Lower City passed with Song Shuhang and Chu Chu practicing.

In the evening, the two of them separately sat in meditation.

The duo had enough fasting pills and didn't need to worry about food.

During the second day in the Lower City.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu tried to leave the wide hall by traveling through the passageways of the Lower City.

After traveling for half an hour, they arrived in a new, wide hall.

In the wide hall, there were more than thirty huge copper tubs with black crystals below in there.

The copper tubs were something that cultivators could use to take medicinal baths. In the nearby area were also placed several weapons such as sabers, spears, staffs, and so on.

It was the same as timely getting what one needed because everything the two of them required had suddenly come their way. Song Shuhang just lacked a tub to take the medicinal bath, while Miss Chu Chu lacked a saber for her training.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang decided to happily take a bath.

The black crystals below the copper tubs were something akin to firewood. A small spark was enough to ignite them.

After correctly allocating the raw materials and throwing them into the copper tub, Song Shuhang filled the tub with water.

Afterward, he comfortably sighed while bathing inside the medicinal liquid.

Unfortunately, the effects of the medicinal bath weren't as awesome as the ones Song Shuhang experienced in Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue's golden coffin. While he was taking the medicinal bath inside the golden coffin, the strength of his constitution was increasing by 0.1 points every three minutes.

But now, it was increasing by 0.1 points every ten minutes. After two hours, the strength of his constitution had increased by only 1.2 points...

Well... still better than nothing, right?

Moreover, he could bathe in the medicinal liquid two times in a day for a total increase of constitution by 2.4 points.

In the meantime, Miss Chu Chu casually picked up a saber and started to practice saber techniques.

After she was done practicing saber techniques, she chose a copper tub far away from Song Shuhang's and arranged a curtain before filling it with water.

When she entered the medicinal tub, she lowered her head and looked at her chest.

After she was almost hugged to death the last time, she was lucky to get help from that skilled doctor friend of Song Shuhang. Thanks to him, her wounds had already recovered.

However, her chest had yet to recover its original shape. She didn't even know if it would ever return to how it was before.

But even if it could recover its previous shape, would it be still as bouncy and elastic as it once was?

After all, breasts were like a second face for girls. She couldn't neglect this aspect.

During the third day in the Lower City.

Upon waking up, Miss Chu Chu sat cross-legged and started her practice.

Then, she started breaking through a small realm.

After seeing that Chu Chu had started breaking through, Song Shuhang moved closer and acted as her protector.

The job of a protector wasn't only to stop the outside world from influencing the person that was breaking through, but also to give them a hand if something unexpected happened during the breaking through process, such as feeding them a medicinal pill to increase their true qi when needed and prevent them from succumbing to their Inner Demon.

Two hours later.

Chu Chu opened her eyes. She had successfully managed to open her Fifth Dantian, the Dragon Palm Dantian!

At this time, an almost complete true dragon had condensed behind her back, only the neck and head were missing.

"Huff~" Chu Chu spat out a mouthful of bad air.

This time, it took her less time to advance in realm than the past. She felt that the entire process had been very natural and smooth.

After all, she had been almost killed not too long ago. The benefits she had obtained from that experience between life and death were enormous.

Besides, she followed Song Shuhang to space a few days ago and was suppressed by the 'Mount Tai Seal'. Afterward, she practiced inside Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's underground room with increased gravity, obtained a reward inside the grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue, and also managed to practice inside the Time City. In the past, she experienced only one fortuitous encounter within several years. But now, fortuitous encounters had come her way like a flowing river and she was basically experiencing a new fortuitous encounter every day...

Therefore, it wasn't unexpected that her strength increased so quickly.

After Chu Chu managed to break through, Song Shuhang started his own practice.

When he operated the Steel Hands Technique at this time, both palms of his hands were covered by a metallic color, just as though he was wearing a pair of iron gloves.

Practicing the Steel Hands Technique could also increase the strength of Song Shuhang's constitution. Today, he had already successfully increased the strength of his constitution until reaching 250 points. Therefore, he could already try to break through to the Third Dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian!

But Song Shuhang wasn't in a hurry and didn't plan to break through today.

He was planning to use today's day to nourish and warm up the true qi inside his dantian as well as adjust his mental energy to reach an optimal condition.

"I'll try to break through tomorrow!" Song Shuhang said softly.

During the fourth day in the Lower City.

Song Shuhang adjusted his state and was now in optimal condition. Afterward, he asked Chu Chu to tell him about her own experience while she broke through the Dragon Claw Dantian.

