Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Broadcasting The Practice Of Senior Sister Yes Partner
Chapter 560: Broadcasting the practice of Senior Sister Yes partner
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Song Shuhang placed both his hands on the ground and stuck his butt up.

In the next moment, he jumped up. According to Song Shuhang's imagination, his current posture was like that of a cheetah and was full of explosive power.

But in truth, his current posture wasn't appealing in the least. He didn't resemble a cheetah at all while he was propping himself up with his hands and jumping around... on the contrary, he looked more like an amphibian excelling at swimming.

It was the difference between the three following point of views: what you look like in someone else's eyes, what you look like in your own eyes, and what you actually look like.

Anyway, regardless of Song Shuhang's current posture, he was the only person inside the huge arena. Since there was no one around, he could be at ease and jump around without a care. He could leap around in any way he wanted. After all, he just had to run for 5000 meters with both his hands and feet simultaneously touching the ground to completely absorb the energy inside the spirit beast crystal.

After madly dashing about (or rather, leaping around) for approximately 200 meters, Song Shuhang finally got used to running on four limbs.

His speed was getting faster and faster as he was running, and after running for another 200 meters, Song Shuhang started to apply a few small tricks belonging to the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk footwork to his current set of movements. Grasping a cultivation technique didn't mean using a fixed set of movements rigidly. The more one was skilled in the usage of the technique, the more they could make a variegated use of it. Then, after reaching a high enough comprehension, they could assimilate the knowledge inside the technique and make it their own.

Song Shuhang's speed got faster and faster and as he got used to running in that posture.

What the mysterious appraisal technique told him earlier wasn't wrong. While he was running on his four limbs, the energy of the horse-type spirit beast crystal inside him quickly started to merge with the rest of his body.

Although he didn't know why or how it was happening... he felt that what he was currently doing was very effective!

"I should accelerate a bit. I only have to run for 5000 meters; it shouldn't take me too much," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Next door, inside Senior Sister Ye's library.

At this time, Fairy Ye Si wasn't reading books. Instead, she was assembling a small magical treasure.

It was a mirror-type magical treasure with eight trigrams engraved on the back. Senior Sister Ye was currently installing several accessories on it.

This gadget was very similar to the 'eight-trigram information collecting formation' used in the hand-guided tractor competition to broadcast the race to the rest of the world. The only difference was that the version Senior Sister Ye had with her was several times smaller and less powerful.

"It's finally finished, and only one last step is left," Senior Sister Ye said softly.

The magical treasure had the ability to lock the position of the badge Song Shuhang was wearing.

It was possible to produce a resonance between Song Shuhang and the magical treasure. With that, there was no need to worry about him losing his way even if the passageways of the Time City were to shift.

However, she still had to activate both the magical treasure she had assembled and the badge Song Shuhang was wearing.

Thereupon, Senior Sister Ye entered the following information in the small magical treasure.

Petition to activate the locating badge and the locating mirror.

Dao name of the owner of the badge:

1) Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman
2) Tyrannical Saber Song One
3) Daoist Priest Wood
4) Baijing Street's Sabersman
5) Scholar Mountain of Books
6) Path-seeking Scholar
7) Virtuous Cultivator
Note: The above-mentioned dao names all belong to the same person.


1) A guest of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that was personally led to the Time City by the Pavilion Master.

2) My partner!

Name of the petitioner: Ye Si.

After writing the message, Senior Sister Ye gently tapped with her finger and submitted the information to the control center through the locating mirror.

It was the last step necessary to activate the locating mirror and the locating badge.

In the next moment, the petition was submitted to the 'monitoring hall' of the Time City through Ye Si's locating mirror.

Later, the cultivators on duty in the 'monitoring hall' of the Time City would take a look at the petition and determine the status of the owner of the badge through the submitted information, activating the two magical treasures.

It was a system that allowed them to manage the Time City with ease.

Soon after Fairy Ye Si submitted the information related to Song Shuhang's badge to the control center, the person on duty in the 'monitoring hall' of the Time City received them.

The person in charge today was a female cultivator of the Fifth Stage rank who just happened to be Fairy Ye Si's junior sister.

"Eh? According to this petition, the owner of the badge has seven dao names... that's quite something," the female cultivator said with a smile.

Then, she looked at the remaining part of the information.

"So it was guest that the Pavilion Master led to the Time City personally! It seems they got inside the city directly and didn't go through the guarded entrance. Hehe... eh? Wait a moment. What does 'my partner' mean? The petitioner is Senior Sister Ye Si... is it possible that the newly arrived guest is Senior Sister Ye Si's partner?"

Weird, since when does Senior Sister Ye Si have a partner? The girl was totally oblivious to this fact!

Let alone she, the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was unaware that the 'Sobbing Beauty' of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had found a partner!

It was an explosive piece of news!

The female cultivator first activated the locating mirror and the locating badge.

