Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Would A Cultivator Of The Second Stage Die After Getting Thrown Down From A 35 Story Building? 2 In 1
Chapter 566: Would a cultivator of the Second Stage die after getting thrown down from a 35-story building? (2 in 1)
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The four ghost cultivators were well-aware of the strength of the western monk. Although the guy was a foreigner, the 'light of virtue' surrounding his body was thicker than that of many virtuous monks in the world of cultivators!

Such a thick light of virtue implied that the western monk had led a virtuous life and did innumerable good deeds. With the light of virtue protecting his body, no evil could harm him!

Only after leading to the right path 1000 souls could one call themselves virtuous.

Only after leading to the right path 10,000 souls would the light of virtue start to protect one's body.

But given how thick the light of virtue shrouding the western monk was... it had already undergone a qualitative change! The western monk had absolutely led to the right path at least 100,000 souls!

An ordinary ghost soldier of the First Stage wouldn't even be able to break through the layer of the 'light of virtue' if it decided to attack the western monk.

But now that the western monk had reached the Second Stage, his ability to control the light of virtue had reached a completely new level. If a ghost soldier of the First Stage tried to attack him, the light of virtue would reduce it to ashes directly!

If the western monk were to silently chant scriptures, even a ghost general of the Second Stage would get scorched and seriously injured after touching the light of virtue.

The western monk had already transformed into the natural enemy of ghost cultivators of the same rank!

Such being the case, the four ghost cultivators thoroughly investigated the western monk before coming over to retaliate against him.

At first, they were planning to kill him immediately after he had come out of Jiangnan's prison. But since Jiangnan's prison was within the sphere of influence of an important person in the world of cultivators, they decided to refrain from causing problems within the territory of that important person. Therefore, they patiently endured and waited until after the western monk was released from custody after serving his sentence and had gotten away from the prison.

What they hadn't expected was that the western monk would suddenly break through to the Second Stage Realm before getting out of prison.

Such being the case, the four ghost cultivators had no choice but to change their plan and prepare a few extra things.

Their plan had been delayed for this reason.

However, they looked for him again today and were finally ready to take revenge!

After suddenly appearing, the four ghost cultivators didn't waste time with useless chit-chat. The four of them controlled the ghosts behind them and simultaneously stretched out their hands, throwing out red-colored bloody sand. They had already surrounded the western monk when they made their appearance. Such being the case, the western monk had no chance of avoiding the bloody sand they cast toward him.

The bloody sand had been created by refining the foulest things in the world and had the special property of suppressing the light of virtue. Just as they threw out the bloody sand, the light of virtue was bound to be suppressed regardless of its strength.

Now that the western monk had been deprived of his light of virtue, he was like a turtle without its shell in the eyes of the four ghost cultivators!

As soon as the bloody sand fell on the body of the western monk, the light of virtue shrouding his body became dimmer. The light of virtue had been temporarily sealed, and the monk would need at least five minutes to restore it to its original state.

"Evildoers!" the western monk roared, and a fierce expression appeared on his face. After that, he tore off the prayer beads in his hand and hurled them away.

The prayer beads emanated a golden light and shot toward the four ghost cultivators. It was one of the special skills that the western monk had to deal with ghosts and similar things.

Unfortunately, the power of the prayer beads wasn't enough, and the four ghost cultivators managed to ward it off with the black mist they had released.

The western monk was somewhat unwilling to accept it and roared inwardly, Shiet! There is no way they would have blocked the attack so easily if the original prayer beads hadn't lost their energy in the subway several months ago!

The prayer beads he threw out just now were something he manufactured during his stay in prison. Their strength was a bit low for this reason.

Still, the attack with the prayer beads was enough to allow the western monk to gain one breath's worth of time.

In the next moment, his wide monk's robe shook, and a vajra scepter fell into his hands.

The western monk wielded the vajra scepter and suddenly rushed toward the ghost cultivator on the right-front.

Since several enemies surrounded him, he had to break the encirclement and defeat them one by one!

"Hehehe..." The four ghost cultivators strangely laughed at the same time.

In the next moment, the black mist they had released started to merge with the four ghosts behind their back. After that, the ghosts started to merge with their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, they had created a great battle formation composed of resentful ghosts.

The four ghost cultivators were all of the Second Stage, and the resentful ghosts behind their back were also of the Second Stage. It had suddenly turned into an 8 versus 1 fight.

The great battle formation of resentful ghosts changed. Regardless which ghost cultivator in the formation the western monk was attacking, it was the same as attacking the combination of the four ghost cultivators and the four resentful ghosts!


