Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 576

Chapter 576: A Seventh Stage Venerable?
Chapter 576: A Seventh Stage Venerable?
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As such, Senior Sister Ye happily brought Song Shuhang along and left the 'Lower City' of the Time City.

Chu Chu didn't go with them. Although she was very curious as to what point Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye's relationship had developed to, she didn't want to act as a third wheel and ruin the atmosphere.

In addition, before leaving with Song Shuhang, Senior Sister Ye taught Chu Chu a very mysterious sword technique.

'Shadow Sword Technique, a sword within a sword'. Whenever the sword slashed out, there would be a stream of sword qi concealed within the slash that was very difficult to detect during the battle.

Thereupon, Chu Chu had started to happily practice this mysterious sword technique.

Miss Chu Chu was a girl that was rather easy to satisfy.

Around five minutes later.

Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang left the 'Lower City' of the Time City.

Right at that time, Song Shuhang felt his body becoming blazing hot. It felt as though he had suddenly left his cool room with the air conditioner and stepped beneath the scorching summer sun.

"This is the balancing power of the world. As soon as you came out of the Time City, your lifespan was affected. However, the balancing power shouldn't affect you too much. You would lose 1-2 minutes of lifespan at most," Senior Sister Ye said with a smile.

Song Shuhang nodded. It was completely worth it to give up 1-2 minutes of his lifespan to train inside the Lower City of the Time City where the difference in time was 1 to 12.

Senior Sister Ye shot a glance at Song Shuhang and said with a smile, "But don't misunderstand. After spending twelve days inside the Lower City, you are already twelve days older and not only one, which is the amount of time that passed in the outside world."

Song Shuhang was slightly disappointed. It seemed that the 'room of time' wasn't as amazing as he had thought.

Senior Sister Ye laughed and said, "Let's go! We'll quietly leave from the back door of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion."

"We aren't going out from the front door?" Song Shuhang asked. Moreover, why were they going to leave 'quietly'?

"If you want to be surrounded and scrutinized by the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, we can also leave from the front door," Senior Sister Ye said with a gentle smile. At this time, the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion knew that she had found a partner, the type you would have sex with.

Currently, more than half of the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion should be rather curious about Song Shuhang. Although they wouldn't be too excessive for her sake, it was inevitable that a huge crowd would gather around them.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quietly followed Senior Sister Ye and headed toward the back entrance, planning to leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion from there.

At the (front) entrance of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, the Sobbing Old Man was still firmly sitting in front of the main gate. He was currently sitting in meditation, and due to the Tome of Never-Ending Tears, there would be the scene of someone loudly weeping in front of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion from time to time.

Although the days passed, the main gate of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was still shut tightly.

The Sobbing Old Man clenched his teeth and said, "It doesn't matter. I've already made up my mind. Even if I have to wait for several years, I'll wait!" After all, it was his only opportunity to obtain the remaining part of the Tome of Never-Ending Tears. His future was at stake, and he couldn't give up so easily.

The Sobbing Old Man was unaware that he had just missed the possibility to encounter Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang.

If he were to discover that Senior Sister Ye had used the back door to get out of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, he would surely cry himself to sleep in front of the door of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, Celestial Pavilion.

Li Yinzhu was still dangling in midair.

"Please, let me go! You can lock me up somewhere else if you want, but don't leave me dangling here in front of the entrance, ok?" Li Yinzhu felt like crying at this moment. In addition, the cold inside her body was getting stronger and stronger, and her disease could flare up at any time.

What would she do if her disease were to flare up, sealing her within the ice, and she were to wet herself in the process?

Moreover, that wasn't even the worse-case scenario. At this time, her urge to pee was getting stronger and stronger, and if she were to pee later when the ice seal melted, it would be even more embarrassing!

At that time, she would really be too ashamed to face anyone.

Who was the master of the pavilion before her eyes? Why did they tie her up and made her dangle in midair, neither releasing nor locking her up? Were they a pervert?

In the meantime.

In a place around 500 kilometers away from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

A large flying boat was shuttling back and forth amidst the vast space.

A woman with golden hair was sitting in the front section of the flying boat. She was wearing a light green skirt that was slit until the thighs, showing a big patch of white skin; it was both sexy and elegant. The woman had long golden hair that resembled a mass of golden threads, shining to the point of the being dazzling. Additionally, she was wearing a black eyeshade that covered most of her face.

She was currently sitting on the edge of the autopilot seat, taking a nap.

Next to her was a jade white lion licking its claws, its expression one of boredom.

In the rear of the immortal boat were thirteen Golden Core Spiritual Emperors that were tied up with a magical technique, golden hair still pricking their vital points.

These guys were precisely those Golden Core Spiritual Emperors that had barged into the 'Residence of Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue' uninvited and later got captured.

Amongst them were: Loose Cultivator Qian Yan, Loose Cultivator Xiong Gui, Yan Wuhuan, the human-shaped monster Mo Ran, as well as Peak Leader Bao Ping and the other seven Peak Leaders of the Limitless Demon Sect.

Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue (Phoenix Saber Jasmine) and Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue (the jade white lion) were escorting the immortal boat with the Golden Core Spiritual Emperors onboard to the far-off spirit stone mining area.