"Ooooh~ let me lock his position and see where Senior Sister Ye's partner is. If I can find out what he's doing, even better." The female cultivator started to fiddle with the eight trigram mirror magical treasure on one side.

At the same time, another thought flashed through her mind, Ooooh~ It's such an explosive piece of news. I have to let the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion know about it! It would be selfish of me to keep it to myself!

Thereupon, the female cultivator used her other hand to operate another mirror-like magical treasure next to her.

The mirror-like magical treasure on the left side could lock the position of the owner of the badge, Song Shuhang in this case. Then, the person in charge of the monitoring hall could, after receiving the permission of the owner of the badge, see the owner of the badge and the area around them through the mirror-like magical treasure.

On the contrary, the mirror-like magical treasure on the right side was linked to the large screens arranged in all the important parts of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The large screens were originally used in case of emergency.

But later, people slowly started to use them to issue important news.

"Linking process completed. Now, I only need to send a request to Senior Sister Ye's partner to link his position to the screens!" The female cultivator fiddled with the control panel and sent a request to create a connection with Song Shuhang's badge.

Song Shuhang, who was currently madly dashing about, discovered that the button-sized badge on his chest started to emit a red light.

What's happening?

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand while running and pressed on the button-sized badge.

After a short moment, the badge stopped flashing.

"Strange, what's happening?" Song Shuhang was very confused.

He had been counting the distance he had traveled in his mind, and he still had to run for another 3000 meters to completely absorb the energy of the spirit beast crystal.

After he was done running, he would ask Senior Sister Ye why the badge was emitting red light earlier.

Inside the monitoring hall of the Time City.

The eyes of the female cultivator lit up as she said, "The connection was established. Senior Sister Ye's partner is truly amazing!"

After all, not everyone was willing to let other people peep at what they were doing, even if it was only for a few minutes.

After saying this much, she smiled and locked Song Shuhang's position.

In the next moment, wave-like ripples appeared on the eight trigram mirror on the left side.

Slowly, a blurry figure appeared in the mirror. From the looks of it, the figure was in the midst of practice?

It seemed that Senior Sister Ye's partner was a very hard-working man.

The picture reflected in the mirror slowly started to become clear.

In the meantime, the female cultivator operated the eight trigram mirror on the right side and synchronized the picture appearing on the two mirrors.

While she was at it, she gave a title to the broadcast.

Broadcasting the scene of Senior Sister Ye's partner's painstaking practice!

Clothes made a man... and a title made the news. An eye-catching title was bound to attract the highest number of people.

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, which were either practicing or resting, stopped what they were doing, and their vision concentrated on the explosive title displayed on the large screens arranged everywhere in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The blurry picture of a man, seemingly in the midst of practicing, appeared on the screens. After a short moment, the picture started to become clearer...

The scene of Senior Sister Ye's partner practicing? At what time the Miracle Tears of our Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion got a partner?

What kind of joke is this? Which bastard managed to conquer her heart and become her partner?!

Show yourself and let us see your face!

Don't blame us for cutting you to pieces if you anger us!

Very soon... the picture on the screen finally became clear.

The man that appeared on the screen had delicate features, as well as a gentle-looking face. It was difficult for such a gentle-looking person to provoke the anger of others.

At this time, the young man was quickly running on his four limbs.

Sometimes, his hind legs would slightly bend and look as though he was crawling at a very fast speed.

Other times, he would start jumping up, springing around the arena.

Even while springing around, he would do it in several different ways. Sometimes, he would jump around like a swimming amphibian; other times like a muscular kangaroo, and also like a handsome cheetah.

What is he doing?

At this time, more than 1/3 of the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were staring at the large screens, looking at the strange postures Senior Sister Ye's partner was assuming while practicing.

"Is it possible that he's practicing some unique cultivation technique? In the past, I've heard people mention that there are techniques such as the Frog Technique and the likes."

"Perhaps it's the Animal Imitating Technique. It's rumored that cultivators that have the bloodlines of ancient monsters will act like wild beasts during their daily practicing session to better arouse the power of their bloodline. I've heard people say that there is a cultivator next door that has been eating grass like an ox for more than thirty years."

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were animatedly discussing the scene.

"Anyway, it's rather amusing!"

In the meantime, a figure just happened to pass by the arena where Song Shuhang was practicing.

It was Chu Chu.

In order to avoid bothering the couple, she intentionally left the library room so as to give Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye more time together.

But since she was curious, she turned back a little later to see if the flame of passion had exploded between Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye.

On her way back, she passed by the arena where Song Shuhang was practicing. It was at that time that she saw Song Shuhang madly dashing about on his four limbs.

Chu Chu was immediately dumbfounded.

What is Fellow Daoist Shuhang doing? Instead of seizing the opportunity to further develop his relationship with Senior Sister Ye while they were all alone in the room, he came here to run...?