A black saber kept off the vajra scepter of the western monk.


Next, the black mist warded off his blow full of power. The black mist had instantly solidified and was even harder than steel, and the rebounding strength let him see the stars.

The opposite party had come prepared. There was no way they would easily let him escape...

One of the ghost cultivators clenched his teeth and said, "You won't be able to escape! The best quality resentful ghost seeds that my clan had been cultivating for years, and could perhaps reach the Fourth Stage and become ghost kings, were stealthily purified by you! This enmity and hate are simply irreconcilable!"

The two sabers he was holding madly chopped at the western monk, looking like a meat grinder.

The western monk used his vajra scepter to ward off the lethal attack of the two sabers while having a dumbfounded look on his face. He had no idea when he had led to the right path those 'best quality resentful ghost seeds'. After all, the resentful ghosts he had purified during the course of his life were simply too many. It was normal that he didn't remember all of them.

If a person spent several decades killing tens of thousands of ants in a frenzy, there was no way they would remember which one of the several tens of thousands of ants they had killed had whatever special characteristic. If they could even remember which ant had a larger abdomen or longer legs... that wouldn't be too normal!

"I'll hold him back... you guys contaminate him! Get rid of his buddhist cultivation technique!" the ghost cultivator wielding the two sabers said coldly.

Aside from the bloody sand that could seal the light of virtue, the ghost cultivators had prepared several others gadgets specifically for the western monk.

Buddhist cultivators were very strong against ghost cultivators. Such being the case, ghost cultivators studied and developed several methods to tamper with buddhist cultivation techniques!

They developed all kinds of filthy items and poisons to deal with buddhist cultivators.

"Spurt!" The four ghost generals opened their mouth and spat out a green-colored liquid.

The western monk was currently stranded in the formation and had no way of dodging the liquid. The green liquid covered his whole body.

"This is the Buddha Extinguishing Water. It's a deadly poison that ghost cultivators developed in order to destroy the internal energy accumulated after practicing buddhist cultivation techniques. Once you get soaked, it will seep into your body and completely devour the buddhist-type true qi inside your body within three breaths! Ahahaha!" The four ghost cultivators laughed madly.

The ghost cultivator wielding the two sabers kept attacking the western monk, waiting for the Buddha Extinguishing Water to take effect.

Another two ghost cultivators made use of every opportunity and attacked the western monk like poisonous snakes whenever the latter made a slip-up, leaving a wound on his body.

As for the last ghost cultivator, he didn't take action. He was operating the great formation and preventing the western monk from escaping.

At this time, the ghost cultivator that was operating the formation started to count. "One, two, three!"

At this 'three', the four ghost cultivators and the four ghost generals pounced upward.

After that, a series of classical martial skills belonging to ghost cultivators such as the 'Soulless Ghost Kick', 'Extinguishing Fist', 'Eight Deadly Moves', and the 'Blade of Regret' were displayed by them one after another.

On the other hand, the four ghost soldiers grew out ghost claws, ghost tails, and ghost weapons and pounced down.

They wanted to take down the western monk as the Buddha Extinguishing Water was starting to take effect.

"Shiet! What's the deal with this green liquid? It stuck to my whole body! Are they trying to make me feel nauseated? Now I'm truly angry. This monk will show you a real secret technique at this time!" the western monk bellowed.

In the next moment, he grabbed the extremity of the vajra scepter and pulled with all his strength. Immediately after, the sharp blade of a sword was pulled out of the vajra scepter.

The vajra scepter was a modified magical treasure, and there was a flexible sword concealed within.

"Have a taste of my sword. Celestial Wonder Sword!" the western monk shouted as the sword lit up in his hands.

A magical multi-colored air accompanied each slash of the sword.

The Celestial Wonder Sword was the real martial skill the western monk practiced. After he advanced to the Second Stage Realm and opened his Sea of Qi Dantian, he could finally display the true power of this wondrous sword technique.

Each gust of the rainbow air was extremely beautiful and dangerous at the same time! The rainbow air was highly compressed sword qi and would cause severe injuries upon contact!

It was the signature sword technique of a powerful sect.

"How is it possible? Why wasn't he suppressed by the Buddha Extinguishing Water?!"

"The Buddha Extinguishing Water didn't have the slightest effect?"

"Is it possible that we bought a counterfeit article?"

"No, impossible. I bought it from a senior ghost cultivator that had a '5 Star Diamond' reputation! The opposite party is from an established brand that had been doing business for 500 years. There is no way they would sell a counterfeit!"

