Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Fierce Man Nan Haomeng
Chapter 57: Fierce man Nan Haomeng

Fact was, despite being a cultivator who had just started his foundation building, he was no longer an ordinary mortal. Consuming the Body Tempering Liquid twice, and after cultivating in the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? and ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, Song Shuhang wasnt just physically stronger, even his capacity for liquor had become much better.

In the past, he could, at most match Gao Moumou, yet today, he out-drunk both Lin Tubo and Li Yangde.

After getting these two fellas drunk, Song Shuhang felt exceptionally clear in the head, his limbs and thoughts were agile. It was as if what he drunk wasnt one and a half cartons of alcohol, but a glass of plain water.

He shifted the three drunk fellows onto the bed.

Then, Song Shuhang rinsed his mouth, and made his way back to the dormitory; he didnt have the hobby of crowding together on the bed with three drunkards.

He kept walking and walking, unknowingly, he had arrived at the messy alleys of Auspicious Street again.

This time I shouldnt bump into the young girl whos backed up against the wall, right? After all, Ive already bumped into her once this afternoon. He inwardly said; unless that young lady spends the whole day getting backed up against the wall by others, there was no way he would meet her several times a day.

The journey was peaceful and quiet.

The world is truly peaceful like this. He secretly nodded, it would be great if everyday was like today.

Speaking of that, when he came out to look for a house with Senior Medicine Master, they didnt bump into any hoodlums as well, it was very peaceful then too.

Oh, thats not right! Thinking of Medicine Master, Song Shuhang immediately recalled something.

When he strolled around with Senior Medicine Master, the journey wasnt peaceful, because there was someone tailing them, and that person was scared away by Medicine Masters glare.

When he thought of this, Song Shuhang pinched his chin.

Moments after, he fiercely turned around with a sharp gaze, Come out, you have been sneakily following me for a while, havent you! Or do I have to personally catch you?

Song Shuhang just had the urge to do this suddenly.

To be honest, as someone who had just begun foundation building, although Song Shuhangs vision and other four senses are much more sensitive than ordinary people, he was still a complete rookie without abundant experience in dealing with his enemies. He couldnt tell if there was someone actually tailing him.

So he tried bluffing.

If there was nobody, thatd be fine, as that means nobody would notice his shameful action.

If there was someone who truly gets fooled by him, then this matter can finally be settled.

At the same time, Song Shuhang stealthily brought up the dialing page of his phone, and tapped on the number Medicine Master had previously called him with.

This way, if something bad happens, he could immediately call Medicine Master for help. Although it would be embarrassing, but if his life is in danger, something like his face can be thrown however far was necessary.

Song Shuhangs gaze remained fixed behind him.

A few moments later, the figure of a person actually appeared from a corner.

Incredible, I hid myself so well, yet you still managed to notice me. That figure was two metres tall, it was a man with a muscular build.

He had a fierce bald head, which could give people a lot of pressure. However strangely, this fellow actually gave Song Shuhang a warm impression.

Thats right, despite his head shaved bald, and robust muscles which would make others feel oppressed, this fellows facial features gave the impression that he was honest and cute.

What a horrifying stark contrast!

Furthermore, with such a large stature he had managed to tail Song Shuhang without a sound, this fellows concealment and sneaking skills have been maxed out, right?

Who are you, why are you following me? Song Shuhang squinted his eyes as he asked. He could see the bulging muscles on this tall mans body, they were full of explosiveness.

You need not be so keyed up, Student Song Shuhang. Im a student of Jiangnan University City like you, and Im the Vice-President of the Sanda Club, Nan Haomeng. The large man introduced himself, then squeezed his fists and said, The reason Im following you is because, yesterday night, two good-for-nothings of my Sanda Club were taught a lesson by you, Student Song Shuhang when they were teasing a girl..

[TL: Sanda is like Chinese MMA, and is also known as Chinese kickboxing.]

Oh, when the little brother got bullied, they called you, their big brother for help, then you wanted to vent their anger for them as their big brother, right? Song Shuhang replied.

If it was two days back, Song Shuhang would definitely flee if he saw a large man like this squeezing his fists maliciously.

But now, after taking the Body Tempering Liquid twice and cultivating in the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? and ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, Song Shuhang didnt feel a tinge of fear inside, he was instead full of fighting spirit.

In addition, since this guy is the big brother of those hoodlums, then he wasnt the person who investigated him in the school yesterday afternoon, because it was yesterday evening when Shuhang bumped into the hoodlums who forced the short-haired girl back against the wall.

Haha, how can that be! Those two fellows didnt dare tell me the matter of teasing the lady. If it wasnt because I overheard them chatting, I wouldnt even have known they were beat up. Those good-for-nothings, despite hanging around with hoodlums, I never expected that they would actually tease a young lady who didnt even have the strength to truss a chicken. I have already beat those two fellows up again, they wouldnt be able to get off the bed in a short period of time. Nan Haomeng said with an honest smile.

Young lady without the strength to truss a chicken? Big guy, you just didnt see that lady unleash her god-mode. If you saw how that young lady knocked down eleven hoodlums in ten seconds, you wouldnt describe that young lady with without the strength to truss a chicken.

So what are you tailing me for? Song Shuhang sternly said.

Meh, I heard the two good-for-nothings say that Student Shuhang is very powerful. So I wanted to see for myself. Nan Haomeng maintained that honest smile, he was born strong, he wasnt just larger, his strength was also two times of guys his size. Within the Sanda Club, he was already a lonely expert.

Therefore, when Nan Haomeng heard that there was someone who could single-handedly lift his subordinate by the head, his intuition told him that he had found a good opponent. So he sneakily tailed Shuhang.

Now, when he met Song Shuhang himself, this reaffirmed his thoughts; this person appears shorter and skinnier than many of his juniors, but hes an expert!

Of course, you may think of this as me standing up for the humiliation my little brothers experienced. That way, you could fight me more carefreely. Anyway, I did think of standing up for my little brothers. Nan Haomeng took up a Sanda stance, with a glint in his eyes.

In a blink of an eye, he turned from a harmless and straightforward person into a fierce beast.

After spouting all that nonsense, youre basically just here for a fight, right? Song Shuhang asked.

Yeah, I just wanted to fight. Nan Haomeng grinned, Besides I spouted all that nonsense because you made me. Fact is Im someone who doesnt really like to talk, I prefer to talk with my fist.

Song Shuhang: .

You talked so much when you dont like to talk? If you dislike talking, then who could classify as a chatterbug?

Im coming! Nan Haomeng took a large step forward to close in on Shuhang, his right fist was thrown in a straight line, with great strength and might.

Song Shuhang didnt dare underestimate this fist, he had only just begun foundation building today, and couldnt look down on this big guy who learned Sanda.

The opponent released a straight, so Song Shuhang turned his wrist and automatically released Foundation Building Fist Technique Three.

He shaped his hand like a claw, and the claw danced like a dragon.

As he bent his fingers, he grabbed hold of Nan Haomengs wrist with incomparable precision, the straight was firmly stopped, unable to move an inch forward.

Nan Haomeng felt the pain from his wrist, the fingers Song Shuhang gripped his wrist with were as forceful as steel pliers. Usually, for a small man of Shuhangs size, he could throw him off with a single arm. Yet he struggled under Song Shuhangs grip without being able to budge at all.

At the same time, Song Shuhang faintly creased his brows. How weak!

Weak like a piece of crap.

This big guy is so large, and his punch looked to mighty. Despite that, the amount of force contained in this guys fist gave Shuhang the feeling of catching a childs punch.