Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 547

Chapter 547: 88888 Voices
Chapter 547: 88,888 voices!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu


The surprise attack of the tentacles that had twisted and transformed into a stick failed. A small golden shield had managed to block the attack.

The ghost spirit had been hiding inside Song Shuhang's Heart Aperture all along and had used its unique senses as a ghost spirit to help its master monitor the situation around him. Just as the tentacles tried to hit Shuhang, the ghost spirit automatically used its innate skill and blocked the attack with its golden shield.

But in the next moment, up to a hundred suckers appeared on the surface of that stick made of tentacles.

The suckers firmly attached themselves to the small golden shield and activated. Immediately after, even the small golden shield of the ghost spirit was transformed into pure energy and absorbed by the luminous jellyfish.

Even an innate skill such as the golden shield was transformed into pure energy and absorbed!

"I'm not afraid of you making a move... because I'm more afraid of you NOT making a move! Fire controlling art, make the fire burn at maximum intensity!" Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and operated the 'fire controlling art' with all his might, making the holy flames burn with even more strength.

Hopefully, he would be able to induce the jellyfish to move some more and get the opportunity to escape.

"Buzz, buzz." Right at this time, the luminous jellyfish emitted a strange sound. Then, after it was done absorbing the energy of the small golden shield of the ghost spirit, it withdrew its tentacles and maintained the 'cocoon' around Song Shuhang.

Afterward, it didn't move in the slightest and allowed the holy flames to burn on its tentacles. A little bit later, it activated its suckers and started to slowly transform the holy flames into pure energy, absorbing them.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had no alternative but to stop using the 'fire controlling art'. Increasing the area and intensity of the holy flames only created additional energy for the opposite party. It was just a waste of time.

Next, Song Shuhang didn't move in the slightest and tried to find a way out of the situation.

Since he wasn't moving, the tentacles of the jellyfish weren't moving, either.

But just as Song was unable to resist and tried to use the Turtle Breathing Technique, the tentacles quickly stretched out and transformed the runes on Song Shuhang's palms into pure energy, absorbing it.

If he couldn't think of anything, Song Shuhang would suffocate for real and die in that place.

It's bad... I'm at my limit without the Turtle Breathing Technique... Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But right at this time, the cocoon that was tightly wrapping him up started to wriggle. Then, a small mouth that started to emit white mist appeared on each of the internal tentacles of the cocoon... was it possible that they were releasing air?

At first, the luminous jellyfish kept interrupting Song Shuhang's Turtle Breathing Technique, but now, it was giving him air on own initiative? What was it planning to do?

Was it possible that there was something wrong with the air? Who knew, perhaps it was poisoned?

However, Song Shuhang had really no choice at this time and was at a dead end.

Of course, he wasn't planning to casually inhale the air without taking any precautions.

Song Shuhang took the 'Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition' that Senior Ancient Lake Temple had gifted him out of his size-reducing purse. It was a medicinal pill that one could take orally to treat and heal their wounds. In addition, it also had a certain detoxifying effect.

Song Shuhang put the Gentle Dao Pill in his mouth and cautiously took a breath of air... if there was something wrong with the air the luminous jellyfish had released, he would immediately swallow down the Gentle Dao Pill to counter its negative effects.

Song Shuhang spat the bad air in his lungs out and took a deep breath.

The fresh air entered his body and soothed his lungs that were on the verge of exploding.

In the next moment, a feeling of happiness welled up in Song Shuhang's heart.

The air was very clean, and there wasn't any trace of poison inside.

But just to be safe, whether there actually was poison in the air and regardless if the medicinal pill could stop it, Song Shuhang still swallowed down the 'Gentle Dao Pill'.

Suddenly, just as Song Shuhang swallowed down the 'Gentle Dao Pill', he felt a burst of dizziness rush up to his head. Immediately after, his mind became blank, and everything around him started spinning.

In the next moment, he collapsed and lost consciousness.

"Buzz, buzz." The luminous jellyfish made another strange sound. It almost felt as though it was evilly laughing...

Soon after, it dragged Song Shuhang toward its body while maintaining the cocoon around him. Next, a mouth suddenly appeared on the body of the jellyfish and swallowed Song Shuhang down.

After an unknown amount of time, Song Shuhang finally regained his senses.

I actually fainted after eating the medicinal pill... that's the opposite of what should have actually happened!

After opening his eyes, he looked all around. After a quick look, he discovered that he was in a strange place.

There were many mirrors all around him, and countless Song Shuhangs were reflected inside these mirrors. There were both gravity and air inside this room full of mirrors.

In addition, there was a faintly discernible black sphere with an irregular surface three meters away from him.

The black sphere was emitting a faint radiance, illuminating the strange room full of mirrors.

"What is this place?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

He turned his head around and shot a look at the surrounding area. At the same time, his image reflected in the several mirrors also turned its head around and looked at the surroundings.

In the whole room, there was nothing else aside from mirrors.

The only exception was that shining black sphere.

"Was I brought here by the luminous jellyfish?" Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and took out the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, poking at the black sphere in front of him.

Then, just as though it was an illusion, the tip of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant directly passed through the black sphere as it poked at it.

"Is this thing an illusion?" Song Shuhang furrowed his brows and prepared to take the saber back.

But right at this time, the black sphere actually followed the saber back and quickly rolled in Song Shuhang's direction.

The black sphere wasn't an illusory object. Although Song Shuhang couldn't touch it, the black sphere could come in contact with both Song Shuhang and the saber.

