Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 563

Chapter 563: The Western Monk Was Released From The Prison
Chapter 563: The western monk was released from the prison
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While he was unconscious, Song Shuhang had a dream. This time, he didn't dream of someone else's life, it was just a dream about his own life.

The dream started since when he was a child and slowly moved forward, just like a movie, without leaving anything out.

A lot of small memories that Song Shuhang had already forgotten suddenly resurfaced in his mind. As if that wasn't enough, several matters that Song Shuhang wanted to forget also resurfaced in his mind, giving him a bittersweet feeling.

But just as he was unconscious and dreaming, Song Shuhang seemed to have heard Senior Sister Ye's cry.

He wanted to wake up as soon as possible, but his dream had just reached the second year of middle school, and there was still half of his life left until he reached university. Therefore, he wouldn't be able to wake up in a short time.

It's all that damned secret appraisal technique's fault! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Although he experienced unimaginable pain and almost died, he at least managed to obtain some good results, obtaining several methods to solve the problem related to his mental energy. As soon as he regained consciousness, he would try to gather the 'light of virtue'. But before doing so, he needed to learn something like the Ksitigarbha's Soul Ferrying Scripture to lead the souls of the dead to the right path.

It would be really good if Song Shuhang could meet that western monk again. The light of virtue shrouding the body of the opposite party was very thick and almost palpable. From the looks of it, he should have led to the right path tens of thousands of souls, right? Or perhaps he had already saved 100,000 souls, making his light of virtue undergo a qualitative change!

Although he was just at the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm, the western monk had already led to the right path several tens of thousands resentful ghosts, ending up with such a powerful 'light of virtue'. He was very experienced in this field.

If I can meet him again, perhaps I can ask him for advice on how to lead resentful ghosts to the right path.

Just as he was pondering about this matter, Song Shuhang suddenly felt his body become lighter!

Time City, library room.

Senior Sister Ye's tears started to stream down her face. "Sob, sob, sob~ I'll say it first! I'm not crying because you received such a serious injury! Sob, sob, sob~ I'm only crying because I feel sad! I don't want to cry, sob, sob, sob~, but I simply can't stop my tears!"

Senior Sister Ye was shedding tears while using the healing technique on the body of the ghost spirit.

The light of the healing technique endlessly fell on the body of the ghost spirit, trying to stabilize the wounds on its back. But as soon as Ye Si stopped her healing technique, the wounds on its back would open once more.

"How much time will it take for these wounds to recover? Will they keep opening again and again? Sob, sob, sob~" Senior Sister Ye said in a low voice.

Just as she was speaking, the wounds on the back of the ghost spirit opened again!

Moreover, it happened even though Senior Sister Ye's healing technique was still active. The wounds on its back were reopening and getting more and more serious.

The insides of the wounds were pitch-black, just as though there was a bottomless black hole concealed beneath.

"What's happening?" Senior Sister Ye increased the strength of the healing technique, but the wounds on the back of the ghost spirit were showing no sign of recovery.

Is it possible that there is no way to heal these wounds?

"What should I do? Should I ask for help from my teacher?"

But right at this time, the ghost spirit stopped screaming.

The wounds on its back were still there. However, they weren't hurting anymore.

The ghost spirit weakly came down and lowered its head, floating on Song Shuhang's back.

The unconscious Song Shuhang also settled down.

Senior Sister Ye asked in a low voice, "You don't feel pain anymore?"

The ghost spirit faintly nodded.

Senior Sister Ye curiously stretched out her finger and poked the wound on the back of the ghost spirit.

But her fingers had yet to touch the wound that the ghost spirit quickly moved to one side.

The sense of sight of the ghost spirit was different than that of a human being. The ghost spirit could see everything happening around its body and didn't have any blind angle. Therefore, it easily noticed that Senior Sister Ye was trying to touch its wounds.

"Will it hurt if I touch it?" Senior Sister Ye asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit nodded.

Then, the ghost spirit suddenly thought of something.

It whizzed toward Senior Sister Ye and arrived in front of her. Afterward, it stretched out its finger and touched her hand.

"?" Senior Sister Ye was confused as she touched the fingers of the ghost spirit.

In the next moment, a thought was transmitted from the ghost spirit to her mind.

"Oh? You want to leave the Time City and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?" Senior Sister Ye asked.

The ghost spirit nodded.

Senior Sister Ye said, "Where are you planning to go after leaving the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?"

I want to return to Earth. The ghost spirit kept transmitting its thoughts.

"Shuhang's body is still here. Is it alright for you to go back alone?" Senior Sister Ye asked, somewhat worried.

