Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Hopefully It Wont Scare Him Too Much
Chapter 579: Hopefully, it won't scare him too much
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Oh, I shouldn't be too greedy! I was lucky enough that I managed to ferry that empty soul of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor today. Wishing to ferry ten such souls at once is simply too much. Moreover, it's very difficult for such a coincidence to take place again.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang prepared to take back his finger.

But right at this time, Senior Sister Ye had unwittingly arrived next to his body. Then, just like the previous time, she cutely stretched out her fingers and touched Song Shuhang's hand.

The remaining power of the Soul Ferrying Technique was still lingering on Shuhang's fingers.

When Senior Sister Ye's fingers touched Shuhang's, the two of them received an electric shock once more, and their bodies trembled.

In addition, the electric shock they received this time was even stronger than the previous one. Shuhang felt his whole body numb.

Shuhang didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he exclaimed, "Ye Si."

"I'm here!" Senior Sister Ye quickly replied and looked at Shuhang, blinking her eyes.

At the same time, Song Shuhang sensed her mood through that contact with her fingersat this time, she was both happy and hopeful.

"Nevermind. It's fine as long as you are happy," Song Shuhang said softly.

"Hehe." Senior Sister Ye smiled.


In the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, Celestial Pavilion.

Li Yinzhu had been finally saved!

Earlier, the pair of male and female attendants searched through the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion but was still unable to find Li Yinzhu. Finally, the male attendant thought of the 'forbidden area', the Celestial Pavilion.

As expected, he and the female attendant found Li Yinzhu dangling in front of the entrance of the Celestial Pavilion in a rather embarrassing position as soon as they got there.

The duo hastily used a special method to contact Pavilion Master Chu.

In the end, Pavilion Master Chu managed to reply to the pair of male and female attendants with much difficulty.

After getting tossed and turned for a while, Li Yinzhu was finally released.

In the next moment, Li Yinzhu's tears couldn't help but flow out of her eyes.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where is the bathroom?" Li Yinzhu said in a trembling voice.

After the pair of male and female attendants brought Li Yinzhu away, in the Celestial Pavilion, Pavilion Master Chu rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"So~ tired~ aah~" Pavilion Master Chu stretched herself. Her long hair seemed to have grown even longer. However, she had no plan to cut it and allowed it to spread all over the floor.

"I would really like to sleep some more," Pavilion Master Chu said lazily.

After sitting on the bed in a daze for a while, Pavilion Master Chu apparently noticed something. She activated the surveillance system and looked at the recordings, discovering the message the luminous jellyfish had left for her.

In the message, the luminous jellyfish said that her duty was over. Therefore, she conveniently carried off her reward and described some matters that happened during the past few years.

Finally, the luminous jellyfish on the screen said softly, "In that case... let us meet again, Chu."

"Indeed. Let's us meet again, my friend. I hope you'll be able to find your path to immortality," Pavilion Master Chu replied softly. She was aware that the luminous jellyfish had only around 3000 years of lifespan left. Although it was a very long period of time for the average man, it was nothing to speak of for a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender.

If the luminous jellyfish couldn't find her own way to immortality, her lifespan would come to an end, putting an end to her life.

Afterward, Pavilion Master Chu started to doze.

She felt very sleepy.

But after a short moment, she suddenly opened her eyes and rubbed her eyebrows, saying, "Ah! I now remember what I had forgotten... I forgot to pick that kid called Shuhang and that other girl from the 'Lower City' of the Time City!"

According to what her jellyfish friend said, that boy named Shuhang had managed to comprehend the technique Slow-Witted Song had left inside the Dark Night Time Ring!

That kid is likewise surnamed 'Song'... just what is the relationship between him and Slow-Witted Song?

They weren't the same person, and he wasn't his reincarnation, either. However, there was surely a relationship between the two. Otherwise, had it just been a big coincidence that Song Shuhang had managed to get his hands on Slow-Witted Song's inheritance?

"Forget it. I should seize the opportunity and get that Song boy and that girl out of the Time City before I forget about it again." Pavilion Master Chu stood up and dragged her long hair along, preparing to take Song Shuhang out of the Time City.

But just as she took two steps, several memories were transmitted to her mind. In the memory, Ye Si and Song Shuhang met and decided to become partners. After that was the memory of Ye Si bringing Song Shuhang outside to take a stroll in the proximity of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"..." Pavilion Master Chu.

I just slept for a few days, and so many things happened inside the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion? Not only did that boy called Shuhang got his hands on the inheritance inside the Dark Night Time Ring, but he even met Ye Si, becoming her partner?

Pavilion Master Chu sighed faintly.

Then, she gently touched her chest. It was the position of the Heart Aperture, and there was a contract rune in there.

Pavilion Master Chu lowered her head and muttered to herself, "A partner of one's liking..."

Speaking of which, she had also considered the idea of a partner once. While she was in despair, and the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion on the verge of destruction, she fantasized about a man appearing before her eyes and saving the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion from its fate.

Unfortunately, the final outcome was very different from her fantasy...

The people in this world believed that Fairy Chu, the only survivor of the ancient Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, had been living inside the dreamland she had created since after the event.

According to them, the beautiful Fairy Chu had recreated the 'Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion' based on her wishes, unwilling to wake up from this beautiful dream until the end of time.