While at it, they would bring back those guys that had extracted spirit stones for the past quarter of the year.

Then, not too far away in front of the flying boat was a group of people lying in ambush.

These people lying in ambush were the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall and his various Peak Leader-level subordinates.

After all, eight of their Golden Core Spiritual Emperors had been captured! Even for a large sect such as the Limitless Demon Sect, it was a great fighting force that couldn't be ignored.

Even if it meant offending the people from the 'Residence of Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue', the Hall Leader of the Nine-eyed Kama Hall had no choice but to act.

The Hall Leader planned to ambush the flying boat and quickly save his subordinates, running away at the speed of light.

Before coming over here, he had given to each subordinate a special rune that would allow them to flee for their life.

He wanted to use the blitzkrieg tactic and get this matter over and done with as soon as possible.

In the meantime.

In an even further place in space, another figure was looking for the flying boat of Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue.

This figure was Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's friend, the ancient witch Elise.

She had just received an important piece of information, and according to the info, the members of the Limitless Demon Sect wanted to attack and rob Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's flying boat. Therefore, she quickly came over in the hope of giving Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue's a hand and return the favor she owed him.

However, the thinking mode of the ancient witch Elise was a bit... abnormal.

No one could guess what kind of method she would use to help Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue save his flying boat.

Around ten minutes later.

Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye arrived at the back door of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"Let's go. By passing through this gate, we'll leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion without attracting the attention of too many people," Senior Sister Ye said with a smile.

The back door of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion had no guards.

Let alone the back door, even the front door didn't have any disciple guarding it!

If Song Shuhang had carefully looked at his surroundings, he would have noticed that there wasn't any defense in the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion. Even back then, the male and female attendants had arrived to receive Song Shuhang's group personally, and they hadn't met any guards along the way.

From the looks of it, security was something superfluous for the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?

Anyway, Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang didn't meet any disciple on their way to the back entrance.

After the back door was opened, the vast space appeared before Senior Sister Ye and Song Shuhang's eyes. In a distant place were also some meteors and small aerolites that were attracted over by the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Song Shuhang took out the cumbersome spacesuit from his size-reducing purse and wore it.

He was just a cultivator of the Second Stage rank, and even if he could solve the breathing problem with the Turtle Breathing Technique, it was still very dangerous to expose his bare body in space. Therefore, it was better to wear the spacesuit for extra protection.

Senior Sister Ye smiled and stretched out her hand, summoning a thick and big book.

It was her flying magical treasure.

The book opened and up to a hundred golden runes appeared above it, surrounding and revolving around it. The flying speed of the book wasn't that much inferior to that of a flying sword of the same rank.

"Jump on the book. I'll carry you," Senior Sister Ye said.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang climbed on the big book. If he wanted to move around in space, he could only rely on the 'driving force formation' attached to the spacesuit. However, the speed was atrociously slow.

Such being the case, he could only rely on Senior Sister Ye to swiftly moved around.

"Sit tight!" Senior Sister Ye performed a hand seal, and the book below their feet moved, leaving the range of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

Soon, the two of them would leave the defensive barrier of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

But right at this time, Senior Sister Ye suddenly paused, and the thick flying book also stopped in midair.

Afterward, tears started to endlessly stream down her cheeks.

This time, she didn't cry, but her tears were continuously streaming down.

"What made you cry this time?" Song Shuhang said with a faint smile. Then, he stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

He felt that it was different from the previous times. This time, he didn't hear that cute 'sob, sob, sob~' sound.

Ye Si didn't open her mouth, but her tears were incessantly falling.

This time, Senior Sister Ye looked truly 'heartbroken'.

"Eh? I'm crying?" Senior Sister Ye rubbed her eyes in surprise. "What? I'm really crying? Strange, why are tears falling from my eyes? This time, nothing moved me, and I'm not sad, either."

Just as she was speaking, a ray of light flew out of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and fell onto Senior Sister Ye's body.

"What's happening? Senior Sister Ye, is it possible that you are not allowed to leave the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion?" Song Shuhang anxiously asked after recalling Senior Sister Ye's appearance while quietly leaving from the back door. Was it possible that Senior Sister Ye had committed some crime in the past and was thus confined within the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? And would get punished if she were to suddenly leave?

Therefore, was the radiance just now the light of punishment?

"No, I'm allowed to leave! As far as I remember, I've left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion several times in the past! And I haven't been confined within the pavilion, either!" Senior Sister Ye said in puzzlement.

What was the deal with the light just now? She, too, had gotten a scare. However, she couldn't dodge in time. In addition, she didn't feel as though the light wanted to hurt her; it seemed very kind.

After a short moment, tears stopped falling from Senior Sister Ye's eyes.

"Nothing happened. Shuhang, you don't need to worry about me," Senior Sister Ye comforted Song Shuhang.

She was always like this. Although she was crying with all her might, she wouldn't forget about comforting Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang gently nodded and stretched out his hand, wiping Senior Sister Ye's tears again.

But just as the ray of light fell onto Senior Sister Ye's body, he got a rather peculiar feeling from her body. He had felt a similar feeling when he had faced Venerable White in the past.

A Seventh Stage Venerable?!