Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 565

Chapter 565: The Unexpected Appearance Of Ghost Cultivators
Chapter 565: The unexpected appearance of ghost cultivators
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang's ghost spirit quietly watched the western monk from above.

It seemed that using the Ksitigarbha's Soul Ferrying Scripture to lead to the right path the souls of the dead wasn't the only method to accumulate light of virtue. From the looks of it, using strange methods to settle karma like the western monk did just now was also effective when it came to gathering light of virtue...

It seems my understanding in regards to the light of virtue is still too low...

Moreover, the western monk had such a thick light of virtue shrouding his body. It seemed he had a lot of experience in this matter.

Earlier, the ghost spirit was just preparing to get onto the train headed toward the Jiangnan area. But right in that instant, it saw the western monk step out of the train.

It had been such a lucky coincidence, hadn't it? Originally, the ghost spirit was planning to go to Jiangnan and look for the western monk there. But who would have thought that the target would appear in front of it on its own? Thereupon, it started to quietly follow the western monk.

"In that case, I'll wait until he gets out of the police station to meet him," the ghost spirit muttered to itself. After all, the main body wanted to learn from the western monk the Ksitigarbha's Soul Ferrying Scripture, as well as get advice on how to gather 'light of virtue'.

But after seeing the western monk bring into full play his stupidity, the ghost spirit was somewhat disturbed and felt uneasy.

If it were to suddenly appear in front of him, wouldn't the western monk mistake it for a resentful ghost and try to purify it with all his might?

After witnessing the actions of the western monk, the ghost spirit was sure that there was a probability of the 90% or above that the western monk would try to do exactly that.

After thinking up to this point, the ghost spirit got a headache... and the wounds on its back had also started to hurt faintly.

But there was someone else that had an even worse headache... the police officers at the police station.

When they saw a western monk with a strong build enter the police station while carrying on his shoulders a weeping thief, their hearts skipped a beat, and they fell into confusion as well.

"Comrades, I've come here to turn myself in. This guy is a thief that was trying to steal an electric motorbike and was caught in the act by me. I even recorded him while he was trying to steal the vehicle. Here is the proof." After saying this much, the western monk took out his mobile phone with a smug expression on his face. "According to the law, you can detain this thief."

"Thank you... comrade. But why are you turning yourself in?" one of the police officers took the initiative to ask. After gazing at the bear-like build of the western monk, the police officer felt a certain pressure.

"I'm turning myself in because I lost control due to the anger and couldn't control my strength... no, wait, I'm turning myself in because I intentionally gave the thief a second-degree injury. After a careful look, I determined that the injury just happened to be of the second degree! Therefore, according to the law, I should be sentenced to serve three years in prison. That's why I came here to turn myself in." The western monk threw the thief to one side and joined his palms together; his face full of awe-inspiring righteousness.

The thief trembled and groaned in pain, "Hospital... deliver me to the hospital... aaaah~"

The police officer was speechless.

What should I do right now? What kind of face should I make while replying to this foreign friend? Should I really arrest him and put him in prison for three years? But why do I feel that there is something wrong with this whole situation?

After a while, the police officer took a deep breath and asked the thief, "Can you confirm that it was this Great Master that seriously injured you?"

He decided to follow the normal procedure and listen to what the two parties had to say. If the thief confirmed that the Great Master hit him... he would send the western monk to a mental hospital!

"It wasn't him. It wasn't the doing of the Great Master. I was careless and tripped, injuring myself in the process. Sob, sob, sob~ You can do whatever you want, and you can even detain me for ten days, sob, sob, sob~, but bring me to the hospital first! Sob, sob, sob~" The thief cried continually.

He didn't want to have any relationship with this madman and thus denied everything the monk said earlier.

The most important thing right now was not to give the mad monk the chance to speak! He didn't want him to talk about that 'three years' and 'ten days' nonsense again... he just wanted to be delivered to the hospital as soon as possible!

I only want to go to the hospital! God, please, send this damnable western monk away from me!

If possible, don't let me meet him ever again in this lifetime!

It was unknown what happened inside the police station after that.

But the western monk was sent out for some reason... and the thief was ultimately delivered to the hospital.

The western monk was still unwilling to accept the sentence. "Comrades, you can't listen to the one-sided story of the thief. I'm not lying, I'm the one that gave him a second-degree injury! You have to believe me! Buddhist monks don't tell lies!"

The police officers rubbed their temples. They had a headache at this time.

"Comrades, should I punch the thief again, giving him an even more serious injury? Even if I have to stay in prison for a few more years, I'm fine with it!" the western monk said loudly.

The complexion of the thief was pale. Madmen were truly scary!

"Please, contain yourself!" the police officers shouted.

In the end, the western monk was chased out of the police station under the sympathetic gaze of the police officers. They were concerned about the mentally unstable monk.

The western monk faintly sighed and said, "Buddhist monks really don't tell lies!"

He also knew that passing three years in prison wasn't something to be proud of. However, he wasn't afraid of staying in there. Instead, he was rather happy. In addition, he could basically come out whenever he wanted.

What upset him was that he wasn't lying. Moreover, he was someone that attached a lot of importance to karma. Since he beat up someone, it was only right for him to go in prison. The laws of most countries had a similar sentence for this behavior.

Unfortunately, the police officers completely ruined his plan.

"From the looks of it, I'll have to restrain myself and look for a quiet place to shut myself in for the next three years. It seems the only way to settle this karma," the western monk muttered to himself.

In that case, I should look for a place where I can properly lock myself up!

Then, I'll stay locked in there for three years.

Just as this thought crossed his mind, the western monk headed toward Wenzhou City's Baijing Street, direction Mountain Niuding.

He decided to visit that famous director he admired.

After that, he would look for a quiet place on Mountain Niuding and silently act as a cool monk!

If it was possible to get a small role in the upcoming movie of the famous director, even better!

Thereupon, the western monk headed toward Baijing Street, direction Mountain Niuding.

He was planning to go there on foot. After all, walking all the way there was another type of training.

The ghost spirit in the sky was speechless.

Whatever. The western monk seems to have come out of the police station. Such being the case, should I go down to meet him?

Thereupon, the ghost spirit decided to descend and meet the western monk.

But right at this time, several unexpected visitors made their appearance and decided to meet up with the western monk before the ghost spirit could make its move.

Four men wearing black suits and sunglasses suddenly appeared.

Weren't they afraid of getting heat rash by wearing those clothes in such hot weather?

"You have finally decided to come out of prison, huh? You goddam monk." The four men in suits surrounded the western monk.

The western monk gazed dumbfounded at the unexpected visitors and said, "Do we know each other?"

The four men in black suits sneered and didn't waste time. In the next moment, black mist appeared behind their backs.

The desolate cries of ghosts were transmitted from within the black mist.

At the same time, sharp claws also drilled out of the strange mist.

"Ghost cultivators?" The ghost spirit in the sky quietly looked at the people that had suddenly appeared.

It could already guess the reason the ghost cultivators were looking for the western monk... it had to be because the western monk probably purified a bunch of resentful ghosts while he was passing by a certain place, right...?