But in reality, Fairy Chu had woken up long ago from the dreamland she had created. After dreaming for a long, long time, she suddenly started crying and woke up from the dream.

Even if the people created with the illusory reality had corporeal temperature and aura just like real people did, they were nothing but illusions in the end.

After bitterly weeping, Fairy Chu finally woke up.

However, she decided not to put an end to the illusion of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The illusory reality used to recreate the 'Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion' had already become her path, the path she would use to reach the Immortal Realm.

"One day, I'll certainly resurrect all the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, allowing them to live in this world once again."

She didn't know if the Immortal Realm could allow her to realize this dream of hers.

But it didn't really matter... because if the Immortal Realm wasn't enough, she would try to find a way to become the embodiment of the Will of the Heavens, the all-powerful and all-knowing Wielder of the Will.

The whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was a dreamland that Fairy Chu had created through her illusory reality. As such, all the disciples of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion were unable to leave the range of Fairy Chu's illusory reality.

"But if that boy surnamed Song wants to take Ye Si away from the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, there are a few things I need to tell him first." Pavilion Master Chu raised her head and looked at the bronze sphere next to her body. The sphere had the shape of the Earth. Pavilion Master Chu vision ultimately fell on one part of China. It was the original location of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

"Hopefully, it won't scare him too much. However, his scared appearance should be rather amusing, right? Ahaha." Pavilion Master Chu suddenly started laughing.

Then, she touched her chest once again, and the faint radiance the rune in her Heart Aperture was emitting disappeared without traces.

After laughing, Pavilion Master Chu's vision swept the whole Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and fell onto the body of the Sobbing Old Man, who was still in front of the entrance.

"The Tome of Never-Ending Tears... what an interesting turn of events..." Soon after, Pavilion Master Chu looked away and let the Sobbing Old Man wait in front of the entrance.

What the Sobbing Old Man practiced was the Tome of Never-Ending Tears. Such being the case, there was some fate between him and Ye Si. Pavilion Master Chu decided not to interfere and just wait for Song Shuhang and Ye Si to return and meet the Sobbing Old Man.

Finally, her vision swept another portion of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and fell on Li Yinzhu's body, who was currently rushing toward the bathroom.

It was quite scary, wasn't it? Not even the tiniest detail could escape Pavilion Master Chu's eyes while they were inside the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion!

Anyway, from the looks of it, it was the same girl she had hung at the entrance for a few days.

After glancing at Li Yinzhu's body, she discovered the cause of her disease. She had been affected by an extremely cold qi while she was in her mother's womb. Afterward, her condition worsened since the disease wasn't treated properly. The fact that Li Yinzhu was still alive was already a miracle.

Pavilion Master Chu wasn't skilled in ice-type cultivation technique and had no means to cure the disease.

But from what she saw, the cold inside the body of the girl had already reached the critical point. Although she relied on valuable raw materials to maintain her life earlier, it would be no longer possible to do so.

If her illness wasn't cured, in one year at most, the girl would face a crisis that would endanger her life. If she were to make it through, she could live for some more time.

But if she were to fail, she would be forever sealed in the ice, never to wake up again.

Is that boy called Song Shuhang aware of this matter?

I should remind him when the time comes.

After thinking up to this point, Pavilion Master Chu started to get sleepy.

Then, she quickly started to doze.

In the meantime.

Just as Song Shuhang and Senior Sister Ye were preparing to head in the direction of the flying boat of the 'Residence of Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue', a wave of wailing balls of fire advanced toward them from a distant place.

There were twelve in total.

"They are all Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors." Senior Sister Ye Si swept the twelve balls of fire with her gaze and determined their strength.

"They are all members of the Limitless Demon Sect." Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

Earlier, I just spoke carelessly. I didn't think that a wave of Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors would really come over while burning and screaming...

It seems my luck is especially good today.

Is it possible that Senior White thought about me while exploring the ancient ruins today and gave me his blessings?

Anyway, twelve burning Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors were coming over! If they could take them down, they would have twelve empty souls of the Fifth Stage rank to ferry!

One of those souls was comparable to 1000 ordinary souls. If he could ferry them, he would condense enough light of virtue that it would start to protect his body!

"Ye Si, is it possible for you to intercept those balls of fire?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Sure. As I said before, my Tome of Never-Ending Tears is incredibly powerful!" Senior Sister Ye said full of confidence.

"In that case, let's intercept them!" Song Shuhang said.

Once the light of virtue had condensed to the point of protecting his body, it would also be time for him to return to Earth.

After losing that bet with Senior White, he agreed to spend 30 days in space. If we count the time he passed inside the 'Lower City' of the Time City, he had stayed in space for way more than 30 days.

Thereupon, the conditions Senior White set should have been satisfied already.

After returning to Earth, he would need to learn how to perform in a movie.

Oh, right. Regardless of the type of movie they were going to shoot, he had to show off those vehicle certificates in one of the scenes. Although the scene would look rather stupid, he had to include it for Papa Song's sake.

"Shuhang, be careful. Don't get distracted!" Senior Sister Ye called out.

A layer of light wrapped in fire headed toward Song Shuhang. Shuhang unconsciously stretched out his hand to keep off the incoming object.

But right at that time, the secret appraisal technique activated.

It activated even though he was wearing a pair of gloves.

Seventy or so wounds opened on Song Shuhang's body at once, with blood crazily spurting out!