Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 552

Chapter 552: I Can Feel It Its Coming
Chapter 552: I can feel it, it's coming!
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Along with the crackling noises of his bones, Song Shuhang discovered that his constitution had unexpectedly gotten a little stronger. However, the increase in strength was still very small.

It wasn't only his constitution, because even his height seemed to have increased a little.

While he was unconscious during the past few days, not only his body didn't weaken... but it strengthened instead?

Is this the doing of the appraisal technique? Did my body get stronger while I continuously lost blood back then?

However, he would rather not have to go through the experience again if the benefits were so low! There was just too much difference between the price he had to pay and the benefits he received in return. It was like running a business at a loss!

"You slept for a few days in a row. Therefore, I carried you along with me to every room I went during the past several days," the nearby Chu Chu said.

After saying this much, she took some fasting pills out of a small package and handed them over to Song Shuhang, saying, "Do you want some? I have several fasting pills with different flavors here with me. You slept for such a long time. You must be hungry, right?"

"You have fasting pills with different tastes?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

The fasting pills Su Clan's Sixteen gifted him were all flavorless. Therefore, he thought that all fasting pills were the same and didn't have any flavor.

Chu Chu explained, "Yes, amongst the fasting pills I have here with me there are fruit-flavored, roasted meat-flavored, tomato-flavored, chicken-flavored, and so on."

"Can you let me have a try of the chicken-flavored ones?" Song Shuhang asked.

He and Chu Chu had stayed in the Time City for around a month and had eaten fasting pills during the whole time. Therefore, recalling the flavor of chicken was enough to make Song Shuhang's mouth water.

Chu Chu handed him a light yellow-colored fasting pill.

After taking the pill in his hands, Song Shuhang smelled it. To his surprise, it really had the faint smell of roasted chicken. His mouth started to water as he said, "It smells really good. Where are such fasting pills sold? And there are unexpectedly so many different types available..."

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Shuhang's complexion changed.

In the next moment, twenty or so knife wounds of different depth abruptly appeared on the arm holding the fasting pill.

Afterward, blood violently spurted out.


This damned appraisal technique hadn't actually switched off?

Dammit, I'm not a blood bank! The quantity of blood I've lost in the past few days is more than I've lost during my whole life!

Chu Chu said, "That's bad! Fellow Daoist Shuhang, you are losing blood again!"

"Yeah, this indeed seems to be the case..." Song Shuhang stared at the wounds on his arm. So much of his blood had been wasted just in this fashion~

Given the current situation, shouldn't Song Shuhang consider raising a vampire-like pet and always keep it close to him so as to avoid wasting all the precious blood he was losing? From what he knew, vampires and the likes really existed in this world. However, he was unaware if they were like the ones he had seen in movies, with each male and female being handsome and beautiful.

Chu Chu said, "The blood's showing no sign of stopping..."

"It will stop after a while. I feel that I'm somehow getting used to it," Song Shuhang said indifferently.

There seemed to be a lot of blood, but it was mainly due to the high number of wounds that opened on his body. Most of the injuries were shallow, and Shuhang only needed a little bit of time to heal them.

However, due to the wounds opening, recovering, and opening again, there were now a lot of scars all over his body.

Some said that a man had to wear their his scars like medals... Song Shuhang felt that his whole body would be decorated with medals a month later if this kept going on.

Chu Chu asked, "Is the curse still in effect?"

"Yeah, it seems it wasn't fully eradicated earlier..." Song Shuhang heaved a sigh.

However, the situation had improved a bit. Earlier, the mysterious appraisal technique was activating whenever he was touching something. But now, it was just activating randomly~

Just as he was speaking, the runes gushed out of his eyes as though they were a stream of water and fell on the fasting pill, forming the picture of a clock. Then, the hands of the clock quickly turned counterclockwise.

After a short moment, the runes returned to Song Shuhang's eyes.

It's a chicken-flavored fasting pill, very crisp. It can satiate a cultivator of the First Stage for one month. It was manufactured in April 2018. Shelf life: 20 years. Place of origin: Southern China, Immortal Food Cave. One spirit stone of the Second Stage is enough to buy twenty such fasting pills. It's possible to obtain it at discounted price if one is planning to buy them in large quantities.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Is the appraisal technique trying advertise the Immortal Food Cave and their products now? Did the Immortal Food Cave invest in such a business?

Ah? Wait a moment!

When I took the fasting pill in my hand, didn't I unconsciously ask Chu Chu 'where are such fasting pills sold'?

Immediately after, the appraisal technique activated and appraised the fasting pill. Moreover, it didn't only appraise its effects, but it also told me in details about the 'place of origin'. Such being the case... did the appraisal technique activate because I was wondering where the fasting pill was being sold?

Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts at this time. If his guess was correct, it meant that he had understood how the appraisal technique worked.

"By the way, how can you get used to wounds suddenly appearing on your body!" Chu Chu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Afterward, she took some other bandages out and started to dress the wound on Song Shuhang's arm.

At this time, both his hands were wrapped up in bandages, making him resemble those guys practicing mixed martial arts.

After looking at his hands, Song Shuhang muttered to himself, "Perhaps I should give it another try?"

Chu Chu asked, "Give it a try? Try what?"

Song Shuhang looked around, and his gaze lastly fell on the new bandages wrapped around his hands. If he were to appraise the bandages, only a few wounds on his fingers would appear!