The black sphere rolled toward him very fast. Song Shuhang didn't even have the time to let go of the saber when the sphere had already touched his fingers.

In the next moment, countless things poured into Song Shuhang's head from the black sphere.

Immediately after, 88,888 voices echoed in Song Shuhang's head in unison, talking about topics that Shuhang didn't understand in the least.

The number of the voices was simply too high, and after the voices overlapped, everything turned into a buzzing sound. Song Shuhang was unable to differentiate between the voices or understand what they were trying to say.

He felt as though his head was going to explodeeven listening to Dharma King Creation's song from close range didn't have such an impact on him.

But the most absurd thing was that he knew the exact number of the voices... he knew that there were 88,888 voices altogether! Not one less, not one more!

"Is this some kind of deathly trap?!" Song Shuhang held his head with both hands. At this time, the only thing missing was someone popping out of nowhere and saying 'You're already dead' with Song Shuhang's head deforming and exploding.

If it was really a trap, the one that had arranged it must have been affected by an obsessive-compulsive disorder! They decided to place exactly 88,888 voices inside~ such a perfectly balanced trap~

Dammit! It feels as though my head is going to explode! If all the voices keep speaking at the same time, I'm really going to turn insane!

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and prepared to punch himself in the head. He wanted to see whether he could knock himself out.

But just as this thought flashed through his mind, the 88,888 voices in his head became even louder, and the speed at which they were talking increased by three times.

The CPU of Song Shuhang's brain was overloaded and his whole body crashed. At this time, he felt as though he had been struck by an 'immobilizing technique' and was thus completely unable to move.

The 88,888 voices continued to reverberate in Song Shuhang's head, filling his head with all kinds of mysterious information.

While he was in this state, Song Shuhang's brain lost the ability to think. He had no choice but to passively listen to the 88,888 voices with a stupid look on his face.

In the world of cultivators, some magical or cultivation techniques possessed the power of the natural laws or of the great truth.

Therefore, it was impossible to write these peerless cultivation techniques or extraordinary magical techniques down with something as simple as 'words', and even if one were to forcefully use letters to write them down, the letters would be destroyed by the power of the principle of the world...

As a consequence, it was extremely difficult to pass down these peerless cultivation techniques or extraordinary magical techniques.

Cultivation techniques that possessed not too much of the power of the natural laws or of the great truth could be passed down to the younger generation through jade strips or similar materials.

But cultivation techniques that possessed the complete power of the natural laws or of the great truth were impossible to write down on those jade strips that were usually used to pass down techniques. Even the creator of the cultivation or magical technique found it very difficult to pass it down to the disciples through the mere usage of 'words'.

For this very reason, many valuable magical techniques and peerless cultivation techniques had been lost forever due to the inability to pass them down.

One could say that ancient cultivators really racked their brains to think of methods to pass down their peerless cultivation techniques and extraordinary magical techniques...

Time slowly passed by.

In the end, after a full 45 hours and almost two days' worth of time...

The 88,888 voices in Song Shuhang's head were about to stop with their mumbling!

At last, the voices shouted in unison, and the buzzing sound that had continued for full 45 hours stopped.

Song Shuhang weakly lay on the ground.

In the next moment, fresh blood started to flow out of his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

One day later.

Song Shuhang finally regained his senses.

His head was aching, and he felt as if it was going to split into two. On the other hand, a cool and refreshing feeling was transmitted from the place between his eyebrows.

Song Shuhang propped himself up. At the same time, a rumbling sound was transmitted from his hungry stomach. Hence, he quickly opened his size-reducing purse and took out a fasting pill, swallowing it down.

Fasting pills also had different effects according to their different qualities.

If the average man was to take an ordinary fasting pill, they wouldn't need to eat for one month. If it was a cultivator of the First Stage, they wouldn't need to eat for ten days. But if it was a cultivator of the Second Stage, the effects would last only for four or five days.

The fasting pills Song Shuhang had with him were a gift from Su Clan's Sixteen. One fasting pill was enough to keep a cultivator of the First Stage sated for more than two months, and even a cultivator of the Second Stage didn't need to eat for around one month.

Su Clan's Sixteen wanted to give him fasting pills of an even higher quality, but Song Shuhang's cultivation level was too low back then. If the quality of the fasting pills was too high, the pills would fill him to the point of bursting.

But even after Song Shuhang swallowed the fasting pill down, he still felt very hungry.

Therefore, he put another fasting pill in his mouth and swallowed it down.

Then, another one, another one, and another one...

After eating eight consecutive fasting pills, he felt that his belly was only 70% full.

"For how long have I been unconscious, to the point that I became so hungry?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself. At the same time, he raised his head and looked in the mirror on the side.

His face reflected in the mirror was deathly pale, and it felt as though he didn't have any vitality.

Moreover, there were traces of dried up blood around his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

But what piqued his interest was the area between his eyebrows. A bronze-colored radiance was frequently emitted from that place. The presence of the bronze light signified that his mental energy had increased once again. The quantitative change had triggered a qualitative change as well, carrying out a strange mutation.

The amount of mental energy he possessed right now was already something that didn't belong to the realm of a cultivator of the Second Stage.

Recently, Song Shuhang had carefully looked up the info concerning the 'constitution' and 'mental energy' of cultivators. Therefore, he knew that the bronze light implied that his mental energy had reached the Third Stage rank.

"I'm in big trouble." Song Shuhang grimaced.