"Clang, clang, clang!"

The western monk alone managed to block the eight enemies. The Celestial Wonder Sword had managed to ward off the techniques of the ghost cultivators all at once! After all, the rank of the Celestial Wonder Sword was much higher compared to the rank of the techniques the ghost cultivators practiced.

That wasn't all. The ghost cultivators that attacked the western monk with their fists and legs were injured by the sword qi concealed within the rainbow air. Sword wounds appeared on their fists and feet, and their black suits were dyed with blood.

Touching the sword qi was enough to get injured. In addition, if the injuries weren't properly treated, the sword qi of the Celestial Wonder Sword would leave behind life-long internal injuries.

The ghost cultivators would have never guessed that the western monk before their eyes that had led to the right path 100,000 souls and gathered such a powerful light of virtue was a monk only on the outside. What he really practiced were daoist techniques that had absolutely nothing to do with buddhist techniques!

Such being the case, the Buddha Extinguishing Water that was specially made for people practicing buddhist techniques had almost no effect on the western monk.

The ghost cultivator on the right clenched his teeth and said, "What kind of joke is this! Dammit, even if the Buddha Extinguishing Water didn't work, do you mean we can't take down this stupid monk with the four of us and four ghost generals? Let's attack him all together and take him down!"

The four ghost cultivators and the four ghost generals increased the frequency of their attacks.

The time at their disposal wasn't much. Five minutes later, the opposite party would restore their light of virtue that had been suppressed thanks to the bloody sand. If that abnormal light of virtue was added to the equation, taking down the western monk would become much more difficult.

The attacks of the ghost cultivators rained down like a rain of bullets.

The western monk could only grit his teeth and use the Celestial Wonder Sword again and again to ward the attacks off and resist!

Five breaths later, the western monk was gasping for breath.

His current condition wasn't too good... the power of the Celestial Wonder Sword was enormous, enough to let him fight against eight enemies and not fall in a disadvantageous position.

However, the consumption of energy necessary to use the technique was equally large.

Each gust of rainbow air of the Celestial Wonder Sword was after all compressed sword qi! It was beautiful and lethal, and the energy it consumed was also enormous.

The western monk had just broken through the Second Stage Realm, and the amount of true qi inside his Sea of Qi Dantian wasn't that high.

At this time, he was doing his best to resist...

But if the true qi inside his body was exhausted before he could break through the encirclement, he was bound to fall here today together with his 150+ kilograms!

The attacks of the four ghost cultivators and ghost generals before his eyes became even swifter and more violent.

Moreover, they were still inside the formation, and their attack and defense were synchronized, making the western monk unable to get out of the formation.

Will I really die today? the western monk thought to himself.

The magical clothes he was wearing could resist at most an all-out attack of a cultivator of the Second Stage once. Even relying on the defense of the clothes, he would be still unable to run away.

He had just reached the Second Stage, and he didn't have much experience fighting other cultivators of the same rank.

If I had known earlier, I would have obediently returned to my teacher's place. As expected, one always has to be filial. Otherwise, who knows what might happen!

Teacher, if there is really a next life, I would like to become your disciple again.

But even in the next life, you have to allow me to shave my head and become a monk!

The imagination of the western monk started to run wild; the hand he was using to hold the sword was shivering due to the continuous attacks of the four ghost cultivators and four ghost generals.

I'm reaching the limit... the western monk thought as he clenched his teeth.

At the same time, cold light flashed through his eyes. If he was going down, he would try to kill one of the enemies in the process!

"Be careful. He is probably preparing to counterattack with all his strength." The four ghost cultivators were very experienced. As soon as they discovered what the western monk was going to do, they increased the frequency of their attacks.

However, they changed the pattern of their attacks and would immediately retreat after attacking, not giving the western monk the opportunity to counterattack.

The world was full of clever people.

In the air, Song Shuhang's ghost spirit was calmly watching the scene.

The battle below allowed it to gain a lot of precious knowledge.

"There are foul items that can restrain the light of virtue. It's something to keep in mind."

"Anyway, the sword technique of the western monk is incredibly powerful! Dammit, isn't he supposed to be a monk? How can he use such a cool sword technique? On the other hand, 'we' are stuck with barbaric saber techniques!"

"The formation of the ghost cultivators is quite powerful too. I must pay attention to it. I can't carelessly enter inside the formation as the western monk did, ending up fighting like a cornered beast."

The western monk seems to be reaching the limit. It's time for me to make my move.

