Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 551

Chapter 551: The Sobbing Beauty
Chapter 551: The sobbing beauty
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The Sobbing Old Man activated the talisman Venerable White had provided him to lock onto Song Shuhang's coordinates.

Soon after, two dots appeared in the mind of the Sobbing Old Man.

One of the dots was green, it showed the position of the Sobbing Old Man. The other dot, which was red in color, was very far away and indicated Song Shuhang's approximate location.

"It's worthy of being a talisman Senior White manufactured; it works wonders~ Sob, sob, sob~ I'm really touched." The Sobbing Old Man cried out loud once again.

He was moved for a rather weird reason~

After getting all emotional and crying, the Sobbing Old Man meticulously covered up the trial he had prepared for Song Shuhang so as to avoid strangers barging in by mistake and ruining his setup.

Afterward, he headed in the direction of the red dot! He wanted to get ahold of little friend Song and bring him back here so that he could happily enjoy the trial he had prepared for him to repay Senior White!

The Sobbing Old Man flew through space for a long time, directly until evening. At last, he arrived at the coordinates where Song Shuhang was supposed to be according to Senior White's talisman.

But what appeared before his eyes... was a huge meteoroid. Moreover, a palace-like building was built on it. The only problem was that the whole construction was concealed with a magical technique and its true appearance wasn't clearly discernible.

Only the huge gate of the palace, which was covered with copper nails, was clearly visible to the Sobbing Old Man.

The Sobbing Old Man was currently dumbstruck and didn't even have the time to cry. He just quietly sized up the palace gate before his eyes.

Soon after, he raised his head and gazed at the space above the gate.

In there were engraved three twisted words. It was unknown in which language the three words were written, but the Sobbing Old Man knew their meaning...

'Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion!'

When he was young, the Sobbing Old Man entered some ancient ruins related to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, obtaining the Tome of Never-Ending Tears inside. Thanks to this cultivation technique, he managed to condense a Golden Core and become a powerful loose cultivator of the Fifth Stage.

Such being the case, although he was from a different generation, the Sobbing Old Man was somehow an inheritor of the teachings of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion!

Therefore, he had some understanding of the matters related to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"There is no mistake. The picture of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion I saw in the ancient ruins was very similar to this construction." The Sobbing Old Man jumped down from his meteor-like magical treasure and arrived in front of the gate of the palace, gently stretching out his hand and caressing the copper nails on the main gate.

But why had the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion appeared in this place, right in the middle of space?

After all, wasn't the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion involved in a war against a powerful sect of cultivator a long time ago and destroyed in the process?

From what the Sobbing Old Man remembered, the ancient Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had been completely destroyed after a fierce battle against another sect of cultivators.

Was it possible that the later generations of the lucky survivors of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had decided to rebuild it?

The hand of the Sobbing Old Man faintly trembled. Next, tears copiously flowed out of his eyes without any sign of stopping.

"Sob, sob, sob~" The Sobbing Old Man looked especially aggrieved while crying. But this time, he was crying tears of joy!

The Tome of Never-Ending Tears he obtained back then wasn't complete. After practicing until the Fifth Stage Realm, he had reached a dead end and needed the remaining part of the cultivation technique to keep practicing. But the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had been destroyed, and the Tome of Never-Ending Tears just happened to be a cultivation technique that exclusively belonged to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion!

It was such a heartbreaking matter, right?

If the Sobbing Old Man wanted to advance further on the path of cultivation, he had to either change the cultivation technique he was practicing or find the complete version of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears.

Hence, the Sobbing Old Man had been looking for the complete version of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears all along. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to obtain any good result in his endeavor.

But if the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had really survived the calamity back then, there was a chance he might be able to obtain the complete version of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears! No matter how low the probability of obtaining the technique was, it was still better than having no chance at all!

At this time, the Sobbing Old Man was gently caressing the gate of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, just as though it was his little darling... after all, the only hope he had to advance to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm lay on the other side of the gate!

However, the Sobbing Old Man started to get a bit anxious at this time. He felt as if he was about to visit his native place after many years of absence.

After a long time, he made up his mind and knocked on the gate.

"Knock, knock, knock~"

The knocking sound resembled that of a doorbell and was transmitted very far away. A formation protected the meteoroid. Therefore, there was air inside the place that could allow the sound to travel.

After knocking on the gate, the Sobbing Old Man anxiously waited for a reply for quite some time. But the front gate of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion showed no sign of opening.

The Sobbing Old Man mustered his courage and knocked on the gate once more.

"Knock, knock, knock~"

However, the gate still didn't budge.

There is no one around? Or is it possible that they don't want to open the gate on purpose?

"Should I just try to barge in?" the Sobbing Old Man muttered to himself. However, he quickly cast aside this thought. If he were to randomly barge into the place, the opposite party would surely regard him as an enemy.

At that time, there was no way the opposite party would give him the complete version of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears even if they had it. No, it was more likely that they would kill him directly if he were to forcefully barge into the palace.

Thereupon, the Sobbing Old Man retained his cool and kept knocking on the gate.

The Sobbing Old Man was a very patient man. When he was young, he once thought of visiting a senior loose cultivator to study under his guidance. In the end, the Sobbing Old Man ended up kneeling in the front of the immortal cave of the senior cultivator for five days and five nights.

Such being the case, it was now time to bring his patience into full play...

