Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Appraising Oneself?
Chapter 561: Appraising oneself?
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Song Shuhang, who was madly dashing about, started to feel somewhat uneasy at this time. Strange, why do I feel as though countless pairs of eyes are staring at me?

Is it just my misconception? After all, running on four limbs is a rather embarrassing thing to do...

"There are still 1000 meters left," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. Such being the case, he gritted his teeth and decided to finish the last 1000 meters in one go!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang used his fastest speed to cover the last 1000 meters.

Although seeing someone running on four limbs wasn't a good sight to behold, Shuhang had to admit that his comprehension toward the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk had gotten much better while running in that posture.

Regardless of what we were talking about, if one were to look at it from a different angle, they would surely obtain new insights during their contemplation. One just couldn't look at things from only one side!

"It seems I've obtained some unexpected insight."

At the entrance of the arena. Miss Chu Chu blinked her eyes and quietly left. I didn't think I would find Fellow Daoist Shuhang in there... but why was he running on four limbs?

Perhaps it's a hobby of his, who am I to judge! Anyway, perhaps he was practicing a cultivation technique?

Regardless of what Song Shuhang was doing in there, Chu Chu decided to pretend that she had seen nothing. She was a clever girl that knew how to protect the dignity of a man.

After all, saving the reputation of a person was a big deal.

In the meantime, the speed of the scene the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion saw on the screens started to speed up.

After all, the ratio of time between the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and the Time City was of 1:12.

As the broadcasting started, the speed of the scene was normal. However, it wasn't truly a live broadcast, and the scene was broadcast after it was stored inside the eight trigram mirror.

Then, just as the scene was broadcast for a certain amount of time, things literally started to speed up.

Halfway through the broadcast, the speed of Song Shuhang's actions increased by twelve times!

How to explain it properly... regardless of the scene, if its speed was increased by twelve times, everything would turn incredibly fast, to the point of becoming 'amusing'.

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion felt the same. After watching the scene of Song Shuhang madly dashing about on his four limbs at a speed twelve times faster than normal, they started to find it somewhat cool.

Some of them took out their imprinting stones, photographic crystals, and so on to record the scene displayed on the screens.

It was such a wonderful scene, and it deserved to be stored.

In the Time City.

Song Shuhang finally completed his 5000 meters run!

At the same time, a warm feeling surged out in Song Shuhang's Sea of Qi Dantian.

The spiritual energy inside the horse-type spirit beast crystal was thoroughly absorbed, to the point that the portion of true qi Song Shuhang obtained from the crystal was now the same as the one he would obtain after practice. There was no need to refine it further.

Generally speaking, whenever 'spirit stones' or 'medicinal pills' were used to supplement one's practice, the cultivator had to refine several times the true qi obtained in the process. It was similar to a 'taming' process. After refining it, the cultivator could transform the foreign true qi into their own, and only at that time could they use it freely.

The true qi that condensed inside Song Shuhang's body after his 5000 meters run didn't need any refining and was the same as the one he would obtain from his daily practice.

"Although the posture was a little ugly, the overall effects were truly excellent," Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Then, after resting for a while, he got up and returned to Senior Sister Ye's 'library room'.

In the library room.

Senior Sister Ye had taken a huge chair out of nowhere.

At this time, she was curling up into a small ball, lying on the big chair. She was holding a thick book in her hands and reading it with great interest.

Although there wasn't any wind, her carefully braided pigtails would sway with each movement of her body.

It created a rather picturesque scene together with the pile books in the background.

As soon as Song Shuhang saw the scene after entering the room, he was mesmerized by it.

The curled up Senior Sister Ye seemed to have noticed that someone had entered the room. She raised her head and looked at Song Shuhang with her slightly red eyes. It seemed she had just cried.

Soon after, she put on a happy face and said gently, "You are back."

She was smiling with tears in her eyes.

Song Shuhang also replied gently, "Yes, I'm back. Now that I've moved around a bit, my body feels much better."

Afterward, he moved toward Senior Sister Ye and casually picked a thick book and bent his body down, preparing to sit on the floor next to Senior Sister Ye's body.

But right at this time, Senior Sister Ye moved her body away and made room for another person on the big chair.

The two of them were dating and were planning to ultimately become partners... such being the case, wasn't it normal to sit together?

Song Shuhang smiled and understood Senior Sister Ye's meaning. Therefore, he also got on the big chair, and the two of them leaned against each other.

Sweet~ Your smile is so sweet~ 1

This picture was likewise broadcast to each corner of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion through Song Shuhang's 'locating badge'.

