Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 564

Chapter 564: Ill Sacrifice Myself To Save Others Here I Come
Chapter 564: I'll sacrifice myself to save others, here I come!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

The voice of the western monk was thunderous and gave a scare to the thief that was putting a lock on the vehicle.

Who is this bastard that scared me to death? The thief hatefully turned his head around.

In the next moment, he saw the bear-like build of the monk, as well as his bald and shining head. Was that a human-shaped tyrannosaurus?

The thief immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

But his complexion immediately changed as he revealed a threatening expression, trying to scare off the monk. "Baldy, you better not concern yourself with matters that aren't your business! Otherwise, don't blame me if you get stabbed somewhere!"

People that were in this line of work needed to be ruthless nowadays. If you were ruthless, others would fear you!

However, this move didn't work all the time...

"Benefactor, are you trying to cling to a mistake instead of correcting it?" the western monk said in a grave tone. After that, he revealed the arm hidden in the robe as he was holding an alms bowl with the other.

Then, he raised his arm just like a bodybuilder and revealed the bulging muscles of his right arm, full of blue veins.

The western monk said softly, "Benefactor, this is the trained right arm of a man that has stayed single for 36 years. If you still refuse to correct your behavior, I'm afraid you'll need to have a taste of its power."

The right arm of this monk that had stayed single for 36 years seemed incredibly powerfulto the point that it was as thick as the thigh of the thief!

The petty thief was sure that he would end up half-dead if the monk were to punch him with his right arm.

Thereupon, he immediately calmed down. After all... if you were ruthless, others would fear you! The western monk acted ruthlessly and indeed scared the thief.

"Remember me well! If I meet you the next time, I'll look for my brothers and cripple you!" The thief talked tough and quickly stood up, running away.

But right at this time, another powerful arm grabbed his collar, lifting his whole body in the air.

"Aaaah~" the thief called out in fear. When he turned his head around and looked at who it was, he discovered that it was the owner of the vehicle, Zhou Li!

That shout of the western monk earlier gave Zhou Li a scare. After he came down to take a look, he actually found a thief. This little rascal was unexpectedly trying to steal even the new electric motorbike he had just bought?!

Goddammit! If I don't beat you until not even your mother recognizes you, I'm not surnamed Zhou!

Zhou Li rushed down from the upper floor at incredible speed. During the past two days, he had constantly been suppressing the anger in his heart!

The thief just now happened to be in the line of fire.

He wanted to punch the thief in the face and let him have a taste of his anger.

"Boy, were you trying to steal my electric motorbike?" Zhou Li sneered, tightly clenching his right fist. If he were to use that fearful fist to pound the face of the thief, he would reduce him to a pulp and send him to the hospital with a cerebral concussion!

The face of the thief immediately became pale. From his look, Zhou Li seemed like a brute. If he were to punch him, he would surely be reduced to a mess and perhaps pass the rest of his life as an idiot!

"Eat my fist!" Zhou Li waved his fist, ready to release all his anger!

"Aaaah~" The thief placed both his hands before his face, and his legs went soft.

"Benefactor, hold on!"

Just as Zhou Li's punch was about to wreck the face of the thief, a strong arm suddenly held in place his fist!

Zhou Li felt an incredibly powerful grip block his arm, making him unable to move!

Thereupon, he angrily turned his head and looked at the owner of the voicethe western monk.

"Great Master?" Zhou Li said in puzzlement. Why did this Great Master stop him?

"Benefactor, don't hit him," the western monk said in a flat tone.

"Why? Great Master, is it possible that you want to protect this thief?" Zhou Li said with indignation.

He really hated good-hearted people that wanted to save and protect everyone. They would try to save the opposite party whether they were good or bad. It was the fault of these idiots that the number of evil people in society was continuously increasing and crime getting more and more rampant!

"No, I don't really intend to protect that thief." The western monk faintly smiled and said, "The problem is that if you punch that weak thief, you will seriously injure him and give him a cerebral concussion!"

"So what if it happens?!" Zhou Li said angrily. Beating that piece of sh*t until turning him into a retard was precisely what he wanted to do!

"Benefactor, if you do that, you would have to pay a high price. Even if he's a thief, you will be dragged to court if you seriously injure him. If the injury is particularly serious, you might be sentenced to three years in prison. On the other hand, the thief would be held in custody only for around ten days. Is it really worth to spend three years in prison while the thief will be out in mere ten days?" the western monk said calmly. Although his words were not pleasing to hear, they were the truth.

Zhou Li was speechless.

Why is this Great Master so knowledgeable about the law?

"What should I do in this case? Is it possible that I have no other choice but to let this thief go?" Zhou Li clenched his teeth and said.

The eyes of the thief lit up. He had found a sliver of hope in an utterly desperate situation!

The western monk joined his palms together and said, "Benefactor, you can deliver him to the police station!"

The thief wasn't afraid of going to the police station. After all, he would stay there from five to ten days. It wasn't that different from a small vacation!

"But I'm unwilling to let him off so easily!" Zhou Li clenched his teeth and said.

"In that case... leave everything to me, alright?" the western monk said with a benevolent expression on his face, his hands still joined together. "I'm willing to sacrifice myself to help others."

After saying this much, the western monk took the thief from Zhou Li's hands.