The last time, he almost failed to break through to the Dragon Tail Dantian due to being inexperienced. Luckily, there was a good-hearted anonymous senior that helped him while he was breaking through and guided him step by step during the whole process.

Speaking of which, who was that kind senior that helped him the last time?

Apparently it wasn't one of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that helped him back then!

After Chu Chu told him about her own experience, Song Shuhang started to break through to the Dragon Claw Dantian. At the same time, Chu Chu sat next to him and acted as a protector.

The Dragon Claw Dantian also didn't stop at only one layer. One had to break through the several checkpoints in order to complete the breakthrough process.

Anyway, it didn't take Song Shuhang much effort to break through to this small realm. At this time, he had a huge quantity of true qi inside his body. He, who was at the Second Stage Second Dantian Realm, had a quantity of true qi that wasn't inferior to that of a cultivator of the Second Stage Fourth Dantian Realm.

The checkpoints of the Dragon Claw Dantian were like mud walls and were destroyed layer after layer under the strength of Song Shuhang's raging true qi.

Around half an hour later.

Song Shuhang had successfully broken through the Dragon Claw Dantian and entered the nourishing stage that came after the opening of the dantian.

In the rear, for some unknown reason, Chu Chu felt a little bit depressed...

Time flew by.

Very soon, the twelve days they had to stay in the Lower City had come to an end.

During these twelve days, Song Shuhang had already used all the raw materials he bought from Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue back then.

At this time, even his realm after breaking through to the Third Dantian, the Dragon Claw Dantian, had thoroughly consolidated. Now that he had an additional dantian to bear the pressure of his true qi, Song Shuhang didn't have to worry about suddenly exploding.

Technically speaking, Song Shuhang could already start eating spirit beast crystals again. However, he decided to wait a bit and strengthen his constitution some more so as to avoid ending up in a state where his body could explode once more.

At the same time, he had practiced the Steel Hands Technique until making it reach the 'beginner level'.

With that, the strength of Song Shuhang's constitution increased again, reaching 265 points. If he could increase the strength of his constitution a bit more, he would end up having a constitution of the Third Stage rank while being in the Second Stage Realm, a case similar to that of Dharma King Creation's.

After a cultivator reached the Third Stage Battle King Realm, their true qi would liquefy. Moreover, its quality was much superior when compared to the true qi of a cultivator of the Second Stage Realm.

In addition, cultivators of the Third Stage had another special characteristic. They could burn the 'liquid true qi' inside their bodies and bring forth the 'Body of the Battle King', obtaining a large increase in fighting power within a short period of time.

"The twelve days are almost over!" Chu Chu held a sword in her left hand and a saber in the right one. She was truly a talented cultivator. She had completely mastered the foundations of saber techniques within these twelve days.

In the future, she would perhaps become an outstanding cultivator specialized both in the way of the sword and the saber.

Chu Chu was somewhat unwilling to leave this place. While training in the lower portion of the Time City, the practicing speed was from five to six times faster than the outside world. In there, she was obtaining the same effects she would if she was continually taking valuable medicinal pills to aid her training!

Therefore, she was a bit unwilling to leave this wondrous place.

Not too far away from her, Song Shuhang was grasping with both hands a large sword.

In the next moment, he jumped up and a blinding light was emitted from the strange sword.

At the same time, Song Shuhang recited a strange incantation. "Holy light, that wicked one seems worth fighting!"

Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword!

It was that technique that had been adapted from a western-style sword technique. Although its raw power wasn't bad, the 'chant' of the technique was just too embarrassing.

However, Song Shuhang was still very happy.

After all, it was a sword technique! A real sword technique!

Although the sword was somewhat big and could be wielded only with two hands, it was still a sword, right?

At last, he, too, could practice a sword technique. Beyond that, the 'Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword' seemed to have a pretty good raw power.

Earlier, Chu Chu tried to cross swords with him.

When she faced head-on the 'Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword', Chu Chu had to burst forth with twenty-one ordinary swords attacks in one go to ward off the attack of Song Shuhang's sword.

Moreover, when Song Shuhang used the sword technique, the sword light released holy flames too. The holy flames were rather interesting. Although they didn't cause much damage, they would stick to the enemy.

In addition, if one was hungry, they could use them to cook as well!

Since their days in the 'Lower City' of the Time City were almost over, Song Shuhang and Chu Chu didn't waste their time and practiced until the early hours of the morning.

"Now, we only need to wait for Pavilion Master Chu to bring us out," Song Shuhang said while holding the large sword with both hands. He looked incredibly tired at this time.