A wave of sadness immediately spread through the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Even if the broadcast scene was twelve times faster than normal, it wasn't anything special before the powerful eyesight of cultivators. They could directly transform the sped up scene into a normal one within their brains.

The 'Miracle Tears' and 'Sobbing Beauty' of their Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had really become someone else's woman.

"I feel like crying, I really feel like crying~"

"Quickly delete this scene! Why is such a scene getting broadcast, quickly get rid of it!"

"Why was such a cruel display of affection showed to the public?"

"My knees have gone soft, I can't even properly stand up... No, my whole body has gone soft... I need a cute junior or senior sister to give me a mouth-to-mouth insufflation to keep me alive."

"I suddenly feel like practicing the Tome of Never-Ending Tears."

"Wait, if you practice the Tome of Never-Ending Tears, you would be constantly reminded of Junior Sister Ye and feel even sadder."

"But won't I be able to grasp the principle behind the Tome of Never-Ending Tears at an even faster pace then?"

"Ah? What you said actually makes sense."

In the library room.

Song Shuhang took off the 'locating badge' on his chest and asked, "Ye Si, I need to ask you something."

Senior Sister Ye replied, "What it is?"

"Earlier, while I was practicing, the badge started to emit a red light intermittently. Do you have any idea what it meant? Afterward, just as I stretched my hand and poked the badge, it stopped flashing," Song Shuhang said.

"..." Fairy Ye Si.

After a moment of silence, she stretched out her hand and took Song Shuhang's locating badge, placing it in front of her eyes. Then, he stretched out her finger and resolutely pressed right in the middle of the badge.

The broadcasting feature of the locating badge was finally interrupted!

The disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that were watching the scene were at a loss.

Then, Fairy Ye Si explained, "The flashing red light is a type of signal and signifies that someone from the control center of the Time City is requesting you to give them permission to lock onto your position. As soon as you pressed on the badge, you agreed to have your position locked onto."

"I agreed to have my position locked onto? And what does that implies exactly?" Song Shuhang had a bad premonition. At this time, he recalled the strange feeling he was having while he was running on four limbs. He felt as though countless pairs of eyes were staring at him. Was it possible that it wasn't his misconception, but everything was real?!

Fairy Ye Si replied, "It's not a big deal, and it won't cause you any harm. Anyway, after you agreed to have your position locked onto, the control center of the Time City can naturally lock onto your position. In addition, if they want to, they can also see the area surrounding the 'locating badge' through the main 'eight trigram mirror' magical treasure. In other words, they can spy on you through the mirror."

They can spy on you... they can spy on you... they can spy on you...

In that case, the feeling of having countless pairs of eyes staring at me wasn't just a misconception?

Immediately after, Song Shuhang asked while holding a sliver of hope in his heart, "Ye Si, I have something to ask. After I pressed on the badge, the people in the control center can see my whole body or only a portion of it?"

Song Shuhang decided not to give up as long as there was a small chance!

"They can obviously see the whole person! The 'locating feature' is usually used to save people in case of emergency, and it's possible to see everything within a radius of 200 meters with the locating badge as the center," Fairy Ye Si replied.

See everything within a radius of 200 meters...

In other words, someone had seen the whole scene of him madly dashing about on four limbs...

Song Shuhang felt like shedding a few tears at this time.

Time quickly flew by, and another three days had passed in the Lower City.

During the past few days, Song Shuhang's brain refused to recall the matter about the locating badge.

As for Chu Chu, she was practicing under Fairy Ye Si's guidance every day. After that, she would leave the library room and look for a place where she could quietly continue with her practice.

These days had been like a blessing for her. She had a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor that was meticulously supervising her practice and giving her pointers. Moreover, the spiritual qi in the surrounding area was extremely rich and was comparable to that of a 'secret realm'. Thanks to all this, her strength had increased by leaps and bounds, advancing at a very quick pace.

If she could practice here for a year, she was sure she could try to break through to the sixth dantian of the Second Stage Realm, the Dragon Neck Dantian.

Actually, she wished she could practice here for a lifetime!

Thanks to Chu Chu unconsciously giving Song Shuhang and Fairy Ye Si the opportunity to spend time alone, the sentiment between the two also started to get better.

After all, it took time to cultivate the feelings between two people properly.

The two of them were glued to each other all day and reading books.

In addition, they had a common topic of conversation, and there was a wide range of things they could discuss. Such being the case, their relationship got better and better.

Fairy Ye Si told Song Shuhang about several interesting matters that happened in ancient times, as well as about a few small cultivation-related tricks.

