Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 56

Chapter 56 The Heart To Be Wary Mustnt Be Missing
Chapter 56: The heart to be wary mustnt be missing

Along the way.

Zhao Yaya suddenly asked, Shuhang, I dont seem to remember having met those two guys when I sent you here at the start of school, right? How did they know about me?

Song Shuhang blinked at her, Hahaha, I think they probably heard Tubo and the others mention you, then utilized their own means to obtain a photo of you, I guess.

Youre lying, that sounds too fake. Zhao Yaya snorted, From their talk, it was obvious that they had met your elder sister not long ago. Furthermore, when you introduced me, the other guy seemed to be very surprised, like it was the first time he had seen me. Therefore spill the beans, is the person those two boys were referring to your girlfriend? Could it be that shes older than you, so you feel embarrassed to introduce her to me?

Zhao Yaya was still as honest and straightforward as ever, she was like a detective mercilessly exposing Song Shuhangs lies.

Theres no such thing, that person truly wasnt my girlfriend, you have to believe me, jie. Song Shuhang seriously replied right away.

Yep, thats the truth. However you indeed have had an elder sister accompany you out of the mens dormitory a while ago? Zhao Yaya squinted her eyes, How about it, have you considered going beyond just friends? Older female younger male relationships are pretty good now. Besides, if you get married, a slightly older woman would be able to take better care of you. I believe that Aunt and Uncle wouldnt object.

How hateful, she easily inferred that out. Song Shuhang was dispirited. Moreover, why does having a girlfriend have to be linked with marriage? Cant there just be a pure boyfriend-girlfriend relationship between college students? Does it have to be linked with a topic as heavy as marriage?

Alright, Ill stop teasing you, but if you do find a girlfriend, you must inform me. Im leaving now. Zhao Yaya forcefully patted Shuhang, then quickly walked up to hail a taxi, and left with a smile.

Song Shuhang waved while feeling relieved in his heart.

He honestly couldnt lie in front of Zhao Yaya, because she was too familiar with him, any lie he made would be easily seen through by her.

Luckily, she didnt manage to make out any relation between him and cultivation. It should be normal though, since something like cultivation was merely a beautiful product of fantasy to ordinary people. In normal circumstances, nobody would link reality with cultivation.

Either way, before I decide to be honest about cultivation with her, I have to keep this a secret, and not give her any clues, so as to avoid anything disastrous happening to my family. Song Shuhang inwardly thought.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner had warned him of this before, he didnt dare to jeopardize his familys lives.

When he thought of this, he once again thought about the person investigating him in the background.

There mustnt be the heart to harm someone, but the heart to be wary mustnt be missing!

6PM in the evening.

At the house Yangde rented.

When Song Shuhang made it, Tubo and Gao Moumou were already drunk. The two hugged each other, while Gao Moumou occasionally wept, he still seemed to be traumatized.

On the other hand, Lin Tubo loudly consoled him while patting his chest making guarantees.

The two were definitely speaking Chinese, but Shuhang couldnt understand a single word, god knows how these two drunkards converse?

Li Yangde wore a forced smile, and immediately asked after opening the door for Shuhang, Shuhang, do you know what happened to Gao Moumou? He was more dead than alive the moment he arrived, and immediately drowned himself and Tubo with alcohol. A while after he started drinking he began to say things like I have been tainted, I am unclean, I want to die and other baffling words. To be honest its scary to hear a grown man like him shout out something like I am tainted.

It just so happens that I know precisely whats going on! Song Shuhang laughed out loud.

Song Shuhang explained what happened earlier in the dormitory to Li Yangde in detail, but held back the part where Zhuge Yue said someone was investigating him, of course. Song Shuhang didnt want to drag his three roommates into unknown dangers.

When Li Yangde heard the full story, he had the expression of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Speaking of Zhuge Yue, I seem to have an impression. That person must be the schools news departments core member. As for that persons gender, it should be female, right? Li Yangde pondered while pinching his chin. As he once had the need for some information, he hacked into the schools news departments to check, and gained some understanding of their core members.

But when I asked Gao Moumou whether that person is a male earlier, this fellows face turned strangely pale, and he shook his head in a depressed manner. Then I asked, is it a girl? His expression turned for the worse, but he still shook his head in grief. I then asked him, is it an intersex or transvestite, and he cried while saying no. He said that these are things I wont understand. Shuhang said.

Then theres only one possibility left that person is a transsexual? Li Yangde hypothesized.

As you say, that seems to be the only other possibility? Song Shuhang nodded.

The two turned to look at Gao Moumou with pity-filled eyes.

Yangde, Shall we let Old Gao get totally drunk tonight?

Song Shuhang nodded, We should.

The roommates originally wanted to have a meal outside this night, but Gao Moumous half dead appearance would just be shameful to bring out. So Li Yangde wisely called for delivery to go along with the drinks.

Tubo and Gao Moumou kept drinking, and didnt eat much. The two were already close to complete intoxication, and almost laying down like corpses.

Song Shuhang and Li Yangde sat down, happily enjoying their sumptuous dinner.

By the way, Yangde, theres going to be a sports event in our school? Why havent I heard of it? Song Shuhang inquired.

Of course you wouldnt know because our class was only notified this afternoon. At that time, you were already dragged away by that strange friend of yours. Li Yangde replied, then he revealed a profound smile, Oh yes, Shuhang, when you werent present in class during the afternoon, a female student named Lu Fei specially came to us to ask about you.

Huh? Song Shuhang was stunned, he didnt know how to react.

That lady named Lu Fei? All that happened between them is she moving closer to him during a few classes, right? Furthermore, he had never spoken a single word to that person, how should Shuhang be expected to react?

Haha. Li Yangde laughed, then said, Also something interesting happened for the registration for the sports event. Let me tell you in detail, its said that for the this event, there would be a hurtful 5km run for men, and its the incredibly tiring type. Theres no one in our class who was willing to participate. Therefore, after everybody pushed this duty all around, this duty fell onto the head of someone who wasnt present. Let me give you a hint, this persons surname is Song.

Can I use foul language? Song Shuhang felt all of the veins on his forehead popping up. What a scheme, its 5km and it could kill!

How unfortunate!

Eh, wait. My brain didnt seem to think clearly for a moment. If it was two days ago, perhaps I might really run to death, but now a mere 5km, maybe it is just an insignificant number?

Dont bother cursing, nothing would change even if you curse. The name list for the sports event has already been submitted, on the 7th of June, you will obediently participate in the 5km run. When the time comes you have to go, even if you dont someone will lift you over. You can do it! If you win, youll receive more course credits yknow? Li Yangde sardonically smiled.

Fine, its just a mere 5km. These additional course credits, this Song will definitely seize it. Song Shuhang said in a heroic manner.

Thats the spirit, cheers! Li Yangde raised his cup.

Cheers! Suddenly, the intoxicated Lin Tubo laughed and raised his glass. It could be seen that his eyes were clear, how was he intoxicated at all?

Damn, this fellow was just deceiving Gao Moumou?

The pitiful Gao Moumou, he was already down. Who knows how many secrets this scoundrel Tubo made him spill when Tubo made him get drunk?

Song Shuhang raised his glass and laughed out loud, Cheers.

No matter whether it was for Zhao Yaya or these three scoundrels, he had to make preparations.