In the air, the ghost spirit slightly paused.

Afterward, it used the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk footwork and descended toward the ground.

From a certain point of view, the ghost spirit could be regarded as Song Shuhang's clone.

If Song Shuhang knew something, the ghost spirit also knew it. If Song Shuhang gained some new knowledge, the ghost spirit would immediately gain that piece of knowledge. Of course, some skills that were related to the physical body were impossible for the ghost spirit to use even if it knew the theory behind them.

While it was descending to the ground, the ghost spirit joined its palms together and displayed its two innate skills.

A small golden shield appeared in its left hand and a small golden sword in the right one.

A shield in the left hand and a sword in the right one.

Holy Light Sword Technique Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword!" The ghost spirit decided to display this peculiar sword technique.

If Song Shuhang's main body had been here, the best way to deal with these guys would have been the 'Lightning Palm'. As long as the attack landed, it would be possible to get rid of one of the ghost generals of the opposite party.

Unfortunately, the ghost spirit couldn't make use of the 'Lightning Palm' Venerable White taught Shuhang due to its special type of constitution.

Therefore, it could only settle for the second-best choice, choosing another skill that could suppress resentful ghosts like buddhist cultivation techniques, the Holy Light Sword Technique.

Under the boost of the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk, the speed of the ghost spirit had basically reached that of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage riding a flying sword.

In the blink of an eye, it had appeared behind the Ghost Cultivator No. 1 and his ghost general!

At the same time, the ghost spirit opened its mouth, and its lips started to move up and down.

No sound came out, because the ghost spirit was silently chanting the chant of the sword technique: Holy light, that wicked one seems worth fighting!

This sword technique that had been adapted from its western counterpart was rather peculiar. Although it was possible to use the sword technique even without the chant, its strength would increase by 20% if one were to read the chant aloud!

Senior Sister Ye made two hypotheses about the matter while she was instructing Song Shuhang. According to the first hypothesis, it might be something like the incantation of a magical technique. After the incantation was read aloud, the power of the 'magical technique' was added to the sword technique, increasing the overall strength.

According to the second hypothesis, it was a sort of self-hypnosis that could allow the user to burst forth with their latent capacity.

In short, as long as one had little to no shame and could read aloud the strange incantation of the sword technique, the power of the Holy Light Sword Technique would increase by quite a bit!

The Holy Light Sword Technique ruthlessly slashed at the back of the ghost general.

The speed of the attack was simply too fast. Although the ghost general and the Ghost Cultivator No. 1 noticed that someone was attacking them from behind, they didn't even have the time to turn around that the attack had already hit the back of the ghost general.

"Aaaaaaah~" the ghost general cried out in pain. It was mean and despicable to backstab it like that!

Since it didn't have the time to defend itself, a one-meter long wound was left on the body of the ghost general, almost cleaving it into two halves.

As if that wasn't enough, the blade of the sword had those damnable holy flames attached to it.

The ghost cultivators were also aware of its properties. Just like buddhist cultivation techniques, this western technique could also cause augmented harm to ghosts and similar creatures.

Although it wasn't as effective as buddhist cultivation techniques, the holy flames would be enough to end the life of the ghost general if they didn't quickly get rid of those sticky flames that could burn everything.

They were sticky to the point of being almost unbelievable!

When the surrounded western monk saw that someone had come to help him, his spirit was invigorated, and he went all-out without sparing any effort.

After the first successful attack, the ghost spirit furrowed its brows. It was somewhat disgruntled that its surprise attack hadn't directly killed the ghost general of the opposite party.

Well... whatever. It was fine even if the ghost general hadn't died. As long as its injury was serious enough and it couldn't defend itself, it wasn't a problem to devour it.

In the next moment, the ghost spirit opened its mouth.

Whale Swallowing Technique!

The Whale Swallowing Technique that was used to eat spirit beast crystal was rather fearsome in the hands of the ghost spirit.

It literally swallowed down everything like a whale. The ghost spirit opened its mouth and breathed in. Immediately after, the burning holy flames and the screaming ghost general were carried over by a powerful force. Finally, the huge ghost general was entirely swallowed down by the ghost spirit.

It was such an unsettling scene... the ghost spirit had opened its mouth and devoured the ghost general that was more than twice its size.

After devouring the ghost general, the ghost spirit continuously retreated and returned high in the sky by relying on its speed that was comparable to that of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage riding a flying sword.

The four ghost cultivators on the ground could only powerlessly stare at it from below.

Sometimes, it was nearly impossible to deal with someone that could fly.