On the other hand, Song Shuhang told Fairy Ye Si about the interesting matters currently going on in the outside world, about all sorts of modern products, and a few interesting things that had taken place in the world of cultivatorssuch as the hand-guided tractor competition.

Afterward, he told her that he was planning to shoot a small movie and that there were already several fellow daoists and seniors that wanted to make an appearance.

Fairy Ye Si was quite interested in this 'movie' Song Shuhang wanted to shoot.

At this time, the duo was sitting back-to-back and chatting about the 'movie'.

"Things such as theatre plays actually developed to such an extent." Fairy Ye Si sighed with emotion. Although there were things such as photographic crystals and imprintings in the world of cultivators, cultivators never thought of shooting something akin to a movie.

Cultivators were after all different from mortals, and their main interest lay in practicing.

Fairy Ye Si made up her mind and said, "I also want to participate in the movie you are planning to shoot. Now that I think about it, I haven't left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion in a long time."

"Sure. The plot is still work in progress. Once we go back, we can tell the author in charge to prepare the plot to reserve an interesting role for you," Song Shuhang said softly.

"It's settled then!" Fairy Ye Si said happily.

Song Shuhang also smiled.

Now then, how should Song Shuhang introduce Fairy Ye Si to his parents if they were going to leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and return to Earth together?

I surely can't tell them that she is my partner, right?

In that case, should I introduce her as my girlfriend?

Girlfriend, huh?

F*ck, didn't I wish to get a girlfriend just as I entered university? I wanted to get a cute girlfriend within the four years of university...

Has my wish finally come true...?

I still can't believe that it's real...

At noon. Chu Chu had yet to return. Therefore, Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye were in the room all alone.

Song Shuhang was sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall, reading a book about cosmic demons.

Fairy Ye Si was leaning against his shoulder. But then, she saw a series of formulas that suddenly reduced her to tears, making her cry copiously.

Song Shuhang hugged her and allowed her to lean against his chest.

After happily crying for a while, Fairy Ye Si embarrassingly leaned against Song Shuhang's shoulder, perfectly still, just like an ostrich.

Song Shuhang gently smiled and continued to flip the pages of the book about cosmic demons.

After flipping a few pages, he finally arrived at the page introducing 'demodragons'.

Demodragons were another type of cosmic demon, and their strength was even higher than that blood demons'.

But even amongst cosmic demons, demodragons were considered rather special. After their death, other cosmic demons would leave behind equipment and raw materials. On the other hand, demodragons were known as poor wretches, and if one could obtain a few spirit stones after killing them, they could consider themselves quite lucky already.

However... although demodragons didn't leave treasures behind, their body itself was a treasure.

For example, the blood of demodragon was the main ingredient used to create several special 'medicinal pills' and 'medicaments' in the world of cultivators.

The skin of demodragon was a high-quality material used to manufacture magical clothes.

I wonder if Senior Xian Gong managed to successfully prepare his 'demodragon medicine', Song Shuhang thought to himself.

It was a miraculous medicine that could greatly strengthen the constitution of whoever drank it, and it happened to be the thing Song Shuhang needed the most at this time.

The sensation of stabbing pain he was feeling in the place between his eyebrows was getting stronger as time passed by.

Although he was practicing a body tempering cultivation technique such as the Steel Hands Technique, the boost it gave to his constitution simply wasn't enough.

Song Shuhang was planning to eat several spirit beast crystal within these several days so as to break through to the fourth dantian, the Dragon Body Dantian, as soon as possible.

After increasing his strength by a small realm, he could increase the strength of his constitution as well, alleviating the pain his excessive mental energy was causing him.

As soon as he recalled the spirit beast crystals and the problem about his constitution, a miraculous glow flashed through Song Shuhang's mind.

Shuhang glanced at the gloves he was wearing on his hands. Swordsman Wooden Ox's gloves of passion were really good. Song Shuhang didn't lose any blood since the day he started wearing them.

When I used the appraisal technique to apprise the horse-type spirit beast crystal back then, the technique didn't only tell me about the type of the crystal, but it also told me about a method to quickly absorb it after I was done eating it with the Whale Swallowing Technique I'm practicing.

The answer he obtained from the appraisal technique back then was already quite different from what he would obtain from a normal item-appraising technique.

Just hypothetically speaking... If I were to use the appraisal technique to appraise the current condition of my body, would I obtain some information on how to solve the problem caused by the excessive amount of mental energy?

Song Shuhang's imagination started to run wild!