Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 58

Chapter 58 White True Monarch
Chapter 58: White True Monarch

But, Song Shuhang immediately realized; it wasnt that the opponent was weak, instead it was he who had become strong.

The Body Tempering Liquid had strengthened his body to the limits of an ordinary human body. After cultivating in the foundation building fist technique just once, the quality of his body had already experienced an earth-shaking transformation.

At this point of time, Nan Haomeng joyfully laughed out loud, Youre indeed a true expert, such a powerful claw technique.

The fist that was stopped couldnt be pulled back, so he raised his leg to knee Shuhang without any hesitation.

A knee attack isnt allowed in traditional Sanda fights, but Nan Haomeng wasnt in a Sanda competition right now. Although he was a big guy with an honest smile, he was no fool. In a fight, use whatever that is effective!

[TL: While Sanda is very similar to MMA, they usually dont allow knee strikes apparently.]

Song Shuhang sighed, the hand that he shaped like a dragons claw ruthlessly swung up; claw like a dragon dancing, even when the claw has caught its prey, it can still dance like a dragon.

What dances isnt merely the dragons claw, there was also the prey that was caught.

Nan Haomeng suddenly felt his 110kg body being thrown off the ground!

Furthermore, his opponent did it with a single arm.

Nan Haomengs heart skipped a beat. What terrifying power, this guy isnt just able to lift my good-for-nothing juniors with a single arm, he could even easily throw off a big guy like me!

However, I will not fall this easily!

Roar! Nan Haomeng roared, then lowered his body, trying to forcefully break the fall with his body. At the same time, he pulled back his right arm, intending to release a flurry of attacks once he landed.

It was at this moment that Song Shuhang made his next move.

Foundation Building Fist Technique Two. Fists like meteors. In the blink of an eye, over ten punches landed unceasingly on Nan Haomengs body.

Because he was too quick, Nan Haomeng wasnt even able to react. Therefore, the big guy became a proper sandbag in mid-air.

When Song Shuhang punched, he didnt recite the Fist Scripture Chant.

First, because there was no time. Second, if he added spirit qi onto the fist by reciting the Fist Scripture Chant, he might end up punching a hole through his opponents body.

When that happens, there would be metal bars awaiting Song Shuhang.

If he gets unlucky, hed enter as a daisy, and leave as a sunflower.

To add on to that, he even intentionally held back half his strength in his punches.

Even so, his tempered fists were still dreadfully powerful. Tens of punches rained down, Sandbag Nan Haomeng was punched into a daze.

Nan Haomeng was knocked down!

Song Shuhang pulled back his fists, then slowly breathed out a breath of putrid air, giving the slight impression of an expert.

Nan Haomeng bitterly kneaded the places that were hit, and asked, What kind of fighting style is this? Ancient Huaxia Wushu?

Foundation Building Fist Technique, Two. Song Shuhangs tone was mysteriously deep.

Foundation Building Fist Technique 2? What the hell is that? Nan Haomeng blurted out.

Song Shuhang suddenly felt very depressed. If he could, hed rather throw out a cool and awesome that could scare people. It was a pity that he had no fate with those cool names.

Seeing Song Shuhangs ill-intentioned face, Nan Haomeng decisively conceded defeat, I lost!

He sighed, as they simply werent on the same level. He was born strong, yet his opponent was still so much stronger.

He had a solid foundation in Sanda, yet his opponents fist techniques seemed to be much more superior than his.

A wise choice. Song Shuhang nodded, Well then, as usual, the loser has to pay the price.

Nan Haomeng roguishly replied, Ive got no money.

He tilted his neck and turned away. In the worst case he could just get beat up some more. He had no money, but he has one life! He definitely wouldnt allow himself to be extorted.

I dont need money. Song Shuhang said this but in his heart he was thinking otherwise, hes recently been short of money, I need you to investigate something for me.

Theres a limit to how much one person can do, while hoodlums have their own intelligence network.

Perhaps he could find the person who investigated him yesterday.

Although he had already decided to ask Senior Medicine Master for help, more preparation wouldnt hurt!

A moment later.

Nan Haomeng scratched his head, You want me to get people to find the person who investigated you yesterday?

A matter like this wasnt too difficult, by looking for who that person investigating Song Shuhang asked, then asking those students, they could find out how that person who investigated Shuhang looked, then slowly filter out the possibilities. In the worst case, he had ways to check the schools video surveillance history. He had connections in the school.

However, even though he lost the fight, why would he help Song Shuhang?