Zhou Li said in puzzlement, "Great Master, how are you planning to take care of this thief? Is it possible that you want to lead him to the right path?"

In the next moment, the western monk raised the thief with one hand and stretched out his other powerful 37 years old virgin arm... no wait, it was 36 years old virgin arm.

"Benefactor, since you can't extinguish the hate in your heart, let this poor monk help you! In this world, there is something called karma. Sooner or later, good is rewarded, and evil is punished. If justice hasn't been done, it is merely that the time has not come yet. Leave the duty to settle karma to me this time!" the western monk continued with his speech with a righteous expression on his face. "If one of us have to go to prison, let this poor monk go! Isn't it just three years in prison? Time will quickly fly by!"

After saying this much, the western monk restored the benevolent look on his face.

Zhou Li blurted out, "What?"

The thief called out, "No!" The western monk seemed to be a madman, and the thief had more or less guessed what he wanted to do!

However... it was too late!

In the next moment, a fearsome punch had already hit the body of the thief.

Getting hit by that punch was like getting hit by a wild bull!

"Crack, crack, crack~" The thief felt that his bones had been smashed to pieces.

It was to the point that even his internal organs were injured. It was without a doubt a very serious injury. Perhaps he would die in a while.

"Aaaaaaah~" the thief called out miserably. His complexion was now deathly pale, and he had broken out in a cold sweat. His body was already thin and weak, and there was no way it could withstand all that pain.

F*ck, the strength of that punch was off the charts!

At this point, it would have been better if the owner of the vehicle had hit him. The owner might have severely injured him after beating him up, but the western monk seemed bent on killing him directly!

I'm dying! I'm really dying!

After punching the thief, the western monk appraised the state of his injury.

"It's neither too serious nor too light. It just happens to be a second-degree injury!" The western monk nodded his head, satisfied. Then, he took out his phone and dialed 110.

"Aaaaaah~" The pitiful scream of the thief became the background music of the western monk.

The owner of the vehicle, Zhou Li, was currently dumbfounded. He felt his brain didn't have enough RAM to process and understand what he was seeing.

"Hello, 110? I wanted to report something to the police. I've just caught a thief.

Yes, this thief wanted to steal an electric motorbike. I'll have to trouble you to come over and take him away. Right, something unexpected happened while I was catching the thief.

Yeah, yeah. I used too much strength while hitting him and ended up seriously injuring him. It's a second-degree, or slightly higher, injury. According to the law, I might be sentenced to three years in prison!

What? No, I'm not joking! It's all true! You can come over and confirm that everything I've said is the truth. If you want, I can also take a photo of the thief and send it to you. It's a second-degree injury, and the guy is still in my hands, sweating like a pig. Quickly send someone here to arrest the thief and me, alright?

No, I'm not joking! Everything I said just now is the truth! I'm a monk, and I have a certain understanding of the various degrees of injuries. Therefore, I can judge with full assurance that his injury is of the second degree. Eh? I'm really a buddhist monk, and buddhist monks don't tell lies! Listen here. The thief is still screaming at this time, listen carefully!"


After a short moment, the western monk forced a smile and hung up. "It seems the 110 operators didn't believe me. They thought it was a prank call and warned me not to do it again. If I dare to bother them again, I'll get a 200 RMB fine."

Zhou Li was speechless.

"Regardless of what happened, save me, save me! Aaaaaah~" the thief said in pain.

Leaving everything else aside, can you bring me to the hospital first?

The thief felt that his internal organs were bleeding. If there was any delay, he might really die!

"Seriously... it seems there is no other way." The western monk picked up the thief and turned his head toward Zhou Li, asking, "Benefactor, in which direction is the nearest police station?"

The dumbfounded Zhou Li pointed in one direction.

"Thank you, Benefactor. In that case, I'll bring the thief to the police station and turn myself in. After all, hitting someone and seriously injuring them is against the law. It doesn't matter if the opposite party is a thief or not. Benefactor, you should also firmly keep in mind this point. From today onwards, don't be impulsive!" The western monk joined his palms together and carried the thief on his shoulders, disappearing in the distance.

Zhou Li was speechless.

Just in this fashion, the western monk carried the thief away, getting more and more distant.

"Bring me to the hospital first! Aaaaaah~ So painful, I'm dying!" the thief on the shoulder of the monk called out in despair.

"No, I can't do that. After all, I seriously injured you. We have to go to the police station first and register an oral confession," the western monk said gently.

"There is no need to register any confession! It's all good as long as you bring me to the hospital!" The thief started to cry, looking extremely aggrieved.

"No way. You were trying to steal an electric motorbike. You have to be detained for ten days first," the western monk said earnestly.

The thief was in despair. The monk was a complete idiot!

He was willing to stay in prison for three years for the sake of having him detained for only ten days?

The brain of this guy has several problems!

This fu*king idiot is mentally ill!

Eh? Wait a moment?

The thief suddenly thought of a fearsome matter.

He is a mentally ill person...?

F*ck! I don't think a mentally ill will even go to jail after killing someone?

At this time, the thief was scared for real.

If he were to die halfway through the road to the hospital, the idiotic monk wouldn't even be sentenced to serve in prison. He would be at most sent to a mental hospital!

In the air, Song Shuhang's ghost spirit silently looked at the unfolding scene.

The 'light of virtue' shrouding the body of the western monk had become a little stronger...