It's fine. I'm going back to take care of an order I received from the main body. I need to look for a method to resolve the problem of the excessive mental energy, the ghost spirit weakly replied.

Senior Sister Ye nodded and said, "Fine. I'll tell you how to leave this place."

At last, Senior Sister Ye told the ghost spirit how to leave the Time City and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

As such, the ghost spirit fluttered through the Time City and ultimately left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Since it was just a soul, its speed was extremely fastto the point that it was several times faster than a cultivator of the Fourth Stage riding a flying sword. Moreover, it could directly pass through material objects such as asteroids.

In just half a day, the ghost spirit returned to Earth and arrived in China.

Along the way, it was very careful and didn't attract the attention of any cultivator.

After returning to China, the ghost spirit first went to Song Shuhang's house in Wenzhou City's Baijing Street.

After making sure that Shuhang's parents were fine, it fluttered to a place close to Baijing Street, Mountain Niuding.

In there was stationed a film crew that was preparing stage props and other things needed for the movie they were going to shoot. It was the crew of Professor Smith's friend.

From the looks of it, the crew had yet to start filming.

After floating above the film crew for a while, the ghost spirit fluttered away.

It would return once the crew had started shooting the movie.

Next, the ghost spirit thought of looking for Yu Jiaojiao to see if she had managed to catch that author that wrote interesting novels.

However, it was unable to sense Yu Jiaojiao's aura.

Moreover, it didn't have her contact details, either. Actually, Song Shuhang had saved Yu Jiaojiao's mobile phone number in his own phone. Therefore, it only needed to wait until after Song Shuhang had regained his senses to contact Yu Jiaojiao again.

Such being the case, the ghost spirit temporarily cast aside the thought of looking for Yu Jiaojiao.

In that case, it was now time to carry out the order the main body had given it!

The ghost spirit kept fluttering in the sky.

The main reason it had returned to Earth this time was to look for that western monk!

While he was unconscious, Song Shuhang thought of looking for the western monk to ask him to give him advice on how to lead to the right path resentful ghosts.

But for some unknown reason, the ghost spirit mistook Song Shuhang's 'thought' for an 'order'.

Thereupon, it left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and returned to Earth after traveling thousands of miles to look for this western monk.

However, it had no idea of the current location of the western monk. It didn't have the contact details of the western monk, and China was so big; it didn't know from where to start to look for him.

The ghost spirit started to recall things. Its mind and sensory organs were linked to Song Shuhang's. As long as it had Song Shuhang's permission, Shuhang's memories were the same as its own memories.

According to Song Shuhang's memories, the western monk was finally arrested by the police and thrown in Jiangnan's prison.

Should I go to Jiangnan's prison to take a look? Perhaps I can find some clues, the ghost spirit thought to itself.

Thereupon, the ghost spirit fluttered toward Wenzhou City's train stop, preparing to hitch a ride.

But according to the timetable of the trains, the next train headed to the Jiangnan area would be there in only three hours. I'll have to wait for a long period of time! Should I consider taking a plane instead?

But right at this time, a feeling of extreme exhaustion attacked the ghost spirit.

Today, it flew to Earth directly from space and also spent a long time floating around in Wenzhou City. As a consequence, it was exhausted. Therefore, it wasn't a bad idea to rest for some time and recover some of its strength. The current realm of the ghost spirit was the same as Shuhang's, Second Stage Third Dantian Realm. Therefore, it had been quite taxing to perform all those actions.

The best thing to do was to take advantage of these three hours to rest.

The wounds on its back were still there, but they weren't aching. It was unknown how much time it'd take to heal them.

The ghost spirit fluttered above the train stop, resting.

Right at this time, the western monk was at Jiangnan area's train stop.

It had already been several days since he was released from Jiangnan's prison. Actually, he could have left the prison long ago if he wanted to, but he stayed inside to convert criminals and save the wronged souls, prolonging his stay in jail.

The western monk had successfully managed to jump through the dragon gate and was now a cultivator of the Second Stage.

His body was covered with a thick light of virtue that made one envious. Therefore, the same dragon gate that scared off most of the ordinary cultivators of the First Stage was nothing special in front of the western monk. He didn't encounter any difficulties and was able to easily jump through the gate and become a cultivator of the Second Stage!

After successfully advancing in realm, he decided to leave the prison.

When he left the prison, the happiest person was surely Zhao Bulu, the person he received as a disciple during his permanence there. Zhao Bulu was that disciple of the outer courtyard of the Moon Saber Sect that had forcefully stolen Sima Jiang's express delivery and had his legs broken after the companions of the latter seized him.

Then, just as he was thrown into prison, the pitiful Zhao Bulu met the western monk.

