Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 553

Chapter 553: A Hard To Come By Kindred Soul
Chapter 553: A hard-to-come-by kindred soul!
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One day later.

At this time, Song Shuhang was walking in one of the underground passages of the Time City all alone.

Yesterday, after he appraised the size-reducing purse by mistake and lost a lot of blood, he and Chu Chu were forced to stop for an additional day.

As such, the duo teamed up early this morning and decided to keep exploring the Lower City in order to find an exit.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu decided to explore the Lower City together.

The Lower City was, after all, a place full of dangers. That great formation of 108 bronze statues, the wounding curse that Chu Chu believed had affected Song Shuhang's body, and so on were all incredibly dangerous for them.

Since the surrounding environment was so dangerous, it was wise for the duo to move together and help each other in case of need.

Song Shuhang and Chu Chu didn't intend to follow the plot of those movies where the people that had teamed up with the main character would all split up after reaching a dangerous place.

However, Shuhang hadn't expected that he would be still separated from Chu Chu in the end!

Back then, Chu Chu was leading the way in one of the passages, but after she turned the corner, she suddenly disappeared!

Of course, Song Shuhang quickly followed behind her. But when he turned the corner, he suddenly lost sight of Chu Chu. Instead, he felt something akin to zero gravity feeling, just as though he was inside an elevator.

Song Shuhang immediately guessed what had happened. It seemed that the various passageways inside the 'Lower City' could actually move.

It was a such a cheap move!

After separating from Chu Chu, Song Shuhang had no choice but to travel all alone while looking for both the exit and Chu Chu.

As such, he decided to leave a different mark in each room he visited.

Unknowingly, another day had passed.

As before, Song Shuhang still had to find traces of Chu Chu.

"I have no idea according to what pattern the passageways of the Lower City are moving, and I can't rely on my sense of smell, either. It seems I can only rely on my luck to find Chu Chu this time," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Speaking of which, his luck had been awful recently!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang noticed a brightly lit room at the end of the passageway. Moreover, there was a human figure moving inside!

There is someone in there!

Is that Chu Chu, or is it a disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

Regardless of who it is, it's good news for me!

"I finally got lucky, huh?" Song Shuhang said.

Song Shuhang picked up the pace and quickly headed toward the room at the end of the passageway.

After getting into the room, Song Shuhang discovered that it was a huge library.

Or at least... it should be a library?

The room that appeared before his eyes was full of books. There were books all over the place, probably more than a hundred thousands. It was literally an ocean of books.

However, the books weren't orderly put on the bookshelves. Instead, they were piled up on the ground, and the room looked very messy.

At this time, a hyacinth-like girl was squatting down in the middle of the ocean of books.

She wore a purple skirt, and her long brown hair was carefully braided into pigtails; her long bangs faintly covered her eyes.

At this moment, she was holding a thick book in her hands and reading it with great interest. After a short moment, she said softly, "No place can compare to the 'Lower City' of the Time City! Here, I can read books for twelve days while only one day has passed in the outside world~ I'm so happy!"

She spoke in a low voice, but Song Shuhang was still able to hear her words thanks to his great hearing.

Girl, if you use the time-related abilities of the 'Lower City' for things such as these, you're going to make Pavilion Master Chu cry!

At the same time, Song Shuhang's favorable impression of the girl increased by 20 points. He felt that he had met a kindred soul. Just like him, the girl liked squatting down and read while surrounded by books. As long as she had a book in her hands, she was in heaven.

"Sob, sob, sob~" But right at this time, the girl suddenly started crying while reading.

Tears copiously flowed out of her eyes and streamed down her delicate cheeks, soaking the book she was holding in her hands.

The girl panicked and quickly stretched her hand out, wiping the tears away from the book. But due to the tears continuously flowing, the water drops falling on the book were continually increasing even if she was wiping them off. Very soon, the entire page of the book was soaked.

Did she start crying after reading about a very sad plot development in the book?

It seems she's an emotional and well-read girl.

Song Shuhang's favorable impression of the girl increased by another 20 points.

After witnessing this scene, he was even surer that he had met a kindred soul.

Should I go inside and greet her?

She should be a disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Such being the case, she must know the way to leave the Time City, right?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang called out, "Excuse me, may I disturb you for a moment~"

At this time, the book-loving girl noticed that a person was coming over.

She quickly hid the book she was reading behind her back and carefully looked at Song Shuhang.

In the meanwhile, tears were still copiously flowing out of her eyes. Her misty and teary eyes increased her charm even further, making her look even more beautiful.

Somewhat embarrassed, Song Shuhang waved his hand and said, "Hello."

"Hello. Sob, sob, sob~" The girl nodded and started crying even more loudly.

After seeing that she was still crying, Song Shuhang felt a bit awkward.

Just as though she had sensed Song Shuhang's embarrassment, the hyacinth-like girl gently waved her hand and said, "Please, don't mind me, sob, sob, sob~ Once I start crying, sob, sob, sob~ I won't be able to stop any time soon. Anyway, Junior Brother, which branch of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion do you belong to? Sob, sob, sob~ I don't think I've seen you around before?"

"Hi, I'm not a disciple of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. I got by chance into the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion a few days ago and managed to meet Pavilion Master Chu. Afterward, Pavilion Master Chu led both me and my companion here to the Time City," Song Shuhang replied.

"I see... sob, sob, sob~ So you are a guest of our Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion."

The girl didn't doubt Song Shuhang's words. After all, the Time City was a very special place that was related to the concept of 'time'. Therefore, someone that didn't have Pavilion Master Chu's permission to get into the city being there was impossible.

"Sob, sob, sob~ I'm part of the generation of disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion surnamed 'Ye'. Therefore, my dao name is Ye Si. Sob, sob, sob~" The well-read girl wiped away her tears and continued, "Moreover, since I like reading books and ponder over matters, my junior and senior sisters, and other people as well, often call me 'Pensive Ye'."

As for 'Sobbing Beauty' and 'Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion's Miracles Tears'... she absolutely wouldn't acknowledge such names!

Song Shuhang blinked his eyes. Why was this senior sister telling him her nicknames after meeting him for the first time?

However, he still politely replied, "Hello, Senior Sister Ye. My name is Song Shuhang. As for my dao name... today should be either Wednesday or Thursday in the outside world... alright, it's Wednesday. Therefore, my dao name is Path-seeking Scholar!"

"Path-seeking Scholar? Do you also like reading books?" Senior Sister Ye's eyes lit up. At this time, she had stopped crying and was only sobbing from time to time.

"Indeed, I quite like reading books," Song Shuhang replied firmly. After all, reading books was one of his biggest hobbies!

Senior Sister Ye shot a glance at Song Shuhang. As soon as she saw him, she felt as though she had met a kindred soul that liked reading books as much as her!

Since they shared a common interest, the two of them quickly engaged in conversation.

"Anyway, what were you reading earlier, Senior Sister Ye?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. What kind of book made Senior Sister Ye cry so much?

"Actually, it's just a book I casually picked up." Senior Sister Ye showed Song Shuhang the book she was hiding behind her back.

Song Shuhang took the book in his hands and looked at it.

'Theories on how cultivators can save up true qi or spiritual energy while riding a flying sword!'