In the meantime, in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As soon as Li Yinzhu approached the 'Celestial Pavilion' Fairy Chu was residing in, she activated an alarm-type formation arranged next to the place. Thereupon, Pavilion Master Chu also woke from her deep slumber.

Simultaneously, the defense system of the Celestial Pavilion also activated, and a crystal tower supported by stone columns rose from the ground next to the Celestial Pavilion.

Li Yinzhu immediately realized that she had barged into a restricted area. Therefore, her small feet stamped on the ground, and a sword orb flew of out her mouth, changing into a sword light that rushed beneath her feet.

She wanted to get away from the Celestial Pavilion as soon as possible.

However... it was too late. The defense system of the Celestial Pavilion was something that Pavilion Master Chu had set up personally.

Just as Li Yinzhu rode her flying sword and rushed upward, a huge net came down from the sky and wrapped her up. Next, ten chains popped out of nowhere and tied her up like the '' character, making her dangle in front of the entrance of the Celestial Pavilion.

It felt rather embarrassing to dangle in the air like that...

At this time, Li Yinzhu wanted to cry but had no tears.

With her strength of the Fourth Stage Realm, she was unable to free herself from the chains. The more she was struggling, the more the binding of the chains was getting tighter.

"Help! Please, set me free! I came here by mistake!" Li Yinzhu shouted. At the same, Song Shuhang's figure appeared in her mind.

In the Celestial Pavilion.

After making sure that the trespasser had been taken care of, Pavilion Master Chu fell asleep once more.

Perhaps because she had already slept for two days, she didn't enter a deep slumber this time. Thereupon, the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion didn't completely stop in its track as before.

The cultivators in the sect continued with their actions.

The disciples running along the road continued running. The disciples that were practicing kept practicing. The elders that were either playing chess or drinking tea also continued with their actions, enjoying their carefree life.

They were completely unaware that everything was frozen in time just a moment ago.

Only the pair of male and female attendants in the palace reserved for the guests was grabbing the quilt with confused expressions on their faces.

From what they remembered, they had brought an unconscious guest to this room.

But now, the whole room was full of cold air, and the little guest was nowhere to be seen.

The pair quickly started to look for the guest that had suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Time City.

A female disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion entered the Time City while holding a thick book in her hands, heading toward the 'Lower City'. The entrance she used to get into the Time City wasn't the same as the one Pavilion Master Chu used when she brought Song Shuhang and Chu Chu there.

No disciples were guarding the entrance Pavilion Master Chu used back then. It was quite obvious that Fairy Chu used a secret shortcut while leading Song Shuhang and Chu Chu to the Time City.

One of the disciples in charge of guarding the Time City said with a smile, "Senior Sister Ye, it seems you also plan to enter the Lower City to practice."

"Yes, I'm planning to practice in there for a month." The female disciple called 'Senior Sister Ye' turned her head around and smiled. When she said 'month', she referred to one month in the outside world and thus close to one year in the Lower City.

At this time, she was hugging a thick book in her bosom and wearing a light purple skirt.

She had long brown hair that was carefully braided into pigtails, and her long bangs faintly covered her eyes.

When she turned her head around and smiled at the disciples, it turned out that her eye sockets were very red, and there were still tear stains visible. It seemed she had just finished crying.

The girl was like a hyacinth, delicate and attractive.

After faintly smiling, she tightly held the thick book in her bosom and jogged toward the Lower City, leaving behind the faint fragrance of book ink.

Once the hyacinth-like girl was far away, the two disciples in charge of guarding the entrance of the Time City both sighed with emotion. "Did Senior Sister Ye just cry?"

It had increased her charm by 100 points!

The saying 'a woman looks even more beautiful while crying' was extremely well-suited while talking about Senior Sister Ye.

The 'Sobbing Beauty', 'Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion's Miracle Tears'... names such as these were fairly popular in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

In the Lower City of the Time City.

Song Shuhang finally returned to his senses.

Just as he woke up, Shuhang discovered that he was inside the room he had used to take the 'medicinal bath' back then.

Did Chu Chu move him to this room?

"Did you finally wake up?" At this time, Chu Chu was wearing a new dress made out of a curtain stitched together.

"For how long was I unconscious?" Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. The 88,888 voices kept torturing him even while he was unconscious. They had kept talking over in his mind for the whole time.

"You have been unconscious for three days and three nights," Chu Chu replied.

At this time, it had already been 34 days since Chu Chu and Song Shuhang had come to the Time City. Therefore, around three days had passed in the outside world.

"I slept for a long time!" Song Shuhang forced a smile. Then, he cautiously stretched out his hand and grabbed one of the nearby copper tubs used to take medicinal baths. He wanted to see whether or not the appraisal technique was still active.

After he grabbed the copper tub, runes didn't appear in his eyes, and neither did the wounds on his body!

Song Shuhang was immediately delighted. "Wonderful!"

The effects of the appraisal technique seemed to be finally over. Now, he didn't have to worry about casually touching something and unknowingly activating the appraisal technique, causing his body to rupture and spurt blood everywhere.

From the looks of it, knocking him out was enough to put a stop to the appraisal technique.

After seeing Song Shuhang's happy expression, Chu Chu asked, "Have the effects of the curse on your body disappeared?"

"Yes, they seem to have disappeared. Now, I won't have to worry about randomly losing blood. Such being the case, we might as well keep looking for the exit." Song Shuhang stood up from the ground with a jump and moved around his body a bit. After all, he hadn't moved for three days and three nights.

Just as he got up, his body emitted the same crackling sound as firecrackers.