He just came to look for a fight, and didnt agree to help if he lost; if worst comes to worst they could fight again!

Youd help me, right? Senior Nan! Song Shuhang squatted beside Nan Haomeng while squinting his eyes, with a dangerous look in his eyes.

If Nan Haomeng dares to spout the word no, he will wreck him up!

Nan Haomengs expression changed, he scratched his head, and made a silly smile, I understand, Ill have those good-for-nothings and their friends do it. But I cant guarantee any results.

He had the feeling in that moment, if he didnt agree something horrible would happen!

Song Shuhang revealed a satisfied smile, Alright then, thanks, Senior Nan!

After the fight, Song Shuhang felt very happy. This fight didnt just allow him to stretch his arms and legs, it even gave him a deeper understanding of ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?.

This type of understanding was different from the force feeding type from the hypnotic space. This type of battle experience was more alive, and gave Song Shuhang more effectiveness when it came to utilizing?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?. Save up more physical energy, yet able to produce more qi and blood!

Battling in reality will always be more effective than theorizing!

Maybe I should find more opponents to practise my fist technique? Yep, Ill take note of this, then ask Senior Medicine Master tomorrow if practical battles serve any purpose for me. Song Shuhang thought inside.

He returned back to the dormitory without a hitch.

Shuhang opened up the Nine Provinces (1) Group out of habit.

There was a lot of information contained in the group.

It starts with the afternoon, where there was the chat record when Medicine Master obtained the two foundation building techniques for Shuhang.

Then there was something from two minutes ago, from Copper Trigrams Immortal Master, This heavenly master has counted the time, in a while, the closed door cultivation of White True Monarch would come to the end.

North Rivers Loose Practitioner sent a stiff emoticon, then replied after a while, White True Monarch is a closed door cultivation addict, hes truly the model of my generation. After coming out this time, he should be close to the 7th Stage Spirit Sage, right? I reckon that in a short while, well have to address Senior White as White Respected Sage.

The most important point is, when White True Monarch emerges from closed door cultivation, hell contact us, right? When that happens, whos going to pick him up? A member with the ID of Drunk Moon Resident Scholar answered.

The name Drunk Moon Resident Scholar felt very familiar to Song Shuhang, this person seemed to pop out on the chat group often. But for unknown reasons, he didnt seem to leave much of an impression, once Shuhang turned away from the chat, hed have forgotten him.

Once this message from Drunk Moon Resident Scholar was sent, the whole group became awkwardly silent.

After a long time, North Rivers Loose Practitioner said, Let me put this out first, I was the one who went to receive White True Monarch the last time. This time will definitely not be my turn!

From his tone, it seems like receiving White True Monarch out of his closed door cultivation was a very horrifying matter? Even the passionate and hospitable North Rivers Loose Practitioner is scared out of his wits?

Mad Saber Three Waves suddenly made an appearance, Ive recently felt my cultivation showing signs of making a breakthrough, and I am preparing to enter closed door cultivation for a few years. Everybody please take note!

Who are you kidding, Three Waves? You just got up to the late stage of Spirit Emperor recently, it should be a long time before you make another breakthrough. North Rivers Loose Practitioner added in a sneer emoticon as well.

I recently had a fortuitous encounter, so my cultivation is rising by leaps and bounds. It doesnt matter whether you believe it or not, for I believe it. In any case, Ill be going into closed door cultivation soon, so take note of that. Mad Saber Three Waves firmly said.

What are you panicking for. Copper Trigrams Immortal Master was very calm, Its not like White True Monarch is emerging right now, theres still a long time before that happens. When the boat closes in on the bridge itll naturally straighten itself to flow with the current, there will definitely be a way.

Guy who does divinations, could it be that you already have a plan? North Rivers Loose Practitioner asked.

Copper Trigrams Immortal Master, Hmph hmph, naturally I have a plan. But I definitely wouldnt tell you, North River, you can give up.

How vile! North Rivers Loose Practitioner clenched his fist. Your mommas eggs, three months later at the Forbidden Purple Peak, I must torture this divinator fellow to death, beat him up to the point his old mother cant recognize him!

Song Shuhang scrolled down the chat records, he wanted to add in a message, to leave an impression. But for unknown reasons, when Copper Trigrams Immortal Master mentioned that he had a plan, Shuhang felt a chill going down from his forehead to his ass.

He had a premonition that if he sent a message, it would invite trouble onto him.

Therefore, Song Shuhang resolutely shook his head, decisively turned off his computer, got into his bed and slept.