After that, he was forcefully led to the right path, turned into a monk and had six burn marks imprinted on his head. In addition, he had to discuss religious texts with the western monk every day. But the worst thing was that the meals in prison were already bad, but the western monk made it so that he could eat only vegetarian meals.

Zhao Bulu thought several times of committing suicide while he was in prison.

Such being the case, Zhao Bulu was surely the happiest person when he heard that the western monk was going to leave the prison. Of course, if the western monk hadn't said 'teacher will come to look for you once you leave prison' just before leaving, Zhao Bulu would have been even happier.

After leaving the prison this week, the western monk begged for alms and roamed about while consolidating his realm at the same time.

Along the way, he also oversaw a lot of ceremonies and funeral procession for other people, obtaining enough money for several vegetarian meals.

"I've now reached the Second Stage Realm. Should I return to the sect and meet my teacher, Wu Yinzi?" the western monk muttered to himself.

However, he would have to remove the monk robe he was wearing and replace the monk's staff with a flying sword before meeting his teacher...

After thinking of this scene, the western monk felt a wave of weariness attack his mind.

"I think I should wait for a few more days before returning to the sect. Otherwise, teacher would surely reprimand me." The western monk rubbed his head and already imagined the scene of his teacher flying into a rage.

It's settled then. I won't go back for now!

"Since I'm not going back to the sect... where should I go next?" The western monk took out his mobile phone and started to look at the map.

The world was such a big place~

Where should he go to take a stroll?

"Ding~" Right at this time, an advertisement appeared on his mobile phone.

The renowned director 'Mister Jacob' had arrived in China's Wenzhou City the day before yesterday. In addition, he chose Baijing Street's Mountain Niuding as the place to shoot his new movie.

"Mister Jacob has come to China to shoot a new movie?" After reading this news, the heart of the western monk was touched.

Although he had shaved his hair and become a monk, most of his hobbies and interests were still the same.

Aside from leading to the right path resentful ghosts, he was rather fond of movies. Moreover, he really liked this director, 'Mister Jacob', that came from his same countrya world-class director that was the pride of their country!

It would be rather cool if I can manage to get a small role in the movie Mister Jacob is planning to shoot! the western monk thought to himself.

It's settled then! The next stop will be Wenzhou City's Baijing Street!

Thereupon, the western monk got onto the train headed for Wenzhou City.

Three hours later.

Next to Wenzhou City's train stop.

The 46 years old Zhou Li dragged his tired body back home, parking his brand-new electric motorbike and putting a lock on it.

The fact that his company was making him work overtime during the past few days had rather annoyed Zhou Li.

Moreover, a petty thief stole his old electric motorbike two days ago. Therefore, he had to spend 3000 RMB to buy a new one. Half of his monthly pay had disappeared just like that!

As if that wasn't enough, he was scolded by his wife for one full evening and was barely suppressing the anger in his heart.

"Dammit! Don't let me find who that bastard that stole my motorbike is! If I find him, I'll make sure to let him have a taste of my fists!" Zhou Li shook his fists in anger.

Just the thought of that thief was enough to make him grit his teeth.

After putting a lock on his new electric motorbike, Zhou Li dragged his tired body to the upper floor of his house.

Right at this time, a thin and weak figure loitered over from a distant place.

"Hehe, I just stole the old one a couple of days ago, and here he comes with a new one. Today's meal has been taken care of." The thin and weak figure smiled. Afterward, it quickly glanced all around.

There was no one in the surrounding area. It was a good opportunity.

Thereupon, the figure quietly approached Zhou Li's new electric motorbike.

"He put a new lock on? Tsk, how naive. I can open such a lock in three seconds." After approaching the electric motorbike, the thin and weak figure squatted down. Then, an iron wire appeared in its hands and started to fiddle with the lock, trying to open it.

However, although the lock seemed an old-style one from the outside, it was rather sophisticated inside. Even after five seconds, the thief was unable to open it.

"Dammit, what's wrong with this lock!" the weak and thin figure said, somewhat depressed. It wasn't able to open the lock.

After clenching its teeth, the figure took out a chain from its pocket. It was a habit of his. If he was unable to open the lock of a certain vehicle, he would add an extra lock to it... the meaning was: If I can't steal the vehicle, I won't allow you to use it, either!

If there was an opportunity to see the owner of the vehicle fly into a rage, it would make him even happier.

It was a rather twisted mentality. This person needed mental help!

But right at this time, a western monk approached from afar.

"Benefactor, stop immediately!" the western monk called out, his voice like thunder. "Benefactor, stealing is a bad thing! One should abstain from committing such evil acts! I request you to quickly stop so as to avoid being punished!"

As soon as he mentioned the word 'punishment', the eyes of the monk lit up.