Such being the case, it was better to test the technique on them!

Song Shuhang took a deep breath and said, "Where were these bandages manufactured?"

Without waiting for Song Shuhang's appraisal technique to activate, the nearby Chu Chu replied, "Our Chu Family produced them. Our Chu Family founded a company that produces goods for medical use in China. The goal is to supply the needed goods to the disciples during their practice. After all, cultivators frequently get injured while tempering their body. "

Miss Chu Chu had dashingly raced to be the first one to reply!

"..." Song Shuhang.

Perhaps because Chu Chu replied first, the appraisal technique didn't activate this time. After Song Shuhang regained his senses, the appraisal technique had slightly changed and was now more flexible.

Forget it. I'll look for something in my purse to appraise. It's better if I find something that requires a small price for the appraisal.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang took out his size-reducing purse.

Then, he suddenly thought of something. Wait a moment, the last time, when I took the 'Gentle Dao Pill' out of the size-reducing purse, didn't I touch the purse first and only later the pill?

Back then, the out-of-control appraisal technique decided to appraise the 'Gentle Dao Pill' instead of the 'size-reducing purse'... and this had allowed Song Shuhang to unknowingly dodge a calamity!

Even if one were to use their feet instead of their head to think, they would realize that the background of the mysterious size-reducing purse was surely more troublesome than that of the Gentle Dao Pill 5th Star edition from the Ancient Lake Temple!

Due to the fact that he had lost the memories related to the 'mysterious island', Song Shuhang had no idea how he had gotten his hands on the 'size-reducing purse'. If not for the small piece of paper inside the purse that cleared things up, he might have already gifted the cute rabbit-shaped purse to someone else or directly thrown it away.

Now then, how did I exactly get my hands on this 'size-reducing purse' during my trip to the mysterious island?

Since he had lost his memories, he was unable to recall what had happened in there.


Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! That thought just now was very dangerous!

I quickly need to cast aside these foolish thoughts!

A calm heart allows one to keep their head cool and believe in their strength, with no desires and no demands~ I need to empty my mind... equality, fairness, lawfulness, patriotism, professionalism, honesty, friendliness, democracy, civilization, kindness... blah, blah, blah... protect my body! Song Shuhang tried his best to empty his mind.

However... it was too late!

The human brain really worked in strange ways sometimes. The more one didn't want to recall a certain matter, the more that matter would pop up in their mind and not go away.

Song Shuhang could already feel the stabbing pain he was about to experience.

I'm done for, I'm going to die!

"Rip, rip, rip~"

In the next moment, several thousand wounds of different severity appeared on Song Shuhang's body, with blood spurting out as though there was no tomorrow. Song Shuhang was completely dyed with blood once more.

"Aaaaaaah~ Painful, painful, painful! I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying~"

Manly men didn't easily shed tears, but they, too, would cry when the pain was too much to bear.

Therefore, Song Shuhang shed his manly tears again. However, he didn't cry due to the pain, but because of his stupid mistake. These were tears of deep regret.

"Fellow Daoist Shuhang!" the nearby Chu Chu called out in alarm, unsure what to do.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and gave Chu Chu the thumbs-up while in extreme pain. "It's fine. It's just a small wound... well, the number is actually way higher than one, but I'm fine."

"There is no way this can be regarded as a 'small wound'! You are losing blood from all over the body!" Chu Chu quickly took out a few more bandages. However, she didn't know where to start to patch him up.

Song Shuhang was losing blood from everywhere. If she started dressing all his wounds, Shuhang would turn into a mummy. But the problem was that she didn't have so many bandages with her!

Song Shuhang said, "It's alright. Wounds of this degree should recover in a few minutes."

"No matter how I look at you, you don't seem 'alright' to me! What's the deal with this curse affecting your body? How did you end up with this curse in the first place? We should quickly try to find a way to get rid of it!" Chu Chu said hastily.

With Song Shuhang continuously losing blood due to the curse, they were unable to do anything!

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Don't worry. I've already discovered the cause of the loss of blood."

At the same time, runes flashed through his eyes and rushed out of his eye sockets like a stream of water, falling on the size-reducing purse. Afterward, they formed the picture of a clock and returned to Song Shuhang's eyes.

It's a cute rabbit-shaped size-reducing purse manufactured from the snakeskin of the Little Finger Snake. The creator of the purse, *****, is a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender that loves rabbits. It's something she manufactured personally and gifted to Fellow Daoist Song Shuhang.

The asterisks implied that part of the information was censored. That ***** should have been either the 'dao name' or personal name of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender that loved rabbits.

It seemed that the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender had taken some precautions and concealed information about her past, present, and future. Therefore, even Song Shuhang's appraisal technique was unable to discover her dao name or personal name.

However, it was a good thing that the powerful senior on the mysterious island had concealed her personal information... because if Song Shuhang were to appraise the information related to a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, the price to pay wouldn't be as simple as some blood spurting out of his body.

Perhaps all his blood vessels would rupture at that point, making him die.

I unexpectedly met a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender during my stay on the mysterious island? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But after recalling that time he experienced part of his own life while he was on the mysterious island in the dreamland, he remembered that he had met Miss Nine Lanternsas well as that small white dragon in the chamber tombon that island.

It seems that the mysterious island is far from being a simple place!