Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 554

Chapter 554: The Temperature Of Their Fingers
Chapter 554: The temperature of their fingers
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I have to stay calm, I have to stay calm!

After seeing the title of the book, Song Shuhang tried his best to keep his calm and not let his thoughts wander so as to avoid accidentally triggering the appraisal technique and spurting out blood in front of Senior Sister Ye.

Immediately after, Song Shuhang glanced again at the serious-looking title of the book. But even after looking at it a second time, he just couldn't imagine which part of the book could have made Senior Sister Ye burst into tears...

Is it possible that the content of the book is more complex than what the title suggests?

For example, although the title is serious-sounding and seemingly about academical discussions, the actual content of the book is that of a tragic love story... In the past, Song Shuhang, too, had bumped into the so-called clickbait titles!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang started to quickly flip through the book called 'Theories on how cultivators can save up true qi or spiritual energy while riding a flying sword!' and deliberately arrived at the page that was soaked in Senior Sister Ye's tears.

But what appeared before his eyes was... a series of mathematical equations.

He quickly shot a glance at the content and flipped through several pages, but the only things he saw in there were boring theories about how cultivators could save up true qi or spiritual energy while riding a flying sword...

He was unable to find anything remotely related to a 'tragedy' or something of the sort!

F*ck, just what kind of reader is she? Did Senior Sister Ye start crying after reading about these boring theories?

Is it possible that she is one of those readers with a very, very wild imagination?

For example, some readers might start treating a manga where there was a hot-blooded battle amongst robots with the following lines flying around 'Look at my dazzling explosion!', 'Eat my light beam!', 'Have a taste of my metallic rod!', 'I'm going to break through your impenetrable defense!' 1 as a mecha porn story...

But even if Senior Sister Ye was one of those readers with a very wild imagination, how did she exactly end up treating those complex theories and mathematical equations as a 'tragic love story'...?

Is it possible that rune X is the male lead, rune Y is the female lead, and rune Z is another man, and their sudden combination led to a heartbreaking plot development...?

Song Shuhang silently returned the 'Theories on how cultivators can save up true qi or spiritual energy while riding a flying sword!' to Senior Sister Ye.

It seems I'm still unable to understand the world of a well-read girl...

Does it mean that I've not advanced far enough on the road of literature?

"Junior Brother Path-seeking Scholar, I feel that you're thinking about something quite inappropriate at this time," Senior Sister Ye said disgruntledly, both her eyes very red.

Song Shuhang quickly waved his hand and denied, "No, I did no such thing!"

"After seeing your guilty conscience, I'm even surer that you were thinking about something inappropriate." Senior Sister Ye sobbed a few times and covered her face with both hands. Waterdrops incessantly streamed down her cheeks as she burst out in tears again, looking very aggrieved.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"I'm sorry. I didn't start crying because of you, sob, sob, sob~ It's just that I suddenly felt very sad and couldn't help but burst out in tears. Sob, sob, sob~ I'm telling the truth, it doesn't have anything to do with you. Don't misunderstand, please." Senior Sister Ye aggrievedly cried while waving her hand at Song Shuhang, comforting him.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior Sister Ye was crying for the strangest reasons~

However, she looked rather cute when she was trying to comfort others while crying aggrievedly.

At last, with much difficulty, Senior Sister Ye managed to stop crying.

"I showed Junior Brother Path-seeking Scholar a rather embarrassing sight." Senior Sister Ye was still sobbing from time to time.

Song Shuhang gave her a tissue. It wasn't that he was carrying tissues around with him. It was just that there were many of them placed next to Senior Sister Ye and he simply picked up one.

Senior Sister Ye wiped away her tears and tried to awkwardly shift the topic of conversation. "Junior Brother Path-seeking Scholar, what kinds of books do you like reading?"

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment and replied, "I like all kinds of books. You can say that I'm just someone that simply likes reading."

Whether it was a book about boring theories, a textbook, a novel, a manga, a science thesis, or ancient poetry... in short, as long it was something with text written on it, Song Shuhang could lose himself in it and read it for the whole afternoon, if not longer, without breaks!

"You like all of them?" Senior Sister Ye asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang nodded.

"You and I are the same. I also like reading all kinds of books. Although I'm unable to understand the content of many difficult books properly, as long as it's book, I'll definitely like it. It's for this reason that I like staying in the 'Lower City' of the Time City. Because I can read even more books here!" Senior Sister Ye said happily.

The two of them were really similar from this point of view!

The duo looked into each other's eyes.

Song Shuhang felt he and Senior Sister Ye were like kindred souls!

Senior Sister Ye asked at this time, "What kinds of books do you usually read the most?"

"The books I read the most are probably school books and the likes. Since I'm still a student, I usually get in contact with these types of books the most," Song Shuhang recalled and continued, "But aside from that, the ones I read the most are probably novels and manga. These two types are really good for relaxing. Then, in the third place, I would say famous literary masterpieces and poetry."

"Like historical romance novels and picture albums? I'm also really interested in those two types of works. Do you have any historical novel or picture album to recommend?" Senior Sister Ye said happily.

When the two bookworms discussed, the topic of conversation could but revolve around 'books'.

It was a 'common topic' they could talk about forever.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang told her about some of the novels he liked.

Since the range of the works was very broad and went from famous pieces of literature to classic martial arts novels, and again to modern webnovels, there were several works that he liked and thus wanted to recommend.

After hearing the names Song Shuhang mentioned, Senior Sister Ye sighed with emotion and said, "I haven't heard about any of the works you mentioned just now. Were all these works produced in the last several hundred years?"

Song Shuhang nodded and said, "Yes, that's indeed the case."

Time was truly a marvelous thing. Several hundred years of time could pass since a cultivator went into secluded meditation to when they came out. Sometimes, the entire world would have changed by the time they came out.

"In that case, how about giving me a brief introduction of these interesting works you mentioned? I'm very interested in them!" Senior Sister Ye said expectantly.

"Sure. I can briefly describe to Senior Sister Ye the interesting parts and general plot of those works. If Senior Sister Ye is really interested in them, I can bring them to you if I have another opportunity to visit the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion in the future," Song Shuhang said with a smile. His memory had become pretty good since he had become a cultivator. Therefore, it wasn't a problem to remember most of the plot of a novel after reading it once.

"Right, Senior Sister Ye. Earlier, while I was in one of the passages of the Lower City, I accidentally separated from my companion. Do you have any method to find her?" Song Shuhang asked.

Aside from Chu Chu's whereabouts, he had to seize the opportunity and ask Senior Sister Ye about the exit of the Lower City as well.

"Hehe, it seems you guys happened to enter the area of the Time City that was about to shift. In order to lighten the effects of the erosion of 'time', the internal structure of the Time City would change from time to time," Senior Sister Ye explained. "Do you have any item with you that has the aura of your companion? Give it to me if you have it, I'll use it to look for your companion."

"Can bandages work?" Song Shuhang took off the bandages on his arm. Chu Chu had used those bandages to dress his wounds and her aura was still on them.

"Yes, bandages are also fine." Senior Sister Ye smiled and took the bandages in Song Shuhang's hands.

When she took the bandages from Song Shuhang's hands, her finger touched Shuhang's. The two of them could feel the temperature of each other's fingertips...