Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 550

Chapter 550: The ?tome Of Never Ending Tears?
Chapter 550: The Tome of Never-Ending Tears
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Song Shuhang was particularly aggrieved at this time.

Earlier, he had been rather lucky that the target of the appraisal technique was Miss Chu Chu. Therefore, the price he had to pay was just some blood spurting out of his right hand.

But if the secret technique was really out of control and was automatically appraising everything he was touching, Shuhang wouldn't survive even if he had a blood bank at his disposal!

As long as it was something like a rock or a plant, it wasn't such a big deal. But if he was careless and ended up falling on the floor, accidentally appraising the ground below... wouldn't he appraise the meteoroid on which the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was built?

If an ordinary rock billion years old was capable of causing harm to his body, wouldn't he directly lose all his blood and die if he were to appraise a huge meteoroid that was only God knew how old?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang felt a burning pain transmit from his finger to the rest of the body through his nerves.

"Rip~" Several wounds opened on his finger, and the wounds on one's fingers just happened to be particularly painful~


What is it this time?

Runes flashed through Song Shuhang's eyes, rushing out of his eye sockets and falling onto the bandages covering his hand. Ultimately, they formed the picture of a clock.

Next, as the runes returned to his eyes, Song Shuhang got a new piece of information.

It's an ordinary bandage for medical use. It's sold in all big pharmacies and can stop bleeding. The disciples of the Chu Family always carry it with them in order to prepare for all possible contingencies.

"..." Song Shuhang.

What's the point of giving me this type of information!

The nearby Chu Chu furrowed her brows. She noticed that several other wounds had appeared on Song Shuhang's finger. There was definitely something wrong with what was happening because she clearly remembered that there wasn't any wound there earlier!

The wounds on Song Shuhang's body had basically appeared out of nowhere!

"Fellow Daoist Shuhang, were you affected by something similar to a magical curse?" Chu Chu asked. There were indeed some curse-like magical techniques that could cause strange injuries such as these.

"It should be something of the sort." Song Shuhang faintly sighed. After much difficulty, he could somehow make use of the 'appraisal technique', but how could he switch it off now?

After saying this much, Song Shuhang stretched out his shivering hand and took the 'Gentle Dao Pill' out of his size-reducing purse to treat his wounds.

Just as he took the medicinal pill out, his innocent arm was caught in the crossfire. Thirty or so circular wounds appeared on his arm as blood started to flow out incessantly.

Afterward, runes flew out of his eyes and formed the picture of a clock. This time, the target of the appraisal technique was the 'Gentle Dao Pill'.

It's the 'Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition'. It's a wound-treating medicinal pill that can be taken orally. It can counter poisons, treat wounds, and help one recover their energy. Produced by the Ancient Lake Temple. It's a medicine with gentle properties.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Shuhang was speechless and didn't know what he was supposed to say at this time.

Was the technique planning to appraise all the items he had with him?

From the looks of it, everything that was coming in contact with his hands was going to be appraised!

It's over!

Should I consider writing a will just in case?

But... will the technique appraise the pen and the paper as well if I decide to write a will?

As soon as he imagined the tragic scene, Song Shuhang felt his eyes tearing up.

Chu Chu said, "Fellow Daoist Shuhang, let's try to find a way to quickly get rid of the magical curse affecting your body!" She noticed that new wounds were continuously appearing on Song Shuhang's body, with blood spurting out vigorously. It seemed he was going through a very painful experience.

Song Shuhang swallowed down the Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition and clenched his teeth, saying, "Miss Chu Chu, knock me out! Perhaps it's the only way to prevent me from continuously losing blood!"

Song Shuhang believed that the 'appraisal technique' would stop working if he was unconscious.

"Good!" Chu Chu quickly moved and arrived in front of Song Shuhang. Then, she stretched out her finger, poking at him.

Song Shuhang lowered his guard and didn't try to stop her.

Chu Chu used her finger to poke at his neck, operating her true qi at the same time.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang loudly fell to the ground, quickly losing his consciousness.

The effects of the Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition were superb. The wounds on Song Shuhang's body quickly healed under the effect of the medicinal pill.

After he was knocked out, the runes flashing through his eyes finally stopped and disappeared.

As expected, asking Chu Chu to knock him out had turned out to be quite effective.

However... the 88,888 voices started to talk over inside Song Shuhang's head as soon as he lost consciousness, talking about things he didn't understand in the least.

These 88,888 voices wouldn't stop with their mumbling until Song Shuhang had thoroughly grasped the magical technique.

Chu Chu carried on her shoulder the fainted Song Shuhang, dragging him and placing him in the corner of the daoist temple.

Then, she secretly sighed after looking at the blood-soaked Song Shuhang.

The 'Lower City' of the Time City was more troublesome than what she had originally expected.

Aside from that fearsome formation with the 108 bronze statues, weird curses were also lying around.

She and Song Shuhang were going to have a difficult time while looking for a way out of the Lower City!

Anyway, it's better to rest inside this daoist temple for some time...

Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, inside the palace reserved for the guests.

Li Yinzhu opened her eyes and finally woke up from her hibernation-like state.

"So cold," she muttered. At this time, the whole room was full of white and icy air, somewhat resembling a freezer.

The cold inside her body had flared up while she was sleeping.

As a consequence, the cold air inside her was released outside while she was fast asleep, filling the whole room.

"Where am I?" Li Yinzhu muttered to herself.

Very soon, she noticed a pair of male and female attendants standing next to the bed.