Although the ghost cultivators could order their ghost generals to fly up in the sky, their speed was simply too slow compared to the ghost spiritto the point that they wouldn't even be able to bite the dust if they were to chase after it.

After losing one of the ghost generals, the formation that the ghost cultivators had arranged was no longer perfect. The pressure on the western monk had slightly decreased, and the intensity of his resistance had increased by two points.

In the sky.

"Burp~" The ghost spirit burped satisfied and spat out the residues of the holy flames.

Along with the usage of the Whale Swallowing Technique, the digestive capacity of the ghost spirit also strengthened. As you might have guessed, Song Shuhang's ghost spirit had its own special digestive system.

And its digestive system could be likewise strengthened with the Whale Swallowing Technique.

Three breaths later, the ghost general of the Second Stage was completely absorbed without leaving anything behind.

"Burp~" The ghost spirit burped again.

At the same time, the two unhealable wounds on its back recovered a little!

The eyes of the ghost spirit lit up as it stared at the three ghost generals on the ground, greedily looking at them and licking its lips.

In the next moment, it held the shield in the left hand and the sword in the right, using the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk footwork to dive down again.

The ghost spirit was the same as a falcon looking for its prey.

The ghost cultivators on the ground had been paying attention to the ghost spirit all along.

"That damnable ghastly creature still dared to come down! This time, we'll kill it for sure!" the Ghost Cultivator No. 2 bellowed. The ghost general behind his back stretched out its ghastly claws.

The dim ghastly flames burning on its claws started to burn up and shot toward the ghost spirit in the sky.

The ghost spirit used the small golden shield in its left hand to block the attack, completely warding off the ghastly flames.

Meanwhile, the small golden sword in its right hand changed shape. The blade of the sword slightly bent, turning into a golden saber.

The ability to change the shape of the items materialized with its innate skills was something that the ghost spirit had learned to do recently.

The ghost spirit tightly held the golden saber, and the saber qi exploded... Inverted Scale Saber TechniqueDragon Dance Style!

The saber transformed into a lifelike true dragon and enwrapped the ghost spirit.

With the true dragon made of true qi protecting it, the ghost spirit barged into the formation of the four ghost cultivators, directly arriving above the head of the western monk.

The dragon of true qi curled up, protecting the western monk as well.

"Dammit! It wants to save the monk!" the four ghost cultivators shouted and increased the strength of their attacks, going all-out.

In addition, one of the ghost generals behind their back took out a talisman. It was unknown of what rank the attack engraved on the talisman was!

However, it seemed that the technique engraved on the talisman was extremely fearsome.

"Clang, clang, clang!" The attacks of the ghost cultivators bumped into the body of the true dragon made of true qi, but none of their attacks was able to break through the defenses of the technique.

Although it had no attack power, the defensive properties of the Inverted Scale Saber Technique were unrivaled!

A smile appeared on the face of the ghost spirit. Then, it stretched out its hand and grabbed the western monk, whizzing high up in the sky.

The four ghost cultivators were completely unable to keep up with the speed of the ghost spirit and could only helplessly watch the ghost spirit as it was bringing the western monk away.

The ghost spirit shot a glance downward, a bit reluctant to leave. Although it really wanted to kill and devour the remaining three ghost generals, the talisman in the hands of the opposite party made it feel somewhat uneasy.

It was better not to take the risk this time.

After all, its objective was to rescue the western monk. Now that it had reached its goal, it decided to take the western monk and run away.

The four ghost cultivators roared, unwilling to accept the scene unfolding before their eyes.

I'm saved! The western monk heaved a sigh of relief. It had been quite dangerous this time, and he had almost died.

Next, he raised his head and looked at the kind person that had saved him, saying, "Senior, thank you for saving my life... eh? A ghost?"

The western monk was dumbstruck.

But in the next moment, he looked at the 'face' of the ghost.

"Benefactor!" The western monk was amazed once again.

Wasn't this benefactor the same person that had saved him from that fearsome ghost cultivator known as 'Altar Master' back in the subway?

Why did that benefactor turn into a ghost?

Is it possible... that the benefactor died?

The eyes of the western monk became slightly red, and an emotional expression appeared on his face as he said, " Benefactor... did you poop? 1 " The Chinese of the western monk was somewhat unclear in certain points, and it was difficult to make out what he was trying to say.

The ghost spirit was speechless.

At this time, it had already carried the western monk to an altitude of 100 meters, the same height as a 35-story building.

Question: Would a cultivator of the Second Stage that was unable to fly die after falling from such a height?