Chu Chu was sitting cross-legged next to him while wearing women's clothing made from a curtain stitched together. She looked at the Time City behind them, somewhat unwilling to part with it.

It was such a good place! How wonderful would it be if she could stay here for a few more days!

However, the two of them waited for a long timethey waited for more than half a daybut Pavilion Master Chu, who should have come to pick them up, never came.

Chu Chu furrowed her brows and said, "What happened? It should be already time for us to leave the Time City."

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and said, "Perhaps... Pavilion Master Chu is still sleeping? She was in a strange state the last time, and seemed very tired. Perhaps she just overslept? After all, the flow of time in this place is different than the outside world. One day in the outside world is equivalent to twelve days in the Lower City. If she oversleeps for just a few hours in the outside world, several days will pass in this place."

A happy expression flashed through Chu Chu's eyes as she said, "In that case, shouldn't we keep practicing for a few more days?"

Song Shuhang was somewhat worried about Li Yinzhu. However, they couldn't get out of the Time City without Pavilion Master Chu's help.

Since they couldn't do anything about the matter, the best course of action was to follow Chu Chu's advice and keep practicing.

After all, practicing in the lower portion of the Time City was very effective.

Therefore, the duo returned to the Time City and kept practicing.

One day, two days, three days...

Very soon, another twelve days passed... however, Pavilion Master Chu didn't come to find them.

Song Shuhang had started to wonder whether Fairy Chu had actually forgotten about them...

Chu Chu was very happy to be able to practice in the Time City every day. She felt that she was getting stronger and stronger with each day of practice, and was extremely pleased about it. Chu Chu was a simple girl, and it was rather easy to satisfy her.

Song Shuhang had practiced the Steel Hands Technique until reaching the intermediate level, and even the whole set of the Holy Light Sword Technique had reached the beginner level.

Although he had already finished the raw materials necessary for the medicinal bath, Song Shuhang had managed to increase the strength of his constitution until reaching 275 points by relying on the continuous use of the Steel Hands Technique within these twelve days.

In addition, he finally found the time to research a certain thing within these days... the human puppet inside his size-reducing purse!

Then he discovered that the damnable thing could eat spirit stones!

The previous time, when he bought the medicinal materials from Miss Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue and received those three spirit stones of the Third Stage back, he put them in the size-reducing purse... but now, those spirit stones had disappeared without traces!

Song Shuhang felt his heart twitching in pain. After all, those were three spirit stones of the Third Stage! It was something he would obtain after working for more than half a day in the mines!

Why did those spirit stones he put in the size-reducing purse suddenly disappear?

Song Shuhang got curious and picked the last two spirit stones of the Fourth Stage he had left. Then, he threw that half-used spirit stone into the size-reducing purse.

Next, he shook the purse a bit and finally discovered the culprit... it was that human puppet! That thing could eat spirit stones!

"My heart is truly in pain at this time..." During the experiment, Song Shuhang even lost that half-used spirit stone of the Fourth Stage.

With how things were, Song Shuhang didn't dare to place any other spirit stone in the size-reducing purse.

In addition, he studied the small human puppet every day after practice.

Unfortunately, without enough energy to power it up, the human puppet wasn't any different from an ordinary little toy. Besides, Song Shuhang wasn't an expert when it came to puppets. Therefore, he didn't obtain any useful information after studying the puppet.

"Maybe I should wait until I return to Venerable White's side and give him the puppet so that he can study it?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

After all, Senior White was extremely adept at disassembling things.

It was regrettable that he wasn't as much adept at assembling them back, and even if he could assemble them back, those things could explode at any time.

"Whatever... it's not like this thing belongs to me. I don't really care even if Senior White ruins it. It's settled then. I'll give it to Senior White the next time I see him so that he can disassemble it." Song Shuhang had made up his mind.

"Even today, Pavilion Master Chu didn't come to pick us up," Chu Chu said.

She and Song Shuhang had stayed in the 'Lower City' of the Time City of 24 days already.

But Fairy Chu still hadn't come to look for them.

"Yeah, and it has already been two days in the outside world," Song Shuhang replied.

It would be wonderful if the phone had a signal at this time. In that case, they could simply call Fairy Chu and tell her to come to the Time City to pick them up.

Chu Chu pondered for a moment and said, "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, should we return to the 'Lower City' of the Time City and explore its depths? Perhaps we will find a way out."

Even if she wanted to stay in this place and keep practicing, looking for an exit wasn't a bad idea. With that, they would have a way out in case there was an emergency.