The pair of male and female attendants was still holding the quilt in their hands, seemingly trying to cover her up. However, they were standing still at this time and weren't moving in the slightest.

Li Yinzhu couldn't even feel the aura of life come from the bodies of the two attendants. At this time, there was absolutely no difference between them and two statues carved out of stone.

Li Yinzhu furrowed her brows and jumped down from the bed. Then, she approached the body of the female attendant and stretched out her hand, touching her. Her body was icy cold and hard.

Li Yinzhu tried to put more strength into her hand, but the bodies of that pair of male and female attendants were like glued to the floor and didn't budge.

What is this place? What happened earlier? And where are Chu Chu and Shuhang?

"So cold." Li Yinzhu tightly hugged the magical clothes she was wearing and stopped paying attention to the pair of male and female attendants, directly leaving the palace reserved for the guests.

But as soon as she got out of the palace, Li Yinzhu discovered that the whole world was frozen in time.

The disciples strolling through the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the birds in the sky, the spirit beast on the ground, the trees, and the water in the rivers... had all stopped in their tracks.

"Time has stopped?" Li Yinzhu said in puzzlement.

After strolling along the periphery of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion for a while, she discovered that all things, without exception, were frozen in time. At this time, the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was shrouded in a deathly silence.

Li Yinzhu started to look for Chu Chu and Song Shuhang's trail.

But even after looking through more than half of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, she was still unable to find them.

Li Yinzhu started to panic, and her small hands aimlessly grabbed at the air in front of her in the hope of grasping something.

"I can't panic... I mustn't panic. I can sense his presence in this place." Li Yinzhu rubbed her eyes and finally headed toward the highest building in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

It was the Celestial Pavilion, the place where Pavilion Master Chu was sleeping.

All sorts of defenses and traps were arranged around the Celestial Pavilion. The reason the luminous jellyfish could freely move through the barriers and restrictions was that it had Pavilion Master Chu's complete trust!

However, Li Yinzhu didn't have such privileges.

Therefore, she activated something akin to an alarm as soon as she approached the Celestial Pavilion.

In the depths of the Celestial Pavilion, the eyelashes of the fast asleep Pavilion Master Chu slightly trembled...

As soon as the alarm-like formation woke Pavilion Master Chu up, the time stop applied to the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was lifted, and the place slowly started to move again.

The water of the rivers started to flow again, and the birds in the sky also started to flap their wings.

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion continued with their practice, etc.

The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion slowly returned to life.

In the meantime, in the proximity of the moon, on a hollowed out meteoroid drifting in the void.

Inside the hollowed out meteoroid, a white-haired old man stood up after completing his daily session of meditation.

"He's still not here? Where has that little friend Song gone?" The white-haired old man took out a smartphone and swiped on the screen to unlock it. Soon after, he opened the photo gallery.

In the photo gallery, there was unexpectedly a picture of Song Shuhang.

The old man was a loose cultivator, and his dao name was 'Sobbing Old Man'. The man was a powerful Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

Moreover, the old man practiced a weird cultivation technique that was passed down in ancient times, the Tome of Never-Ending Tears.

As the name suggested, the Tome of Never-Ending Tears was an unusual cultivation technique that forced both the practitioner and the enemies into a state of endless sorrow, without any possibility of escaping it.

When he was young, the Sobbing Old Man entered some ancient ruins related to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, obtaining the Tome of Never-Ending Tears.

By relying on this tome, he slowly became a powerful Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

After looking at Song Shuhang's picture, for some unknown reason, a sad feeling welled up in the heart of the Sobbing Old Man, making him unable to resist the urge of shedding some tears.

"Sob, sob, sob~" The Sobbing Old Man wept bitterly. The more he was crying, the more he looked aggrieved.

If someone unaware of the truth were to witness this scene, they would surely think that the white-haired old man was mourning the death of a loved one.

"Little friend Song, where are you! Even after all these days, you haven't appeared! How am I supposed to explain things to Senior White!" The Sobbing Old Man wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. Even his eye sockets had become red.

The Sobbing Old Man ended up owing Venerable White a very big favor 500 years ago, and just like True Monarch White Crane, he had been looking for an opportunity to return the favor all along.

A short time ago, the Sobbing Old Man discovered through his personal channels that Venerable White was planning to send a cultivator of the younger generation into space and arrange a few trials for him there.

As soon as he got a hold of this information, the Sobbing Old Man knew that the time to repay his debt to Venerable White had come!

Thereupon, he seized the opportunity and contacted Venerable White on his own initiative, taking the task of arranging a few trials in space and welcoming the young cultivator surnamed Song.

Venerable White agreed to his request and sent him a picture of Song Shuhang, as well as a talisman capable of locking Song Shuhang's coordinates.

Thereupon, the Sobbing Old Man prepared a very good trial in the proximity of the moon.

Everything was ready. Now, he only had to wait for little friend Song Shuhang to come over and enjoy the exciting trial he had prepared for him, allowing him to strengthen himself.


Little friend Song Shuhang never came.

Some time later, the Sobbing Old Man discovered that Song Shuhang had gone to explore an ancient grave together with Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue. But according to the time, he should have already returned from that place...

"Sob, sob, sob~ Fine, fine, it seems I'll have to look for Little friend Song Shuhang on my own although this might end up reducing the enjoyment of the trial," the Sobbing Old Man said while wiping his tears.

Since he had with him a talisman that could lock Song Shuhang's coordinates, he would personally look for him and bring him back here.